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I decided it was high time to organize my literary contributions to LJ a little better. This is just the SPN stuff for now; at some point I will include all the other fic, including HP and assorted other fandoms. These are in mostly chronological order, except for a hodgepodge post at the end. Some have been posted here; others in specific comms; others at my [ profile] wee_chesters community.

Unless specifically noted, all my stuff in Supernatural is pretty much Gen and not rated higher than R. I have nothing against Wincest, but haven't written any (so far). None of the crossovers require knowledge of the crossed material.

Posted Supernatural Fiction:

Wouldn't It Be Nice? (1/1) John/Mary - HET NC-17
1976 - John can't wait until they can stop sneaking around.

Contract to Expand (1/1)
1983 - Mary’s on medical bed-rest; Dean’s been sick and can’t sleep; and John would give anything to be able to lie down.

Are We There Yet? (1/1)
1984 – John Winchester? Meet Jim Murphy.

First Family (1/1)
1984 – John and Dean straighten out the division of labor on the road.

A Good Visit (1/1)
1985 – Sometimes even stuffed animals know where they belong. John drops the boys off with Pastor Jim hastily and Sam forgets to grab…Bunny.

Training Wheels (1/1)
January 24, 1986 – Dean’s first driving lesson.

Sam Winchester: Big Brother (1/1)
June 1986 - John’s first thought when Dean told him Sam had an imaginary friend was, That’s nice. But his second thought was…Oh, Christ, I hope it really is just imaginary.

Sometimes a Day Goes By (1/1)
1988 – Dean had told Sam that Dad had issued a gag order about Mom…. But as with so much that Dean told Sam about their family, it was a lie.

Fifty Percent
1989 / 2007: See below for description

Trost und Freude (Seventeen Chapters, Completed: 75,000 words)
1990 – John goes undercover to look into a series of accidents at the local mall. Meanwhile, Dean and Sam respond to Christmas-season festivities at school with unexpected results.

Mother's Day (1/1)
1990? 1991? - Dean thinks John has a concussion. He doesn't. Supernatural Fanfiction Awards Featured Story (June 2008)

Leapin’ Lizards (Four Chapters, Completed: 18,500 words)
July 8, 1991 – Dr. Sam Beckett Leaps in to save a life, which is not unusual…what’s unusual is that he’s saving it from an angry spirit. Quantum Leap crossover

Soup (1/1)
1991 – A 12-year-old Dean plays nurse for an 8-year-old Sammy with a cold.

Guns & Ammo (1/1)
1992 – Sam and Dean discuss the proper filing system for weapons, who's to blame for Dad's injury, and why Sam is a bitch.

Harvester of Eyes (Six Chapters, Completed: 26,000 words)
1994 – John gets wind of a hunt that he doesn’t want the boys anywhere near. But taking them far from danger actually puts them in its path, when they stumble into an open doorway to the Dreaming. Sandman crossover.

Rescue Me (1/1)
1995 – Sam accepts an invitation to a birthday party, only to learn it’s really not what he was expecting. Dean to the rescue! Or not quite….

Levels of Achievement (1/1)
1994 / 1996 – Dean Winchester vs. the SATs. First he has to take them, and then he has to face the consequences.

A Loaded God Complex (Summergen)
A Loaded God Complex (personal journal) (Posted in Three Parts, Completed: 21,945 words)
1996 - The demon-worshipping cult that John has been tracking chooses Sam’s Middle School as their target. But John doesn’t know that there’s already another investigator on the case. Medium crossover (but pre-series, so not necessary to know anything about Medium). Written for [ profile] dodger_winslow as part of the 2008 [ profile] spn_summergen exchange.

Men of Good Fortune (1/1)
2002 / 1985 – John reflects on how Dean came to be a living Hoover. Set pre-series, while Sam is at Stanford, with a flashback to wee!Dean.

The Children's Hour (1/1)
Seasons 1-2ish - Sam and Dean investigate a haunting in a preschool class.

