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Okay, first: I really miss Tim's Take!

Second: Spoilers )

Is anyone else watching Austin and Santino's Road Trip? They're like fashion's odd couple. I'm kinda glad it's only half an hour.

So I auditioned for a production of As You Like It last night. I don't expect a callback - but if I am called back it will likely not be for Rosalind. Ironically, they opened a good number of parts to cross-gender casting, and believe it or not, I was too butch for the part of the girl-pretending-to-be-a-guy. The director had me read a scene as Jaques - which admittedly would be a cool role, as would Touchstone. Still. It's kind of unsettling to realize that I played Rosalind 10 years ago already and apparently I'm now too old. :(

Okay, Burn Notice season finale, yay!

ETA: Yup, no callback. Not surprised.

ETA2: OMG, Burn Norice finale! Whoa. Now too jazzed to go to sleep so I'll watch the Royal Pains finale too. (Thank goodness for the two shows' marathons yesterday and today.)
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I'm watching Tim Gunn lose it on Project Runway ("animal wooly balls" vs "real balls" - yeah, if you don't know what I'm talking about you're probably better off).

I have dried out the sleeping bags, but the tent probably needs to at least be set out on the other side, probably better to actually set it up (oy). And I need water seal for the seams.

So the quick Pennsic Update )

I went to the grocery store today for milk (yay!) and more cheese (my open cheese got moldy while I was away) and will do a "real" full grocery shop tomorrow or over the weekend when the new flyer prices go into effect. (Need soda, yogurt, dinners.... but have a coupon!) I also got QUARTERS so I can do my laundry! I did a load of whites (with bleach) but needed more change to continue.

Have decided not to pursue Aflac. I've contacted them a total of 3 times now on separate occasions and apparently they can't be arsed to get back to me. Screw'em. The guy at the bank suggested I apply there. Hm.

I also need to go to Macy's to see about the perfume spritzer (yes, the saga continues!). Short version of story: It definitely leaked while at war, the temperatures were hot enough to sort of "bake" the ester and I have visible proof that the bottle leaks. A little pointed questioning of Joel resulted in his not only remembering that he bought it at Macy's, not Sephora as previously believed, *but* that his receipt was still in the bag in his bedroom. From 2 1/2 years ago!!!! Frightening, but not a bad thing in this case. So I am armed with the receipt now, too!

I must re-motivate to start looking for work again. I can't seem to get up the energy. I've been sleeping a lot.

And I must clean. Oy. Really, really need to clean. I currently fear that I accidentally returned the unused high-capacity black toner cartridge instead of a used one. Sigh.

I'm caught up on Project Runway, and I'm ready for tonight's new episode. I watched last week's Burn Notice but I think I missed one in there. But USA shows it all the time. I also watched last night's new The Choir but BBC America does not, apparently, repeat the old episodes as much as I would like, so I missed one there, too.

Way behind on White Collar and others. Meh.

I did get an order from Amazon that I ordered with gift certificates: A Little Princess (the good, BBC / Wonderworks TV version); Chronicles of Narnia (ditto, the BBC / Wonderworks one), Snoopy (replacing the CD stolen from my car about 4 years ago), Season 2 of The Closer, and The Addams Family - the musical. Turns out [ profile] etakyma bought the same soundtrack! Wish I'd known, but oh well.

But I am also loving Top Gear on BBC America. OMG, these boys are SOOO funny. And they are boys. They constantly play tricks on each other. It's like if Moony, Padfoot and Prongs grew up and had a car review show. Seriously. (Jeremy is Moony, Hammond is Pads and James May is Prongs, of course.)

And Alternity? Man, it's awesome. I love that even when there are issues behind the scenes, we work them through and we're committed to helping each other remove roadblocks and at least trying to keep it fun for everyone. We don't always succeed - because let's face it some characters just are harder to play in Alternity than others - but we sure as hell try. Meanwhile, I think the measures we take do improve the game, not just for those characters but for everyone, and offer new dimensions for the readers, too.

So y'all should read it. Really.

Oh, and I found out that somehow I missed the email about the October cabaret thing that Wellesley's doing - but I got to the organizers in time. And I even talked them into a solo! So that'll be cool and rehearsals start at the end of the month. I'm sure there are other auditions to look out for, too. Back to the grind.

And back to job search. Bleah. But there's simply no alternative. I have to get a job.
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First off, pursuant to my post about upcoming movies, there's this piece from A.O. Scott in today's NYT:

Screen Memories - in which he actually has kind of a meta discussion about movie-viewing and personal canon.

