Apr. 12th, 2011 02:11 pm
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Coronation was cold. Everyone who was there knows this, so call me late to the party.

The only time I was warm was down by the playground / creek with Josie. Fun. And great timing, because we got her bored with the creek just in time for court, so the kids could babysit again.

Sunday was very quiet and relaxing. When we got home Saturday night I saw that J had only just unpacked his Christmas presents (heh), which included the pancake molds and a "pancake pen" from Williams Sonoma. This put the taste in my mouth. We hadn't yet tried his pancake molds! We must have Millennium Falcon, X-Wing and TIE-Fighter pancakes for breakfast!

So I did a quick check of his on-hand ingredients and proceeded to walk to the nearby grocery store for supplies. Alas, I did *not* adequately check his kitchen utensils. He lacked a proper griddle, and his mixing bowls are fine, but have no pour spouts. This presented a difficulty when trying to pour the batter into the "pen" for the pancakes. Unperturbed, I used a measuring cup to transfer the batter and then proceeded to punt with a large cookie sheet spread over two of his gas burners.


It was a very amusing morning, anyway. And we did manage to produce totally edible pancakes. But the molds need some, um, practice, I think. And a proper griddle would certainly help. The surface was not as non-stick as one might have hoped, and the batter wasn't cooking through to set up enough before the bottom utterly fused to the sheet. The result was that we didn't make a single successful mold shape - but I did make some cute pinwheels with the pen once we abandoned the molds. And they ate just fine, too. His baking sheet is a little scorched :( but I think it survived just fine, really.

We then dropped by fight practice just long enough to say hello and then went to the new Elbow Room to watch the Penguins win (!) their final regular season game. Then home, where we played with my Netflix account on his ginormous TV, ordered Indian, and watched a movie.

J promises to obtain a proper griddle and a mixing bowl with a pour spout before our next attempt at this. :)
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Second interview for a job I REALLY WANT, OMG, I just am so excited by this job, I wants it, precious.

Since I was basically walking within a block of my old building, I actually dropped in on Old Boss D to let him know that this is the one. Had a good chat. He recommended another agency that specializes in project management - and gave me a contact name for them. And also promised that he'd give me a stellar rec when this place calls (which I don't doubt he'll do).

Meanwhile, temp job is...temporary. Predecessor's last day was today. She had no effing clue how to train someone. Frustrating. Don't really know how things are going to go. Still don't have access to all the bits I need - which will be VERY interesting.... But at least the computer, desk, etc. are MINE now, no one making it even harder by not really giving me the ability to learn what to do. Her manual is fairly close to useless but we'll see how it holds up once I can root around on my own and make notes about it all.

Meanwhile meanwhile, I got back to the office (only about... 2 hours later than planned!) and saw that someone had called. Listened to the vm to learn that it's a recruiter. Checked email: Yup, a good potential contractor job. Called him, chatted, and sent over references (including D) and resume. Also made an appointment to see him (they insist on a face-to-face interview) on Thursday afternoon when I'm already out for my MD appointment (which is necessary to get a health attestation, which is necessary for temporary job). But then! He called back about an hour later, having spoken to D. "Oh, no, we have to get you in on this right away. Can you meet me this afternoon?" Heh. So... we picked a time and met at Starbucks nearby.

So it's always feast or famine, isn't it? Anyway...I will feel a little bad if I leave this contract job for the other, even though it's probably only about an 8-week stint. But it's an 8-week stint for possibly as much as a third again the current rate I'm making. Dunno. Mainly it's that I've *just* spent a week training and I'm not even really doing the job yet, so it seems like a pretty crappy thing to do, but I'd give them a week to find someone else. And really, it's more a question of burning bridges than feeling obligated to the temp job. Temp job is...a crummy job, in a lot of ways.