Fifty Percent (Five Chapters in six posts, with art by [ profile] sazzlette. Completed, 46,450 words)
In 2007, while cleaning out John’s storage locker, Sam finds an envelope from his father addressed to someone from their past. Dean objects, but Sam finds a hunt in the area. In 1989, shortly after the shtriga hunt, the Winchesters settle in small-town Ohio while John figures out whether or not he can keep hunting.

Pass the Pork-Barrel Salt (1/1)
2007 ish… - Where do they get all that salt? West Wing crossover, collaboration with [ profile] etakyma

Five Times...Dean Didn't Do What Was Asked of Him (1/1)
1988; 1992; 1995; 2007; 2008

Five Times…Dean Didn’t Get There in the Impala (1/1)
1989; 1991; 1994; 2006; 2008

Assorted "Fic-or-Treat" Flopsies and three "First Line" Drabbles
1999; 2007; 1995; 2003; 1988; 1993; 2006; 1984

Crossed Wires (1/1)
Scott Carey, Layla Rourke, rock salt - A flopsy for the [ profile] spn_thur_nights challenge.

That's it so far, but there's lots more in the wings....


Feb. 3rd, 2014 10:08 pm
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Hey, UK peeps!

So, I will be in London in early March... Already trying to make some plans for sightseeing, theatre, and such....

Between 28 Feb and 12 March, who's around? I'm kinda mostly stuck in London, but if people are able to take any time to meet, I'd love to meet up!
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Hey, SPN peeps!

Y'all probably know this already because I am the worst LJ blogger on the planet and I don't keep up with, well, anything, anymore.

But for those who are not familiar, Mark Oshiro of Mark Reads Harry Potter, several years ago branched out into his own network of fan-related things:

Mark Does Stuff (Tumblr)
Mark Reads
Mark Watches

And he is about to start Watching Supernatural - TODAY. (He is also in the middle of Season 4 of The West Wing and it's delightful to see.)

If you are not familiar with his methods, he picks series (written or visual) and reads one chapter / watches one episode at a time, and then blogs his reviews, reactions, and experiences. The BIGGEST rule of following Mark is: DO NOT SPOIL. His whole process is a meta-examination of the experience of experiencing a book or tv series for the first time, with NO outside information.

Y'all should check him out and support! His first SPN review should be up by the end of the day today.
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Hey, all.

Back in 2003 I posted the lyrics to my House Filk songs.

Well, for Ascendio 2012, I actually produced them on an extended play CD! And that CD is now available on a brand-new StoreEnvy store:

(Because. Yeah. I was too busy running around running Registration and a million other things to actually promote the fact that we had a CD on sale.... So, um, I have over 200 left and I have no room for them in my house.)

I will also bring a bunch of them to Pennsic, where the sale price will still be $4 but no shipping fees will apply.... So if you want one lemme know and I'll make sure I have enough to go around.
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[ profile] etakyma and I are holding a Registration pre-stuffing party in advance of Ascendio!

Our location has changed since the one we held for Infinitus but it's still accessible by T:

Candlewood Suites
130 Middlesex Turnpike
Burlington, MA 01803

By T: Take the 350 Bus from Alewife Station to the Burlington Mall Road and Meadow Road stop.

June 30 and July 1 (Saturday and Sunday).

We will also let people know the room number via Facebook and Twitter once we have checked in.

Even if (or especially if!) you can't come to Ascendio, but you're in the Boston area, c'mon down and say hello! We miss you!
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It's been a productive three days but not as productive as I'd hoped....

Read more... )

So, in a nutshell:

-2 loads of laundry
-1 banana bread
-6 reorganized bookcases (2 replaced, 4 rearranged and 1 that wasn't reorganized)
-1 cleaned toilet
-1 cleared out bathroom
-1 clean stove
-3 loads of dishes
-2 boxes for storage
-2 large bags for goodwill

Still to do:

-file lots of bills and papers
-break down cardboard boxes and set out for trash
-set out one folding bookcase for trash
-drop clothes for goodwill
-pick up random bits in the living room
-research/get collectible items up for online sale (etsy? ebay?)
-go through clothes, shoes, jewelry to downsize
-loads of repair jobs (clothes and shoes)
-rearrange old wrapping paper container into new wrapping paper container so that the old one can be used for bags, flat paper, tissue, etc.
-go to storage locker at undisclosed location and stow keeper boxes, possibly retrieve others for more in-depth examination.

