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It's been a busy dang weekend.

Yesterday morning, [ profile] etakyma and I went to the Museum of Science to take advantage of a Groupon offering the chance to tour Cambridge - by Segway. Segways are totally, totally cool.

And wicked easy to use. Amy had a little trouble just after we left the training paddock, but within a few minutes we were both zooming around like pros. We had a fabulous time with our tour guide (Evan), who was Our Kind of Geek. And there were bits and pieces of Cambridge that I had never really known much about. The tour took in the park that was installed as part of the Big Dig, went down along one of the canals built in Cambridge (which I'd actually been to before, but it was at night and I was actually trying to find a restaurant and had taken a wrong turn), and then down to MIT. It was cool to tootle down to MIT again, though I have to say that my perception of MIT's campus and buildings is forever coloured by participating in Civilite.

We freely admit, though, that the real reason for taking the tour was simply to gain the experience of riding a Segway! Which was SO COOL! And I can now state for the record that Quidditch on Segways would be completely awesome and totally safe.

We also saw a Planetarium show (which was marred only by the rather fractious child next to us, but her mother finally took her out), and then wandered a mere half-mile away to the site of my boss's wife's art show, which was good.

A took a nap and then went home, leaving me to fend for myself for supper. More adventur ensued when I decided to have A Beer with my pizza. I chose (unwisely) to use the bottle opener on my all-purpose kitchen shears and when I had finally pried the cap loose, the beer exploded all over my PJs. I swiftly set the beer down in my kitchen sink (thank goodness I had just washed the dishes) and ran to the bathroom to strip off my now beer-soaked PJs and leave them in the tub to dry before adding them to the laundry. Except that when I go to toss the PJs in the tub? THERE'S A SPIDER IN THERE!!

A big one, too.

Yeah. Well, he was down by the drain, so I dumped the discarded clothes at the other end and proceeded to put on fresh PJs - and shoes. Because gods know, I can't be expected to KILL A SPIDER barefoot (let alone naked)! I grabbed my trusty spider-swatter and thus armed, proceeded to Battlefield: Bathroom. He tried to run into the pile of clothes, but I got him before he was able to hide in their beery folds. Terror! But I prevailed. Then I ate - and drank what was left of the beer. Half a beer is better than none?

That was a pretty full day by itself. But then I added today to yesterday.

NEW GLASSES! Ouch. $500 of new glasses (though that's both regular and a pair of prescription sunglasses). No, they were NOT very expensive frames. In both cases, the lenses were way more expensive than the frames, in fact. And guess what? LensCrafters does not accept EITHER my health insurance OR the vision care insurance I took out expressly because I knew I would be replacing my glasses! Well, I understand that I can submit claims directly to both and see what I get reimbursed. But... PITA. All-around PITA.

And of course, had to spend two hours malling while waiting for the glasses (because sunglasses take two hours, not one). Which is okay - I had a birthday present to shop for and I needed new 'intimates' - but zoicks. Those little errands (plus a couple others) set me back another couple hundred (literally). I was in the mall for 6 hours, altogether! And then I still had to hit Target for a couple other items.

Man, I'm tired.

And broke.

But I do like my new glasses. I especially like being able to see properly.
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The Full Monty opened this weekend. We've had a couple reviews so far, both favourable. I'm actually mentioned in this one:

(then again this reviewer apparently generally says good things about everyone.)

Anyone in the area, remember that this Friday and Saturday (March 4 and 5), I go on as Vicki instead of Pam. Come see me! Then tell everyone there how great my performance was. ;D

I was so stressed by the time we opened that I kinda had a meltdown afterward. Mainly it was the stress of dealing with the production side (and getting caught between the director and the TD). It was an extended meltdown, too: I was fried afterward and realizing that I just wasn't in the mood to party with everyone. If I'd started drinking I think I would have burst into tears. So I went home to have my breakdown in private and not bring everyone else down. Only I was too damn tired and fell asleep before I really did anything but leak out a few tears. Hah. Which meant that the next day I had to join up with everyone to go to WERS without having finished. So I kinda continued holding it in (which meant leaking here and there, wearing sunglasses and hiding in my coat hood) so that it wouldn't bother everyone else. Got back to the theatre (and retrieved my purse, which yes, I'd left the night before), went and replaced the wiper that had split on Friday (argh), got some Dunkin, and went home. My mother had called while we were at the radio station, so I called her back and finished my detox. Then I made a mac'n'cheese and chilled out for a while and felt much better.