Really, really just want the direct hire job. I can't even. I'm superstitious about details, but trust me. Wicked cool, even if it's not 5 miles from home like temp job. Still haven't met key manager at temp job who has the power to reconsider my resume for a possible permanent job. Would still take 2nd-interview job, probably, over possible permanent job, just because OMG, way better (and probably better $), way more interesting. But must remain focused. Must continue applying. Nothing is certain until it's certain. Argh.

Beowulf the event was last weekend. Met some awesome folks, had amazing food, and really thoroughly enjoyed everything except the last hour or so of having sat on a bench for the previous 8 hours. The performances were each one fantastic, some truly epic, and the whole experience was simply unrepeatable. Also? First SCA event since Pennsic. (Yeah, I know. I suck.)

Got home to some sad news, though. I had a friend back in primary school, a couple years younger than I was, but we bonded over quirky satire songs (Tom Lehrer, Flanders & Swann) and showtunes, and he was one of the first people my own age who shared the obsession with theatre that I was already exhibiting. We were never "romantic" (or whatever passes for romantic at 8 and 10 or whatever), but it was an important connection for both of us, for the same reasons: Meeting someone else who was our brand of "crazy" and who made it "okay" to be different from all the other kids at school. Ben transferred out of my school after a year or two and went on to other things. We lost touch, and then we found each other again several years ago via LinkedIn. We exchanged a few emails to tell each other what was up in our lives, drifted away again, and then once again waved at each other in passing in '09 when I got laid off. Ben had also moved home (after being on the west coast for a while) and was helping his parents with their antique store.

Ben recently sustained a fall with a knee fracture and went in for surgery. He developed post-operative complications (not sure what but probably an embolism), and passed away last week. He was 37.

My mother happened to see his obit and for some reason, she felt compelled to go to the memorial. I'm really glad she did; she had no idea that Ben and I had reconnected, but she said his mother remembered me and she was glad to know that he'd made a lasting impression on us. I could say something about regretting that we didn't stay in touch, but I know better. I'm just not a very "keep in touch" kind of person, though I try. Still it's sad to think that yet another person who had a profound influence on my life has passed out of it.

Stuff: Continue to use the Wii and like it. Apparently weight loss / redistribution is noticeable to folks who haven't seen me in a while (based on the people I saw at former workplace). Got hair cut (waited until after Beowulf b/c I wouldn't have been able to braid my hair if I'd done it before) using a Groupon. May go back to the stylist, may not. Computer is hanging on (literally) by a wire. I really need to research replacing it (again, since it's been 3 months since I looked), but I would like to settle taxes before doing that. (Refund from Fed but owe MA.) Phone acted all possessed when I tried to charge it with another charger - so I really do have to get another Palm charger (not sure where the extra cord is!). Still need to do laundry this weekend. Still need to clean. I want it to be SPRING NOW, PLEASE.

Next up: learning lines for Nunsense! W00t.
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But theatre is going well.

I kicked ASS as Vicki, particularly Saturday night. I got all the laughs I wanted and hit everything right. (And there was a reviewer and a regionally high-level director in the house, too.)

And I just got cast in Nunsense as Sister Mary Hubert (mistress of novices) - at Woodland, which is a theatre (and director) I've wanted to work with for about a year. So YAY. (And three shows in a row, basically, with only a couple dud auditions in between. W00T)

I've also booked my travel for Coronation and for Crown. I'm just waiting for Balticon travel until I'm sure about ground transportation and housing... which I hope I'll hear about soon (before the ticket prices go up).

I need a new computer so badly. Job. Then computer. Srsly.

I'm still enjoying Netflix on the Wii - currently going through Slings and Arrows - awesome show! I'm also liking the Fit tremendously, just as I suspected I would do.

Not much else to report, unfortunately. Really my life is very boring.
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I'm watching Tim Gunn lose it on Project Runway ("animal wooly balls" vs "real balls" - yeah, if you don't know what I'm talking about you're probably better off).

