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This is not a Boston winter.

This is an Upstate New York winter.

I went out yesterday for a few reasons... I needed milk, I wanted some exercise, I had to go to the bank.. and even though it only took about 40 minutes to walk to the store and back, it was just a horrible mess out there.

I took some pictures this morning which are behind the cut )

But the snow has brought one good thing: My interview which was supposed to be today and got moved to Tuesday next week got moved back to Friday, so it will be this week after all! I've also got an interview tomorrow.... I hope one or the other comes through quickly

And there's some good news on the writing front (actually some really cool news). I knew that the science-fiction story I wrote for Defending the Future was accepted. We just found out who's writing the introduction...and that he's reading all the stories so that he can reference them in the introduction. Wicked cool. I'm not sure I can say who, but he's one of the best authors of science fiction featuring a female main character, so that should narrow it down considerably....

Anyway. The book is scheduled to launch at Balticon and I hope I can be there for it. Job willing, of course. I guess I really need to work on my story for BAF IV.

Meanwhile, I just watched Groundhog Day (1 1/2 times) and I think I'll put in Jack Frost to continue my Groundhog Day festival.

(Joel says I should create a blog reviewing movies and tv shows. I'm not sure I'd be able to come up with enough witty stuff to say to make it worth reading. Thoughts?)
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I slept until about 10:30. Around 3:00 my landlord's guys came to shovel / plow out.... but they didn't do the walkways from the front to the driveway (just the back) and while they dug out his car, they didn't dig out mine. So I went out about 4:00 and shoveled around my car and got the worst of the snow off of it. I was about 1/3 done when my landlord got home. I was telling him that I figured I'd get to it before it all froze because I needed milk (and cough medicine). He said, "Well, there's no one at Shaw's!" put his groceries inside and helped me shovel the rest of the way around the car. I took off for Shaw's - and he's right, it was a ghost town, got home, stripped off because man, I had got all sweaty from the shoveling and my core temp went up while bundled and in the store, and showered. I'm now back in jammies and I'm all set with groceries. I should probably make dinner soon.

The roads are all clear and the buses are running, so work tomorrow will be no problem.
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We're leaving for Infinitus TOMORROW!

Leg one of our journey starts once I pack my car and go to A's house, where we will pack the car MORE and then drive to our hotel which is just south of Philly.

Leg two will be getting up Sunday and booking down to the other side of D.C. where we will catch the AutoTrain. Adventur! Train overnight in our little "roomette".

We will arrive in Orlando Monday morning and proceed to the Royal Pacific once we get our car off the train. We will have WiFi definitely in the hotel tomorrow night, but I don't know that we will on the train.

Then INFINITUS begins OMG.

This whole last couple days have been weird. Because of the intense heat I've been basically living in my bedroom instead of the front of the house (because here's where the A/C unit is). It's been surreal, only going out into the rest of the house when necessary. I've also been doing all the little things one does when leaving the house for almost two weeks: cleaning out the food gone bad (so it's not all even more STINKY when I get back) and all the packing that couldn't be done until I was done with the items going in. And dealing with all the last-minute stuff that we're dealing with in preparation.

And in the midst of this, [ profile] pegkerr turned me on to this HILARIOUS blog on Buzznet: Mark Reads Harry Potter. I've caught up with his reading of SS and CoS and the 15 chapters he's read so far of PoA. They are hysterical. He's reading each book and blogging the experience, one chapter at a time, trying to remain as spoiler-free as possible - not easy when people spoil him in the comments. I really feel for him, about that, because the absolute charm of this project is watching him discover everything as a first-time reader who, remarkably, knows next to nothing about HP. It's great fun and needless to say his reviews are GOLD. He's fair when he sees a critical problem, but overall he's experiencing the wonder and the WTF and the OMG that is the first time through a series with this many twists and turns.

He apparently came to this project after reviewing Twilight in the same manner - and I'm reading that now. OMG, so funny. He totally calls Twilight for the POS that it is (I mean, really, it IS) and is HATING every chapter with more and more hatred. These are endlessly entertaining, folks.

Mark Reads Harry Potter - go all the way back to the beginning, it's High-freaking-larious.

