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Rules: Bold all of the following TV shows which you’ve ever seen 10 or more episodes of in your lifetime. Italicize a show if you’re positive you’ve seen every episode of it.

7th Heaven
American Gothic
America’s Next Top Model
Arrested Development
Babylon 5
Batman: The Animated Series
Battlestar Galactica (the old one)
Battlestar Galactica (the new one) – next on my list
Beverly Hills 90210
Big Bang Theory

Bosom Buddies
Boston Legal
Boy Meets World
Brothers And Sisters
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Chappelle’s Show
Charlie’s Angels
Cheers I think I have seen just about exactly 10 episodes. The same ones. Over and over.
Chicago Hope
Clarissa Explains it All
Commander in Chief
Criminal Minds
Crossing Jordan
CSI: Miami

Curb Your Enthusiasm
Dancing with the Stars
Dark Angel But don't ask me to remember them. I haven't really seen it since it aired.
Dark Skies
DaVinci’s Inquest
Dawson’s Creek
Dead Like Me - I have the movie but haven't seen it yet.
Degrassi: The Next Generation
Designing Women
Desperate Housewives
Dharma & Greg
Diagnosis Murder
Different Strokes

Dirty Jobs
Doctor Who (original series)
Doctor Who 2005

Due South
Dukes of Hazard

Even Stevens
Everybody Loves Raymond
Facts of Life

Family Guy
Fantasy Island

Fawlty Towers
Freaks and Geeks
Friday Night Lights
Get Smart
Gilligan’s Island

Gilmore Girls
Gossip Girl
Grey’s Anatomy
Grange Hill
Growing Pains
Happy Days
Hercules: the Legendary Journeys
Hogan’s Heroes
Home Improvement
Homicide: Life on the Street
How I Met Your Mother
I Dream of Jeannie
I Love Lucy

Invader Zim
Hell’s Kitchen
Kim Possible
Knight Rider
Knight Rider: 2008
Kung Fu
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
La Femme Nikita
LA Law
Laverne and Shirley
Law and Order: SVU

Life on Mars (UK)
Life on Mars (US)
Little House on the Prairie
Lizzie McGuire
Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
Lost in Space
Malcolm in the Middle
Married… With Children
McLeods Daughters
Melrose Place
Miami Vice
Mission: Impossible
Mod Squad
Modern Family
Mork & Mindy
Murphy Brown
Mystery Science Theater 3000

My Life As A Dog
My So Called Life
My Three Sons
My Two Dads

Ned Bigby’s Declassified School Survival Guide
Northern Exposure

One Tree Hill
Pawn Stars
Perry Mason
Power Rangers
Press Gang
Prison Break
Private Practice
Project Runway
Pushing Daisies
Quantum Leap
Queer As Folk (US)
Queer as Folk (UK)
Remington Steele
Rescue Me
Road Rules
Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?
Seaquest DSV
Sex and the City
Six Feet Under
Slings and Arrows
So Weird
South of Nowhere
South Park (Again, possibly exactly 10?)
Spongebob Squarepants
Star Trek
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Star Trek: Voyager
Star Trek: Enterprise
Stargate Atlantis
Stargate SG-1

Starsky & Hutch
Still Standing

Teen Titans
That 70’s Show
That’s So Raven
The 4400
The Addams Family
The Amazing Race
The Andy Griffith Show
The A-Team
The Avengers
The Beverly Hillbillies
The Brady Bunch
The Cosby Show
The Daily Show

The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd
The Dead Zone
The Dick Van Dyke Show

The Drew Carey Show
The Flintstones
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
The Golden Girls
The Honeymooners
The Jeffersons
The Jetsons

The L Word
The Love Boat
The Magnificent Seven
The Mary Tyler Moore Show
The Monkees
The Munsters

The O.C.
The Office (US)
The Office (UK)
The Powerpuff Girls
The Pretender
The Real World
The Shield
The Simpsons
The Six Million Dollar Man
The Sopranos
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
The Twilight Zone
The Vampire Diaries
The Waltons
The West Wing
The Wonder Years
The X-Files
Third Watch
Three’s Company

