May. 24th, 2008

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Well, technically, Eldersburg.

Long day yesterday, topped off with no wireless at my aunt and uncle's (which, why would they? They've only got one computer). So I'm just posting now.

Who will I see at Balticon? I don't have a panel until 5:00 PM, but tomorrow I'm there pretty much all day.

I'm also *Still* coughing/sore throating/GI Tract vaguely unhappy no matter what-ing. I think it's turning sinus infection-y. Will get Dayquil on the way to the con.

Okay, I had an ear infection about...11 years ago? And since then my left ear has been a little messed up. It doesn't "pop" with pressure changes. Between my stuffed-up head and chest, for the first time in a LONG time while flying, I had actual PAIN on the descent. As in, from the bit of cartilage that covers the ear canal, down through my Eustachian tubes and the cochlear duct, right into my lymph nodes under the jaw hurt. Sharp pain. Yay.

And I feel gnawingly hungry, but anything I eat goes down and causes lots and lots of GI distress... (Ew, yeah, I know). I'm just burping like mad, feels like I've overeaten even if I've just had a few bites. I had mad hiccups Thursday night for like half an hour, and did I mention the abdominal cramps?

Yeah. And I cough every time I breathe too deep. This is GREAT.

So it's probably just as well that I won't see my nieces (well, technically, my uncle and aunt's grandchildren, but since technically, we're not blood relatives, anyway....). I really wouldn't want to pass on this lovely spring virus.

But if you're planning to be at Balticon, come anyway - I promise I won't breathe on you.


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