I have dried out the sleeping bags, but the tent probably needs to at least be set out on the other side, probably better to actually set it up (oy). And I need water seal for the seams.

So the quick Pennsic Update )

I went to the grocery store today for milk (yay!) and more cheese (my open cheese got moldy while I was away) and will do a "real" full grocery shop tomorrow or over the weekend when the new flyer prices go into effect. (Need soda, yogurt, dinners.... but have a coupon!) I also got QUARTERS so I can do my laundry! I did a load of whites (with bleach) but needed more change to continue.

Have decided not to pursue Aflac. I've contacted them a total of 3 times now on separate occasions and apparently they can't be arsed to get back to me. Screw'em. The guy at the bank suggested I apply there. Hm.

I also need to go to Macy's to see about the perfume spritzer (yes, the saga continues!). Short version of story: It definitely leaked while at war, the temperatures were hot enough to sort of "bake" the ester and I have visible proof that the bottle leaks. A little pointed questioning of Joel resulted in his not only remembering that he bought it at Macy's, not Sephora as previously believed, *but* that his receipt was still in the bag in his bedroom. From 2 1/2 years ago!!!! Frightening, but not a bad thing in this case. So I am armed with the receipt now, too!

I must re-motivate to start looking for work again. I can't seem to get up the energy. I've been sleeping a lot.

And I must clean. Oy. Really, really need to clean. I currently fear that I accidentally returned the unused high-capacity black toner cartridge instead of a used one. Sigh.

I'm caught up on Project Runway, and I'm ready for tonight's new episode. I watched last week's Burn Notice but I think I missed one in there. But USA shows it all the time. I also watched last night's new The Choir but BBC America does not, apparently, repeat the old episodes as much as I would like, so I missed one there, too.

Way behind on White Collar and others. Meh.

I did get an order from Amazon that I ordered with gift certificates: A Little Princess (the good, BBC / Wonderworks TV version); Chronicles of Narnia (ditto, the BBC / Wonderworks one), Snoopy (replacing the CD stolen from my car about 4 years ago), Season 2 of The Closer, and The Addams Family - the musical. Turns out [ profile] etakyma bought the same soundtrack! Wish I'd known, but oh well.

But I am also loving Top Gear on BBC America. OMG, these boys are SOOO funny. And they are boys. They constantly play tricks on each other. It's like if Moony, Padfoot and Prongs grew up and had a car review show. Seriously. (Jeremy is Moony, Hammond is Pads and James May is Prongs, of course.)

And Alternity? Man, it's awesome. I love that even when there are issues behind the scenes, we work them through and we're committed to helping each other remove roadblocks and at least trying to keep it fun for everyone. We don't always succeed - because let's face it some characters just are harder to play in Alternity than others - but we sure as hell try. Meanwhile, I think the measures we take do improve the game, not just for those characters but for everyone, and offer new dimensions for the readers, too.

So y'all should read it. Really.

Oh, and I found out that somehow I missed the email about the October cabaret thing that Wellesley's doing - but I got to the organizers in time. And I even talked them into a solo! So that'll be cool and rehearsals start at the end of the month. I'm sure there are other auditions to look out for, too. Back to the grind.

And back to job search. Bleah. But there's simply no alternative. I have to get a job.
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I have so many bug bites. Eleven on one leg/foot; four on the other. They ITCH. The bardic event was relaxing and fun, but man, the BUGS. They were intense.

And I am way full from a really lovely dinner with [ profile] grouchyoldcoot before going to see Curtains. I had a salad and a risotto, and we split the creme brulee (which could have been better set up, but flavour-wise was really good). I'm glad I didn't get an entree, though, or I'd have felt even more stuffed during the performance.

