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That was a thoroughly embarrassing audition.

I don't expect a callback.

I hate not being able to dance like a dancer anymore.

Ah, well. Moving on.

(In other news, I am the worst daughter ever, For the first time I can recall I did not talk to my mother on her birthday. Oops. I did call her - only four days late. Oops.)
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[ profile] etakyma got a Wii with her bonus from work, and got the Fit Plus as well. And yesterday being a holiday we broke it all out and tried it.

Well, that was after I slipped on my stairs coming out of my house. The back steps are concrete and they were much slicker than I anticipated. I put one foot down and the next thing I knew, I was lying at a 45-degree angle on the steps. I hit my butt, tailbone, and upper back, the back of my hand (on the railing, I think), my elbows, and I scraped the back of my left leg. But hey, nothing broken. Didn't crack my head. My phone was in my front pocket, and my netbook was in my shoulder bag, which just sort of fell to the side.


It didn't really affect my ability to Wii, however. We played Batman Lego, which was hilarious because neither of us have any clue what we're supposed to be doing or how to do it. We both had our moments of fabulous remote control and our moments of epic Fail. We kept having to refer to an online walkthrough just to figure out how to proceed through the levels - though to be fair, we got through the second one almost without much hinting. The third level was funny as all get-out, because we were told ahead of time (by our helpful guide): "Just shoot EVERYTHING." Stupid, but fun. The animations are cuteness personified, especially Robin's inappropriate humour. (Though we also helped supply dialogue: "Holy Popsicle, Batman!")

After supper we pulled out the balance board and played some of the Fit games. Some of these are easier than others. (The scale's ability to calculate BMI and Wii Age, btw, is made of fail.) I think I will wish that I had access to the Wii much more often than I will have for the next couple of months with rehearsals being what they are. (Then again, if I am home again I WILL do yoga and walk more - I SWEAR.) There is a lot to be said for the psychological component of a "Game" in which one's goal is to improve at the performance of physical activities. I really liked "Rhythm Kung Fu" and apart from one or two moves did really well the second time, but for some reason had trouble with "Basic Step" - don't ask, I don't even know why I couldn't seem to get the timing right. We also tried some Wii Resort games ("Fencing" is too damn easy and Sky-Diving is just fucking weird). It is very fun and a totally easy way to fritter away hours - but much healthier than Spider Solitaire.

And now, after an entire day of OMG CRISIS!! at work, it is time to go home. Back into the storm. Literally. Joy.

Some stuff

Sep. 4th, 2010 07:53 pm
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Okay, so....

First off, I have purchased a knock-off brand of toning trainers for only $30 (instead of $80-100 for name brands). I have tried on virtually every trainer on the market that offers this technology, that doesn't have a mesh fabric (because going into autumn, I don't want a trainer that's going to soak through). I even got a blister from tightening shoelaces. But hey, $30 and new trainers and (one hopes) they will do what they're supposed to do as I walk.

Also, Bad-Ass Faeries now has a website, so watch for more information about that soon.

Also, FictionAlley needs money. We're looking into grant opportunities but we could use donations to tide us over (and if we don't get a grant soon), so go to FA and donate or at least use our Google Ads and links when you shop on Amazon and so on, so we'll get kickbacks.

Next, I finally received "Brotherhood of the Wolf" from Netflix. It wasn't in their library when I first requested it three years ago; they finally added it and I watched it this afternoon. Really rather good, though not particularly pithy. It's French (subtitled) and watching subtitled movies is always tricky owing to the lack of multitasking. My French is way rusty, so without the subtitles I'd catch about every third word. It's also notable because it features Marc Dacascos, better known as the Iron Chef America Chairman, in a super-hawt role. I kinda want this movie, though I'm not anxious to add it to the collection. Someday. It's not even that expensive - just not a necessary acquisition at this time.

I also recently watched "In the Bedroom" - Wow. That's a powerful film. Deceptively simple. Tom Wilkinson is in everything, man. And he's always fabulous.

Still nothing on the job front. I just need to keep applying.

And last but totally not least, [ profile] etakyma and I went up to Manchester last week to have dinner with [ profile] bekkio. We went up early to check out the Currier Museum of Art, which is quite a respectable little collection. They had three changing exhibits, the best of which was a kinetic sculptor named George Sherwood ( Wicked cool. And a retrospective on photographer Jerome Liebling, also impressive, but not as "woah" as the sculpture. It was a fun day.

I have some auditions coming up, have to prepare for those. And...I dunno. I guess that's it. Holiday weekends - pretty much the same for me as any other day. Only in some ways more boring.
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Swear to heck, people, y'all are posting faster than I can keep up!


Well. I have crash space for the weekend - Yay! No 20+ hour day of driving, teaching, feasting, and then driving.

Recently, I've been noticing a certain weight gain. Well, maybe not gain, but clothes are definitely fitting not as loosely as they used to do, so I'm attributing that to gain. I'm really not sure *why* - because since I'm working, I'm actually a. walking more (to and from the bus) and b. eating less, because I'm not sitting around all day just munching. And usually, when I'm at work, I don't eat much. AmyKatherinefillintheblank yells at me about this. Usually we get together and I'm like, "So, FOOD?" And she's like, " lunch at 2:00." And I'm like, "Oh. Well, I had a muffin around 10:00."

Well, anyway, due to the inexplicable* redistribution of my shape, I decided to start taking salad to work. Never fails: Today, the first day I did this, there was a lunch delivered, and afterward, there was leftover...salad.

So I've had 2 salads today. And a cookie. And there is more leftover (yummy) salad that I put in the fridge for tomorrow.

How's that, AKfitb? Does that count as really eating during the day?

*My best weight-loss plan has always been stress. Maybe I'm just not stressed enough?


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