Second, in my ranting about SPN last night, I forgot a mini-rant about Top Chef this week. I'm not sure this counts as a spoiler - so without revealing the outcome, I'll just say that Tom Colicchio FAILS at Food History 101. He actually criticized one of the chefs Wednesday by saying, "I don't know how much you know about Medieval food, but basically, meat was so rank back then that they spiced everything really really heavily to cover up for it."

NO, Tom. That's a myth. Granted, I pretty much agree that the chef didn't show any understanding of medieval food, or any creativity, but they did NOT spice things because they were eating rotten meat. Thanks for setting cultural anthropology back again - on national TV. No Love, Gwen.

Third, sigh. I was really hoping she'd be out today.

Fourth, Project Runway: Um... Why am I not thrilled with any of these collections - and honestly, I really don't care for any of the models who are still in the competition. Tanisha is a great model but really vain. I don't like Kalyn at all. Lisa annoys me. Oh, and Irina? Get over yourself, honey.

Fifth, Job search: I had an interview yesterday (oh, and must write thank-you note to her), but it's for a job that I would not accept. It's within the Medical Center, but it's a serious step *backward* - and not with any sort of path that would open up. Basically it's what I was doing at Mt Auburn, only within Nursing Quality, which means it's actually a level *down* because I'd be doing it for the director of nursing and not the director of quality for the whole medical center. It's also down a paygrade, which would mean a minimum of a $6,000/year cut. Now, maybe if I'd been out of work for 6 months already and wasn't finding anything, I'd consider it just to get working again. But at this point, I don't think it's the right move at all.

But on that note, when I talked with the HR person about the job search and other positions to which I'd applied, I got some of the same crap I've been getting all along. HOW in the FUCK is anyone supposed to get supervisory experience - by which they mean, professional *direct* reports over whom one has the power to hire, discipline, and fire - unless you can get a job that involves supervision?? I mean, shit, at this point, I'd be doing better if I'd gone into retail full-time. The problem with that (aside from the obvious Retail Sucks!) is that it's all nights and weekends. Which means theatre takes a swan dive. But seriously - SERIOUSLY - I can hire people. I can interview. I can fire people - it's not comfortable to do and it sucks, but dude, there are procedures and guidelines in almost any professional organization. It may be hard, but it's not *difficult*.

ARGH. I've got to find something this time that is not completely independent, that involves leading groups and/or managing other people. That's just all there is to it. Even if it's ONE other person - it's the gap I have to figure out how to close.

And speaking of theatre (I really was, didn't you see it in there?), Sixth: Auditions for "Musical of Musicals". They added a third night of auditions (which I may or may not have blogged about. I meant to, if I didn't), but even then, they could not cast the male lead. Which means they have scrapped the show - but they've asked everyone who auditioned to participate in a more traditional "gala" performance with concert-style presentations of numbers from popular shows - I believe popular shows they've done, but I'm really not sure. Don't care - I'm in, and it means I might get some good showcasing.

And auditions for "Fiddler" are coming up and I have to figure out what to do. Must go read the notice again.

Also need to check some job boards.

Bleh. I really, really hate looking for work. I kinda hate working, which doesn't help at all.


Sep. 10th, 2008 11:58 pm
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Well, I'm not sorry to see one of them go.

But the other? I liked. And in fact, I thought to myself just before the show started that they might be looking at a repeat of Season 1 where the winner overall didn't win any challenge.

But... no.


Well, I have a few that I like this season, though no one I lurve. I do like Korto, and I like Jerell (he's funny).

So glad Michael Kors commented on Suede's 3rd person affectation.



(P.S. - Amulet found and fixed! Still no change in Baltimore.)
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So, first up, a NYT article about Michael Kors:

Michael Kors (but you knew that)

And a couple days ago, there was a fun bit in the Arts section on [title of show], now (finally) on Broadway:

A Guide to the obscure references in [title of show]"

I remember being at MIT's "Futures of Entertainment" a couple years ago, speaking to an NBC executive with background in theatre producing. He asked what I liked that season for theatre, and I named [title of show] as a sleeper hit.

When I'm right....

Do check out the audio slide show!

And last, in a couple weeks there's a remake of The Women coming out in theatres. They've updated, which should be interesting, and it looks great. A veritable smorgasbord of female screen talent, yay.

[ profile] etakyma, when are we gonna go see it?
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Best Project Runway challenge EVAR!!!!
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...Because I'm one of those people who usually remembers where I've seen actors before, from the character actors in the minor roles to the stars.

But occasionally, I can't place someone. Like last week, I watched the premiere of "Psych" on USA - which is doing pretty well, actually. I immediately recognized the woman playing Chief Vick: she was the young Delores Landingham in the West Wing episode, "Two Cathedrals." That's really not as sick as it sounds - I love WW and have seen that episode probably about 15 times.