Twin Peaks
Twitch City
Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place
True Blood

Ugly Betty
Veronica Mars
Whose Line is it Anyway? (UK)
Whose Line is it Anyway? (US)
Will and Grace

Xena: Warrior Princess

There are so many of these where I've seen anywhere from 2-6 episodes... but oh well. And there are bunches of shows not on this list... like Voyagers!, The Closer, Burn Notice, Monty Python, Monarch of the Glen, Black Books, Eureka, Riptide, Simon and Simon, Buck Rogers....
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I found out who the music director will be for Seussical and OMG, it makes me feel 100x better about the whole thing! He's not only a fab MD, he works with young kids all the time and so he'll really be in the zone with this half middle-school cast. YAYZ.

I wasn't at rehearsal, however, because I had an audition. Which went fine - but it'll be a while before I hear anything.

So now I'm watching Project Runway and putting together a to-do list for tomorrow.

Also, I meant to say last time, that I'm still really enjoying "Mark Reads Harry Potter" but there have definitely been times when I think, "Jesus, Mark, how can you NOT have figured this out?!" It takes me back to the endless debate days when people actually thought Snape was not acting as a double agent. Or when people couldn't figure out that Hermione was time-travelling. Or that Lupin was a shapeshifter (I won't say werewolf because hey, I thought he was shifting into the Grimm because I thought he was Sirius Black in disguise. So in a way I was a book early). I haven't read his reviews in a couple days (when I left off he was somewhere around Chapter 16), but it's both interesting and frustrating that for someone with his experience of the genre, he doesn't seem to be thinking very critically about what's happening. But maybe that's just because he's reading it just as it comes and not trying to speculate very hard. Still. There's only so much, "BZUH? WTF WTF WTF?!" one can take....

That said, I'm still enjoying his reviews and finding the process interesting. And I'm very intrigued by his reaction to the books especially without any kind of break in between, since it's long been a theory of mine that future generations will be at a huge advantage to those of us who had to wait, who had time to theorize, who had contact with one another and encouraged each other to play around in the Potterverse. These generations (like Mark) will read straight through and thus they won't necessarily stop and think about the inconsistencies and the plot holes and the other flaws in the books - especially the last three. They don't have the expectations that were built up over years and months of waiting, and particularly the collective brain power of thousands of people, of whom at least a few hundred were really perceptive and intelligent and creative and came up with brilliant theories (and some cracktastic ones!) that turned out to be far off-track - and in some cases, IMO, better than what we got. So I'll be very interested to see if the payoff works way better for him, as a representative of generations to come.

Oh, and Playreading. Hm. It was interesting. Of course, some of our play suggestions were made before we knew that we're being forced to change our traditional venue, so we scratched a lot off that might have been a really good stretch had we been able to stay put. But at the same time, I think there are some assumptions at work in the committee that may not be accurate. We'll see....
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Okay, first: I really miss Tim's Take!

Second: Spoilers )

Is anyone else watching Austin and Santino's Road Trip? They're like fashion's odd couple. I'm kinda glad it's only half an hour.

So I auditioned for a production of As You Like It last night. I don't expect a callback - but if I am called back it will likely not be for Rosalind. Ironically, they opened a good number of parts to cross-gender casting, and believe it or not, I was too butch for the part of the girl-pretending-to-be-a-guy. The director had me read a scene as Jaques - which admittedly would be a cool role, as would Touchstone. Still. It's kind of unsettling to realize that I played Rosalind 10 years ago already and apparently I'm now too old. :(

Okay, Burn Notice season finale, yay!

ETA: Yup, no callback. Not surprised.

ETA2: OMG, Burn Norice finale! Whoa. Now too jazzed to go to sleep so I'll watch the Royal Pains finale too. (Thank goodness for the two shows' marathons yesterday and today.)
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I'm watching Tim Gunn lose it on Project Runway ("animal wooly balls" vs "real balls" - yeah, if you don't know what I'm talking about you're probably better off).

