Hoorah wayback machine

Jul. 24th, 2017 01:06 pm
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I finally got around to backing up my alternity files.

I also couldn't help myself, and read the codas, and the final month of game play, and also the Battle for Hogwarts month.

It took me a solid two-day marathon just to get through all of it, and I cried like a dozen times. Mercy. (Also, I may end up getting on a computer that has advanced adobe and rearranging some of the pages during 2015-05 to match order of events -- silly time zones interfering in the height of battle. I'll re-post here when I do in case anyone else wants a copy.)

There were so many sweet little touches I'd forgotten, or let fade a little.

for those still re-reading who don't want to be (re)spoilered )

It was SO GOOD, y'all.


Thank you.

I may also have to dig around for some of those final letters, and re-read them, and let them break my heart all over again.

this is adorable

Jul. 20th, 2017 01:04 pm
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Turns out Hydra's actress Saoirse Ronan is in Ed Sheeran's video, 'Galway Girl'.

Kinda neat seeing her all cheerful and happy and drinking dark beer.

I like to think this what it looks like in Ireland after the wards fell and everything got settled out.

(I'd never seen Ed Sheeran's face before. He looks like a Weasley!)


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