Feb. 3rd, 2014 10:08 pm
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Hey, UK peeps!

So, I will be in London in early March... Already trying to make some plans for sightseeing, theatre, and such....

Between 28 Feb and 12 March, who's around? I'm kinda mostly stuck in London, but if people are able to take any time to meet, I'd love to meet up!

I love NPR

Oct. 29th, 2011 11:10 am
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The first installment of "All Things Considered"'s kids' book club was yesterday:

The Graveyard Book.

Although as usual, either no one asked or they didn't ask Gaiman to answer the important questions. Like "WHAT IS SILAS? WHERE DOES HE GO?"

But that's okay. And then I found this:

Mouse Circus

Which I'm sure anyone who reads his blog regularly (yes, [ profile] etakyma, I'm looking at you) knows already. So I'm behind the curve. Sue me. Wicked cool.

Okay. Updates. Oy. So much has happened in the last month. Mockingbird is over. Bell, Book, and Candle will be over tonight. Of course it's supposed to snow and we're supposed to strike.... We'll see how that goes. My neck got all twingey again last night and it hurts to turn my head to the left again. ARGH.

In the next week, I have a class on Tuesday morning, I'm leaving early on Wednesday for an appointment, I have an orientation session all day Thursday, and then on Friday I'm heading to Rochester for the weekend because after that, rehearsals for Big start in earnest and I won't have time until January. Somewhere in there I have to get my passenger-side front tire looked at because I had to fill it with air about a week ago. No road trip with a bum tire, thank you!

The reason I'm going to Rochester is not a particularly happy one. It's time to kick Mom's move to assisted living into high gear. )

So, it's been a bit...hectic. Fraught. Tense. Those things. But it's okay.

I'm not going to audition for any more theatre through the winter - at least not until we have a better sense of timing - so that I am free to travel back and forth to Rochester on weekends and ferry stuff away one car-load at a time. The good news is that there should be no reason Mom can't go to the house over the winter as well, to move some of her items that she wants, or if I came in on a Friday we could go on Saturday and spend the day going through several boxes, then bring what we're keeping back to her new place. The bad thing is that it'll be more expensive than we'd hoped because it's more on the order of assisted living than just living someplace on one level. But insurance will pick up some, the sale of the house will bring in some funds (not a lot), and my earning shot up with the new job *just* in time to be able to help.

And as I put it to her, it's happening while she's still able to be fully in control (or at least mostly in control) of what's happening. She can make the decisions, she can still enjoy high activity and in fact may be more healthy as a result. It's just hard to face the reality of leaving her house after 37 years.

Then again, the maple tree's gone. So really? Not all that much point to staying anymore. :)
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We're leaving for Infinitus TOMORROW!

Leg one of our journey starts once I pack my car and go to A's house, where we will pack the car MORE and then drive to our hotel which is just south of Philly.

Leg two will be getting up Sunday and booking down to the other side of D.C. where we will catch the AutoTrain. Adventur! Train overnight in our little "roomette".

We will arrive in Orlando Monday morning and proceed to the Royal Pacific once we get our car off the train. We will have WiFi definitely in the hotel tomorrow night, but I don't know that we will on the train.

Then INFINITUS begins OMG.

This whole last couple days have been weird. Because of the intense heat I've been basically living in my bedroom instead of the front of the house (because here's where the A/C unit is). It's been surreal, only going out into the rest of the house when necessary. I've also been doing all the little things one does when leaving the house for almost two weeks: cleaning out the food gone bad (so it's not all even more STINKY when I get back) and all the packing that couldn't be done until I was done with the items going in. And dealing with all the last-minute stuff that we're dealing with in preparation.

And in the midst of this, [ profile] pegkerr turned me on to this HILARIOUS blog on Buzznet: Mark Reads Harry Potter. I've caught up with his reading of SS and CoS and the 15 chapters he's read so far of PoA. They are hysterical. He's reading each book and blogging the experience, one chapter at a time, trying to remain as spoiler-free as possible - not easy when people spoil him in the comments. I really feel for him, about that, because the absolute charm of this project is watching him discover everything as a first-time reader who, remarkably, knows next to nothing about HP. It's great fun and needless to say his reviews are GOLD. He's fair when he sees a critical problem, but overall he's experiencing the wonder and the WTF and the OMG that is the first time through a series with this many twists and turns.

He apparently came to this project after reviewing Twilight in the same manner - and I'm reading that now. OMG, so funny. He totally calls Twilight for the POS that it is (I mean, really, it IS) and is HATING every chapter with more and more hatred. These are endlessly entertaining, folks.

Mark Reads Harry Potter - go all the way back to the beginning, it's High-freaking-larious.

Also, ABC Family is doing HP weekend again with previews and inside looks at HP&theDH, but I'm excited because at 11:00 I am going to watch MOOSE ATTACK! on Discovery. It should be all kinds of AWESOME. I mean. It's about MOOSE. ATTACKING! It's got to be cracktastic.

Maybe worth a second glass of wine. I think so, don't you?