The show was fun. I was really annoyed by technical things - an over-reliance on follow-spots, and one of the said spots was focused about 4" smaller than the others.... there were some sound issues... the director apparently really likes straight lines... and a few actors seemed to get tongue-tied a couple times. But it was cute. Not Kander and Ebb's best by a long shot, but a fair score and a frothy, sometimes funny book. I was the only one laughing at some of the Boston-area jokes, but that's to be expected in Pittsburgh. The best number by far is the ballad ("I Miss the Music") which is doubly poignant when one considers that Ebb died before the show was finished, so a composer talking about losing his writing partner has some bonus (sad) significance.

Driving to Rochester tomorrow for a birthday dinner with Mom. Then back to Boston Thursday. And our stuffing party on the weekend (though we've learned that we'll be missing a piece, but that's not the end of the world by a long shot).
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And it's just NOT A GOOD SIGN when you can't find your period underwear.
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Okay, so I have confirmation that pirates are simply cool.

I went to Masked Ball today and it was great fun. I wore my (just completed!) pirate coat, that I'd actually started for a Halloween costume three years ago, but got derailed when my dad broke my sewing machine. Anyway, I didn't have time to make the shirt, sash, or breeches, but I borrowed a shirt from A (thanks!) and used leggings with my high boots. And I found my old cavalier hat in the spare bedroom at Mom's house. I completed it with two old sashes at the hip.

And there was a young man at the event, I'm going to guess about 9 years old, who was also about half-way to pirate garb. He had the pants, shirt, and boots, anyway. At some point he decided that I was the best because I was dressed as a pirate. He asked if I had the P tattoo, which I explained was only branded on pirates who get caught. He told me that he met Jack Sparrow (at Disneyworld, I assume) and a bunch of other things... then he was looking at my sash and said, "I just need a belt and I'll be a pirate too."

Of course, I took off one of my scarves and tied it around him, pirate-sash style. Yep. I had a friend for the rest of the night. Bouncing from topic to topic, too. "Did you see that there's a live-action Thundercats movie coming out?"

"No, but I think I remember hearing something about it. Which one is your favourite Thundercat - is it Lion-O?"

"Uh... I don't... it's been a long time since I saw it," (he says. He's, like, nine. I bet he's seen it more recently than I have!)

Then he talked about a couple other things I didn't recognize and got around somehow to a live-action (or maybe it was 3D?) Link (as in Legend of Zelda), and how cool it was.

"Oh, well, Link was a snappy dresser," I said.

"Yeah, with that green hat!" he said.


Clearly, I hate children. And they obviously can't stand me.

And pirates are cool.

A dilemma

Dec. 1st, 2009 12:48 pm
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Well, I had a feeling this would happen.

Not only is the read-through for "Singin' in the Rain" on Monday, January 4th, there's a *rehearsal* on Saturday the 9th that includes blocking my character's biggest scene.

Which means I either choose to be a dutiful cast member and come straight back to Boston after New Year's and skip both the week in Rochester with Mom and AE 12th night (where I've committed to have office hours and check out people's socks), or I follow-through with my planned time away and reneg on promising the director that I'd be at the read-through and one of the few rehearsals that actually involves me.

It seems like a clear choice to me, only I don't want to do the right thing in this case because it's inconvenient.

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I'm sure y'all may have seen this already. But I'm posting anyway, for posterity.

Pennsic Memorial Runestone )'s way cool. But this doesn't replace the small one, does it?

Oh, and regarding Morguhn's memorial announcement - I WILL BE THERE. I don't exactly know how I'll manage it, coming right off of my California trip, but I will definitely be there. I'd been debating middle weekend vs. final. Choice made.
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So, it turns out that K never really felt comfortable with the filing she just didn't file. She had two or three *boxes* of papers under her desk, some of which had file numbers assigned...some not.

R spotted them Monday (but didn't tell *me*, she told T), and we dug them out yesterday. I've spent the better part of two days sorting them into loose number ranges (<1000, 1001-1600, etc.) and looking up / assigning numbers to the pages that didn't have them written already. I'll spend parts of Thursday and Friday acquainting AA!T with the indexing system and working with her to integrate all these into the files.