Also, I got my new GC's from Amazon and ordered my Wii Fit. Today I cleaned the living room a little so I'll have space to play with it when it arrives. I've also downloaded the Netflix app (apparently in the wrong order to get points on Club Nintendo :( but the important thing is Netflix!) and I can get another $100 in GC's through one of my survey-taking places, which I can use to get a new compressor microphone to start recording for a couple projects.

The job front is another issue, though. Gang. I need help - I didn't get hired at MCP (the job my replacement at NU left). I don't know about BWH, but at this point I don't have a lot of hope. Temp jobs have been non-existent.

I know one of the pieces of advice I've got in the past is to work on my resume so that it's more about accomplishments for the company than a list of things I did. It's very difficult to do that, though, when one's jobs have been so task-oriented and not, for example, the kind of job where you can clearly point to something like, "I brought in 10 clients" or "Exceeded quota by 20% for 10 months in a row". How does one do that? Then there's the cover letter. I'm really conscientious about going through the job descriptions and linking what they are asking for to things that I've done that are either parallel or similar to those items. Doesn't seem to matter. WTF am I doing wrong?

Anyone have HR experiene who'd be willing to look over my basic resumes and/or read a couple covers? If I can develop some stock phrases that I can C&P into letters, at least it's something. Or if anyone has leads on Boston-area headhunters, agencies, or contacts with whom I can network.... help?

There's really no reason on earth I should be not working. /Stress
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Okay, so the show opens in (gulp) 10 days, and I go on as Vicki the following weekend. This means that although I technically have almost 2 weeks to settle my costumes, I actually *don't*, I have until Tuesday which will be the one dress rehearsal I get to do as Vicki.

However. The costumer has been very scattered and dismissive about finding things for me in that role with "that's not important" and "We have time" as the responses when I've tried to talk to him about it. He did finally start to understand that I was set for my Pam costumes but wanted to talk about the Vicki ones last night, but then I got cut off with, "That just doesn't compute right now; I just can't handle that right yet, there's too much else still to do."

Okay. Fair enough. But the reason I wanted to talk to him about it was that the other cast member who thought she might have dresses doesn't... and because I don't have rehearsal tonight, I knew I would have time to take the 1-hour drive to the Outlet Mall to go shopping.

When he finally realized that's what I was saying, he said: "Oh! Great! Go for it," although he still wouldn't go through the costume plot so I'm not quite sure what I need for a couple scenes. But the important part was that I knew I needed a flowy cocktail dress that I can cha-cha and tango in (including a kick), and that it couldn't be black. (I also need a red dress (which actually I started to talk to him about when we first talked costumes and - surprise! - he wasn't listening/hearing that I needed to be in red *as Vicki* in the same scene when I needed to be in red *as Pam*), but I have a red dress that fits and that will work for that scene. Not that I was opposed to buying one if I'd found the right thing....)

Anyway, the upshot is that I headed down to the outlets today with a short list of items that, if I found them, would be good for the show. Retail therapy, baby!

Shopping details for the clothing- and fashion-oriented )

So, a productive, if slightly expensive, 4 hours. But hey, I didn't buy 5 pairs of shoes or anything! (Dammit.)
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Saturday, my computer decided to spontaneously shut itself off. Twice.

I was up until 3 AM backing up all the files. (The second time it shut off was in the middle of copying files, in fact.) I let the thing rest Sunday and I've been researching computers... but before I hit the "buy" button, I came home and tried turning the computer back on.

So far, so far.

However, I have now officially acknowledged my computer's need to check in to the computer nursing home... though I am still hoping I can get it to limp along for a little while longer. At least I've done the research! But I really don't want to have to buy a new computer now if I can squeeze another couple months out of this puppy.

(And I still need more memory for the netbook. I tried running HP's automatic detector to tell me what to get, but I think because it's a refurbish, it can't tell me. Argh. But it still exists as a backup.

(Why is all my tech simultaneously going wonky?)

I really do want a better DNR guideline for a computer. (The DNR on the DVD player was easy.)
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Yes, I realize I'm like the last person in HP fandom to see DH1 - well, except [ profile] etakyma, because we went to see it together last night.

It was okay. It was better in parts than I feared, more painful in parts than I hoped, and surprising in a few ways. Best thing in the film was Jason Isaacs, though. I think he really did an amazing job of treading that line between scared shitless and trying to maintain the shreds of his dignity, authority, and prowess. The Endless Camping Adventure of DOOOOOOM was mercifully kept moving through the wondrous power of film - and basically skipping the monotony in favor of, y'know, actual plot development. Rhys Ifans cracked me up, mainly because all I could think of anytime he was on-screen was "Notting Hill" and the ridiculous Spike. Yaxley! I am so glad we have a visual for him now. Bill Nighy as Scrimgeour was also freakin' hilarious (though I didn't need the EXTREME close-up of the first few frames).