I have dried out the sleeping bags, but the tent probably needs to at least be set out on the other side, probably better to actually set it up (oy). And I need water seal for the seams.

So the quick Pennsic Update )

I went to the grocery store today for milk (yay!) and more cheese (my open cheese got moldy while I was away) and will do a "real" full grocery shop tomorrow or over the weekend when the new flyer prices go into effect. (Need soda, yogurt, dinners.... but have a coupon!) I also got QUARTERS so I can do my laundry! I did a load of whites (with bleach) but needed more change to continue.

Have decided not to pursue Aflac. I've contacted them a total of 3 times now on separate occasions and apparently they can't be arsed to get back to me. Screw'em. The guy at the bank suggested I apply there. Hm.

I also need to go to Macy's to see about the perfume spritzer (yes, the saga continues!). Short version of story: It definitely leaked while at war, the temperatures were hot enough to sort of "bake" the ester and I have visible proof that the bottle leaks. A little pointed questioning of Joel resulted in his not only remembering that he bought it at Macy's, not Sephora as previously believed, *but* that his receipt was still in the bag in his bedroom. From 2 1/2 years ago!!!! Frightening, but not a bad thing in this case. So I am armed with the receipt now, too!

I must re-motivate to start looking for work again. I can't seem to get up the energy. I've been sleeping a lot.

And I must clean. Oy. Really, really need to clean. I currently fear that I accidentally returned the unused high-capacity black toner cartridge instead of a used one. Sigh.

I'm caught up on Project Runway, and I'm ready for tonight's new episode. I watched last week's Burn Notice but I think I missed one in there. But USA shows it all the time. I also watched last night's new The Choir but BBC America does not, apparently, repeat the old episodes as much as I would like, so I missed one there, too.

Way behind on White Collar and others. Meh.

I did get an order from Amazon that I ordered with gift certificates: A Little Princess (the good, BBC / Wonderworks TV version); Chronicles of Narnia (ditto, the BBC / Wonderworks one), Snoopy (replacing the CD stolen from my car about 4 years ago), Season 2 of The Closer, and The Addams Family - the musical. Turns out [ profile] etakyma bought the same soundtrack! Wish I'd known, but oh well.

But I am also loving Top Gear on BBC America. OMG, these boys are SOOO funny. And they are boys. They constantly play tricks on each other. It's like if Moony, Padfoot and Prongs grew up and had a car review show. Seriously. (Jeremy is Moony, Hammond is Pads and James May is Prongs, of course.)

And Alternity? Man, it's awesome. I love that even when there are issues behind the scenes, we work them through and we're committed to helping each other remove roadblocks and at least trying to keep it fun for everyone. We don't always succeed - because let's face it some characters just are harder to play in Alternity than others - but we sure as hell try. Meanwhile, I think the measures we take do improve the game, not just for those characters but for everyone, and offer new dimensions for the readers, too.

So y'all should read it. Really.

Oh, and I found out that somehow I missed the email about the October cabaret thing that Wellesley's doing - but I got to the organizers in time. And I even talked them into a solo! So that'll be cool and rehearsals start at the end of the month. I'm sure there are other auditions to look out for, too. Back to the grind.

And back to job search. Bleah. But there's simply no alternative. I have to get a job.
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We're leaving for Infinitus TOMORROW!

Leg one of our journey starts once I pack my car and go to A's house, where we will pack the car MORE and then drive to our hotel which is just south of Philly.

Leg two will be getting up Sunday and booking down to the other side of D.C. where we will catch the AutoTrain. Adventur! Train overnight in our little "roomette".

We will arrive in Orlando Monday morning and proceed to the Royal Pacific once we get our car off the train. We will have WiFi definitely in the hotel tomorrow night, but I don't know that we will on the train.

Then INFINITUS begins OMG.

This whole last couple days have been weird. Because of the intense heat I've been basically living in my bedroom instead of the front of the house (because here's where the A/C unit is). It's been surreal, only going out into the rest of the house when necessary. I've also been doing all the little things one does when leaving the house for almost two weeks: cleaning out the food gone bad (so it's not all even more STINKY when I get back) and all the packing that couldn't be done until I was done with the items going in. And dealing with all the last-minute stuff that we're dealing with in preparation.