T kept saying that he thought there were whole categories missing. He was absolutely right.

I just can't imagine. I mean, I know the files get overwhelming - seriously, a job this size needs a full-time file clerk - but to just pile them under your desk and hope no one will notice? Especially when we kept asking for things that were missing?


Meanwhile, I went to the dermatologist yesterday and got a steroid injection for the one patch of psoriasis that is wicked stubborn. It HURT. But it should (I hope) clear up that one unsightly area. Being able to wear shorts would be nice. New prescriptions - more preparation for the worst - and possibly more effective treatment? I was also happy to hear that my instinct was right and the uber-wonderful moisturizing cream is a Good Strategy.

So that's good.

Many folks from Coronation got some form of crud. I seem to have a mild case (I'm glad mild!), but for those who are unhappy, hope you feel better soon! Same for [ profile] etakyma, who was nowhere near Coronation but still feels icky.

And finally CONGRATULATIONS to [ profile] bosvyle! YAY YAY YAY. Wish I could be there. Unfortunately I've already arranged to be in the Midrealm where [ profile] beatricedwinter is being taken as an apprentice. Ah, for a Transporter so I can be in two different places on the same day.

New Filk

Mar. 22nd, 2009 10:19 pm
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Joel came up with this and had about the first verse. We finished the rough cut during the Royal Reception, then various people offered some tweaks and I continued tweaking. [ profile] bakestondone and [ profile] dicea, this is especially for you two:

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I missed the second-to-last train out of South Station because I had to take the lift with both bags. But I caught the *very last* train and made it to Harvard Square. I'm glad I had already planned to take a cab from there because the buses had stopped running (I think, anyway).

Collapsed about 1:00 AM. Woke up about 9:30. Starting to catch up on emails and LJ, gah. (Monica where's that shortcut you mentioned? I have filters but - flail.)

Gulf Wars was fun. In some ways more fun than last time; in others not so much. Now I shall enumerate. )

I'm sure everyone who posts about GW will have a lot to say about Josie, packing dirty elephants and other toddler pronouncements, and I'm no exception. She really is the cutest cherub EVAR OMG, hours of entertainment and scary-smart. Possibly even smarter than I was (although my dad assures me this cannot be so). I will confine my Josie-tales here to one, because this post is getting long.

I wore boy-garb on Friday and my coif blew off in the yard while chasing the child. I didn't notice it until inside the cabin getting ready to go back out. After coming up empty inside, I borrowed Josie's coif (because yes, it FITS, my head is that small). (I did find the coif later - but that't not important.) I asked her whose coif I was wearing: "Brandubh." No, Josie's coif! I told her. Who's wearing Josie's coif? "Brandubh." What? Who am I? "Brandubh." I took off the coif. Who am I? "Gwendolyn." Coif on: "Brandubh." Coif off: "Gwen." About three times. Interestingly, there was no similar confusion over Erin in boy garb. She's still Erin.


So that's one of what I know will be many Josie-stories to come. For now, suffice to say: I feel an urge to watch "Finding Nemo" (her favourite movie currently) and also, I know that for the foreseeable future, I shall occasionally find myself signifying my desires per the following construction: "Diet Coke, okay!" or "Cereal, okay." (The proper inflection here, is to use "okay" as the operative substitute for "Please" and/or "Now" - half-demand, half-request.)

Yeah. She rules our world. I'm okay with that.
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Cooks and Bards was great. Saw many awesome people for not long enough.

I was even responsible (sorta) and left on schedule Monday morning. But then there was lake effect snow (NASTY, from I-80 all the way to the state line - thank the gods NYS frickin' PLOWS their roads, and you suck, Pennsylvania) and I stopped for lunch in Buffalo with [ profile] beatricedwinter and that meant that it was 12:15 when I got back on the Thruway in Depew. I was supposed to return the car by 6:00 PM. That wasn't happening. Furthermore, I got to thinking about the insanity involved in trying to unload, return the car, come back on the T, and still get to rehearsal that night. Yeah. By the time I had done that, rehearsal would have been basically over.