(Oh and in other news my house got chosen to be a ratings family. I think. It just said 337, no unit number. I may have to take the paperwork with me and go online to file to make sure they don't want my landlord's unit instead of mine. Because fuck yeah, I want to be a ratings family!)
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I have so many bug bites. Eleven on one leg/foot; four on the other. They ITCH. The bardic event was relaxing and fun, but man, the BUGS. They were intense.

And I am way full from a really lovely dinner with [ profile] grouchyoldcoot before going to see Curtains. I had a salad and a risotto, and we split the creme brulee (which could have been better set up, but flavour-wise was really good). I'm glad I didn't get an entree, though, or I'd have felt even more stuffed during the performance.

The show was fun. I was really annoyed by technical things - an over-reliance on follow-spots, and one of the said spots was focused about 4" smaller than the others.... there were some sound issues... the director apparently really likes straight lines... and a few actors seemed to get tongue-tied a couple times. But it was cute. Not Kander and Ebb's best by a long shot, but a fair score and a frothy, sometimes funny book. I was the only one laughing at some of the Boston-area jokes, but that's to be expected in Pittsburgh. The best number by far is the ballad ("I Miss the Music") which is doubly poignant when one considers that Ebb died before the show was finished, so a composer talking about losing his writing partner has some bonus (sad) significance.

Driving to Rochester tomorrow for a birthday dinner with Mom. Then back to Boston Thursday. And our stuffing party on the weekend (though we've learned that we'll be missing a piece, but that's not the end of the world by a long shot).
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I'm being slightly crazy and driving home from Infinitus. I'll be doing the trip in 3 days: Monday, July 19 - Wednesday, July 21.

My plan is to make it somewhere between Charlotte and Raleigh, NC on the first leg. Then I can get to my aunt's in Philly on the second leg and home to Boston on the third.

So: Anyone in North Carolina want to host a Gwen on that Monday night?

Also - anyone coming back up to any of those locations who would like to ride-share? Since I'll be all alone on the way home....
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It's been a busy week with lots of time on the road.

Thursday - left Boston for Rochester.
Friday - left Rochester, met [ profile] beatricedwinter for lunch (AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIS!) and then proceeded to War Practice.

War Practice was WET. But it was also WARM, for a change. On Friday there was a lot of Scotch. On Saturday there was carbonated wheat beverage that failed to qualify as beer.

Sunday - broke camp and went to Pittsburgh. Fwump. [ profile] grouchyoldcoot made delivery food happen. Watched the rest of the 5th season of "Weeds." (I've decided that "Weeds" is sort of my televised, x-rated version of "Twilight" for those who read that - it's 100% crack, and thrives on the "OMG, I can't believe they're going there!" factor.)

Monday - drove back to Rochester. Had dinner with our friends Mike and Toby and their grandson, M, who has officially entered foster care with family friends of theirs who live locally, as opposed to fostering in New York City. Complicated story - short version is that their daughter had some trouble a few years back and is not available at present to raise her 18-month son. He, however, is a cutie, and while he's no J, he's tracking just fine for his age, developmentally. He spent about ten minutes standing on my driver's seat checking out every available gauge and button and feature of my car. Adorable.

Tuesday - drove back to Boston. More fwumping.

I am still exhausted, but I must gather trash today and also the mighty hunter must capture milk. And I have an audition this evening. So, gotta get that ready. Oh, and apply for a bunch of jobs.

Other news:

Ticket saga, part II: Monday morning, we got a call from the Pittsburgh CLO. The tickets were returned as "undeliverable" - even though the address and zip were correct. So the lady from the office is hand-addressing them and will try again. If they bounce again, I'll just have them hold them at the box office, which all things considered is probably the easiest option, anyway.

And my parents. Okay, so anyone who has met both of my parents can probably agree that two more different people do not exist. It still mystifies me how they ever got married in the first place, but whatever. But occasionally they do things that show a glimmer of that sameness. For example, I called my mother on Sunday after confirming Monday's dinner, to let her know the plan. We talked briefly and hung up. Thirty seconds later, she calls me back. "What?" I ask. "Nothing, except I realized I forgot to say I love you."

Now, lemme stop here for a second. I don't have a problem telling the people I love that I love them. But I also don't think it's necessary to do so at the end of EVERY CONVERSATION. This is a point of contention with my mother, especially, who seems to think that if she doesn't tell me I will forget that it is true, or think that her affection has shifted. And conversely, that if I don't say it, it means somehow I have stopped. Um. Well ... no.

Okay, so Mom calls me back for the express purpose of making sure I know that she loves me. Yeah, I got the memo the last time, but thanks, Mom. I love you, too.

At some point, I got a message from my father, informing me of his schedule for the next few days (Outer Banks chillin'). Again, fine - no problem, I'm not nearly as worried about knowing where he is as he is about making sure I know. He says in the message that there's no need to call him back - so I don't.

Monday evening, he calls (right after we got back from dinner, actually - and at the very beginning of "Chuck") and during the conversation, he says, "I realized that I forgot to say I love you last time we talked. And I thought I should clear that up."