But I couldn't for the life of me figure out how I knew the detective. IMDB! Tim Omundson. He played Sean Potter in "Judging Amy." Of course he did!

And I was watching "Eureka" the other night in its premiere. The squirrelly scientist who's not in league with the really, really nasty evil folks, but who is clearly up to no good? Yeah, knew him, but the only thing I could come up with was the agent who betrayed Michael Vartan in the first season of Alias (and whom Vartan kills). IMDB. Nope! I was wrong - the reason I was thinking of him being a weasel sellout was that was his character in "Clear and Present Danger." The reason I recognize him is that he played Fish on "Ally McBeal" (which I didn't watch, but my mother did) and he was also the annoying sidekick on "Ned and Stacey." The actor's name: Greg Germann.

And last, the IMDB can settle disputes. Last night [ profile] etakyma and I watched "Supernatural." The episode featured a young woman (as they often do) and Amy Katherine fill-in-the-blank* said: "Daisy, Daisy Adair!" by way of identification. I looked at the actor again and said, "Um... I don't think so." We proceeded to guess her identity for the rest of the episode (while simultaneously explaining to Sam and Dean why they were going about their business in a stupid and potentially fatal way). Well? IMDB! The young lady playing Layla in "Supernatural" is Julie Benz. Daisy Daisy Adair was played by Laura Harris. Sorry, babe.

Yes, I am one of those people for whom the IMDB was invented. Love it!

In other news, let's check out this Project Runway lj comm.... Or not. Yeah, it's lame. Very, very lame. I'll stick to t00bing out in my very small circle of friends who also love the silliness that is Project Runway.

Oh, and [ profile] bosvyle, I hadn't seen the ads for Project Runway on NBC before we talked last weekend. Yes, that's the same show - they've just carried it over from Bravo because they're desperate for something besides repeats. Looks like it's on Tuesdays at 8 and they've cleaned up the language even more.

*Amy Katherine Fill-in-the-blank is based on someone we know and love dearly being in a really frazzled state and listing her in a list as Amy Katherine Fill-in-the-blank. I told Amy this as an example of how frazzled our friend is, that she couldn't remember Amy's last name, and Amy loved it. I have promised to call her Amy Katherine Fill-in-the-blank at least once during Lumos. Only the whole thing - she says, no shortening it to "Fill-in-the-blank!"


Jul. 21st, 2006 09:08 am
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Showing off the fabulous icon [ profile] marauderthesn made for me and [ profile] etakyma - and anyone else who has sold their soul to Lumos!

(In other news, Project Runway is going to be an *interesting* season. I'm already wrong about one of my predictions. Not that I expected to be completely right, but this was a surprise!)
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I'm such a geek.

Cut for those who don't care, or haven't seen it )

Oh, and BTW, has anyone seen the ads for next week's Queer Eye? They're making over a medievalist. They keep saying he's a squire - so is he in the SCA?

Bugger. I *hate* the American version of Queer Eye, but I might have to check this out anyway. Dammit.

Oh, in other news, I bought "Alien Nation" and am now eagerly awaiting the TV movies to follow the single season on DVD. Funnily enough, Ken Johnson on the commentary track talks quite a bit about how much fun they had with the alien names, and mentions a lot they never even got to use (e.g., Amanda Reckonwith, Minnie Series, etc.).

It's a bit like making up Drag Queen names, only different! Were I even geekier, it's the sort of thing that screams for a meme.

But watching the series again is interesting. I mean, Johnson said right up front that he only really adopted the police procedural format to hold together episodes that were really about personal drama. Which is good, because the procedural part really *doesn't* work - especially now that there are so many shows that delve more meticulously into procedure and protocol.* But I can see, retrospectively, why it got cancelled. Aside from the network running scared (I mean, really, Male Pregnancy!?), really, a *lot* happened to Sikes and Francisco during that single season. How many times have we looked at those "life stress" exams where you're supposed to evaluate how much stress you have by what's happened in the last year? Major events are things like changing jobs, moving, marriage or divorce, new baby, etc.?

Well, in the single season, it got almost soap-opera the way things happened to them.

I'm also disappointed to learn that the Tenctonese language in the opening song is just English pronounced backwards (and that it took a few episodes for a real linguist to work on the language for them). It had so much more potential.

Anyway. Ordinarily it's not that I'm so obsessed with TV, but AjesBlue is in Montreal and I've been sewing, which for me means watching movies (or TV shows on DVD), and... well, summer seasons and all that.

*Speaking of new police dramas, anyone out there watching The Closer? Because Monday's episode? Funniest hour of drama I've seen in a long, long time. I was actually worried about disturbing my landlord because I was laughing so hard.

Erm. Yeah. TV is my life. Why do you ask?

I'm SUCH a geek.


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