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Oct. 29th, 2011 11:10 am
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The first installment of "All Things Considered"'s kids' book club was yesterday:

The Graveyard Book.

Although as usual, either no one asked or they didn't ask Gaiman to answer the important questions. Like "WHAT IS SILAS? WHERE DOES HE GO?"

But that's okay. And then I found this:

Mouse Circus

Which I'm sure anyone who reads his blog regularly (yes, [livejournal.com profile] etakyma, I'm looking at you) knows already. So I'm behind the curve. Sue me. Wicked cool.

Okay. Updates. Oy. So much has happened in the last month. Mockingbird is over. Bell, Book, and Candle will be over tonight. Of course it's supposed to snow and we're supposed to strike.... We'll see how that goes. My neck got all twingey again last night and it hurts to turn my head to the left again. ARGH.

In the next week, I have a class on Tuesday morning, I'm leaving early on Wednesday for an appointment, I have an orientation session all day Thursday, and then on Friday I'm heading to Rochester for the weekend because after that, rehearsals for Big start in earnest and I won't have time until January. Somewhere in there I have to get my passenger-side front tire looked at because I had to fill it with air about a week ago. No road trip with a bum tire, thank you!

The reason I'm going to Rochester is not a particularly happy one. It's time to kick Mom's move to assisted living into high gear. )

So, it's been a bit...hectic. Fraught. Tense. Those things. But it's okay.

I'm not going to audition for any more theatre through the winter - at least not until we have a better sense of timing - so that I am free to travel back and forth to Rochester on weekends and ferry stuff away one car-load at a time. The good news is that there should be no reason Mom can't go to the house over the winter as well, to move some of her items that she wants, or if I came in on a Friday we could go on Saturday and spend the day going through several boxes, then bring what we're keeping back to her new place. The bad thing is that it'll be more expensive than we'd hoped because it's more on the order of assisted living than just living someplace on one level. But insurance will pick up some, the sale of the house will bring in some funds (not a lot), and my earning shot up with the new job *just* in time to be able to help.

And as I put it to her, it's happening while she's still able to be fully in control (or at least mostly in control) of what's happening. She can make the decisions, she can still enjoy high activity and in fact may be more healthy as a result. It's just hard to face the reality of leaving her house after 37 years.

Then again, the maple tree's gone. So really? Not all that much point to staying anymore. :)
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That was a thoroughly embarrassing audition.

I don't expect a callback.

I hate not being able to dance like a dancer anymore.

Ah, well. Moving on.

(In other news, I am the worst daughter ever, For the first time I can recall I did not talk to my mother on her birthday. Oops. I did call her - only four days late. Oops.)
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This Christmas was a holiday of hand-me-down electronics. I got a GPS from Joel that had been his mother's, and then from my mother I brought back her old DVD player. It was the better of her two - I kept asking her if she'd rather we hook up that one to her bedroom TV and I'd take the lesser model - but she kept saying it made no sense.

Last night when I got home from Rochester and opened the back to unload, the DVD player slid straight out and fell on the pavement. On its face, of course. Which meant that the faceplate cracked in about five places.

At first I didn't even realize it was cracked. (Hey, it was dark outside.) But when I did realize it, I plugged it in anyway to check on it, and it turned on and the tray would open and close, but I wasn't ready to test it with a DVD because it didn't make sense to do that until I had it plugged in to a TV.

Well, this morning I got it hooked up to the TV and got it wired through the VCR... and the little "standby" light came on. But it won't stay powered up. When I click the remote power button, it comes on for a moment, displays "Sony DVD" and then shuts itself back off.


I feel really dumb for not making sure the thing was well secured (or for not opening the glass to get it out), or for just putting it on the back seat. It was 5-6 years old, but it was pristine, basically. And now it's toast.

It's old enough that I'm sure Sony wouldn't do anything about fixing it - and I'm sure it would cost just as much to replace the front as it would to just buy a new machine. Well. I've lived without a player back there this long so there's no rush to do that. It's just very disappointing to have broken the damn thing in the first place.

Unless anyone has suggestions for another way to fix it? I don't know what happened between last night and this morning that it suddenly won't run.


ETA: First off, the whole faceplate has basically come off now. And second - a little research online shows that it would cost a minimum of $120 to get it fixed ($137 to exchange it through Sony). And used identical models on Amazon start at $25.99 (plus shipping)... And of course there are about 14 newer models for under $75.

The point being that I won't be doing anything about it for the time being, but when I do feel like it there are cheaper alternatives to getting it fixed.
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So, I'm the Cat-in-the-Hat in Seussical, right? But it's an interesting mix. The Cat, Horton (as-yet uncast), Gertrude (the one I thought they'd cast), Mayzie (the one I thought they'd cast), the General (again, predicted the casting), the Mayor (ditto), Sour Kangaroo, Mayor's Wife, Yertle (and I assume the Grinch will be either the General or Yertle) - are all adults. There are also 4-5 adult ensemble members / dancers. The Wickershams, the Bird Girls, JoJo (of course), and the rest of the jungle animals, fish, and so on, are kids. I don't think they cast every child who auditioned - but they must have come close. And some of them are really too young to be doing this. So that'll be interesting to see how it develops.

Also, it was a dance rehearsal, not a read-through, which no one told us until we got there. Luckily I had stuff with me and now we know Sundays are dance. But it means that Tuesday, which was supposed to be rehearsal for the other show, will now be the read-through...so I have to inform them tonight that I have a new conflict tomorrow. Crazy. The reason it was dance was that the director was out of town. Which accounts for the rocky start, but I hope he'll provide some clarity and y'know, a real rehearsal schedule, and some confidence.

(Why is this a trend for me? I get the parts I want...but only in productions that are sub-optimal. Well, it's a little too early to say the show is sub-optimal, as the choreographer is determined to do well and not 'dumb down' the choreography, but you know what I mean.)

I'm still excited to play the part and I still think there's potential for a good time. But I did wake up wondering if I should have kept that other audition and worried about the choice if I'd had to make it. Live and learn, I guess.

Anyway. My father is invading in an hour or so. He was original going to come in Wednesday-ish but called yesterday morning to say, "Well, I'll be there tomorrow." ACK. But I've been cleaning since yesterday and while the house is nowhere near spotless, the bathroom's clean, the floors are more-or-less picked up, he's got a fresh towel, and the kitchen is less of a disaster with most of the recycling out or ready to go out, and a bunch of things that I hadn't taken downstairs back in the storage cage there. Not all of it. But some of it.

Of course, I had to move my car out of the driveway for him to be able to park his van (and so we can use my car for day-tripping), which means I also had to take the giant wheeled bin *out* of the car, so it is now cluttering my kitchen. But when he arrives we can transfer the tent to the tub and then put the box of games on top of it, so yay. Progress. I'm glad I'd gone through the tables in the living room a short while ago as that made everything much easier. The kitchen table, however, is still full of overflow that won't fit in the cupboards (fiber bars, chips, snacks, etc.) - but meh. That's where it lives.

Anyway. With my bedroom door closed the place looks pretty acceptable. Now I just have to figure out what we're going to do during the day tomorrow (Wednesday I want to go on a whale watch if we can, and I've found the one I'd prefer to go on.). Any suggestions? :Goes to look on Eventful and other sites....

Oh! Bad-Ass Faeries has a new website and a blog (on LJ, actually): Check it out!


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