One moment of huge cognitive dissonance for me was the scene in the tea shop because I had immediately recognized the Death Eater later revealed as Dolohov - only I immediately recognized for the icons that the HP Alternity player has chosen for Rodolphus.... so I had to do a little mental somersault and reassign him in my head. (Yeah, I know. But HP Alternity rocks.)

There are some visuals I want to be able to spend more time on - like Sirius' room (I want MORE!) and Regulus' room (again MORE) and the exterior of the Manor (though not the interior - way too Gothic and not Georgian enough)... long hair on wizards is growing on me, especially styled like the head Snatcher. (I'm kinda glad it wasn't Fenrir, actually. I don't mind that change.) I'm also glad they didn't include Remus's freakout scene when he comes to 12GP because that was one of the bits that really pissed me off - not that he was panicked, but that Harry got all self-righteous with him and really had no clue what he was talking about. (The sequence just drove home why R and T weren't well-matched the way JKR wrote them.) On the other hand, the inclusion of George playing it cool in the face of Harry and Ginny making out? Price. Less. And Luna ALWAYS RULEZ. M'kay?

Oh, does anyone know why on earth the guy Harry polyjuiced into in the Ministry infiltration sequence (Runcorn), was walking so strangely? That was never explained as far as I can tell.

Hm. What else? Since I probably won't see it again until it's on cable or whatever.... I thought it was reasonable. Maybe it's because I'm just not as invested in the story anymore. I dunno. Heavy on the angst and woe in the opening scenes... but overall better than I was expecting.

In other news: Full Monty, baby! At Turtle Lane. End of February. I'm playing Pam and will play Vicki for some number of performances. This is awesome for a few reasons, not least of which that it comes with a very small stipend, which basically pays for the gas and probably for going out afterward. Yayz.

Still no word on the job - I'm told we will know something "this week." Argh. I needz a job.

My Christmas shopping is 2/3 done. And I bought a pair of PJs that I need to exchange for a different size. And the Penguins won, hoorah.

Tonight, I have been watching "The Princess and the Frog" on cable. Er. Well. It does have a bit to recommend it. But I still can't forgive them for Disneyfying her - though there is a better explanation for her outfit in the context of the story... she still was prettier and more appropriate before they mucked with her look. However. Keith David has always had a sexy voice. He's even sexier when he sings. SHIVER. (Oh, and it's worth noting that the dream sequence toward the end shows her in much the way they had her look originally.)
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...Back up your smartphone.

I took my phone to Sprint because the Bluetooth has been acting funny - and because my "mute" button was making the phone freak out and not working. (It would vibrate and switch rapidly from mute to sound and back multiple times and then ultimately NOT go mute.)

They had to replace the device - which is okay, I have tech protection - but because I hadn't backed it up I lost photos, my MPG data from my car, and all my ringtones for various people.

So I'll be synching that back up tonight, but the rest of the data is lost. Luckily it's not hugely *important* data, but still. PITA.

(Oh, and my reward for the Miyazaki dream two nights ago? Was a nightmare about a really horrific plane crash last night. Joy.)

At least I spent the hour waiting for them to fix the phone by price shopping (and eventually buying) new plastic storage totes - a 45Gal. for the tent (with wheels!!), a 22Gal and an 18Gal for fabric and other stuff to go either downstairs or in the Ashland storage unit. They're still in the car, but Progress!
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Couple auditions in the last couple days. One was for a two-person play and I don't expect to get cast - not that I didn't audition well, but she'll probably go with someone younger and smaller given her likely male actor (though... to be fair there was only one guy the night I auditioned and I don't know about the other guys who might have auditioned).

Tonight was for Seussical with a really fun choreography and OMG lots of kids! There were 8 adults auditioning for all the adult roles and about 15 kids all going for JoJo (although it could be some of the older kids will be cast in other roles). I don't know whether they don't have a musical director or if the director just wanted an accompanist for the audition process, but they had an accompanist come in... except. Most of us wound up singing a capella. But before we sang the 16 bars we had all prepared, they wanted us to all sing the same thing (to get a baseline of vocal quality, I guess). She had us all learn the "Banana Boat Song" (which the few of us over the age of 30 already knew)... but she also played it in strict time and with strict enunciation of the words ("Daylight come and me want to go home" instead of "Daylight come an' me wan'go home"). It was without a doubt the whitest rendition of Harry Belafonte ever. I don't think it could have been more uptight had we actually sung "Deo Gracias Anglia" instead.