And in the midst of this, [ profile] pegkerr turned me on to this HILARIOUS blog on Buzznet: Mark Reads Harry Potter. I've caught up with his reading of SS and CoS and the 15 chapters he's read so far of PoA. They are hysterical. He's reading each book and blogging the experience, one chapter at a time, trying to remain as spoiler-free as possible - not easy when people spoil him in the comments. I really feel for him, about that, because the absolute charm of this project is watching him discover everything as a first-time reader who, remarkably, knows next to nothing about HP. It's great fun and needless to say his reviews are GOLD. He's fair when he sees a critical problem, but overall he's experiencing the wonder and the WTF and the OMG that is the first time through a series with this many twists and turns.

He apparently came to this project after reviewing Twilight in the same manner - and I'm reading that now. OMG, so funny. He totally calls Twilight for the POS that it is (I mean, really, it IS) and is HATING every chapter with more and more hatred. These are endlessly entertaining, folks.

Mark Reads Harry Potter - go all the way back to the beginning, it's High-freaking-larious.

Also, ABC Family is doing HP weekend again with previews and inside looks at HP&theDH, but I'm excited because at 11:00 I am going to watch MOOSE ATTACK! on Discovery. It should be all kinds of AWESOME. I mean. It's about MOOSE. ATTACKING! It's got to be cracktastic.

Maybe worth a second glass of wine. I think so, don't you?

(Oh and in other news my house got chosen to be a ratings family. I think. It just said 337, no unit number. I may have to take the paperwork with me and go online to file to make sure they don't want my landlord's unit instead of mine. Because fuck yeah, I want to be a ratings family!)
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This week has been tech week for Fiddler.

Which would have been a lot easier had I not come down with a horrid cold Monday morning.

I am still impossibly stuffed up and snuffly, but at least I feel human again. My nose hurts like almighty whatever, though, from the copious tissue-abrasions.

The show is shaping up really, really well, however.

Meanwhile, a Netflix review: Lost in Austen. Cut for potential spoilers )

So, yeah. I'm not sure whether A would like it or hate it, since she hates Austen (which I find really interesting, because I also lose patience for the writing, but not the characters and I love film versions of the stories), but it's not *really* a faithful representation of Austen. It's more of a wink and a nod - it's kind to the material, but not slavishly reverent. Real fans of Austen should definitely check it out, but don't expect the same story you know!

In other news, I'm still unemployed. There are still few to no jobs I'm seeing that I'm interested in *and* qualified for. There are still too many jobs for which I'm grossly *over*qualified but that hold no interest for me. And while the weather was great this week, Monday was the *only* day I managed to get outside and walk, because the whole rest of this week, I've been so much with the headcold. This has to be the worst cold I've had in three years, easily. Gak.

Oh, and one little thing on the Infinitus front: SQUEE is coming. Serious, serious SQUEE. Wait for it....
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What'd y'all think?

I thought he pretty well bitch-slapped everyone who needed it, including the Dems. The question is whether he can maintain the attitude when he's not the one solely controlling the agenda and the message.

But, on that note, I saw this on Liam's LJ and I pass it on to all y'all:


"[W]hen the [Fred] Phelps group comes to Gunn High School to protest, they will actually be raising money for LGBT equality and understanding at the School!"

Good for them!

Crap, it's snowing! It's been so nice out, but now it's all big fat flakes. Feh.

Netflix has brought me "Lost" Season 1 (disc one). Don't spoil me!

Two Things

Jan. 8th, 2010 12:20 am
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1. I have the best heterosexual life partner ever (Christmas, and I suck - but I have new socks, books, all of Harper's Island on DVD, and a new rotary cutting board, ruler, and rotary cutter. Japanese garb will be EASY, yay!)

2. I am an idiot and left my phone at her house.

ETA: Okay, three things.

