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But theatre is going well.

I kicked ASS as Vicki, particularly Saturday night. I got all the laughs I wanted and hit everything right. (And there was a reviewer and a regionally high-level director in the house, too.)

And I just got cast in Nunsense as Sister Mary Hubert (mistress of novices) - at Woodland, which is a theatre (and director) I've wanted to work with for about a year. So YAY. (And three shows in a row, basically, with only a couple dud auditions in between. W00T)

I've also booked my travel for Coronation and for Crown. I'm just waiting for Balticon travel until I'm sure about ground transportation and housing... which I hope I'll hear about soon (before the ticket prices go up).

I need a new computer so badly. Job. Then computer. Srsly.

I'm still enjoying Netflix on the Wii - currently going through Slings and Arrows - awesome show! I'm also liking the Fit tremendously, just as I suspected I would do.

Not much else to report, unfortunately. Really my life is very boring.
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Saturday, my computer decided to spontaneously shut itself off. Twice.

I was up until 3 AM backing up all the files. (The second time it shut off was in the middle of copying files, in fact.) I let the thing rest Sunday and I've been researching computers... but before I hit the "buy" button, I came home and tried turning the computer back on.

So far, so far.

However, I have now officially acknowledged my computer's need to check in to the computer nursing home... though I am still hoping I can get it to limp along for a little while longer. At least I've done the research! But I really don't want to have to buy a new computer now if I can squeeze another couple months out of this puppy.

(And I still need more memory for the netbook. I tried running HP's automatic detector to tell me what to get, but I think because it's a refurbish, it can't tell me. Argh. But it still exists as a backup.

(Why is all my tech simultaneously going wonky?)

I really do want a better DNR guideline for a computer. (The DNR on the DVD player was easy.)
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This Christmas was a holiday of hand-me-down electronics. I got a GPS from Joel that had been his mother's, and then from my mother I brought back her old DVD player. It was the better of her two - I kept asking her if she'd rather we hook up that one to her bedroom TV and I'd take the lesser model - but she kept saying it made no sense.

Last night when I got home from Rochester and opened the back to unload, the DVD player slid straight out and fell on the pavement. On its face, of course. Which meant that the faceplate cracked in about five places.

At first I didn't even realize it was cracked. (Hey, it was dark outside.) But when I did realize it, I plugged it in anyway to check on it, and it turned on and the tray would open and close, but I wasn't ready to test it with a DVD because it didn't make sense to do that until I had it plugged in to a TV.

Well, this morning I got it hooked up to the TV and got it wired through the VCR... and the little "standby" light came on. But it won't stay powered up. When I click the remote power button, it comes on for a moment, displays "Sony DVD" and then shuts itself back off.


I feel really dumb for not making sure the thing was well secured (or for not opening the glass to get it out), or for just putting it on the back seat. It was 5-6 years old, but it was pristine, basically. And now it's toast.

It's old enough that I'm sure Sony wouldn't do anything about fixing it - and I'm sure it would cost just as much to replace the front as it would to just buy a new machine. Well. I've lived without a player back there this long so there's no rush to do that. It's just very disappointing to have broken the damn thing in the first place.

Unless anyone has suggestions for another way to fix it? I don't know what happened between last night and this morning that it suddenly won't run.


ETA: First off, the whole faceplate has basically come off now. And second - a little research online shows that it would cost a minimum of $120 to get it fixed ($137 to exchange it through Sony). And used identical models on Amazon start at $25.99 (plus shipping)... And of course there are about 14 newer models for under $75.

The point being that I won't be doing anything about it for the time being, but when I do feel like it there are cheaper alternatives to getting it fixed.
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...Back up your smartphone.

I took my phone to Sprint because the Bluetooth has been acting funny - and because my "mute" button was making the phone freak out and not working. (It would vibrate and switch rapidly from mute to sound and back multiple times and then ultimately NOT go mute.)

They had to replace the device - which is okay, I have tech protection - but because I hadn't backed it up I lost photos, my MPG data from my car, and all my ringtones for various people.

