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I meet interesting people.

I find that what people are reading makes a *great* conversation starter. I see more people on the T reading GRRM nowadays, but I still see tonnes of people reading HP, and it's always an easy opening line.

Sometimes the universe steps in to make the weirdnesses work some pretty amazing magic, though.

- At the airport the weekend I flew to Pittsburgh, I couldn't find a seat at my gate where I could charge my phone. So I went a gate down, and someone sat across from me and pulled out reading "A Game of Thrones" and she was also wearing shoes that looked almost like ghillies. We started talking... [ profile] elements, turns out she went to college with you!

- This afternoon I missed my train and had to wait for the next. But once it came, I got on and I saw one woman reading "A Storm of Swords" and we only barely spoke. But then I heard some college kids talking about HP - well, fangirling Dan Radcliffe and talking about characters (Ginny, etc.), and I dug out an Ascendio card. At least one of them is a Communications major and is a huge HP fan and I apparently "Made her Year" because she did not know what HP conventions existed. And I recommended she talk to her advisor about getting credit for going - and also that she check out the CFP since a proposal that gets accepted would look good on her post-college resume.

- Last night, slightly different situation, but I was at a Weird-Ass Joe's in Acton (the only restaurant, apparently, on 27 in Acton), and I drove up and down looking for something a little less expensive. But by the time I decided Joe's was my only option, didn't have time to do anything but sit at the bar. Another woman came in around the same time and asked if the seat next to me was free, which it was. I then asked her (after ordering) if she would mind watching my stuff while I went back to the car, because I'd forgotten my script to read during dinner. Well, as a result, we struck up a conversation. She's a trademark and IP lawyer who lives in Lowell and she's a hockey fan.... We had a great conversation that made both our meals much more pleasant. But if I hadn't spent a few minutes looking for the (non-existent) Friendly's I wouldn't have met her.

Weird, random, awesome encounters.

Oh, and WHY does the NHLN lose its feed every hour on the hour? Cut out - no lie - 42 seconds before the end of the game! (We won anyway.)
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It's been a busy dang weekend.

Yesterday morning, [ profile] etakyma and I went to the Museum of Science to take advantage of a Groupon offering the chance to tour Cambridge - by Segway. Segways are totally, totally cool.

And wicked easy to use. Amy had a little trouble just after we left the training paddock, but within a few minutes we were both zooming around like pros. We had a fabulous time with our tour guide (Evan), who was Our Kind of Geek. And there were bits and pieces of Cambridge that I had never really known much about. The tour took in the park that was installed as part of the Big Dig, went down along one of the canals built in Cambridge (which I'd actually been to before, but it was at night and I was actually trying to find a restaurant and had taken a wrong turn), and then down to MIT. It was cool to tootle down to MIT again, though I have to say that my perception of MIT's campus and buildings is forever coloured by participating in Civilite.

We freely admit, though, that the real reason for taking the tour was simply to gain the experience of riding a Segway! Which was SO COOL! And I can now state for the record that Quidditch on Segways would be completely awesome and totally safe.

We also saw a Planetarium show (which was marred only by the rather fractious child next to us, but her mother finally took her out), and then wandered a mere half-mile away to the site of my boss's wife's art show, which was good.

A took a nap and then went home, leaving me to fend for myself for supper. More adventur ensued when I decided to have A Beer with my pizza. I chose (unwisely) to use the bottle opener on my all-purpose kitchen shears and when I had finally pried the cap loose, the beer exploded all over my PJs. I swiftly set the beer down in my kitchen sink (thank goodness I had just washed the dishes) and ran to the bathroom to strip off my now beer-soaked PJs and leave them in the tub to dry before adding them to the laundry. Except that when I go to toss the PJs in the tub? THERE'S A SPIDER IN THERE!!

A big one, too.

Yeah. Well, he was down by the drain, so I dumped the discarded clothes at the other end and proceeded to put on fresh PJs - and shoes. Because gods know, I can't be expected to KILL A SPIDER barefoot (let alone naked)! I grabbed my trusty spider-swatter and thus armed, proceeded to Battlefield: Bathroom. He tried to run into the pile of clothes, but I got him before he was able to hide in their beery folds. Terror! But I prevailed. Then I ate - and drank what was left of the beer. Half a beer is better than none?

That was a pretty full day by itself. But then I added today to yesterday.

NEW GLASSES! Ouch. $500 of new glasses (though that's both regular and a pair of prescription sunglasses). No, they were NOT very expensive frames. In both cases, the lenses were way more expensive than the frames, in fact. And guess what? LensCrafters does not accept EITHER my health insurance OR the vision care insurance I took out expressly because I knew I would be replacing my glasses! Well, I understand that I can submit claims directly to both and see what I get reimbursed. But... PITA. All-around PITA.