Anyway. It was pretty funny. If it hadn't been so painful.

(In other news, I bought pants for $2 at Penney's yesterday. Seriously. $2! Can't beat it with a stick.)

Some stuff

Sep. 4th, 2010 07:53 pm
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Okay, so....

First off, I have purchased a knock-off brand of toning trainers for only $30 (instead of $80-100 for name brands). I have tried on virtually every trainer on the market that offers this technology, that doesn't have a mesh fabric (because going into autumn, I don't want a trainer that's going to soak through). I even got a blister from tightening shoelaces. But hey, $30 and new trainers and (one hopes) they will do what they're supposed to do as I walk.

Also, Bad-Ass Faeries now has a website, so watch for more information about that soon.

Also, FictionAlley needs money. We're looking into grant opportunities but we could use donations to tide us over (and if we don't get a grant soon), so go to FA and donate or at least use our Google Ads and links when you shop on Amazon and so on, so we'll get kickbacks.

Next, I finally received "Brotherhood of the Wolf" from Netflix. It wasn't in their library when I first requested it three years ago; they finally added it and I watched it this afternoon. Really rather good, though not particularly pithy. It's French (subtitled) and watching subtitled movies is always tricky owing to the lack of multitasking. My French is way rusty, so without the subtitles I'd catch about every third word. It's also notable because it features Marc Dacascos, better known as the Iron Chef America Chairman, in a super-hawt role. I kinda want this movie, though I'm not anxious to add it to the collection. Someday. It's not even that expensive - just not a necessary acquisition at this time.

I also recently watched "In the Bedroom" - Wow. That's a powerful film. Deceptively simple. Tom Wilkinson is in everything, man. And he's always fabulous.

Still nothing on the job front. I just need to keep applying.

And last but totally not least, [ profile] etakyma and I went up to Manchester last week to have dinner with [ profile] bekkio. We went up early to check out the Currier Museum of Art, which is quite a respectable little collection. They had three changing exhibits, the best of which was a kinetic sculptor named George Sherwood ( Wicked cool. And a retrospective on photographer Jerome Liebling, also impressive, but not as "woah" as the sculpture. It was a fun day.

I have some auditions coming up, have to prepare for those. And...I dunno. I guess that's it. Holiday weekends - pretty much the same for me as any other day. Only in some ways more boring.
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I had to go to Macy's to continue the perfume saga (small progress forward, but still no resolution: I got the number of a regional Dior rep....), and I figured I'd pay my Penney's bill while at the mall. I also needed some girl-things, and figured I'd take advantage of both stores' sales.

Cutting because this is about underwear (not the historical kind!) so boys can avoid or not. You've been warned! )

Then today I sat in for Heidi on an interview, which I can't talk about in detail, and re-aired / finished drying the tent, the canopy and the groundcloth, and then got them put away in the basement along with the tent poles.

I need to invest in a tucker tote. The old tent bag she is DED. I don't know why things can't last! That bag was only about 45 years old. Seriously. But I can do that whenever. Oh, and I will need to run some seam sealer over the tent next spring. It's on the to-do list.

I still have laundry to do, and dishes. But right now I'm going to sweat for a little bit.

Oh! And I roasted corn with my broiler last night! I'm SMRT. It was yummy.
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I'm watching Tim Gunn lose it on Project Runway ("animal wooly balls" vs "real balls" - yeah, if you don't know what I'm talking about you're probably better off).

I have dried out the sleeping bags, but the tent probably needs to at least be set out on the other side, probably better to actually set it up (oy). And I need water seal for the seams.

So the quick Pennsic Update )

I went to the grocery store today for milk (yay!) and more cheese (my open cheese got moldy while I was away) and will do a "real" full grocery shop tomorrow or over the weekend when the new flyer prices go into effect. (Need soda, yogurt, dinners.... but have a coupon!) I also got QUARTERS so I can do my laundry! I did a load of whites (with bleach) but needed more change to continue.

Have decided not to pursue Aflac. I've contacted them a total of 3 times now on separate occasions and apparently they can't be arsed to get back to me. Screw'em. The guy at the bank suggested I apply there. Hm.

I also need to go to Macy's to see about the perfume spritzer (yes, the saga continues!). Short version of story: It definitely leaked while at war, the temperatures were hot enough to sort of "bake" the ester and I have visible proof that the bottle leaks. A little pointed questioning of Joel resulted in his not only remembering that he bought it at Macy's, not Sephora as previously believed, *but* that his receipt was still in the bag in his bedroom. From 2 1/2 years ago!!!! Frightening, but not a bad thing in this case. So I am armed with the receipt now, too!