Also, ABC Family is doing HP weekend again with previews and inside looks at HP&theDH, but I'm excited because at 11:00 I am going to watch MOOSE ATTACK! on Discovery. It should be all kinds of AWESOME. I mean. It's about MOOSE. ATTACKING! It's got to be cracktastic.

Maybe worth a second glass of wine. I think so, don't you?

(Oh and in other news my house got chosen to be a ratings family. I think. It just said 337, no unit number. I may have to take the paperwork with me and go online to file to make sure they don't want my landlord's unit instead of mine. Because fuck yeah, I want to be a ratings family!)
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I just received a notice of termination from the Census. Their reason? Lack of work.

Hello? You never SCHEDULED me to work, you fuckwits! How am I supposed to report for work if you never TELL me when you want me to come in?

I mean. Okay. The job was shit. But it would have been a little tiny bit of income. It might have helped extend my unemployment benefits a couple weeks here and there. And plus? I've never been "terminated" from a job in my life. Bastards.

On the bright side, my landlord just brought up the A/C unit!! So I will have a cooled-off bedroom by bedtime! W00T.


Jul. 5th, 2010 08:17 pm
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One thing about being unemployed is that holidays are just More of the Same - except no one else is around, either.

I'm half-heartedly starting to pack for Infinitus. But it's HOT. I've done my laundry but of course it's not dry enough to pack it yet. And it's a little early to actually pack (though right now about half of the clothes I've been setting aside are on my bed at the moment). I've been trying to pick through outfits so I don't overpack.

And I'm bored.

Now, of course there are things I could do. I could read. I could be working on my lines (I should be working on my lines). I could clean (did I mention it's HOT???).

Feh. I could go back to watching Torchwood, which will probably result in a nap (2/3 times I fall asleep while watching Torchwood).

I've got a to-do list for the next couple days (cant do any of it now as it's 8:00 on a holiday). After the last few days of TOO MUCH to do to get ready, I'm down to very little that I can actually do to be productive.

Which is when the gods will strike me for saying that I'm bored. So I'd better find something to do!
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What'd y'all think?

I thought he pretty well bitch-slapped everyone who needed it, including the Dems. The question is whether he can maintain the attitude when he's not the one solely controlling the agenda and the message.

But, on that note, I saw this on Liam's LJ and I pass it on to all y'all:


"[W]hen the [Fred] Phelps group comes to Gunn High School to protest, they will actually be raising money for LGBT equality and understanding at the School!"

Good for them!

Crap, it's snowing! It's been so nice out, but now it's all big fat flakes. Feh.

Netflix has brought me "Lost" Season 1 (disc one). Don't spoil me!
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Okay, gakked from [ profile] jdsgirlbev:

motion captured "Watchmen" review

Looking really good, gang. the video clips are awesome.

Second, Iron Man is still fun. Silly at times but very fun.

Third, this is an old one, but one I hadn't caught up with yet: "The Prestige." lemme 'splain. No there is too much. Lemme LJ-cut )

Now. Full disclosure, there's some violence and it involves amputation. I really don't know what Hollywood's fascination is with losing limbs, especially (SORRY, AMY!) fingers. Despite that, the payoff of this film is SOOOO GOOD it's worth having to look away a few times. This film will be with me for a while, I suspect. (It was directed by Christopher Nolan, btw, who directed Bale in "Batman Begins.")

In other news: We accepted about 100 hours of programming for Azkatraz and should be sending out the notices for the presenters this week. We were blessed with hardly any proposals that were completely unacceptable - and quite a few that could be reworked or combined - and a large number of new topics that are different from anything I think we've ever had before at an HPEF event. So go us!

Unfortunately it looks like the hotel hasn't kept up with the demand for rooms, so they're going to have to expand our block (again) tomorrow. But it shouldn't be too much of a problem.

It's snowing again. And it's supposed to drop about 6 inches tomorrow. Oy.


Jan. 28th, 2009 04:42 pm
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I'm just as glad I took boss up on the permission to leave early. The rain over all the snow from earlier is creating a slushy, wet frozen mess. VERY slippery and deep, horrid puddles that really resemble nothing else so much as walking through large tracks made up of snowcones.

Anyway, home now. Checking email and I've got a couple work things to do, but otherwise glad I came home when it was still light and not *quite* frozen over.