So I'll be synching that back up tonight, but the rest of the data is lost. Luckily it's not hugely *important* data, but still. PITA.

(Oh, and my reward for the Miyazaki dream two nights ago? Was a nightmare about a really horrific plane crash last night. Joy.)

At least I spent the hour waiting for them to fix the phone by price shopping (and eventually buying) new plastic storage totes - a 45Gal. for the tent (with wheels!!), a 22Gal and an 18Gal for fabric and other stuff to go either downstairs or in the Ashland storage unit. They're still in the car, but Progress!
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First off, curling has to be the strangest sport ever. On the other hand, I love that there are sports for regular guys - John Schuster of the US, for example, looks like a computer jockey rather than an Olympian. I kinda like that.

Anyway, moving on.

[ profile] grouchyoldcoot sent me a wicked cool birthday/Valentine's day present. And he was all apologetic that it wasn't a typically romantic present.

It's a wireless all-in-one printer, scanner, copier. YAYZ. I have been desperately needing a new printer! It's WAY better than roses or chocolates!

I had a little trouble hooking it up but I finally figured out that duh, I was using the wrong WEP for my network. Heh. Oops.

Anyway. It now wirelessly prints, but apparently one does have to connect the USB cable to scan documents. That's okay. The point is that it WORKS. Huzzah! I have placed it on the bookshelf next to the desk and now I need to decide if the other POS printer is worth keeping (probably not).

I still don't know just what happened to the HPEF all-in-one - I packaged it and labeled it to be shipped back after Portus, but it never arrived. Since that was really part of the package deal we got on the computer and the other stuff, it wasn't a huge financial loss, but it was a huge frustration. One of the downsides of having assets that have to travel all over the place.

Anyway. Others have blogged that Orlando was fun, very productive, and OMG, Hogwarts is going to be breathtaking! Lots of momentum, which I hope stays with us for some time to come.

Still unemployed. Still looking for the .1% of jobs out there that fit my criteria. But at least now I can print resumes!
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Yes, yes, I know.

Mainly, I've been using LJ for about the past, oh, 9 months, as an outlet for roleplaying gaming (in the form of [ profile] hpalternity which is more fun than should be legal), and thus not really using this journal much, at all, or doing much of anything else terribly creative writing-wise.

I have, however, been planning a certain conference...which let me just say is going to be HELLA AWESOME and OMG AMAZING and is in YIPE! Two Weeks!

Followed by Comic-Con International.

Followed by Pennsic.

Yes, I am a CRAZY person, why do you ask?

But, I needed to post about something important and (getting more and more) shiny: My New Palm Pre.

She's a coy little thing sometimes, but I am learning her quirks. I picked her up Wednesday and she's actually a twin - her sister had some out-of-the-gate issues and the friendly tech at the Sprint store switched devices - but she and I are in those new stages of a relationship. As Amy said, I'm trying to determine if this little beauty will give me "the love [I] need from a cell phone."

There were a few bumps in the first 24 hours, but since making friends with my phone's very large and comprehensive User Guide, I am learning the ins and outs of Pre ownership. I already LOVE the apps and wish there were more.

Downsides are that the text editor will take some practice (I am SO still not used to the lack of a fast, easy trackball) and the QWERTY keyboard is a. very small and b. not fully featured (like no Tab, only one Alt and one Shift key (both on the left thumb) and y'know, little quirky things that will just take adjustment to over time). I would love an app for it that pops up a regular touchpad keyboard like the IPhone, but perhaps that will come soon. My father will be *thrilled* that I have downloaded the "AccuWeather" app and can now tell him *exactly* what the weather is doing wherever we are.

One thing that is frustrating me currently is that I can't seem to figure out how to get music to synch to the phone. Theoretically one plugs in the USB port, tells it to import "media", and it just ... does. But that's not happening and the manual and the online help don't seem to want to tell me why. It may be a call to the support staff at Palm. Unless someone knows? Maybe I'll check the Palm website for help.