My parents, they are so weird. I told my mother. She laughed.

And finally, check it out:

BAF 3 is on Amazon!!!


I'll be doing a reading / signing in Auburn, MA, on June 12, but unfortunately I will not be at Balticon this year. (Though if you are going to Balticon, there's a bunch of fun stuff planned for the launch party.)
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It's been a weekend of really good food.

First, we had the Wellesley Players' Annual meeting on Saturday night. Always a good group of people. Some community theatre groups really aren't very social outside of shows, but this one really does function more as a large support network, as much as it is a group of people with a common interest in theatrical production.

The "entertainment" was fun - in that it was mainly a singalong. Yeah. Get about 50 musical theatre geeks together with a professional piano player and a tonne of music books. Stir. Very silly.

And there was one young lady for whom this was her first contact with us - how adorable is it that she came to Fiddler, loved it, decided, "I must get involved with this group" - saw the party notice on the website, asked if she could come, signed up to sing, hung out... I mean, seriously? That's just awesome.

Then Sunday a bunch of Players also went to a production of Annie Get Your Gun starring the young woman who'd played Tzeitel in our Fiddler. She was amazing - head and shoulders the best thing in the show (though their Frank had a great voice and was absolutely gorgeous, he was a weak actor). And afterward we went to dinner (technically I invited myself and A) at a restaurant down the street. We were all SO HUNGRY by the time we got to dinner that we were eating the berries out of our sangria glasses, praying for the bread to come, etc. But the food was excellent - I had mushroom ravioli - if a smidge more than we were planning (or had cash) to spend.

And then I had a fabulous dinner last night with [ profile] byronhaverford at Market in Boston. I actually ate tuna! It was seared and rolled in a cracked rice cracker crust and it was really rather yummy. Then I had the lamb chops (mainly because someone in our party Sunday had had lamb and it put me in the mood), C had the bass, and we each hogged our desserts - his was a carmelized banana cake and mine was an absolutely DIVINE passionfruit souffle. Stuffed. And nearly 10:00 by the time we were done - gotta love fine dining!

An even more pleasant surprise to find that apparently, old job never shut off my T-pass, so when I went to add value to what I thought was a Charlie card with about $10 on it, I instead found that I had a Monthly Pass expiring on 5/31/10 (which is what it always says, then resets on the next month). I had been told they would drop the recharge once I went off payroll. Apparently someone has goofed - but I'm happy as it got me into town and back for "free" basically. (And yeah, if I'd known THAT, I'd've totally gone in to town that way the day I wound up paying $30 in parking!!!)

Of course that means I'm not 100% certain where the other Charlie Card is....

Meanwhile, shared my resume with a consulting / recruiting professional and she suggested changing to a "results-based" resume (yeah, the arrogance of that kills me), and [ profile] beatricedwinter says I should craft multiple resumes focused on job area (i.e., one for conference planning; one for arts administration, etc.).

What are y'all's resume strategies? It's not a bad thing to redo the resume, mind, especially since re-uploading them generates activity / new interest on job boards.

And in totally other news: OMG, I have diverted a DISASTER of double-booking.

Back at Christmas, [ profile] grouchyoldcoot gave me a gift certificate for tickets to see a touring company in the Pittsburgh CLO summer season. We had to pick the date and fill out the response card, and mail it in. Tickets were supposed to be mailed in April.

We looked at the schedule, selected our performance (Curtains) and date (June 26th), and sent it in.

And forgot about it. And I didn't update my calendar.

Last night, halfway through dinner, something triggered my memory banks. And I said, "OH, CRAP!! June 26th! A. We were supposed to get the tickets in April and it's May; B. THAT'S THE WEEKEND OF OUR REGISTRATION STUFFING PARTY!!!!" Ack. I simply cannot bail on that!

So, on the way home, I called Joel, who confirmed he had not received the tickets. This morning, I started calling around to confirm the tickets and hopefully get them changed.


Well. First phone call only tells me that the ticket request was passed on. She transfers me to someone who tells me that they were processed and mailed and "There are no refunds or exchanges" - well, phooey on them, I think. But we might as well get the tickets and if nothing else, he can go with someone in town. Which would suck, but still. And I'm not convinced there's nothing that can be done, either. Because it's not like I want to exchange shows, I just want to change the date. But, she tells me I can call a different number to request a reprint. This phone call (after convincing the girl that yes, zip codes do start with 0 in some places!), confirmed that my tickets did exist, but I could talk to someone else to request a reprint. That someone was Luke, who, when I requested a change of date, said, "Sure!" and told me the available dates.

The show runs Tuesday - Saturday of that week. And I'll be in that part of the country the weekend before for Bardic Roundhouse in the MK. So. What do I do?

"We'll take Tuesday, thanks!"

Yeah, I am a master. Of course, this assumes that I will still not be working and have no demands on my time - but y'know, that's okay. I will take a job over "Curtains" if necessary, but as I do have the time at the moment, it's an elegant solution.

