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Back at Azkatraz, [ profile] bekkio made a beautiful House Unity quilt and I bought it at our auction.

Last week it tried to kill me.

J/K. I put it on my bed last weekwhen I was sick and had chills, and the next morning (after I bailed on work), I was bundled up under it and felt a stab. Then another little jab. I lifted up the corner to find that a pin had been left stuck under the top layer. But here's the thing: The head of the pin was caught inside the quilt itself! So there I was, sick, groggy, getting out a seam ripper so that I could open up the binding at the corner and then carefully easing the pin by its head down to the corner and popping it out of the new hole I'd just made.

I still need to sew it back up. But at least my quilt isn't trying to kill me anymore.

(And, um, I'm kinda even more glad that I bought it and not some unrelated fandomer who might then have had a pin sticking them in the head when they were sick and trying to sleep....)
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So I managed to get through the whole week (through to this morning) without going out, changing out of PJ's, or spending any money. Yay, me!

The costume is assembled, with a couple stupid errors that I didn't feel like undoing. It's just a costume, after all - it doesn't need perfect execution. I inset the sleeves with 0 problems, for a wonder! It was the lining that I did slightly backward... I attached it correctly, but I rolled the hem *under* instead of *outward*, resulting in a perfectly inserted lining...and a rough edge all the way around it. I clipped the edge really close to the seam line, and sealed the whole thing around with superglue. Super glue is my friend.

Then I had another little wobble with the cuffs. I attached them in the ass-backward order from the pattern instructions - partly because I didn't quite understand them until *after* I'd put them on, and partly because I had an Alternate Plan. Only the Alternate Plan didn't turn out to be so great an idea once I got down to its execution. So I defaulted to a Third Plan, which was kind of an amalgamation of the Alternate Plan and the Freshly Read and Newly Understood Instructions. Okay, so the inner cuffs also have a rough egde. With any luck when I hand-hem the sleeve linings in place, I can cover up the rough hem edge. Maybe. I'm a little worried about the sleeve linings, because I *think* I set them correctly enough to manage, but they *might* be off-center by as much as half an inch. But I'll deal with that when I get home Monday.

I have added the front buttons and hemmed the outside of the garment. Still need to hem the inside (right now it's pinned to the outside at the seams, and I'll leave it to hang over the weekend and pin the hem up next week). And then the sleeve lining hem, and the last two buttons.


Thank the gods for Sci-Fi channel, btw. Because they showed all-day SG-1, Atlantis, and again SG-1 three days this week, I was able to simply leave the TV on for the popcorn value of it, mainline crack TV, and not have to expend any thought about finding something else to watch every hour, couple hours, or even half hour. Whee.

Meanwhile, I showered, packed, changed the sheets, washed the blanket, washed the dishes, and didn't quite eat lunch. I had yogurt. I meant to eat a couple cookies... wound up finishing the package (oops).

And I'm glad to see that the rain and snow we're supposed to get today is currently taking the form of sunshine.

It's been a strangely productive week.

Ho hum

Apr. 10th, 2007 10:09 pm
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Job hunting sucks. Bigtime. I'm trying to apply to at least 3-6 jobs per day, but it's difficult when I'm trying to be picky. If I haven't found anything by end-of-month then the standards drop and the jobs I'll accept become less career-track.

[ profile] etakyma is off on her vacation in California (her real vacation, not work-related, not HPEF-related) with her writers' group friends, and I'm looking for work.

So I'm home. I haven't been out of my apartment in two days.

OTOH, other than using electricity and eating, I'm not spending any resources. And I've been sewing like a mad person.

No, not garb. No, not the few mundane projects I've had in mind (and have fabric and patterns to do). No, not even new robes for Prophecy. Although.... No, not really. It's the Halloween costume I planned for two Halloweens ago.

It's actually going well. I was stalled for, oh, a year and a half because I wanted to make practical pockets instead of just a false flap like the costume pattern had. But I went for broke and put the pockets in today, and they sorta kinda work. Not perfect, but "Crose enough" as they say in Kaminari. I'm at the point where the body is done both in the outer fabric and the lining, and the sleeves are sewn into tubes, but need to be attached to the body. And the cuffs have to be attached. I have sleeve fear. Then the lining and shell need to go together. There's a little hand finishing to do (the pattern has godets and they need a little finessing by hand), and buttons, and....done. Should be about another 3 hours or so. Then I need to make the britches, which will actually be SCA-wearable.

What is this costume you ask? I'll give you a hint: Arr.

But I learned an important lesson. You know how when you fold fabric in half and clip across the fold, you open a hole in the fabric? If the snips are sharp enough, this goes for fingers, too. Nothing serious, mind - I was bleeding, but I didn't need stitches, Amy, or have to go to the emergency room - just a band-aid and some antibiotic. But I've officially bled for this garment, so that's a good sign.

However it's after 10 now and I'm not allowed to sew after 10 PM when there's no one else keeping me awake, on-task, etc. Particularly when there's no particular deadline.

If I were smart I'd make some new garb. Though if I'm out of work for another week without finding anything temp, I may well proceed to that. And/or the mundanes.

Snow expected Thursday. Joy.

Hm. Nothing else to report. Jub-hunting sucks. Did I mention how much it sucks?
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Gene Kranz is my hero:

Any man who gets to be played by Ed Harris in the movie version has a plus sign already, but damn, he's always been cool all on his own, too.

"All progress involves risk. Risk is essential to fuel the economic engine of our nation. And risk is essential to renew American's fundamental spirit of discovery so we remain competitive with the rest of the world."

Right on, man.

Last night I finished Howl's Moving Castle and now I Really, really want to see the Miyazaki film version. Diana Wynn Jones, darlings. Go read it now.

Over the weekend I sewed like a maniac and came out with my first kesode, a long undertunic, and a short undertunic. None of them are perfect, but at least I will have underwear for the war. Unfortunately, the sewing machine I borrowed from [ profile] etakyma is not cooperating, so I had to go to her house to sew. I will probably reprise this behaviour this weekend, too, in the hope of making hakama and an obi and maybe a new outer tunic or try my hand at the mesopotamian that TRH's are going to use during their reign. If nothing else, it will be cool for war. Watch it rain and be cold, just because I'm preparing for hot weather. Yeah.

Merg. Too much work to do this week. Too much time spent playing online. I didn't check LJ at all over the weekend (because I was sewing!) and friends was at skip=210 when I came back on Monday. Yikes. The joy of fandom with new canon.

Wallet search: I'm still looking for a new wallet. The kind I had was from Wilson's leather, and they aren't making them currently, apparently. It was a bifold, with a window pocket on the back for driver's license and all. The foldover itself had a small pocket, which was perfect for health insurance cards and so on. Then the main wallet part was just a front, middle, and back section, each of which would hold several cards or bills (folded in quarters), and a zipped change purse in between the middle and back, which I never used.

I've found simlar items at Target and Kohl's, which I didn't really like but they were a little less expensive, and at Filene's, which has a zipper around the back instead of a foldover, but which is leather and a deep shade of purple. But is a purple wallet taking the purple too far? I keep thinking I might find something at the outlet mall in Grove City or something if I just wait a bit longer. Meanwhile, though, I have nothing convenient in which to keep my stuff.

Also, I need a new checkbook cover and I can't find one with the little tab thing that holds the register open to the right page. Bleh. I guess next time I order checks I'll pick one out.

This getting all my stuff together again sucks.


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