So instead I called and extended the rental, drove straight to Wellesley, got a slice of pizza, went to rehearsal, *then* came home, unloaded, and returned the car this morning. MUCH more sensible.

Unfortunately, those of you who said, "You should do this" - the deadline to submit one's information for the national tour of Wicked was 11/8. Yeah. Would've had to do it that same minute y'all mentioned it. Oh, well - such is life. I never have been lucky. Maybe the Cabaret audition will go well as the gods' form of a consolation prize.

But I'm back, and probably not going anywhere major for at least a few weeks. Twelfth Night appears to be the next big trip on the horizon.

Oh. I need to post more about my father and his amazing Costa Rican false start. Basically, the man didn't listen when I told him to stick to the capital and stay in a hotel while he got his bearings, and he was confronted by how very different things were in an un-Americanized environment, and he freaked. But through the miracle of airline travel, he now has a "return" ticket on American from Ft. Lauderdale to Costa Rica on 12/25 *and* a "return" ticket on Spirit from Costa Rica back to Ft. Lauderdale in April. So he's already thinking he's going to take a second shot at it.

The man didn't even buy a Fodor's Guide. OY. (Note to my father: remember when I said I'm a friggin' genius? I AM. LISTEN TO ME NEXT TIME. No love. Okay, some love. But not on this topic. What have we learned? We've learned: Listen to Gwen.)

What can I say? My father is and always will be a whack-job. Sigh.

Yeah. I need to catch up on my flist. I need to catch up on Supernatural. I suck at life. I do love you all! Just very limited for time. Maybe when Tribute is over I can devote some time to getting to skip 100,000 and reading everything I've been missing.
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Zoicks, I've been busy, lots of travel. One more week to go, but my body rebelled today. Luckily it is technically a holiday (although I don't think we get the holiday automatically). I had planned to go to work. I tried logging in from home, but it wasn't working - either my computer is off (which I didn't think I'd done) or the connection is just that crappy.

So no work for me today. But that's okay. I did a load of laundry (might try to do another one later if I can put together things for the dryer instead of air-dry), I'll wash some dishes, I downloaded (but haven't watched) last week's Supernatural, and I might even get through the poor Netflick that has been languishing in the house for....three weeks?

Hah. Co-worker just called and said that everyone is basically taking the holiday today, so I won't worry about it.

But I probably will force myself to go straight back to work from the airport next Monday, so will pack according to that plan.

Harvest Raid? Well, I got there about 2:00 PM (by which point Granddaughter had already called to ask, "Are you okay?"), but considering that I didn't leave Boston until 7:45 and hit major holiday traffic in central Mass, and then COULDN'T SPEED, I think I did pretty well.

[ profile] blacklid, I was thinking of you and our car love. They gave me a red Mustang with about 8700 miles on it. Yeah. Cop MAGNET. And after getting the (non-)speeding ticket on the way back from Coronation, I didn't dare open it up. (I did on the way home a little, especially in Massachusetts, because it was daytime and I was racing the clock to get home.)

I made it back to the house at 6, unloaded, took the car back, and even got it back before the extra hour I reserved kicked in, so they deducted it from my bill. (Yay.)

Got home at 8:30 on sheer willpower, basically, drank a glass of milk, showered, and went to bed.

And I still couldn't get up this morning.

Yeah. Body just demanded that I take a break. So I'm listening.

Oh, also - I hope folks are checking out (and enjoying) [ profile] hpalternity!
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It's one of the ironies of my 'bardic' spirit that when it counts, my eloquence usually fails.

Other people tonight have been able to put into words far better than I the loss we feel:

Joel, I love you.

Thank you, Liam.

Tina, honey, you know how much I love you and the girls.

Rosemary and Loie, my deepest sympathies. Now and in the weeks and months to come, say the word and if it's in my power, I'm yours.