So it looks like I'll be in Pittsburgh on Monday, June 21st. Anyone want to get together?

Meanwhile, I am now back on the diet - balancing that with the fact that I have massive leftovers from Saturday's party (one of the advantages of being on the clean-up crew).

My week

May. 12th, 2010 08:05 pm
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So, last week there was this water main bustification in Boston, and we were on a "boil water" order for a while. They lifted it the morning I left for Rochester (so I got to wash my dishes before hitting the road), but my dentist appointment had already been postponed.

I hit the road, spent a couple days with Mom, went down to Pittsburgh for Crown, and came back home (via Rochester again) yesterday.

The highlights:
- Haircut! (quite a few compliments at Crown, too)
- New Headshots! This is good because I had an audition last night (grump: no callback) and one tomorrow, and I'll need 45 of the suckers for the June auditions
- Watched "Harper's Island" with Mom
- Acquired a bag of old garb, some of which can still be used, most of which either needs modification (ahem, I'm fat) or will just be part of the costume closet for theatrical use
- Continually squicked / worried about Mom and the way she lives. Not sure I can do anything to improve her situation.
- Left "The Last Detective" with her (she was finishing them up when I got there on Monday), which she enjoyed / devoured.
- Crown was COLD, RAINY, MUDDY - in other words, an AE Crown. Good practice for War Practice (note to self, remember arm-warmers and cold weather gear)
- I have a new misspelling of my name on the magnet! It's always hilarious when they get his name right (the complicated one) and mine wrong (the easy one)
- Watched Game 5 with the family
- Puked a LOT on Saturday night (yuck!)
- Went to dinner with [ profile] erink and her partner, and also went to see Iron Man 2 with them. Did not get to play with the iPad because [ profile] grouchyoldcoot bogarted it.
- Took Mom out for dinner for Mother's Day. Then she topped off my gas tank (which didn't quite even it up, but I'm not complaining)

Came back to Boston, got ready for the audition. Dutifully left in time to find the place, only to wait until after my appointment time with no one around. Phone dead! Went home, turned on computer. Immediately noted that I was IN THE WRONG PLACE - but the right place was only 5 blocks away. Jumped back in the car - tearing my pantyhose - and screamed over there. No problem. Only had about a 10 minute wait (enough time to shuck the torn hose!), but really didn't do well on my songs - especially the second one. The first one was okay, but I was tired from the long drive and I guess my voice wasn't sitting right. I could not get my heart rate or breathing back after the first song, so the emotional shift for the second was off. No callback. Not surprised, but MEH.

Cloudy and cold today. Also cramps, yuck. And NOTHING on the job front. Dentist appointment. Gum recession - yay. Don't need to do anything yet, but will.


And the Penguins are losing. What the fuck, boys?

Can there be Alternity? If I have to be wearing my crankypants, I'd like to at least be able to escape to where my characters are having a crappy time for much more life-threatening reasons.
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Resolution to the accident: The assessment for repair was for less than $500, so it doesn't affect the woman's insurance negatively, and I now have a check. I will call my mechanic to see about doing the repair on the ultra-cheap, I hope, and use the rest to help defray the cost of Infinitus.

A and I have figured out that we will take the AutoTrain from VA to Orlando for Infinitus. We have a little private compartment (called a "roomette", how cute is that?) and thus we will have my car in Orlando and also all the Stuff we need to bring. No shipping! No hoping that the stuff arrives on time! No extra airline fees for checked bags! A little room to ourselves where we don't have to do all the driving, and we can stretch out and maybe even sleep on the way! It will be an adventure.

Now that my crazy theatre schedule is done, we actually went to see a MOVIE yesterday. Amazing! The images move on a big screen, and all that. We saw "How to Train Your Dragon" which was thoroughly cute and charming and fun (and bears no resemblance to Norse culture at all, but neither did I expect it to!). Note to Vikings: Dragons own you, not the other way 'round. Though I will say it's predictable that the "surcharge" for 3D movies keeps increasing every time we go. Then again, it's been almost a year since we saw a 3D movie at this theatre - the last 3D film I saw was "Avatar" and that was in Pittsburgh.

This has been a really intense week over in HP Alternity, including several late nights in a row and rather full-time days of major playing. Which has been amazing, in the thick of it, but wow, really draining too. But Barty Crouch, Jr, has been making more of a showing lately, and my, he's an interesting fellow!
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Okay, so I just spent 2 weeks in Pittsburgh and I drove back to Rochester last night.

Um. There's probably lots more to report about being in Pittsburgh, isn't there?


Went rock climbing twice, bloodied myself twice the second time, but managed only to embarrass myself slightly. Slipped and fell down Joel's back kitchen stairs on the middle Sunday and have a bruise across my right buttock that looks like someone hit me with a PERFECT wrap shot.

Joel's cat is sick actively dying. (Yes, only a week or two after his mother died, his cat sorta stopped eating. We tried all this week to tempt him with various kinds of cat and people food, but no dice. Joel took him to kitty hospital yesterday and per his latest post, Eek's remaining days are very limited. SUCKAGE! TOTALLY UNFAIR SUCKITUDE.) And of course, we all learned about Eric Bowling this week, too, which was really sad and unexpected and also unfair.

