Jan. 12th, 2011

Snow Day!

Jan. 12th, 2011 07:27 am
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On top of the job sitch, I have a cold. I got home last night, made Ramen, ate it, watched an episode of DW* and took pills / cough syrup and went to bed. I was in bed by 8:50 and out like a light.

I forced myself up at 6:35 this morning, got dressed (jeans because yeah, don't care now!), opened my door, started shoveling, and then said: "What am I doing?" I went online and sure enough: Work CLOSED for the storm.


There's a tradeoff, of course, because I won't get *paid* for not being there. But. SNOW DAY. I can go back to bed.

*I need to write a separate entry about the party I went to over the weekend, at which I scored all of the 5th series of Doctor Who... My kind of geeks!
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I slept until about 10:30. Around 3:00 my landlord's guys came to shovel / plow out.... but they didn't do the walkways from the front to the driveway (just the back) and while they dug out his car, they didn't dig out mine. So I went out about 4:00 and shoveled around my car and got the worst of the snow off of it. I was about 1/3 done when my landlord got home. I was telling him that I figured I'd get to it before it all froze because I needed milk (and cough medicine). He said, "Well, there's no one at Shaw's!" put his groceries inside and helped me shovel the rest of the way around the car. I took off for Shaw's - and he's right, it was a ghost town, got home, stripped off because man, I had got all sweaty from the shoveling and my core temp went up while bundled and in the store, and showered. I'm now back in jammies and I'm all set with groceries. I should probably make dinner soon.

The roads are all clear and the buses are running, so work tomorrow will be no problem.


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