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Jan. 13th, 2009 10:20 am
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Still not feeling 100% over the cold. Now I have cold sores on my upper lip - YAY.

I have been having tendonitis in my Achilles' tendons - the left one was worse last week but now it's almost exclusively hurting on the right. Walking =/= fun.

Slipped on black ice on my walk this morning, too. Right down on my dignity. My left wrist stung from the impact and I think my cushion is a little bruised, but otherwise no damage.

However, when I got to my destination this morning and began to pull out the bagel I'd purchased, I realized that my school ring was *not on my finger*.

I never take it off (except y'know, to put on hand cream. Which I didn't last night). So then I immediately start trying to remember: did I notice it on when I was brushing my hair this morning? I showered last night but I still had the ring on then. I was also really super cold last night, though, so it's *possible* it slipped off in my sleep and is in my bed. Did it come off when I took off my gloves on the bus? Did I see it on my hand there while I was reading emails on my handheld? Can't remember.

It's gonna bug me 'til I get home and can search. I even went back to Panera to ask if they chanced to find it, even though I'm sure I didn't notice it come off in the store. I've checked my pockets, inside my gloves, in my backpack. I tried calling the bus garage but got no answer. Not that I hold out much hope: The ring is solid gold and in this economy? Anyone riding the T who finds it is keeping it, I'm sure. Despite my name being engraved on the inside, because people suck. It's been on my hand for nearly 20 years. Gods, I hope it's at home.


(Ironically I had just been thinking last night how it's nearly two years since I lost the first AE ring and had to replace it. Yes, theoretically this can be replaced too, but it cost a bundle 20 years ago and that was when gold was fairly reasonable. Now? Yikes. I don't even know if the school still has a record of who made it. I was the only person in my class who ordered one.)
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