Hm. Well, we ate a lot of good food, and also things I cooked (note that those two are exclusive). Seriously, I cooked Christmas dinner and it was actually edible, though not amazingly awesome. There was pie. We visited friends and friends' family on Christmas Day eve (as opposed to Christmas Eve day) and had a great time. I got to snuggle Josie a little. We also admired Joel's neighbour's fabulous new mosaic in her fireplace. And first Saturday I was there, we not only moved Joel's fridge into his kitchen (thanks to my AWESOME knowledge on how to move appliances thanks to watching the movers do it with cardboard!), we also went out to play some games and watch a mind-bending film called Primer with some other of Joel's Pittsburgh friends.

We also got and put up Joel's Christmas tree and on Sunday we measured, cut, and successfully hung Joel's kitchen door. Big win!

We went to a bar around the corner to watch the Penguins game, and even though they lost we had a good time. Small world department: the two guys down the bar from us - twins! - have been to Pennsic! Yeah, it's not quite the coincidence in Pittsburgh that it would be if we'd been in Boston. But still. Funny.

We went to see Avatar and I liked it, though it was certainly flawed. The 3D was well done. I want to be a Na'vi, or failing that have my own USB port. I won't mind seeing it again if given the chance.

And of course, PREZZIES. I got a Bluetooth headset (which works pretty well!) and also a gift certificate to see a national tour during the summer, which reminds me I have to call them and select the show. We're going to shoot for Curtains on the last weekend of June.

So. That's Pittsburgh.

I've been reading a lot of Yuletide fics. Some good stuff this year, including ASOIAF (see icon!) and some Dead Poets' Society. A few Big Bang Theory, some other stuff. I've been getting comments on my two pinch hits - one of which was written in about 3 hours, so I'm glad that people have appreciated that at all.

Job-hunt-wise, I've got an interview on Monday and I had a good networking phone call today. Hunt-and-peck applications still suck, but I'll spend some time on that later.

And I went with my mother today to her hairdresser, who used to be *my* hairdresser, and told her to go crazy. So I've got some significant hair change - not colour, just cut. She curled it, too, which has made it weird to get used to, but the curl will be gone in a day.


We're watching Season Two West Wing. One of my favourite shows at its height. Can't really beat that!
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So, I'm in Pittsburgh, a week early because [ profile] grouchyoldcoot's mum passed away this weekend. We'd been planning to visit her and her husband for Christmas - now that's up in the air. I'm not even sure how long I'll wind up visiting - whether it will be through Christmas as planned, or longer, or what. I may or may not pass back through Rochester on the way home; this is also unknown at this time.

Of course, I had about 8 hours between when we decided I would come and when I left, so my hasty departure meant that a few things were not packed (nothing I can't replace), and a few things were not done (like running the garbage disposal to get rid of the eggshells), and a few things were done ahead of time (like leaving a note and rent check for January for the landlord) and a few things will have to sit until I get back (like my severance check, Dad's SS check, and any bills that come in). I should be able to pay the bills I've received out of what's in the checkbook, no problem, and a lot of my bills are autopay - cable, electric, phone, insurance - so that'll all take care of itself.

I didn't get to clean the house yet (that was a this-week project), and I haven't made room for the other sewing machine. Though I may be able to put it in the car if I do go back through Rochester.

I postponed the lunch I had planned with my friends at the vendor, the ones I worked with closely, and we'll reschedule in January.

Meanwhile, I called unemployment for the first time today to report no earnings. Man, I need to actually get back to looking for work!

One interesting thing was that on a lark, I brought the radar detector out with me, figuring that I could call the company if it still didn't work. But it worked! I don't know why it didn't all the times before when I tried to restore it, but this time, yay. And it's been working, yay. Of course, I didn't know that in the meantime NY passed a ban on them. Luckily, so far, I haven't been stopped (knock wood!). Of course, speeding is also illegal, so... in for a penny, in for a pound, I guess. But I don't need to be caught, in either case. My dad got a ticket in Georgia a couple weeks ago. Bastard got off with only a $75 fine. I've already had two tickets in NY, neither for actually speeding (they were both downgraded), but even without the points or anything, they were over $200 each. No, thank you! There's no need to speed that badly.

As [ profile] etakyma posted, we went back to HP: The Exhibition on Friday and took our sweet time walking through it. The names are WHACKED. I don't think very many of them were ever meant to be seen close-up, because they are really totally made up, Monty Python types of names (no, there's no throat-warbler-mangrove, but some come close). The frustration of the day was not being able to look at some of the costumes in 360 degrees - which we knew would be the case, the way things are setup - but I think we can look for screencaps of some of the angles we wanted to see. I should have brought a mirror, really. The silly moment of the day came right near the end. We were looking in detail at McG's and Sirius's costumes - they are two of the last things on display - and trying to make out the back of Sirius, to see if it has a riding slit up the back of the coat, or not. We each had mini-mag-lites, though the battery in mine needs to be changed. We were using A's light to try to get a better look at the construction. One of the docents asked what we were doing. We explained ("No, we're not taking photographs, we're not touching, we're just looking with a mini-flashlight"). Where all the other docents had been happy to let us do our thing, once they figured out that we weren't disturbing anything, this guy had a problem. With a 10-watt pocket torch. A few minutes later a security guy comes over and tells us that we can't use the light. Whatever - it was the *last* costume. We'd been in the exhibit for 3 hours already, dude. What on earth is the objection to a teeny flashlight that can't possibly cause fading?