I must re-motivate to start looking for work again. I can't seem to get up the energy. I've been sleeping a lot.

And I must clean. Oy. Really, really need to clean. I currently fear that I accidentally returned the unused high-capacity black toner cartridge instead of a used one. Sigh.

I'm caught up on Project Runway, and I'm ready for tonight's new episode. I watched last week's Burn Notice but I think I missed one in there. But USA shows it all the time. I also watched last night's new The Choir but BBC America does not, apparently, repeat the old episodes as much as I would like, so I missed one there, too.

Way behind on White Collar and others. Meh.

I did get an order from Amazon that I ordered with gift certificates: A Little Princess (the good, BBC / Wonderworks TV version); Chronicles of Narnia (ditto, the BBC / Wonderworks one), Snoopy (replacing the CD stolen from my car about 4 years ago), Season 2 of The Closer, and The Addams Family - the musical. Turns out [ profile] etakyma bought the same soundtrack! Wish I'd known, but oh well.

But I am also loving Top Gear on BBC America. OMG, these boys are SOOO funny. And they are boys. They constantly play tricks on each other. It's like if Moony, Padfoot and Prongs grew up and had a car review show. Seriously. (Jeremy is Moony, Hammond is Pads and James May is Prongs, of course.)

And Alternity? Man, it's awesome. I love that even when there are issues behind the scenes, we work them through and we're committed to helping each other remove roadblocks and at least trying to keep it fun for everyone. We don't always succeed - because let's face it some characters just are harder to play in Alternity than others - but we sure as hell try. Meanwhile, I think the measures we take do improve the game, not just for those characters but for everyone, and offer new dimensions for the readers, too.

So y'all should read it. Really.

Oh, and I found out that somehow I missed the email about the October cabaret thing that Wellesley's doing - but I got to the organizers in time. And I even talked them into a solo! So that'll be cool and rehearsals start at the end of the month. I'm sure there are other auditions to look out for, too. Back to the grind.

And back to job search. Bleah. But there's simply no alternative. I have to get a job.


Apr. 8th, 2010 05:48 pm
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I was going to make this a longer post, but now I think bullets will do:

- The contract job site selected a different candidate. This isn't a horrible thing, as I really wasn't excited about putting 40 miles on the car every day (especially with a 17MPG average right now)

- I did, however walk through the Stoughton Jordan's Furniture and the Stoughton IKEA. But other than lunch (It's not IKEA without Swedish Meatballs!) I didn't buy anything. Yay, me.

- I always fantasy furniture shop at Jordan's. It's fun! This time I found a cool flip-top writing desk and I believe Narcissa Malfoy's bedroom furniture. I took pictures of the bedroom, but may go find them on the website later.

- Instead of my little self-devised "workout" this morning, I decided to finally get out the Yoga DVD I bought months ago. What a workout!

- Yoga on a rug that really needs to be vacuumed, however, is not so fun.

- Having done that, though, I really needed to start getting my books and all back in tubs to get them downstairs. And that's when

- I threw my lower back out. Ow. I was testing the weight. I swear. I lifted with my legs. I did. I gauged the weight, put it down, and I was straightening up. And POP.


So, no brush-up for me tonight. I'm icing / heating, trying to take it easy, only moving when I have to....

But, yeah. I'm a dumbass. I'll take the netbook to bed, as the laptop is too heavy to lift right now. At least I can kinda hobble around the apartment. When it first happened I could barely walk to the bathroom for Tylenol.


ETA: And now there's something wrong with the power supply to the netbook. Not sure if it's the brick or something else. Sigh. Grabbed the regular computer - and yeah, it actually hurt to carry it to the bedroom, but it's here now.

I'm moving a little more easily, but still hurts. Tiger Balm is my friend.
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So, I had an interview this morning for a 5-month contract job. It's AA work, but in HR, which is a new field. Duties include posting jobs, calling applicants to screen them, scheduling interviews, supporting job fairs, etc.

It's 20 miles straight down 128 - actually, it's the exit before 93 and Rte 1 split from 95. So lots of wear-and-tear on the car. More gas.

But. Five months - which would get me through summer. I will need to call unemployment to figure out if that will disqualify me to reopen the claim if I don't have anything to move into afterward (and yes, I'd completely keep looking while I'm working, there's no way this is a temp-to-perm position).

Meh, it'd be a job. So tomorrow I have to go to the Stoughton office of the contracting agency to fill out paperwork and get drug-tested.