We even ate dinner tonight courtesy of the Pre's "CitySearch" app. Found a new restaurant that went in on Moody street where the Iguana Cantina used to be. Pretty good food, too.

We got together here and not in Framingham (I've mostly been going there these past couple months to either help or stay out of the way in Amy's pre-Azkatraz Project Factory), because the local theatre, the one that plays more arts films, was showing "Moon." This is Duncan Jones' full-length directorial debut. And while that might not mean a lot to many of you, to me and Amy it has significance: he was two years behind us in college.


It was a really good movie and we're very proud of him, even though Amy only took one class with him (Playwriting) and I never even properly met him.

Did I mention that I'm running a conference? It's sort of an accomplishment, I guess.

Anyway. So. Conference. Alternity. Palm Pre. Job continues. Stress puppy = me.

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Large and small.

Okay, first off: no, I did not watch Show. I did not watch Pushing Daisies. I also didn't watch Bones. I watched "The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency" on HBO (and missed half of it because of my father!) and liked what I saw. It's charming. And Anika Noni Rose is HILARIOUS.

Then I tried watching some of the "Highlander" marathon until I remembered that the final ER was on, so I switched to that about 20 minutes in. OMG, Ernest Borgnine! I thought he was dead. Yay.

And I cried. And I approved of the ending.

So, I am still way behind on SPN. Meh.


There were wild turkeys in the lot behind our building today! I have pictures; just no USB cable to upload them. Two cocks (roosters? heh, I said cock) and a few hens (3? 4? I fail at counting).

Okay, so the other decision I can't make is on Amazon:

Vote for your Favorite Sesame Street Clip for the 40th anniversary DVD.

There are ten clips:

Aligator King (the number 7)
Bert & Ernie (the one where Ernie has tied string to his fingers to remind him - not as classic as the banana, sadly)
King of Eight (Good grief, it's princess number 9)
the Martian Beauty Song (she doesn't like shoppin' cause she doesn't like hoppin')
"What's the Name of That Song?" (YAY JOE RAPOSO and JEFF MOSS)
Pinball Animation (1-2-3-FOUR-5-6-7-8-NINE-10-11-12)
Caribbean Amphibean (he likes to hop in the tropical sea! A frog in the coconut tree)
Big Bird singing about the number 4 (cute number but nothing special)
a Henson ball (which is an impressive Rube Goldberg machine, but otherwise kinda boring)
Elmo's "debut" (which was a bit of a tap-dance routine featuring pretty crappy greenscreening - and therefore disqualified).

As much as I love the cuteness of the Alligator, the King of Eight, the Maritan Beauty, and the Caribbean Amphibean, and as much as I would hate not to see another Raposo/Moss song be highlighted, I think it has to be the Pinball Animation - because ANYONE who's ever seen Sesame Street can sing that and it sorta symbolizes everything about Sesame Street's goal to teach counting and basic skills.

But oh, I love those other clips. You should go vote!

I should do some freaking work today....
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We're trying to make some changes on the Azkatraz website and need someone with more Drupal knowledge than we've got right now.

Anyone? Anyone know anyone? Anyone know anyone who knows anyone?


Jan. 19th, 2008 01:19 pm
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A couple little things:

First off, the programming deadline for Portus is MONDAY. Get your programming proposals in! We need round tables! Papers! Panels! There's a wonderful article about all the programming options, with LOTS of great ideas, that went out in an email which you can see here. The "Call for Proposals" is avaialble here.

C'mon, folks! Rediscover what made you fall in love with HP in the first place! The Portus team have some amazing plans in store, and I can't say enough about making friends and meeting like-minded geeks at one of HPEF's events.

Second...some errands to run today. My phone has been acting up, so I need to take it to the Spring store and see if they can fix it. Problem is that this is my only phone, so I can't leave it for a week while they do whatever they do. Has anyone else had this come up? Will they give me a temporary phone, or is the tendency just to switch it out for a new one (in which case, I don't want to pay for an upgrade, really)? I do have technology protection, thank heavens.