Anyway. Lots of sketches, lots of names and titles and little details. I totally forgot to copy out Umbridge's questionnaire for the teachers, and the O.W.L. papers, but that's okay. There were so many little things on the Common Room notice board that you couldn't read. Man, I'd love to have some time to throw on protective gloves and actually manipulate some of the artifacts.

We each bought a program guide (more reminders than anything), and I replaced my Nimbus hat with an HP: The Exhibition cap, and I also got a wicked cool mug that is heat activated. With hot liquid inside it, a Marauders' Map shows up on the outside. Very nifty. Also noticed HP music boxes from SF Music Box Company, very expensive in the gift shop but very *not* expensive on the SF Music Box Co's website. Not for buying right now, though.

Sunday, while J's mother was busy dying (wah), went to the Wellesley holiday party. Interesting confirmation that my audition for Hodel was *not* pointless, but that there weren't enough other people auditioning within the same age range, so that they had to cast everything younger. Still, I know I'll have fun with the role and was assured by many that I'll be great. Whee.

Monday, when I got in to Mom's, we went out to her pastor's house. It's her pastor's 53rd birthday, but she cooked dinner for 15 people - because she loves to cook. Okay by me! We had salad, beef burgundy over noodles, butternut squash risotto, and two kinds of cake and two kinds of ice cream. Yum, yum, yum. Also, although these are 'church' people, they are the least churchy group I've ever known. Even when I lived in Rochester, I can say definitively that these folks do not shy away from the innuendo and the double entendre. Much blushing was done by nearly everyone as we all embarrassed ourselves and each other. Very fun. (The topics included how quickly one can get drunk on champagne, first experiences with marijuana, the effect of long nails on certain parts of anatomy, etc. You get the picture. Christians with dirty minds!)

Ah. J is now done for the time being so we are going to get dinner. YAY. Food.


Sep. 5th, 2009 10:28 pm
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So, [ profile] etakyma and I went adventuring today.

We went down to the Culinary Arts Museum in Providence (RI) to look at Victorian period stoves. Took many, many pictures and have the email address of the exhibits manager there, so we can ask follow up questions ("What is that bit of iron work on the side for?") to help us with the tasks that we perform as Mrs Webb and Mrs Gibbs in Our Town.

The museum was rather interesting. Afterward we tried to get back to the mall to hang out for a bit and get lunch. We successfully backtracked to the freeway (easy), but didn't plan on having to get over 3 lanes in a very short space, and wound up having to get back off. About 20 minutes of scenic tour later, we found 95 again...except we were back in Massachusetts. Whoops! No problem. South it was. Made it to the mall, where we went around a couple times figuring out the garage, and then got a *really yummy* lunch at Dave & Buster's, including fresh, hot doughnut holes. Num.

We ratted around the mall for a bit, hanging out for the start of Waterfire. This was *seriously* cool. They light about 100 bonfires out in the center of the canal, with accompanying canned music and some planned entertainment in a particular section with a natural amphitheater. Powerful and beautiful. And the moon was just coming up over the buildings as they lit the fires...yeah, it was totally neat.

If we do ever do this with a larger group, though, the only way to go is to get a reservation at one of the cafes along the waterfront and watch that way - then if people really want to walk along the water, they can do it either on their own or after dessert.

Anyway, awesome trip, great day. And basically only an hour from door to door.
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What a contrast.

Okay, for one thing, Azkatraz ROCKED. Yes, it was stressful and OMG exhausting, but exhilarating at the same time. The lows were really not all that low and the highs were astronomically high.

As Leslie said today, "How wonderful is the Goddess?" because things worked out beautifully for Flourish to come down and do this, and without that I wouldn't have had a room.

And WHAT A ROOM. It's amazing and perfect and overlooks the exhibit hall where our panel will be.

I ordered room service last night (which was YUMDelicious!) and watched the first couple hours of TV that I have seen in a week that isn't Harry Potter. And I SLEPT. It's amazing how much just a little sleep can do for your outlook on life.

I met Phil Foglio, too, and gave him an OTW pin. (Of course, some of the folks in his booth immediately started down the "But if it's an all-ages product and the fanwork is NOT all ages...." Le Sigh.

Now I'm in the Quantum Quest panel, waiting for Wonder Women and following that Burn Notice. Talk about crowd control lessons!