Meanwhile, because I was on the southside, I called my mechanic and went to Ashland to have him look at the car frame. As I suspected, there's nothing wrong. Just where the bumper's paint is scraped. And that can get fixed whenever the other insurance company gets around to assessing it.

From there, I drove back up to Framingham to go to Sprint. My phone has been reluctant to charge. As in, I have to shake it and try multiple times to plug it in. I figured, most likely, that the contacts were getting grimy and needed to be cleaned. But they needed my phone for 90 minutes because there was a line.

Moral: I should have brought my netbook!

I left the phone and went to amuse myself for a while until they had a chance to check the phone. I checked out the new Michael's (new location), went to Starbucks and had a coffee while I read a chapter of my book and copied out a line or two from my script (part of my memorization process). Then I jogged over to Container Store just to window shop. No travel sale yet. I was tempted by some clearance wrapping paper, but in the end I left it.

Back to Sprint - and of course, they had no trouble with the phone. They did give me a new charging cord (yay, free accessories!), and to be fair, when I plugged it into the car charger: no trouble. Started charging right away. They did mention cleaning the contacts, so if that really was the problem, then maybe it's fixed. (Crosses fingers)

Back home. My tights arrived, yay! (Needed different colour tights for "Singin'", and only had one pair that colour.)

Reported to Unemployment. Called another staffing agency that had emailed me in the meantime.

Exhausted now.
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Well, that was an expensive non-rehearsal.

I dunno why, I thought I had rehearsal tonight (not until tomorrow). So since I was halfway to the mall, I thought I'd go to Crane's and see if they had the note cards I like, but haven't seen at the Hallmark store in a while. So I drove up there, but the Crane store closed.

I walked down the mall to Papyrus, and they didn't have the cards either. So I went across the mall to Sephora, figuring I'm almost out of moisturizer since the last show, and I'll need more before the end of the next show.

Well, I decided to pick up the Bare Minerals starter kit, which I've been wanting to do but keep putting off. And I got to talking with the rep about a replacement for the cream I've been using (it's supposedly awesome and for dry skin and no, it burns like sin), and she put me onto a different product, which is locally made (yay), less expensive for more product (yay), and really really gentle (she had me try some). She also gave me a sample of the cleanser made by the same company *and* a sample of a sunscreen for sensitive skin. Technically I didn't "qualify" for the cleanser sample (it's now a free sample wiht every $100), but I was close. And that's with the less expensive moisturizing cream!

But I hope they'll be very useful things. Everyone I know who uses the Bare Minerals just loves them, and with the hope of job interviews (please, please please) and the shows and all that... well, it just seemed like a good investment.

But it was more than I was planning to spend for a simple run to rehearsal and back!
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Yesterday I voted (after remembering that our polling place has changed!), then tried and failed to enroll in Unemployment. I got to the first place and learned that there were 39 applicants that morning and they weren't taking anyone else that day. I went to a second office to learn that they only accept new applications on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Since I was in the Burlington area, I went to Patterson's and found two new leotards, which I've been needing, and then went over to Off-Broadway shoes and didn't buy sneakers, and then got lunch (during which I was able to read over one short story), and did a little more unproductive Christmas shopping but I did buy two pairs of leggings (again, for dance at rehearsals) and a stocking stuffer.

Then I made it to the grocery store and home. By then it was after 4.

Today I went to my 9:00 headhunter appointment. I like the model they use, but I'm not sure I can invest their fees right now.

Their Model )

With the economy the way it is, with the really difficult niche I'm trying to fill, especially looking for a jump in my level... is this a worth-while gamble? I have the contract to consider and I've got a follow-up with them on Monday, by which time I have to have a decision.

Anyway, got done with that a little after 10. Changed in the building restroom and headed out to Natick. In the yuck, by the way. Went to Michael's, didn't really see anything earth-shattering. Browsed through Burlington Coat Factory. First thing that struck me was that there was no music in the store. It was silent. As much as I get annoyed at incessant musak, especially the Christmas music this time of year, it was really weird to shop in a huge store with no background noise. It was freakin' eerie.

Well, I wandered around plagued by "I don't know"-itis, decided that I really didn't have a clue what I wanted to get, and so left and headed to the mall.

more shopping )

Got home a little after 4 (again) and took Tylenol and proceeded to conk out for 2 hours!

Made dinner at 8. Getting headachy again, but it's almost the end of Top Chef and I can get to bed. I want to get up early to do Unemployment by phone while I get myself in gear on the crap I meant to do this week.