And of course, had to spend two hours malling while waiting for the glasses (because sunglasses take two hours, not one). Which is okay - I had a birthday present to shop for and I needed new 'intimates' - but zoicks. Those little errands (plus a couple others) set me back another couple hundred (literally). I was in the mall for 6 hours, altogether! And then I still had to hit Target for a couple other items.

Man, I'm tired.

And broke.

But I do like my new glasses. I especially like being able to see properly.
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Okay, so I haven't posted in forever, I know. Are you really surprised?

But I had such a weird and random day today I just had to share. But I'll cut for the disinterested. )

So, yeah. Welcome to my world of Random. Only in my life would missing a bus (twice) and forgetting my phone and my hat and everything else today LEAD me to a serpendipitous discovery of Potter activity. Yeah.
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I just want to go on record: [ profile] grouchyoldcoot occasionally does very, very good things.

I received my combination birthday/Valentine's/anniversary present today. Yes, he's totally allowed to combine them because they all fall within a fortnight of each other. Especially when he hits it out of the park. Which he did last year with the all-in-one wireless printer. And then again this year.

He sent me a Wii!

Yayz. I called him and was pretty speechless. And crying a little. I'm still chuffed. Wow. Whee! (or Wii!)

I will have to get the balance board, but hey, that's not so bad. And I have Amazon GC's that I haven't used. If I can remember what I did with them.... But I haven't committed them yet and, well. Media goes on sale ALL THE TIME. This stuff doesn't.

Yeah. He's a good boy. Ours may be a really weird and imperfect relationship, but I appreciate him very much when he demonstrates generosity like this. I am excite! (Of course, now that means I must acquire games. And a place to put them. But one step at a time.) It also means once I hook it up (which will be after the weekend because HPEF is in town for our retreat), I should be able to watch Netflix on it. Huzzah! I can multitask while watching movies and TV episodes instantly (instead of having to halt progress on the computer because a movie is playing)!

I have a feeling that the improvement in my quality of life will be significant, between getting the Fit attachments and being able to Netflick and all.

Still need a job, though. But HOORAY for this major lifestyle shift!

(Also, how sad is it that I have no "happy" tags? Hm. I guess I don't post "happy" much. Sorry about that!)
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[ profile] etakyma got a Wii with her bonus from work, and got the Fit Plus as well. And yesterday being a holiday we broke it all out and tried it.

Well, that was after I slipped on my stairs coming out of my house. The back steps are concrete and they were much slicker than I anticipated. I put one foot down and the next thing I knew, I was lying at a 45-degree angle on the steps. I hit my butt, tailbone, and upper back, the back of my hand (on the railing, I think), my elbows, and I scraped the back of my left leg. But hey, nothing broken. Didn't crack my head. My phone was in my front pocket, and my netbook was in my shoulder bag, which just sort of fell to the side.


It didn't really affect my ability to Wii, however. We played Batman Lego, which was hilarious because neither of us have any clue what we're supposed to be doing or how to do it. We both had our moments of fabulous remote control and our moments of epic Fail. We kept having to refer to an online walkthrough just to figure out how to proceed through the levels - though to be fair, we got through the second one almost without much hinting. The third level was funny as all get-out, because we were told ahead of time (by our helpful guide): "Just shoot EVERYTHING." Stupid, but fun. The animations are cuteness personified, especially Robin's inappropriate humour. (Though we also helped supply dialogue: "Holy Popsicle, Batman!")

After supper we pulled out the balance board and played some of the Fit games. Some of these are easier than others. (The scale's ability to calculate BMI and Wii Age, btw, is made of fail.) I think I will wish that I had access to the Wii much more often than I will have for the next couple of months with rehearsals being what they are. (Then again, if I am home again I WILL do yoga and walk more - I SWEAR.) There is a lot to be said for the psychological component of a "Game" in which one's goal is to improve at the performance of physical activities. I really liked "Rhythm Kung Fu" and apart from one or two moves did really well the second time, but for some reason had trouble with "Basic Step" - don't ask, I don't even know why I couldn't seem to get the timing right. We also tried some Wii Resort games ("Fencing" is too damn easy and Sky-Diving is just fucking weird). It is very fun and a totally easy way to fritter away hours - but much healthier than Spider Solitaire.

And now, after an entire day of OMG CRISIS!! at work, it is time to go home. Back into the storm. Literally. Joy.
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Just when we thought Tim Gunn (of Project Runway) could not be any more perfect, he "gets better":

(I particularly need this stuff because right now it all sucks. The Penguins suck, the work situation sucks and potentially really, really sucks, and there's precious little else to distract me. Fuck y'all, fuckers. I'm watching Sherlock, so there.)
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I am not on Facebook. Or Twitter. (The Gwendolyn or Gwen Grace on each of those is NOT ME.) I am on LinkedIn, but by my real (legal) name, not my fan / SCA ones.

I do not have a photography studio in Arizona.

I am not an Executive Delivery Program Manager at IBM in Denver, or an Independent Investment Banking Professional in New York City, or an Office Manager in Dallas/Fort Worth.