3. "Black Books" is teh funneh. OMG. Lost half a day and I'm sure I'll lose much of tomorrow watching over on IMDB.
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Okay, I haven't seen anyone else (yet) discuss this, so....

spoilers )

I want 11-12 fanfic, like NOW. (Was The Prisoner on the Yuletide lists?)
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Large and small.

Okay, first off: no, I did not watch Show. I did not watch Pushing Daisies. I also didn't watch Bones. I watched "The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency" on HBO (and missed half of it because of my father!) and liked what I saw. It's charming. And Anika Noni Rose is HILARIOUS.

Then I tried watching some of the "Highlander" marathon until I remembered that the final ER was on, so I switched to that about 20 minutes in. OMG, Ernest Borgnine! I thought he was dead. Yay.

And I cried. And I approved of the ending.

So, I am still way behind on SPN. Meh.


There were wild turkeys in the lot behind our building today! I have pictures; just no USB cable to upload them. Two cocks (roosters? heh, I said cock) and a few hens (3? 4? I fail at counting).

Okay, so the other decision I can't make is on Amazon:

Vote for your Favorite Sesame Street Clip for the 40th anniversary DVD.

There are ten clips:

Aligator King (the number 7)
Bert & Ernie (the one where Ernie has tied string to his fingers to remind him - not as classic as the banana, sadly)
King of Eight (Good grief, it's princess number 9)
the Martian Beauty Song (she doesn't like shoppin' cause she doesn't like hoppin')
"What's the Name of That Song?" (YAY JOE RAPOSO and JEFF MOSS)
Pinball Animation (1-2-3-FOUR-5-6-7-8-NINE-10-11-12)
Caribbean Amphibean (he likes to hop in the tropical sea! A frog in the coconut tree)
Big Bird singing about the number 4 (cute number but nothing special)
a Henson ball (which is an impressive Rube Goldberg machine, but otherwise kinda boring)
Elmo's "debut" (which was a bit of a tap-dance routine featuring pretty crappy greenscreening - and therefore disqualified).

As much as I love the cuteness of the Alligator, the King of Eight, the Maritan Beauty, and the Caribbean Amphibean, and as much as I would hate not to see another Raposo/Moss song be highlighted, I think it has to be the Pinball Animation - because ANYONE who's ever seen Sesame Street can sing that and it sorta symbolizes everything about Sesame Street's goal to teach counting and basic skills.

But oh, I love those other clips. You should go vote!

I should do some freaking work today....

Top Chef

Nov. 26th, 2008 11:21 pm
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I was talking to Joel during the beginning of the episode at 10, so I was really confused as to why they were at the Blue Cross arena and shopping at Hegedorn.

Because they filmed in Rochester!

This is weird. I'm trying to figure out where in town they are, what buildings can be seen in the backgrounds. I want to watch this episode again when I'm not doing 15 things.

Oh, and in other news: SPN 4x07? Man. Okay, I guess they're doing it about as well as they can, for going that way. I have to say that I feel a little sorry for Sam: meeting the thing and getting the shine rubbed off so quickly. But Uriel? I like him. And true to his namesake.


My Thanksgiving plan is to cook stuffing, chicken, green bean casserole, microwave candied yams, and have pumpkin pie. I do not plan to change out of my PJ's until Friday morning when I go to work for a short day. So there.

And Amy, we're set for Sunday.
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My favorite film version of Inherit the Wind is on Encore - it was an 80's TV-movie version with Jason Robards, Kirk Douglas, Jean Simmons, Kyle Secor, and Megan Follows.


But it's not out on DVD, according to Amazon. SO SAD.

This is superior, IMO, even to Frederic March and Spencer Tracy, and WAY better than Jack Lemmon and George C. Scott.

I shall now be enraptured for the next two hours.


Aug. 26th, 2008 08:17 pm
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I'm catching last week's Eureka before this week's.

They're doing Groundhog Day / Mystery Spot.


ETA: And this week's episode is Bugs.

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I drove my car to the mechanic this morning to ask about the potential harm to the car if I drove around with the emissions system leaking.