Found a CVS, but forgot to pick up all the things I needed... but maybe I'll score some of them on the floor this weekend. I know Heidi took the metallic sharpies and I should get one of them to carry.

Leslie's booth is #1317. If anyone out there is at CCI, stop in!
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Okay, so this week was absolutely CRAZY-busy. I logged 52.5 hours at work, including 12.5 in a single day, trying to finish all my chores before going to the ball, er, conference.

No IMAX for the movie (boo) but we have tickets (yay) for the rest.

[ profile] rani23, you'll be happy to know that the ticket you can't use is already claimed by a staff member who needed one.

I've been to the bank, I paid my bills, I've done my laundry (except for ONE SOCK that was hiding until the load was done)... I'm 80% packed, though I suspect one bag is too heavy and may need some rearranging. Luckily, there is presently a lot of room in the other checked bag. Huzzah! I forced myself to sit down and think through what - exactly - I'll wear each day, which allowed me to cut back significantly on the "oh, I might want this" over-packing.

Astonishingly, I will definitely not need my rollerboard carry-on. (I also mailed a box of stuff Priority - 6 lbs. of stuff, in fact - and although it was expensive, it was less than the overweight charges would have been on the luggage.)

Today I have a hair appointment, then I'll go in to work to do a few things more easily accomplished without anyone around, and then I'll hit Target for the last few items I need. Apparently I lost my travel toothbrush on the Midrealm trip (and the toothbrush *cover*, which annoys me more than the toothbrush itself).

I also was apparently not SMRT about where I put the BART card from last time. Hey, I wonder if I made a note to myself in my LJ? Nah, I'm probably not that SMRT. But it wasn't in the three or four places I would have put it had I been wise. Oh, well.

Palm Pre update: I need to spend a little more quality time with the manual to better understand my notification and sound options. Missed a few phone calls yesterday because the phone was in the bedroom on the charger and I didn't hear it ring. But I also don't want noise overnight when I'm trying to sleep. Difficult to balance. Still, the apps are win, and while it's still not a perfect phone, I'm definitely feeling the love. (I discovered two new things about the actual voice phone features yesterday. Surprise!)

I'm pretty much down to my last nerve, but I'll fix that before the conference starts. I've put in a reservation for the cab for Tuesday morning (6:25 ACK), and will take out the trash and recycling Monday night even though pickup isn't until Thursday. I've got meals in the house to get me through the next couple days.

Three more episodes of SPN to watch to get through the 4th season. (Yes, I just watched Jump the Shark. Yes, I have thoughts, but no time to really express them.)

Still need to pack carry-ons and chargers and all the tech....

Sheesh. Final details galore!

(Oh, and was anyone reading [ profile] hpalternity last night? Alice had the baby! SO MUCH FUN!)
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Seriously. I've ducked them - pretty much successfully - for basically (gulp) 20 years.

My high school found me - cut for the uninterested. )

Oh, and Amy - you'll laugh. Guess what came in the mail yesterday? I'll give you a hint: You predicted I'd get one. No? Well, I can get that second potholder.

In other news, taxes are done, yay! I should get my refunds just in time for Gulf Wars.

However, US Air sucks. This is the second time now that I've booked travel and had it completely not go through. You know how you click the "Purchase" button and it tells you "We're processing your request; don't click this button again or you may buy it twice!" and you wait? Yeah. Well, apparently it didn't work. I was supposed to go to Mi-No-Hi this weekend, but no. No ticket, no confirmation, no transaction on my credit card - NOTHING. As if I never pushed the button. ARGH.

But. Coraline 3D was even more rockin' the second time, and Watchmen comes out soon. Gang, we may actually have to leave Gulf Wars to go to that again.


Jan. 28th, 2009 04:42 pm
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I'm just as glad I took boss up on the permission to leave early. The rain over all the snow from earlier is creating a slushy, wet frozen mess. VERY slippery and deep, horrid puddles that really resemble nothing else so much as walking through large tracks made up of snowcones.

Anyway, home now. Checking email and I've got a couple work things to do, but otherwise glad I came home when it was still light and not *quite* frozen over.

Tomorrow morning's commute is going to SUCK bigtime.
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Okay. I know, it's been a while.

And I know, I'm a bad friend: I haven't been reading journals nearly as much as I should. No Time! Life is made of teh crazy.

Not that there aren't some good things happening, but really? This week has been twice as long and stressful as it should be.

There's some work-related crap, which is probably not of much interest to most of you and I may put in a flocked (for my protection) post later.

There was the site visit for AZKATRAZ, which was utterly fabulous and wonderful and I got to hang out with some amazing HP fans and also got to spend not one, but TWO evenings with the incredible and awesome [ profile] rani23 whom I miss like whoa and love more than my luggage.

There was the RECOVERING from my first trip to California. I know, right? But the only time I had been planning to go before, there was a hurricane moving up the east coast that grounded my plane, so I had to cancel the trip. So YAY for my first time in CA and OMG, San Francisco is BEAUTIFUL. Except for the panhandlers. They're not so gorgeous.