At least these are smaller projects that don't take intensive DAYS worth of clean, rest, clean. Today was the worst, though, for the dust levels. About every ten minutes I had to sneeze.

I'm tired.

*House update: She is supposed to close on the 18th (Wednesday!) but they discovered that some years ago (don't even know when) one of the neighbors catty-corner to our backyard built a fence that protrudes about one foot onto our property line. When I talked to her last week they were trying to figure out if the people would remove it. Haven't checked with her since Thursday but will call her tomorrow.

**Funny story. I removed all the stuff from my bathtub but replaced my shampoos and conditioner and stuff so I could shower tonight. In the middle of my shower, I realized that I had grabbed two bottles of shampoo and no conditioner. So there I am hopping out and dashing across the hall to the hallway closet and rummaging in the basket on the shelf (top shelf, of course!) for a bottle of conditioner. Oy.
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Just a note that the deadline for Formal Programming submissions for Ascendio is in February. Winter break/the holidays are a perfect time to think about what you want to present on - or suggest topics to your friends and come up with a proposal jointly!

If you want to take a quick break from reading Yuletide, pop over to our Call for Proposals and submit something!

There's also still time to Register or buy a gift certificate for Ascendio, including tickets to our private park event!

AND. Auditions and submissions are open for Ascendio's theatrical events: Wands x Wands x Wizards Revue and "Mischief Managed"! Check them out:

Mischief Managed
Wands by Wands by Wizards
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Register for Ascendio!
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Just the briefest of notes:

Ascendio's price goes up in about 26 hours! It's $200 now, but as of Tuesday, November 29, the price will increase to $225.

Get three+ days of programming, wrock, slash, cosplay, the Welcome Feast, the Leaving Brunch, the fashion show, a Ball, and all the amazing memories of a bonafide HPEF conference for a bargain price!

(On an unrelated note: yeah, I really need to check the email account associated with LJ and the SCA more often.... I've had life, lately, but still. Not a good excuse.)
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Gakked from [ profile] juniperus, who posted a few days ago:
Originally posted by [ profile] dynamicsymmetry at Congress wants to take away your internet.
Folks, I know you're tired of me yelling at you, but you should be aware that there's a hearing this morning being held by the US House Judiciary Committee on a "copyright" bill that will essentially break the entire internet.

You like the internet, right? I mean, you're here.

From the link above:

As drafted, the legislation would grant the government and private parties unprecedented power to interfere with the Internet's domain name system (DNS). The government would be able to force ISPs and search engines to redirect or dump users' attempts to reach certain websites' URLs. In response, third parties will woo average users to alternative servers that offer access to the entire Internet (not just the newly censored U.S. version), which will create new computer security vulnerabilities as the reliability and universality of the DNS evaporates.

It gets worse: Under SOPA's provisions, service providers (including hosting services) would be under new pressure to monitor and police their users’ activities. While PROTECT-IP targeted sites “dedicated to infringing activities,” SOPA targets websites that simply don’t do enough to track and police infringement (and it is not at all clear what would be enough). And it creates new powers to shut down folks who provide tools to help users get access to the Internet the rest of the world sees (not just the “U.S. authorized version”).

This is being framed as an attempt to fight hackers and pirates. Don't buy it. And don't think for a minute that it's going to stop there. This is bad. And at the hearing today, only one opponent of the bill is being allowed to testify.

Please do whatever you can to fight this. Email congresspeople. Sign petitions. Yell about it in every venue you can.


I love NPR

Oct. 29th, 2011 11:10 am
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The first installment of "All Things Considered"'s kids' book club was yesterday:

The Graveyard Book.