The mechanic didn't even want to look at it. He said, "It's not going to lock your engine. The most that'll happen is you might see a decline in your mileage. But if you're getting rid of it...don't bother doing anything with it. Come in right before you're about to trade it in and we'll turn off the engine light for you. Then let them deal with it."

Which was GREAT. But it left me with my car, halfway to work, and nowhere to leave it.

So I drove back to the mall again, and parked by Best Buy this time, and caught the bus. Missing the first one, as usual. But that's okay.


But then. I took the bus back and got off at the mall and went into Best Buy to see if they had a. any sort of case for the sidekick; b. anything inexpensive and t00bulous to buy. They didn't have a case that would fit, but that's okay. I walked around the movies and carried a $4.99 Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure for a bit, and also a $14.99 double-set of Good Morning, Vietnam and Dead Poet's Society - all of which were short on features, but hey, the *movie* is what you watch most often?

Then I saw the Alien Nation Movie Collection. For $40. Which felt too expensive. So I put it back.

Then I saw something *else* for $25. Which felt about right. But I said to myself, "I should check it on Amazon before I get it. I wonder how much the Alien Nation is?"

Then I remembered that I had a SIDEKICK with me.

Ahem. They have the Alien Nation set for about $26ish - so that was right out. But the other thing? It was actually $2 more expensive, which, by the time I paid tax, was just about the same. So I put back Bill, Ted, and Robin-squared and bought the other thing.

You guys.

Voyagers. Jon-Erik Hexum and the kid.


Yeah, so when I was 10? I wanted to be that kid. Not because I crushed on Jon-Erik Hexum but because I'd get to TRAVEL THROUGH TIME. With a device kind of like the old TARDIS, in that it *malfunctioned* all the time and there was no predictability. YAYS.

This is SUCH a guilty pleasure. I'm sure it's going to be utterly painful, because, hello, it wasn't that good then, but to a 10-year-old, it was AWESOME.

And yeah, I shouldn't be buying DVDs just before Pennsic. But hey.

Jon-Erik Hexum. As a bad Jules Verne pun. And the OMNI.

I'm just sayin'.

Anyway - the point is that the Sidekick? Totally made me feel good about my purchase. (Thanks, Heidi!)

And I've just driven the car for probably the last time until I return from war. Sigh.


Jul. 6th, 2008 04:37 pm
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[ profile] grouchyoldcoot has been here this weekend, and we are having a mostly lovely time.

Friday I picked him up at the airport and we got lunch, ran a few errands and then came home. He kinda wanted to go to the esplanade for the fireworks, but I convinced him the view would be better from my living room via channel 4. It was - with the added bonus that we could mute the jingoism.

Yesterday we lazed around watching the second season of Weeds, which we both find horrifically funny. Then we got together with [ profile] etakyma for dinner and went to see Wall-E, which we all liked quite well. A and I burst out laughing immediately as soon as the film started, and said, "Oh, and it's the film score, too!" and J said, "Huh?"

Because we're musical theatre geeks.

Anyway. Then we went to Jordan's to give J the furniture store experience, and then J and I came home. So while I will surely talk to her again before Wednesday, I shall not see A again until we are both in Dallas for Portus. (J finds it ironic that A and I go into withdrawal after a few days, when he and I sometimes go for several months without seeing one another).

Once home, J tried fixing my desktop so that it doesn't take half an hour to do...well, anything. He's proceeded to butt his head against this problem for several hours last night and several more this morning. In between failing and his latest attempt, we went into town for brunch with the [ profile] hp_boston fen, including soon-to-be-Bostonian [ profile] bewarethesmirk, and amazed J by talking about topics other than Harry Potter...mostly.

Then J and I walked down to the Public Gardens and wandered a bit (and ran into the gang on the footbridge), and came home by way of Baskin Robbins.

Now he's once again trying to untangle my RAM limitations while we watch (at his request) Raiders of the Lost Ark.



Dec. 13th, 2007 08:24 pm
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We had a huge storm this afternoon.

Huge. And still coming. So the office closed early, our read-through got canceled, and I get to WATCH MY SHOW tonight!