Third...I'm very smart. I outsmarted myself: in a nutshell, I sat down with my finances last night and discovered that six months ago, when I started the new job, I started budgeting as if I were already paying a car loan payment of a reasonable size. This means not only that I actually have some money (not a lot, but some) socked away for a downpayment, more importantly, I don't have to go back and figure out how to squeeze my budget--because I'm already squeezing!

Now, I'm not going to run out and do anything frivolous, like go to EyeCon (sorry!), because I still think money's tight and it's probably not the best idea to plan for that. Especially since

Three-A: The gods must have figured out that money wasn't quite as tight as I thought around the same time I did (or maybe a little earlier). Because this morning, in the post, I received a notification from my insurance company that they're slapping me with a surcharge because of the traffic ticket I got last October. The one I'm appealing next week. I have to find out if there's some automatic retraction deal, where if my appeal in traffic court is upheld, the surcharge is dropped, or whether I still need to then appeal the surcharge, as well--to the tune of $50 non-refundable filing fee (half the amount of the ticket in the first place) and the increase of my insurance by about $300 for the next three years. It's the gift that keeps on giving, folks!

And fourth...I auditioned the other night for Mystery of Edwin Drood. didn't go very well. That is, I thought it was going fine. I did something both wise and stupid, in that I changed my mind about my second song and decided to sing something in my top range (to show I had one), but I went up on the lyrics, due to not having sung the song seriously for something like 15 years. Yeah...I know. But in the grand scheme, that wasn't all that important. The dance went fine--I was actually one of the better dancers in the group they had. But when it came time for the readings, I sat...and sat...and she let me read for the role of Drood ONCE. That was the only time I got up to read all night.

And when I did? Okay...a couple people were trying their hand at accents (with varying rates of success). Just before I started, I asked the director, "Do you want the accents or not?"

Theatre folks, you know, and the rest of you, let me 'splain: This was not a stupid question. Some directors *do* want you to show off and give them what you've got in an audition situation. Some director's *don't* because they don't want to be distracted by the accent, or they don't want you to be worrying about intonation when you should be thinking character, OR they plan to go through some dialect coaching later with the whole cast and the accent question just isn't something they want to deal with in the audition process.

So it wasn't an inappropriate question.

Her answer? Was totally inappropriate and uncalled for. She said, in a HIGHLY condescending tone, "Well, that would be your choice. But," and here she took on a sing-song kind of rhythm, really stressing her iambs, "If it were me-ee, and I were auditioning for a role where accents were reQUIred... I might think about throwing one in, if I had one."

Seriously? I wanted to punch her.

So then I read, and I sat some more, and then she had virtually EVERY OTHER WOMAN in the house read a particular Drood/Rosa scene...except me. Yeah, thanks, lady. Thanks for your professional conduct.

Okay. Realistically, I know that being in Sound of Music creates some conflicts, but honestly? They're not horrible. I did go up after and clarified the performance dates and the major rehearsal weeks, which admittedly do sound like they'd be a bit of a problem for the major rehearsal period of the show. So a large part of why I didn't get to read may have been that she just looked at the conflicts and decided "No Way."

But here's my MAJOR PET PEEVE about auditioning. If you're not going to ask me to read again? Just fucking let me go home. Don't torture me by making me watch EVERY OTHER PERSON there get to read the role you know I'm interested in, while it becomes more and more clear that you're not going to ask me to read again. Moreover, you could at least ask me to read again to even things out and not make it so BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that you're already favouring someone else in the room.

So, if I ever decide to cross the divide and direct? At auditions, I pledge that I will *either* let people read as evenly and diversely as I can, OR if there's someone I just know I'm not going to need, I'll read that person FIRST and then LET THEM GO HOME.

Gods, I hate that. And when they call me to tell me, sadly, that they can't use me, I'm definitely going to say something about her attitude during the audition itself. There was just NO call for her to be so bitchy about a simple and reasonable question.

Well. Laundry should be done, so time to get going. Oh - there should be fic, maybe later this evening. I have a chapter to beta *and* I really need to move my ass on reviewing the submissions for "Bad-Ass Faeries II."


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