Although as usual, either no one asked or they didn't ask Gaiman to answer the important questions. Like "WHAT IS SILAS? WHERE DOES HE GO?"

But that's okay. And then I found this:

Mouse Circus

Which I'm sure anyone who reads his blog regularly (yes, [ profile] etakyma, I'm looking at you) knows already. So I'm behind the curve. Sue me. Wicked cool.

Okay. Updates. Oy. So much has happened in the last month. Mockingbird is over. Bell, Book, and Candle will be over tonight. Of course it's supposed to snow and we're supposed to strike.... We'll see how that goes. My neck got all twingey again last night and it hurts to turn my head to the left again. ARGH.

In the next week, I have a class on Tuesday morning, I'm leaving early on Wednesday for an appointment, I have an orientation session all day Thursday, and then on Friday I'm heading to Rochester for the weekend because after that, rehearsals for Big start in earnest and I won't have time until January. Somewhere in there I have to get my passenger-side front tire looked at because I had to fill it with air about a week ago. No road trip with a bum tire, thank you!

The reason I'm going to Rochester is not a particularly happy one. It's time to kick Mom's move to assisted living into high gear. )

So, it's been a bit...hectic. Fraught. Tense. Those things. But it's okay.

I'm not going to audition for any more theatre through the winter - at least not until we have a better sense of timing - so that I am free to travel back and forth to Rochester on weekends and ferry stuff away one car-load at a time. The good news is that there should be no reason Mom can't go to the house over the winter as well, to move some of her items that she wants, or if I came in on a Friday we could go on Saturday and spend the day going through several boxes, then bring what we're keeping back to her new place. The bad thing is that it'll be more expensive than we'd hoped because it's more on the order of assisted living than just living someplace on one level. But insurance will pick up some, the sale of the house will bring in some funds (not a lot), and my earning shot up with the new job *just* in time to be able to help.

And as I put it to her, it's happening while she's still able to be fully in control (or at least mostly in control) of what's happening. She can make the decisions, she can still enjoy high activity and in fact may be more healthy as a result. It's just hard to face the reality of leaving her house after 37 years.

Then again, the maple tree's gone. So really? Not all that much point to staying anymore. :)
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Back at Azkatraz, [ profile] bekkio made a beautiful House Unity quilt and I bought it at our auction.

Last week it tried to kill me.

J/K. I put it on my bed last weekwhen I was sick and had chills, and the next morning (after I bailed on work), I was bundled up under it and felt a stab. Then another little jab. I lifted up the corner to find that a pin had been left stuck under the top layer. But here's the thing: The head of the pin was caught inside the quilt itself! So there I was, sick, groggy, getting out a seam ripper so that I could open up the binding at the corner and then carefully easing the pin by its head down to the corner and popping it out of the new hole I'd just made.

I still need to sew it back up. But at least my quilt isn't trying to kill me anymore.

(And, um, I'm kinda even more glad that I bought it and not some unrelated fandomer who might then have had a pin sticking them in the head when they were sick and trying to sleep....)
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I meet interesting people.

I find that what people are reading makes a *great* conversation starter. I see more people on the T reading GRRM nowadays, but I still see tonnes of people reading HP, and it's always an easy opening line.

Sometimes the universe steps in to make the weirdnesses work some pretty amazing magic, though.

- At the airport the weekend I flew to Pittsburgh, I couldn't find a seat at my gate where I could charge my phone. So I went a gate down, and someone sat across from me and pulled out reading "A Game of Thrones" and she was also wearing shoes that looked almost like ghillies. We started talking... [ profile] elements, turns out she went to college with you!

- This afternoon I missed my train and had to wait for the next. But once it came, I got on and I saw one woman reading "A Storm of Swords" and we only barely spoke. But then I heard some college kids talking about HP - well, fangirling Dan Radcliffe and talking about characters (Ginny, etc.), and I dug out an Ascendio card. At least one of them is a Communications major and is a huge HP fan and I apparently "Made her Year" because she did not know what HP conventions existed. And I recommended she talk to her advisor about getting credit for going - and also that she check out the CFP since a proposal that gets accepted would look good on her post-college resume.