Of course, it took a solid FIVE HOURS to get home. Left at 1:30 PM, got off the bus at Mem Drive before it turned right for Kendall and *walked* 15 minutes to Central Square. Ten minutes later I was at Harvard...where I waited for 40 minutes for a 73, and then we crawled (pretty much literally) all the way down Mt. Auburn / Trapelo. After an additional 90 minutes on the bus...I hopped off at Slade street, popped into the CVS there for milk (and eggnog) and walked the rest of the way home.... and got in at 6:30 after slogging through ALL THAT SNOW.

Jeebus. However, I've changed, I'm warm, I'm IN, and I will have SHOW in about half an hour. With eggnog.


OH - and the wonderful and darn-near incomparable [ profile] ficwriter1966 posted her response to my fic request of a few months ago as part of her marathon Christmas ficapalooza. It's called "Family Ties" and it's up here.

Go read and give her some love! Bobby! Dean! Ties!

Tin Man

Dec. 2nd, 2007 09:56 pm
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So I'm watching the miniseries, Tin Man, on Sci-Fi.

Pretty inventive so far.

Some live blogging behind the cut )

Okay. I'll be back tomorrow. Although it's a Board meeting, but so far it's not too hard to follow even with other stuff going on. (Grr at my father.)
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Okay, y'all, 'fess up:

If you've posted music downloads or playlists lately, especially for classic rock or fannish music, please point me to them.

If you have posted with downloads of "Pushing Daisies," or "Reaper," or any of the other new shows this season (that I haven't had a chance to see), please point me.

Flist at skip=390 and not finding what I'm looking for....


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So, [ profile] etakyma came over last night and we watched "Chuck" and she left during "Heroes" and then we (separately) watched "Journeyman."


Adorable. Jayne! The sendup of Best Buy! Too funny. Definitely keeping this one.


Well, I think Season 2 is starting off better than Season 1 ended. I will not spoil, but suffice to say that it's a COMIC BOOK, so no one is dead until eaten or made into ashes or what have you. "And even then, I'm sure God negotiates," to quote Angelica Houston in "Ever After."

But I'm glad I got the DVDs and caught up before the new season started, because I'm back in like with the show.


I'm not sold on this show. It's thinky, but it's not really shiny. I'm not very interested in the family drama, perhaps because I don't care about these people yet. And it felt too much like it couldn't decide whether to be "Once and Again" or "Early Edition."

But there's nothing on opposite it, so I'll give it a few more weeks before deciding whether or not to keep it.

Then Joel and I had a very long metaphysical conversation about time travel theory and it was really great and interesting and made me think really hard, and then I couldn't go to sleep until like 1:00, so I've been kinda tired today.
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So, a while back, I auditioned for Wellesley's fall production of "Steppin' Out." I was not cast.

This was a bit of a bummer, because I was really hoping for an opportunity to get better at tap, because it's my weakest dance form. And considering how out of shape I am, that's saying something.

Well, I got a call from the director last night. They need to replace a cast member, and would I be interested?

Hell, yeah. Only of course, now I've got all that travel booked out right up to the weekend just before the show. I sent the director my conflicts to find out what he thought - would it be workable?

Answer: Yes.

So now I'm in a show this fall, in addition to everything else. I went to rehearsal last night and luckily, Rita had ordered a very nice pair of taps for a cast member who, it turns out, doesn't need them. And they're my size. I just need a heel insert because the heels are a little loose. But this means I'll have shoes for Thursday night's dance rehearsal!

Yes, you heard me right: THURSDAY Nights. The nights that I have to get up early the next day. The nights when I'm usually packing to go out of town. The nights when Supernatural is aired! Ack.

Well, I have access to a closed community that posts the episodes after they've aired. I've also got iTunes, and I'm debating whether to purchase the whole season, because frankly, if I get in (as I hope I will) to any shows this spring (there's about 5 I'd love to be involved in), well, it's highly likely that I'll have the Thursday night conflict again. Thursdays are way popular for rehearsals.

So, to aid my decision-making, a Poll:

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