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Hey, SPN peeps!

Y'all probably know this already because I am the worst LJ blogger on the planet and I don't keep up with, well, anything, anymore.

But for those who are not familiar, Mark Oshiro of Mark Reads Harry Potter, several years ago branched out into his own network of fan-related things:

Mark Does Stuff (Tumblr)
Mark Reads
Mark Watches

And he is about to start Watching Supernatural - TODAY. (He is also in the middle of Season 4 of The West Wing and it's delightful to see.)

If you are not familiar with his methods, he picks series (written or visual) and reads one chapter / watches one episode at a time, and then blogs his reviews, reactions, and experiences. The BIGGEST rule of following Mark is: DO NOT SPOIL. His whole process is a meta-examination of the experience of experiencing a book or tv series for the first time, with NO outside information.

Y'all should check him out and support! His first SPN review should be up by the end of the day today.
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Just a note that the deadline for Formal Programming submissions for Ascendio is in February. Winter break/the holidays are a perfect time to think about what you want to present on - or suggest topics to your friends and come up with a proposal jointly!

If you want to take a quick break from reading Yuletide, pop over to our Call for Proposals and submit something!

There's also still time to Register or buy a gift certificate for Ascendio, including tickets to our private park event!

AND. Auditions and submissions are open for Ascendio's theatrical events: Wands x Wands x Wizards Revue and "Mischief Managed"! Check them out:

Mischief Managed
Wands by Wands by Wizards
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Just the briefest of notes:

Ascendio's price goes up in about 26 hours! It's $200 now, but as of Tuesday, November 29, the price will increase to $225.

Get three+ days of programming, wrock, slash, cosplay, the Welcome Feast, the Leaving Brunch, the fashion show, a Ball, and all the amazing memories of a bonafide HPEF conference for a bargain price!

(On an unrelated note: yeah, I really need to check the email account associated with LJ and the SCA more often.... I've had life, lately, but still. Not a good excuse.)
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I found a link to this in a post from one of you (musesfool? Marauder?) but I wholeheartedly agree with the rec and must pass it on:

Hilariously cute West Wing vid

The song is hilarious too! I recommend full screen view as the ratio is off in the thumbnail version.
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As many of you know, I've been part of a giant HP website for almost 10 years: FictionAlley.

For years, we've had the luxury of a practically-free server host and we used to make a reasonable amount of money off Amazon partnerships and such - enough to essentially cover our costs. But recently that changed.

Our host was purchased by a larger company and our server hosting fees went from almost nothing to over $200 a month. We've done some fund-raising drives that just haven't worked well, and our staff members have contributed all they can (and in some cases more) to keep the site running for the time being. We've been aware for a few months, though, that the situation is really getting dire.

So we've been looking for opportunities to help achieve financial independence, including grants. Unfortunately, most of the grants out there don't fit our organization well, for a variety of reasons.

But we've kept trying. And this month we received confirmation that our proposal was included in the Pepsi Refresh challenge!

This is potentially the solution to our problems - but we can't win alone. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help us! Go and VOTE for FictionAlley. You can vote three different ways (and each counts as a separate vote) AND you can vote for up to 10 causes per day, so FictionAlley and nine others. There are some awesome proposals out there, both in our category and in smaller and larger request amounts.*

PLEASE vote. Every Day, Every Way. Set a recurring reminder on your calendar to go vote, pass this on to your friends and anyone you think would be willing to give us three minutes a day through November 30 to try to be one of the top ten proposals in our category.

You can vote on the site, via Facebook, and by texting (normal texting rates apply):

Vote three times a day! Yes, you're allowed to - we checked with Pepsi.
Vote at
Vote via Facebook:
Text 103643 to Pepsi (73774) (standard text messaging rates apply)
Remember, you don't have to be in the US to vote.

Vote for FA, Every Day, Every Way! Help us get refreshed!

*Believe it or not we've already heard some objections of the, "But think of the children!" variety: i.e., that we are somehow taking money that could be better used elsewhere by trying to win this grant. I've done the research and I'm here to tell you that there are far more sources of funding available to traditional charitable causes than there are to fan-oriented websites, even ones with a clear educational component like FA. Our 501(c)3 is just as deserving as any other - and we've never said we're trying to solve the problems of the world. Just this one problem. And again, you can vote for 10 charities per day, so if you see a proposal that touches your heart, by all means, vote for it! But please vote for us, too!

ETA: an earlier version of this post got wanked. I apologize for the incendiary comments that got everyone's attention. It was useless hyperbole and was inappropriate.
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Just when we thought Tim Gunn (of Project Runway) could not be any more perfect, he "gets better":

(I particularly need this stuff because right now it all sucks. The Penguins suck, the work situation sucks and potentially really, really sucks, and there's precious little else to distract me. Fuck y'all, fuckers. I'm watching Sherlock, so there.)
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Read more about this on [ profile] pinkfinity's LJ!

Please HELP FA with your short VIDEO!

Fiction Alley is completely strapped and this video project is one way we may be able to get a quick infusion of cash, while we continue to explore other options. iGive has announced a vid contest but we need HELP! It's really simple, and Pinkfinity's LJ post has the details.



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