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My mother sent me a check for what she considers her "half" of the cell phones (which is a joke, because really she uses her phone for less than a minute per month and I have never expected her to pay for it, but she insists), and also another amount to represent a Christmas present. It was too much, but moms. What can you do? And I also had another check to deposit. I have a credit card that earns points which can be turned into a rebate when you buy a new car. Only it's a bit of a scam: first off it's about one point per 2-3 dollars, and second you can only accrue a maximum of 500 points per year, and third they expire after 3 years. So since it'll probably be another 6 years before I an in a position to redeem them again, I really should switch everything on that card to something a little more useful. I've got an Amazon-earning card, and a general "points for gift cards"-earning card, and even a Target-points card.

I did some shopping yesterday. I figure I'm doing my part for Global Warming: By buying more long underwear and wool socks, I'll assure that the temperatures will rise, right?

Well, I did a little checking and all the places I wanted to go were more conveniently close together in Framingham/Natick. So I went out there.

Filene's Basement is closing! So in addition to the two pairs of long underwear I wanted (which I got for 20% off) I found a navy turtleneck and a really lovely rust sweater - plain, but 100% wool and under $20. Then at Target I found the layering pieces I was looking for - only in Men's (and for less than women's, hah), plus a couple pairs of earrings to replace all the ones I've been losing lately (Yes, Amy, they have the little stoppers on them). And at REI I got warm socks - two pair of the three for less than $5 each (and gave them Dad's phone number to apply the points to his REI membership). What I couldn't find was a fuse to test the theory that the radar detector fuse is dead (the radar detector stopped working about 3/4 of the way to Pittsburgh last weekend.

Anyway, I'm glad I did my running yesterday because today it's SNOWING like a mofo. It was not snowing at 2:00 when I went to bed, but there's already about 3 inches out there.

I spent an hour or so going through the accumulated papers on the butler's table and the other horizontal surfaces last night and have more to do today. I found huge amounts of change - maybe I'll count it up, but I need coin wrappers or something. I also really need to sit down with my checking statements as it's been about 8 months since I really balanced it.

I'm doing laundry, though, and strangely when I went downstairs to put in the first load, that my box of dryer fabric softener sheets is gone. It was not empty the last time I did laundry, and I don't know of any reason I'd have moved it. I did look up here in case, but it's weird. It's been there for over a year. Why now?


I've also really, really got to go through my closets and drawers and do some major weeding. Maybe later or another week.

Alternity's gone a little quiet - suspect that everyone's getting back into full swing at work and school after the holidays.

What a day

Dec. 9th, 2008 06:51 pm
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Okay - so I was done with inspection and all that by noon (the car wash did NOT take off the writing. I think they used nail polish or something), so I went to Target.

They're having a HUGE sale - lots of seasons of TV for $17.99, lots of films for $10 or less. Went a little crazy, but compared it all to Amazon before buying. Also got a new scraper / snow brush for the car, one with a longer arm because this is a wider (and taller) vehicle.

Then I went to the Container Store and got a little trash can, a boot tray, and a trunk organizer for the back of the car (no cargo nets unfortunately). THEN I went to the mall, found [ profile] etakyma's Christmas present, and ate at the Cheesecake Factory (expensive! But doubled as dinner), and by then it was 4:00. Still need something for [ profile] grouchyoldcoot, but otherwise I'm pretty much done for Christmas. Oddly, the Cheesecake Factory at Natick doesn't *connect* to the rest of the mall, and with the construction, the only way to get there from the mall is by going outside of the Lord and Taylor. But I was determined.

Then I stopped at the dry cleaners on the way back ($65! but with $75 of receipts you get a free 2-piece suit or dress or something, so I'm mostly there), and THEN I stopped at the grocery store.

And when I got home, Ashley had been picked up by the charity and taken away. (Oh, yeah, I forgot to say: I went to the public radio website Sunday night, filled out their form, and yesterday they called and said that they could pick up the car today. So I did as instructed, filled out the title, signed it, and left it, the keys, and the repair records in the glovebox.) Not surprising, since I left the house at 8 and didn't get back until 6.

I miss that little car. Not that I don't love the new car, if for no other reason than it runs and I'm not worried it's going to die or the engine's going to fall out, but Ashley-Pitt was a good soldier and he did virtually everything I ever asked of him, and more. So farewell, Ashley! I hope they make good use of you wherever you go.

So. It was a day off from work, but man, what a lot of running around.


Jul. 25th, 2008 08:06 pm
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So I drove to Target this morning and took the bus in from there. Tried to rush for the bus; wound up stepping in mud up to my ankle. Lovely.