[ profile] patrikia and [ profile] baronessekat and many others have been compiling and posting pictures and other reminiscences.

For when a warrior's gone,
If you but sing his song,
Truly that warrior never dies.

My own words are stillborn and leaden. Everything sounds too trite or too maudlin. I wore "Morguhn" green today and I know that this coming weekend will be an odd mix for me, but that's the way life is. I'll honour his presence in my life as often as I raise a glass or try, fumbling, to explain his significance to those who didn't know him.

The Dragon of AEthelmearc has passed. It still seems impossible and inexplicable. He was a pillar of the Society and a genuinely kind person with an endless capacity to give.

I mourn my friend.
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Award of Arms (East) 1984
Companion of the Tygers Combatant (East) 1985
27th Count of the East 1985
Patent of Arms 1985
Companion of the Guardsman 1988
Companion of the Silver Crescent 1988
8th Duke of the East 1988
Knight 1988
Companion of the Burdened Tyger 1989
Companion of the Golden Alce 1990
Principal, Order of the Golden Rapier 1992
Companion of the Sycamore 1993
Sigil of AEthelmearc 1993
9th Viscount of Aethelmearc 1994
Companion of the White Scarf 1998
11th Jewel of Aethelmearc 2000
Companion of the Keystone 2002
Companion of the Millrind 2004
Master of the Pelican 2006

Twenty-three years a Royal Peer. Twenty years a knight. Thirteen years my friend, role model, and an inspiration. I've lit a candle in "violation" of my lease. May its light and the light of others lit in his name guide him back to those who stand watch. And if not ... may it show to his makers the worth of the man they bring home to them and the esteem in which he is held.

He is truly one of our legends, and I have been beyond honoured to know and love him ... and to be loved by him.

I am devastated and heartsick and wish I could be with the rest of the family. I love you all so much.
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I still do not have a car that can get me to Pennsic.

I've been researching options.

The best option seems to be: Fly. JetBlue gets me to Pittsburgh and back for about the same price as a single day of one-way car rental. (Which, by the way... outrageous! And holding the car for a week while it sits on Steel Hill? Only slightly less outrageous.)

But. That just gets *me* there. And most of my clothes. It doesn't get my *stuff* there.

SCA-LJ Peeps (and especially those in the Boston area!) - who do we know with room in their truck, van, car, etc., who can help get my basic gear to war? I promise I'll pack light. I'll even leave the instruments home. (I can also posting a plea on the Carolingia LJ, but I thought I'd start with, y'know, personal connections first.) Contact info? Clue me. I'll gladly contribute a little toward gas, even.

This is all by way of insurance, of course: Now that I have a plane ticket, I'll likely find the right car and get it all done by July 31, right? RIGHT?


Jun. 22nd, 2008 07:33 pm
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My gods, it's been a helluva couple of weeks.

I know I promised an update on Monday, but then I got busy reading flist and email and working...and didn't do it.

So here's a MASSIVE update:

Last Weekend )

Work )

The only other thing about work is that unfortunately, I think our AA Karen is just dumb. There's really nothing I can do about stupid. But maybe with Boss D out this week I can give her some more time and training, and start the arduous process of teaching her how to think.

The last 60 hours or so )

I caved and called for a pizza as we passed the pizza place, figuring it would arrive a few minutes after I did. I got home at 7:35. It just came a little after 8:00 PM. I'm fed.

I'm really fried.

But man, it was great to see folks, as always.

Okay. Put away leftover pizza. Grab more water. Check email. Shower. Sleep. Cripes, it's 9:30 already!

Fuck, I'm tired.
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OMG, we have to do this again. Well, it'll be fun. And interesting. And I guess I'd better replace my car. And I'll get to see Josie much more often!

Of course, Cabaret, if I am cast, will conflict with Gulf Wars. But...dude, it's Cabaret. Still going to go for the part with all my ability, and we'll see what happens. If yes, then yes. If no, then Mississippi, here I come.

