May. 27th, 2008

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Yeah, I was so busy over the weekend that...well, I forgot yesterday was Monday. I mean, with the coming home and all. And even though I was home last night...I was really whipped. So no Monday Meta for [ profile] wee_chesters, no update from the weekend.

I suck.


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Monday I got up, packed, and D&D and Mom drove me to the airport (BTW, they have a new RAV4 and love it, so that's a notch in its belt on the car decision). I called [ profile] etakyma, who is the bestest non-spouse ever and she picked me up at Logan and then hung out with me yesterday until time to go to her rehearsal.

Then I watched Timeline, which wasn't nearly as bad as I'd been led to believe (but it was bad enough!), and then the first half of the new Andromeda Strain. Yes, it was a Michael Crichton night for me.

Andre Braugher is really looking old. Just sayin'.

BigBang - I have read through each parallel story on its own and made some modifications. I merged it back together and now I need to re-read it again. It went up 1,000 words, not down. But that's okay. One thing that's reassuring is that the "Modern" sections are only 5 pages shorter in total than the "Flashbacks" - so it's fairly even at least in terms of overall story length. I'm a little concerned that it's still light on casework, but this isn't so much about the file as the people. I'm also concerned with my John, but I think I can shut him down a tiny bit more and he'll be okay.

And the other thing? Yeah. Totally didn't do a Monday Meta. Sigh. And I had a topic, too! Now I can't remember it. Naturally.

Well. Today I started training our new Admin Coordinator! and called my doctor and convinced him to call in a Z-pack without making me come in and be seen. No, really. I can diagnose a sinus infection, doc. Just gimme the drugs.

So I'll pick that up on the way home, and I need to hit the grocery store or I won't have food.

Oh, and I got some pretty good news yesterday of a Supernatural nature, but I'm not able to talk about it yet. :^D

As far as all of you? Well, I hate to tell you, gang, but I'm probably at about skip=800. No lie. So, I'm terribly sorry, I'm declaring a moratorium on trying to catch up. I'll read LJ tonight with posts from the last day or so, but all the way back? Sorry. No. So if I missed anything major in the last 100 hours or so, I'm really sorry. Clue me. Except for Morgen and Erin's dad, because I know about that. :^(
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As mentioned, I called my doctor and he prescribed a z-pack for me, which I planned to pick up at CVS on the way home and then *walk* the rest of the way to the grocery store for other supplies, and then home.

But when I got to Park Street, well, it looked like someone had been trying to barbecue on the Red Line. There was a thin haze of smoke everywhere on the lower platform. We started asking, "Why is there smoke?" to which the answer was a fire in Downtown Crossing. All the trains were stopped while the BFD cleared things out.

The smoke got steadily worse, so I went back upstairs to peruse the bus routes to seek alternate transportation. Then the BFD showed up at Park Street and evacuated everyone in the station to the Commons. I was studying the map, again, trying to figure out how to reach a bus that would take me to Watertown or Harvard, when I saw a shuttle. YAY!

Worst shuttle driver EVER. I don't know whether he actually knew how to get to the various stations on the route, but he also didn't particularly care about letting people *OFF* at the other stops, much less picking other people up. He didn't stop at Charles at all. He turned the wrong way into Kendall so that a bunch of people tried to get on thinking we were heading Inbound, when we were going Outbound. Then when the guy from the T told him to go around so he could pick up going the other direction, he missed the turn and apparently decided not to go back. He did let people off at Central, but stopped beyond where the people were waiting to get on, and wouldn't let anyone on. WTF?

Everyone got off at Harvard (because apparently trains were running between there and Alewife), and I got onto the bus platform just in time for a bus. Got off at the CVS as planned, but by that time it was pushing 7:30 PM and I had already decided that I'd pick up grocery-ish items at CVS or not, depending on what they had, and go straight home.

I made it home at 8:00. Twenty minutes to walk from the CVS home. YAY, good workout.

Have taken the first bolus of the z-pack. Bought more Mucinex (one with the nasal decongestant and one with the cough suppressant for overnight - they were BOGO), and cough syrup, more cough drops, and dental floss. Also chocolate, Munchie Mix, Starbursts (yes, [ profile] etakyma, the strawberry and cherry are mostly for you), and Rolos.

Hey, I never said I was buying *healthy* groceries.

Dinner was the rest of the Brie and crackers. Which is good, because the Brie was well on its way to getting a little overripe.

Oh - and I'm now a "Guard" in Wellesley's EMACT show. This will be fun--and a great introduction to doing a show at the festival!


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