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Just the briefest of notes:

Ascendio's price goes up in about 26 hours! It's $200 now, but as of Tuesday, November 29, the price will increase to $225.

Get three+ days of programming, wrock, slash, cosplay, the Welcome Feast, the Leaving Brunch, the fashion show, a Ball, and all the amazing memories of a bonafide HPEF conference for a bargain price!

(On an unrelated note: yeah, I really need to check the email account associated with LJ and the SCA more often.... I've had life, lately, but still. Not a good excuse.)
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I posted a little flopsy for the SPN_Thur_nights blind challenge, a while ago, and voting is open.

The post with the poll (and links to all the fics) is here.

So go read them, and if you liked mine, vote for it as one of your top three. If you didn't like it best, that's fine, too.

In other news:

Everyone who is mourning anjenue AKA rosesanguina, I'm so sorry. We are poorer for losing her. I remember her fiction, and I think I remember her from those early days of FA and LJ, but I'm sorry to say that if I ever met her, I don't remember. But it doesn't matter; it's never easy to lose our young people, and especially someone who clearly was loved by those whose lives she intersected.

On a related note, I've been meaning to blog that [ profile] etakyma and I finally watched "A Bridge to Terabithia" Tuesday night. We had been soooo antsy about what we'd heard about this movie that even though ordinarily we would have seen it long before now, and even though I borrowed the DVD from my mother about... a year ago? Maybe more? we hadn't actually watched it yet.

I'm very relieved to say that it's good. It does not, contrary to the rumour, completely veer off from the significant moment of the book, but meets it and carries it through.

The thing is? The marketing and promotion of this movie was done ALL WRONG. I understand that they might not have wanted to spoil the story (especially for kids who hadn't read the book), but focusing on the digital effects gave the impression that they were treating the story as bubblegum, or alternately making it into a poor-man's Narnia/NeverEnding Story kind of thing. It's not. Okay, it gets a little silly at times, and some of the "imagination" sequences were too long, but that's how kids of that age play. At least that's how I played when I was their age.

If they'd wanted to avoid spoiling, but give a much more vivid impression of what the movie was, and get those of us who *know and love* the book to go to the movie, they should have focused on the fact that Jess and Leslie are both misfits in their class, Jess's relationship with his sister and the way he is uncomfortable at home, the friendship that develops, and then out of that, the "magic" that they discover in Terabithia beyond the stream. THAT? would have made me want to go see it, instead of dreading the ruination of the book so much, that it took me 3 years to watch it.

Anyway. I'm finishing up a bunch of work, I have WAY too many LJ tabs to get through before I leave, and then? FLORIDA, bay-bee.
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I totally forgot that I entered a fic in a challenge that involved voting. I forgot to plug it and didn't know when voting opened... and then it closed before I'd plugged it.


I thought there was still time, but apparently the voting that is still open is only for the fics that received the top number of votes in the primary.

Well, y'all can go vote for [ profile] bardicvoice's Breathing Lessons


Sadly, my little fic only received one vote. Totally because I forgot all about the voting thing and didn't plug.


If you want to re-read the fic I'd entered, it's Five Times...Dean Didn't Get There in the Impala.
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And you all over there should go see her in concert if you can:

Hi everyone:

Well, I'm only a week away from my first two-month UK tour... things are understandably hectic, but it's an exciting prospect. I'll be performing in the UK for September and October, with short visits to both Hungary and Spain. See for a full listing of UK/European concert dates. Also, many thanks to all of you who came out to my CD release party at Hugh's Room in July... this tour will complete my 38,000km "Road to Santiago" journey -- what a year it's been!

For those of you in Toronto or Waterloo, ON, Canada... I have three shows coming up this weekend -- details below. Ben Deschamps and I will be dragging out some brand new instruments (particularly a gorgeous mountain dulcimer) and doing "unplugged" versions of my original songs plus some new material. Hope you can make it; it should be great fun.

I'll bring back lots of pictures from the road... wish me luck! :)

Go, Heather! And Go See Heather! She's fantastic.


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