- Last night, slightly different situation, but I was at a Weird-Ass Joe's in Acton (the only restaurant, apparently, on 27 in Acton), and I drove up and down looking for something a little less expensive. But by the time I decided Joe's was my only option, didn't have time to do anything but sit at the bar. Another woman came in around the same time and asked if the seat next to me was free, which it was. I then asked her (after ordering) if she would mind watching my stuff while I went back to the car, because I'd forgotten my script to read during dinner. Well, as a result, we struck up a conversation. She's a trademark and IP lawyer who lives in Lowell and she's a hockey fan.... We had a great conversation that made both our meals much more pleasant. But if I hadn't spent a few minutes looking for the (non-existent) Friendly's I wouldn't have met her.

Weird, random, awesome encounters.

Oh, and WHY does the NHLN lose its feed every hour on the hour? Cut out - no lie - 42 seconds before the end of the game! (We won anyway.)
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It's been a busy dang weekend.

Yesterday morning, [ profile] etakyma and I went to the Museum of Science to take advantage of a Groupon offering the chance to tour Cambridge - by Segway. Segways are totally, totally cool.

And wicked easy to use. Amy had a little trouble just after we left the training paddock, but within a few minutes we were both zooming around like pros. We had a fabulous time with our tour guide (Evan), who was Our Kind of Geek. And there were bits and pieces of Cambridge that I had never really known much about. The tour took in the park that was installed as part of the Big Dig, went down along one of the canals built in Cambridge (which I'd actually been to before, but it was at night and I was actually trying to find a restaurant and had taken a wrong turn), and then down to MIT. It was cool to tootle down to MIT again, though I have to say that my perception of MIT's campus and buildings is forever coloured by participating in Civilite.

We freely admit, though, that the real reason for taking the tour was simply to gain the experience of riding a Segway! Which was SO COOL! And I can now state for the record that Quidditch on Segways would be completely awesome and totally safe.

We also saw a Planetarium show (which was marred only by the rather fractious child next to us, but her mother finally took her out), and then wandered a mere half-mile away to the site of my boss's wife's art show, which was good.

A took a nap and then went home, leaving me to fend for myself for supper. More adventur ensued when I decided to have A Beer with my pizza. I chose (unwisely) to use the bottle opener on my all-purpose kitchen shears and when I had finally pried the cap loose, the beer exploded all over my PJs. I swiftly set the beer down in my kitchen sink (thank goodness I had just washed the dishes) and ran to the bathroom to strip off my now beer-soaked PJs and leave them in the tub to dry before adding them to the laundry. Except that when I go to toss the PJs in the tub? THERE'S A SPIDER IN THERE!!

A big one, too.

Yeah. Well, he was down by the drain, so I dumped the discarded clothes at the other end and proceeded to put on fresh PJs - and shoes. Because gods know, I can't be expected to KILL A SPIDER barefoot (let alone naked)! I grabbed my trusty spider-swatter and thus armed, proceeded to Battlefield: Bathroom. He tried to run into the pile of clothes, but I got him before he was able to hide in their beery folds. Terror! But I prevailed. Then I ate - and drank what was left of the beer. Half a beer is better than none?

That was a pretty full day by itself. But then I added today to yesterday.

NEW GLASSES! Ouch. $500 of new glasses (though that's both regular and a pair of prescription sunglasses). No, they were NOT very expensive frames. In both cases, the lenses were way more expensive than the frames, in fact. And guess what? LensCrafters does not accept EITHER my health insurance OR the vision care insurance I took out expressly because I knew I would be replacing my glasses! Well, I understand that I can submit claims directly to both and see what I get reimbursed. But... PITA. All-around PITA.

And of course, had to spend two hours malling while waiting for the glasses (because sunglasses take two hours, not one). Which is okay - I had a birthday present to shop for and I needed new 'intimates' - but zoicks. Those little errands (plus a couple others) set me back another couple hundred (literally). I was in the mall for 6 hours, altogether! And then I still had to hit Target for a couple other items.