The bad part about Crown )

Well, afterwards, we went to supper with several folks and then Joel and I came back to our hotel in Dunkirk (which is where we are now) and went to see Iron Man.


First off, it starts with "Back in Black" and the ending credits start with "Iron Man"--and the score is very hard rock-influenced as well (really good, in fact I'm thinking I'll get it from iTunes). So right there it gets the Dean Winchester seal of approval. ;^D

The CGI is wicked cool, and Robert Downey, Jr. is really pitch-perfect as Stark. I love the way he mutters to himself while working...and the artificial intelligence software and the practically anthropomorphized robotic assistant "pets" in his lab provide excellent sidekick action in lieu of an actual sidekick. Gwyneth Paltrow's performane is surprisingly understated and Dennis Quaid Jeff Bridges (thank you, Cassie!) chews scenery, but not too horrifically. Basically, it rocked (pun intended) and it's going on the "To Own" list.

Oh, and if you go see it, stay through the credits to the VERY END.

We also saw trailers for The Dark Knight (which is not, apparently, based on Frank Miller, but is a continuation of the Batman Begins universe...which I know many of you know, but sue me, I don't go to see movies in the theatre anymore), and The Incredible Hulk and Frank Miller's Spirit, which both look dreadful (Spirit is done in Sin City style), and Indiana Jones, baby!

Yeah, it's a big year for franchises.

One thing that got me was that--okay, we're in a tiny town in western NY, right, so I didn't expect the audience to be very sophisticated (and it wasn't, believe me. Mostly high school and college kids), but *none* of them seemed to have any excitement over Indiana. Is it really a generational thing? Do they not understand how COOL Raiders of the Lost Ark was? I guess it's been ripped off so many times (and riffed so many times) that it doesn't hold the same mystique.
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I have some travel coming up in April and May. Most of the transportation is booked, but some is still up in the air due to car situation and all that.

I just reserved a rental car for Coronation, because I seriously do not see myself in a new car by April 11.

But the May travel is more problematic. War Practice and the weekend after that (Memorial Day), Balticon.

Right now, I can get JetBlue through Orbitz for $250ish for a round-trip ticket to Pittsburgh for War Practice (Astonishingly, this is about $15 cheaper than purchasing directly on JetBlue's site).

AirTran is having a bit of a fare sale (though not a great one) but I can also get tickets to BWI for Balticon through Orbitz (American Airlines) for about $144 taxes included. I can add a rental car and it's still only about $250--lower if I go with the connecting flight instead of a non-stop.

Thing is, I'm not sure I could drive to Baltimore for much cheaper. I'm less thrilled about the War Practice weekend fares, but Pittsburgh isn't the hub it used to be, and it's way easier to fly for that weekend than drive--since it's about a 10-hour drive each way, which would mean either straight through on Friday and straight back on Sunday or Thursday night to Rochester, Friday the rest of the way, and then all the way back to Boston on Sunday. Either way it means missing Friday's work and a LONG drive on Sunday. Plus, if I fly, I've got a ride to the site and back to the airport (Right, [ profile] grouchyoldcoot?)

Whereas in Bawlmer I will have to have some ground transportation to get back and forth from crash to site.

But $500 in two weekends? Yikes. And if I do have a new car, driving it to Balto is a good chance to give it a shakedown. But if I don't, then there's no option and I will have to fly and fly/rent.

Hm. Okay I did some math. Math is good! Figuring 4 tanks of gas at about $35 per tank (900 miles round-trip), that comes to about $150 in gas. Tack on another $20 for tolls (Mass, NJ, and NY). So the difference between flying that weekend and driving is about $50 give-or-take, and of course, several hours in the car.

All this wibbling still leaves me really unsure what to do, though. Drive to both? Fly to both? Drive to Baltimore and fly to War Practice?



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