Tomorrow morning's commute is going to SUCK bigtime.


Jan. 19th, 2009 09:00 am
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So it snowed A LOT yesterday and it finally stopped at about 3:00-ish. Today's a holiday for most of the region, and the bus was running wicked late. Waited for about 15 minutes. Then I got to work and realized someone had helpfully posted a list of the "Parking Holidays" - i.e., days when us poor schlubs who normally don't drive could park in the garage for free. So I *could* have driven today...but then that would have required cleaning off the car (and apparently shoveling - the streets were cleared but NO SIDEWALKS have been cleared off like ANYWHERE in my neighborhood). So, eh. It's a wash, I think.

I'll work until about 1:30/2 and go to the building that is my LIFE right now, sign off the timesheets from Friday and today, and then head out. I hope I remember to get milk on the way home (I even brought a shopping bag, yay, I'm so organized) - and that's the other reason to leave early, so that I get to the store in case they close early.

I do have a sore throat. And I've confirmed that there are several spots where the structural integrity (i.e., the waterproof-ness) of my knock-off Ugg-style boots has been compromised. Joy. But I can re-spray them, anyway, and see if that helps. I may have some sport shoe goo that might help seal the spots, too.

Gonna be a boring, quiet day, methinks.

(Oh, and I wasn't cast in "Nine" - but that's okay. I danced horribly, really. That's two in a row where I couldn't get my body to catch up to my brain. It's an unusual feeling for me. Have to figure out a way to fix that.)
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Horrible, horrible weather yesterday in Boston. Maybe you've heard?

Treacherous trip home, including being in Cambridge still when the caternary wires on the trolley got so crusted with ice that they were *sparking* and the cars stopped running. Had to wait about 10 minutes while they sent out diesel buses to rescue us all. Then had to dig car out (thank you, anonymous nice neighbour who came out with her shovel and then gave me a push!), and go around the block twice because I couldn't make it over the plow bank at the end of the drive the first time. I had thought about leaving the car yesterday morning, but on the whole I'm glad I didn't because Glenn had the driveway plowed (which he couldn't have done with my car there).

It was one of those evenings when you call your mother to let her know you're home.

I did get to have a "Remus moment" - this is what [ profile] etakyma and I call it when strangers for some inexplicable reason expect us to be helpful, like asking for directions. A girl got on the bus asking, "Was this the bus that got stuck in the snow?" Turns out she had been on a bus that got stuck and was moved to a second bus. She got all the way to Waverley Square only to realize that she left bags on the bus they abandoned. So she was working her way back trying to find a marooned bus with her bags on it. She mentioned that they were Valentine's gifts - things to give or to get, I didn't ask. But she was upset, and I told her that when she got home, she could look up the customer service number on the MBTA website and to call them and ask for the number for the garage for the 73 lines, and that she could then call *that* number and ask about the bags. I predict there was probably a lot of lost and found last night, what with all the buses and trolleys getting mired.

So this morning, I decided that the car can bloody well stay where it is. It's nosed in, but it's all the way back, the drive is clear (except for the apron where the street plow raked up about a foot and a half of frozen slush). I put on my knee-high Timberland boots (slightly worried because they weren't really broken in yet) and hiked, expecting a skating rink.

But here's the fun part: The snow was so dense and so crusted over that I could walk without breaking it! So there I was, on my long walk to Waverley Square, walking on top of the snow like one of the Sindar! Woot. Go me. I knew I had elf blood somewhere. /channeling Ryan.

And the boots have been okay. My ankles will probably have funny bruises, but that's all right.

In other news: I'm such a tv-oholic. Wednesday: Bones, Criminal Minds, Medium

Bones! Stephen Fry's been on last week and this as a psychiatrist. Booth is so tortured. Yay.
Criminal Minds! Oh, poor Reed! But don't you dare, baby. Don't you dare. Oh - and that's the second time in two days that the federal officer has made friends with the local officer, only to watch the local cop get shot dead right in front of him. (Tony in NCIS Tuesday, now Morgan on Criminal Minds)
Medium! I swear, Joe DuBois is THE BEST TV HUSBAND EVAR!!!!!111!


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