CRAZY day. CRAZY. Totally flat-out, all day, no time to breathe, much less check email.

Came back; tootled through Target for a bit. Spent too much, but bought what I came in for plus three cami-tops, two pairs of men's sleep pants (read: Walking around Pennsic Pants!), and three boxes of cereal. Oh, and a pair of winter boots for next year.


My engine light came on just as I was getting home. Car seems to be running fine. Though it does have 145K+ miles, so it could just be a routine thing.


Ashleeeeeeey! Why are you doing this to me?!
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1. I've managed to pack for Portus into one bag. I'm sacrificing my Chuck Taylors and my pillow, but I have faith in the Anatole for comfy pillows, and I may be able to squeeze the Chucks into my carry-on tote bag.

2. Car Passed Inspection! Jeebus, I knew it should, but I was so worried it wouldn't. Just because my luck IS that Abysmal.

3. Portus made the front page of the Dallas Morning News! This is not my victory, because our incredibly wonderful PR team accomplished this, but I did talk to the reporter for about 45 minutes last week, so it's way awesome to see the payoff. Read the Article - as usual, a couple minor facts scrambled, but SO favorable - which is a little unusual for us wackos. Plus, the reporter is covering at least one day and hopes to do a follow-up based on that.

4-5. Called Lane Bryant about a shirt I ordered online that arrived and is very fucackta. The beading on the front is sewn to a piece of netted tulle, which looks like it was supposed to be attached to the blouse so that the edges of the netting were caught in the seams of the blouse. Only they weren't. So it's got rough-cut edges all around the beaded area. Bizarre.

Anyway, I called them and discovered that I have 90 days and I can take it to a local store and either return it for credit, get something else in-store, or if I want to try again, they will order the replacement for me there in the store. Win. ALSO - I used my Skype to call them, thus saving my nearly $10 in Skype credit in the process. Double win.

So it's not even 9:00 and I'm more-or-less ready to go. And because I only have one suitcase, even though it's a monster, I think I am going to not be a wimp and take the T to the airport instead of shelling out $45 for a cab. Even if it's supposed to be in the 90's today.

Dude. I have 4 1/2 hours to kill. Well, I still need to do the dishes. That'll take 10 minutes. I need to catch up on y'all, and that'll take longer.

And I really need to fix my summergen assignment. It's way pear-shaped. Meh.

But hey, starting off the day with good news is a welcome thing.
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I've been waiting to make this announcement for a while. I'm so excited about this!

For five years, HPEF has helped to promote the spread of literacy by producing magical events for fans and scholars. Now it is your turn to help share your love of reading and the Harry Potter novels, just by purchasing your summer reading list at any Barnes & Noble Booksellers
the weekend of June 20-22, 2008.

Please note - you can help us out even if you aren't going to Portus. Even if you don't like Harry Potter! Just shop at Barnes & Noble on the weekend of June 20-22.

All purchases, outside of textbooks, gift cards, and B&N membership cards, will help support future HP Education Fanon events, include PORTUS in Dallas, LEVEL TWO in San Jose, and INFINITUS at the Universal Orlando Resort. All you need to do is tell the cashier the Bookfair number 310268, or provide the voucher upon checkout. Whether you purchase a mocha and a scone in the Cafe or your third copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, a portion of the proceeds will go to help support future HPEF events.

Note the above - I told some of you at the hp_boston picnic that cafe purchases were excluded. I'm WRONG! BUY COFFEE at B&N AND SUPPORT PORTUS!

Here's what's even better: Starting June 16th, B&N will be having their summer clearance sale. This will include select books and games, so be sure to check it out when you go in to make your purchase. We get a percentage of every dollar, even if the item is 50% off! So why not get more for your money while helping out?!

Dallas area peeps:
You can also help support the Dallas area charity, LIFT (Literacy Instruction for Texas) by purchasing an item off the LIFT Wish List. Any books purchased for LIFT will be used in providing literacy classes to adults surrounding the Dallas area. LIFT was created to address the critical adult literacy issues in Dallas through programs which are accessible to adults at the lowest levels of literacy. With specialized ESL and Family Literacy programs, LIFT focuses on those who would normally be overlooked or ignored in standard educational initiatives. A child's educational success is greatly increased by a parent who reads and reads with the child. We all know the joy reading Harry Potter has brought to us. Let's pass that joy on by making a
donation of a book to LIFT.

If you have a meet up group, and would like to host a meet up at a Barnes & Noble the weekend of June 20-22, please send us an email to

Please pass along this along to your friends, family, and fellow Harry Potter fans. Anyone can help by purchasing during the Bookfair.


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