Man, I'm tired.

And broke.

But I do like my new glasses. I especially like being able to see properly.
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...And I just had to do a complete system restore. Back to factory-new.


So much for installing Sonar on this computer!

I might be able to contact Cakewalk (maker of Sonar) and find another product to use with my microphone. Dangit.

But it's better than the computer being stuck without anything that makes it--well, a computer.

Am reinstalling printers and wallpapers and Chrome and....
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And as usual, I missed Talk Like a Pirate Day. So have some Captain Jack. Not that Jack, the other Jack.

On the bright side, the party after Coronation could legit be described as 'epic,' I think. It was good to go home for a while. Need more of that to come. (I think I also accomplished all my missions, or at least set them in motion. Bwahahahaha. Not bad for a few hours' work and 2 or 3 conversations. Of course, now I have a couple new missions....)

I have now looked online at SO MANY eyeglass frames I think my eyes are about to roll back in my head. Problem solved!

Naturally, the frames that I immediately went "Wow. Someone made those just for me" are about the most expensive option*.... and I may not actually like them in person, on my face. But now I'm faced with that horrible exercise where I pretty much have to go look at them before anything else, right? Because if I don't then I simply judge everything by what I *think* is the most perfect thing. But if I do decide that I love them, then everything else is just going to pale by comparison. Argh.

I hate having expensive taste. Especially when this month's check was short - a lot - because of time off for Pennsic and being out sick at the end of the August.

(Oh, yeah, did I post about that? My neck and back went haywire on the weekend of Hurricane Irene. So incredibly totally NOT fun. I wound up in the Emergency room with the hurricane bearing down on us...and then found myself being sent home with no way to fill the prescriptions I'd been given! Thank goodness my landlord is a nice guy. I'm just sayin.)

*They may not actually be THE most expensive, because this store prices their glasses with lenses, whereas most other stores just tell you how expensive the frames are alone, so the lens price will add to the overall. Still. So some of the frames on my list that are within $100 of this price may well wind up being more once it gets totted all up.
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Ever have a party and no one wants to come?

Sent out the notice about the department picnic last week, and the directions today (serving as a reminder). Now, I know - no weekend is gonna work for everyone. And it's slightly short notice (just short of 4 weeks), so many people already have plans. But out of the first 12+ responses, I've got only ONE person (and her husband and kids) who are coming. One. Out of 14 so far.

And me.

So. The department wants to do social things, except that they don't.

The tide will turn. I know there are people who will come but just haven't told me (please, let this be true). I know that this department in particular is REALLY BAD about rsvp-ing. For anything. So I think it's not as bad as it feels. But still, gotta say, what's running through my heart is: Why don't they like me? j/k, sorta.

And it's got to start somewhere. So even if it's just me and one family, we'll have a great time.

And if by next week I still have no other takers, well... Anyone want to have a picnic in Chestnut Hill on September 10th?
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Okay, so I haven't posted in forever, I know. Are you really surprised?

But I had such a weird and random day yesterday I just had to share. But I'll cut for the disinterested. )

So, yeah. Welcome to my world of Random. Only in my life would missing a bus (twice) and forgetting my phone and my hat and everything else LEAD me to a serpendipitous discovery of Potter activity. Yeah.
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Okay, so I haven't posted in forever, I know. Are you really surprised?

But I had such a weird and random day today I just had to share. But I'll cut for the disinterested. )

So, yeah. Welcome to my world of Random. Only in my life would missing a bus (twice) and forgetting my phone and my hat and everything else today LEAD me to a serpendipitous discovery of Potter activity. Yeah.
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That was a thoroughly embarrassing audition.

I don't expect a callback.

I hate not being able to dance like a dancer anymore.

Ah, well. Moving on.

(In other news, I am the worst daughter ever, For the first time I can recall I did not talk to my mother on her birthday. Oops. I did call her - only four days late. Oops.)


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