I was not born in 1937.

I am not a pig who dreams of becoming a ballet dancer. (No. Really.)

I am not a student at Johns Hopkins.

I am not a blogger on a poetry competition board. (Wow.)


I'm also kinda flabbergasted. I guess there really is nothing original out there.
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Okay, so I have confirmation that pirates are simply cool.

I went to Masked Ball today and it was great fun. I wore my (just completed!) pirate coat, that I'd actually started for a Halloween costume three years ago, but got derailed when my dad broke my sewing machine. Anyway, I didn't have time to make the shirt, sash, or breeches, but I borrowed a shirt from A (thanks!) and used leggings with my high boots. And I found my old cavalier hat in the spare bedroom at Mom's house. I completed it with two old sashes at the hip.

And there was a young man at the event, I'm going to guess about 9 years old, who was also about half-way to pirate garb. He had the pants, shirt, and boots, anyway. At some point he decided that I was the best because I was dressed as a pirate. He asked if I had the P tattoo, which I explained was only branded on pirates who get caught. He told me that he met Jack Sparrow (at Disneyworld, I assume) and a bunch of other things... then he was looking at my sash and said, "I just need a belt and I'll be a pirate too."

Of course, I took off one of my scarves and tied it around him, pirate-sash style. Yep. I had a friend for the rest of the night. Bouncing from topic to topic, too. "Did you see that there's a live-action Thundercats movie coming out?"

"No, but I think I remember hearing something about it. Which one is your favourite Thundercat - is it Lion-O?"

"Uh... I don't... it's been a long time since I saw it," (he says. He's, like, nine. I bet he's seen it more recently than I have!)

Then he talked about a couple other things I didn't recognize and got around somehow to a live-action (or maybe it was 3D?) Link (as in Legend of Zelda), and how cool it was.

"Oh, well, Link was a snappy dresser," I said.

"Yeah, with that green hat!" he said.


Clearly, I hate children. And they obviously can't stand me.

And pirates are cool.
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I don't think it's entirely coincidental that over the past few years, every time I have found myself at a potential crossroads, there happens to be an MIT media studies conference I've gone to at just about the same time.

- Futures of Entertainment was two weeks after I left Mount Auburn
- MiT5 was two weeks after I was back out of work from BIDMC (after working briefly in the Surgery department), and two months before I started working there again
- MiT6 was this weekend (and we know that things at work are...less than stable)

I have a bunch of reactions to this year's Media In Transition conference. )

My biggest, best thinky-thought this weekend )

I also have new ideas about methodologies to provide assistance to visually impaired readers (i.e., online users) and the transformative nature of vocal interpretations of fiction (i.e., fiction readings, which are themselves performances); the relationship of kennings to poetic mnemonic devices (and linguistic pattern-building); bards in a simultaneous role as performers, memoral agents, and editors; the history of reading aloud (and its relationship to dramatic performance vs. person-to-person file-sharing vs. transformative interpretation); sound and signal and the patterns of reception; collective memory and objectivity vs. immersive experience; and the effect of encapsulating specific stories within and without a fixed point in time as a device to create "safe" viewing distance; the status of queer (and queered) representations and interpretations and their future; and the selective process by which we choose what matters (and what lies outside the realm of the mainstream).

But those are posts for another time.


Aug. 25th, 2008 07:03 pm
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What is it with me and talismanic jewelry?

Two years ago, six months after getting my AEthelmearc escarbuncle ring (with no crappy incorrect Latin!), I lost it.

Yesterday, while hanging up the laundry, one of the horns on my amulet hooked on the edge of the laundry basket, and it yanked off the jump ring. I swear, I didn't hear it land at all. Certainly not on the hard wood floor, or the bookcase, or any of the other items it would have made a noise hitting.

But it's not on the carpet in the open, either.

Dangit. I'm going to have to take that room apart to find it. And of course, it's the room with ALL THE CRAP I throw back there for lack of a better place.

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I really did.

[ profile] etakyma, don't laugh.

I tried to watch "High School Musical" tonight.

It was peer pressure.

Seems like half my flist loves HSM, and the other half tolerates it because someone in their lives loves HSM. Last week, y'all were positively RUNNING home to catch HSM2. So when Disney was showing the first one tonight, and there was fuck-all else on TV, I thought... Okay, I'll see what the fuss is about.

25 minutes. That's how much I could take. I'm on TNT now, with the endlessly geeky LotR:RotK on in the background. (And yes, I'm enough of a geek about *that* that I'm inwardly dissatisfied watching it on cable because it's not the Extended Cut.)

But...yeah. 25 minutes and I had to change channels. Maybe I can stand to watch a different 25 minutes on another occasion, but I just don't know if I can be arsed to do so anytime soon.

Sorry, everyone. I never was really good at doing what the kool kidz were doing. But then, that's what got me through school without ever trying drugs, either.

At least I can honestly say I don't have another fandom to obsess over. Go me!


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