There's [ profile] hpalternity, too, which is EATING MY BRAIN because really I don't want to do much other than play, because it's so fun.

Then there's Tribute, which is the show I am stage managing. Now, ordinarily, y'all know, I don't like to stage manage. I really hate the responsibility and the pressure and yeah, I'm good at it, but I'd much RATHER be on stage, doing what I frankly do the bestest in the whole world.

But I agreed because I knew the players were in a tight spot and there really weren't any roles in the show for me, nor really any other shows I wanted to do this fall, plus of course, with all the travel, I knew my chances of getting cast in anything were slim to none.

I mention the travel. I've just completed Five (count'em 5) Weekends In A Row of travel, including TWO road trips to Western New York, a plane to Pittsburgh followed by a road trip down to WV, and two other airline trips: Orlando and SF. And yes, my arms *are* tired.

This means not only that I have a pile of laundry about as big as my bed, but that I had to miss a lot of rehearsals. Well. A handful of rehearsals. With a director who was not really invested in blocking, but more letting the actors mill around on the stage to "find what works" (gods, I HATE that kind of director). And I was *totally* up front about the travel beforehand. We tried to get an assistant stage manager, but she couldn't make all the rehearsals either and pulled out early. The producer was filling in for me on the nights when I couldn't be there.

And then. The director up and quit. This Tuesday morning. Three and a half weeks before opening. And his stated reason for quitting? "The Players do not share my belief in the importance of a stage manager." What. The. Frak? There's been never a word to me about any sort of difficulty. He's completely non-communicative, and IMO wasn't doing a great job, but that's hardly my fault, yo. The moment I read the email I thought, "You a-hole. It's not me. You want to quit for some other reason and you're just using my (hello: PLANNED) absences as an excuse." (Sure enough, I talked with the producer and the president of the group last night and there was, in fact, some other kind of reason.)

Anyway, so yeah - I don't take it personally and I'm not at all hurt or upset by his accusation that I wasn't being a real stage manager. There wasn't anything to manage yet, and besides, he knew I was going to be away and said in production meetings that he was okay with it. I can't help that the production meetings were held on days when I was out of town, either - my conflicts were known *before* the meetings were scheduled. So, yeah - not my fault, dude, and not like I'm sorry to see the door hit you on the ass on your way out.

We now have an amazing director, one of the best directors in this region, which brings me to a whole other level of angst, but that's okay. And in the three days since this director has been gone? Uh, yeah. Already a better show.

But. Something I didn't need among all the other stress.

Oh - And I've recorded two fics for SpellCast Readings this week. One is edited and off to the producer; the other needs to be edited (tonight or tomorrow morning).

Now if I could just find my bills to pay them....

In totally other news: I'm sure you've already seen this, but The NYT Editorial Board Endorsed Obama for President.

(And Yay, Connecticut. But that's old news.)

Hm. I also have to figure out how to get to the polls that Tuesday, between work and rehearsal.


Oct. 2nd, 2008 11:49 pm
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[ profile] etakyma and I disagree.

She likes where the season is going, likes the direction it took, etc.

I feel like they are about to pull out the waterskis any minute.

My  )

But oh, the Jossing!

I was totally prepared to be Jossed. I just wish they had not been so TV-pat about everything. It's too neat. Too wrapped in bows. I don't trust it.

Okay, I'm off to Crown Tourney tomorrow. Week 3 of my 5 weekends in a row.
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My great-aunt died around 8:00 this morning.

So that's three for me, two in the last 36 hours.

I'm off to Florida in about an hour; the funeral will be Monday, but we don't know what time yet. It's likely that I will change my return so that instead of coming straight back to Boston I will stop over in Baltimore for the funeral and return either Monday night or Tuesday.

Too soon to tell, but I should know something more by the time I get to the airport, so I hope I'll be able to discuss with the ticket agent while I'm checking in.

I'm glad I always pack extra clothes.

On the bright side, I'm feeling very good about traveling. Though it does mean that I'll be a great deal more emotional at her service, because I'll still be saying goodbye to Morguhn.

'Dicea, I'm thinking of your story about your neighbour, too, and I'm going to stop now before I cry more.
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So, one of the houses on my daily walk is a family with a young girl. Last year she was just a wee infant; now she is approximately two years old. Very twee.

And it had rained this afternoon, you see. So I walked by this evening to see young girl sitting on the pavement, her mum crouched by her side, struggling to put back on one of her wellies. Young girl the stood and revealed her stunning ensemble: red ladybug slicker (hood up, though it's no longer raining), matching red lady bug wellies (so wee they shouldn't be allowed). And holding mum's hand so proceeded to puddlemuck. Pumping her feet like Jennifer Beals in "Maniac."


No, I still don't want kids, thanks. But sometimes they're highly amusing.

Right. Now off to the PO to send TY notes to Portus guests and boxes to Maghnus.

How sad is it that I'm most depressed that my chair will not make it to War this year? My camp table and mirror box I can live without, though inconvenient. But my chair? Feh. World's most comfortable camping chair!

I see a trip to Target once in Pittsburgh....


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