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It's been a busy dang weekend.

Yesterday morning, [ profile] etakyma and I went to the Museum of Science to take advantage of a Groupon offering the chance to tour Cambridge - by Segway. Segways are totally, totally cool.

And wicked easy to use. Amy had a little trouble just after we left the training paddock, but within a few minutes we were both zooming around like pros. We had a fabulous time with our tour guide (Evan), who was Our Kind of Geek. And there were bits and pieces of Cambridge that I had never really known much about. The tour took in the park that was installed as part of the Big Dig, went down along one of the canals built in Cambridge (which I'd actually been to before, but it was at night and I was actually trying to find a restaurant and had taken a wrong turn), and then down to MIT. It was cool to tootle down to MIT again, though I have to say that my perception of MIT's campus and buildings is forever coloured by participating in Civilite.

We freely admit, though, that the real reason for taking the tour was simply to gain the experience of riding a Segway! Which was SO COOL! And I can now state for the record that Quidditch on Segways would be completely awesome and totally safe.

We also saw a Planetarium show (which was marred only by the rather fractious child next to us, but her mother finally took her out), and then wandered a mere half-mile away to the site of my boss's wife's art show, which was good.

A took a nap and then went home, leaving me to fend for myself for supper. More adventur ensued when I decided to have A Beer with my pizza. I chose (unwisely) to use the bottle opener on my all-purpose kitchen shears and when I had finally pried the cap loose, the beer exploded all over my PJs. I swiftly set the beer down in my kitchen sink (thank goodness I had just washed the dishes) and ran to the bathroom to strip off my now beer-soaked PJs and leave them in the tub to dry before adding them to the laundry. Except that when I go to toss the PJs in the tub? THERE'S A SPIDER IN THERE!!

A big one, too.

Yeah. Well, he was down by the drain, so I dumped the discarded clothes at the other end and proceeded to put on fresh PJs - and shoes. Because gods know, I can't be expected to KILL A SPIDER barefoot (let alone naked)! I grabbed my trusty spider-swatter and thus armed, proceeded to Battlefield: Bathroom. He tried to run into the pile of clothes, but I got him before he was able to hide in their beery folds. Terror! But I prevailed. Then I ate - and drank what was left of the beer. Half a beer is better than none?

That was a pretty full day by itself. But then I added today to yesterday.

NEW GLASSES! Ouch. $500 of new glasses (though that's both regular and a pair of prescription sunglasses). No, they were NOT very expensive frames. In both cases, the lenses were way more expensive than the frames, in fact. And guess what? LensCrafters does not accept EITHER my health insurance OR the vision care insurance I took out expressly because I knew I would be replacing my glasses! Well, I understand that I can submit claims directly to both and see what I get reimbursed. But... PITA. All-around PITA.

And of course, had to spend two hours malling while waiting for the glasses (because sunglasses take two hours, not one). Which is okay - I had a birthday present to shop for and I needed new 'intimates' - but zoicks. Those little errands (plus a couple others) set me back another couple hundred (literally). I was in the mall for 6 hours, altogether! And then I still had to hit Target for a couple other items.

Man, I'm tired.

And broke.

But I do like my new glasses. I especially like being able to see properly.
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Okay, so I haven't posted in forever, I know. Are you really surprised?

But I had such a weird and random day today I just had to share. But I'll cut for the disinterested. )

So, yeah. Welcome to my world of Random. Only in my life would missing a bus (twice) and forgetting my phone and my hat and everything else today LEAD me to a serpendipitous discovery of Potter activity. Yeah.
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I have so many bug bites. Eleven on one leg/foot; four on the other. They ITCH. The bardic event was relaxing and fun, but man, the BUGS. They were intense.

And I am way full from a really lovely dinner with [ profile] grouchyoldcoot before going to see Curtains. I had a salad and a risotto, and we split the creme brulee (which could have been better set up, but flavour-wise was really good). I'm glad I didn't get an entree, though, or I'd have felt even more stuffed during the performance.

The show was fun. I was really annoyed by technical things - an over-reliance on follow-spots, and one of the said spots was focused about 4" smaller than the others.... there were some sound issues... the director apparently really likes straight lines... and a few actors seemed to get tongue-tied a couple times. But it was cute. Not Kander and Ebb's best by a long shot, but a fair score and a frothy, sometimes funny book. I was the only one laughing at some of the Boston-area jokes, but that's to be expected in Pittsburgh. The best number by far is the ballad ("I Miss the Music") which is doubly poignant when one considers that Ebb died before the show was finished, so a composer talking about losing his writing partner has some bonus (sad) significance.

Driving to Rochester tomorrow for a birthday dinner with Mom. Then back to Boston Thursday. And our stuffing party on the weekend (though we've learned that we'll be missing a piece, but that's not the end of the world by a long shot).
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I had to start this even before the show ended because WOW. PAINFUL.

Luckily there's also nothing (okay, well, ONE thing) that one needs this show for to maintain canon continuity. (And that was slipped into the very last scene, so:)

Spoilers )

Yeah, I need to scrub my brain. I don't think I'll bother to download this one.

Woe is me

Jan. 13th, 2009 10:20 am
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Still not feeling 100% over the cold. Now I have cold sores on my upper lip - YAY.

I have been having tendonitis in my Achilles' tendons - the left one was worse last week but now it's almost exclusively hurting on the right. Walking =/= fun.

Slipped on black ice on my walk this morning, too. Right down on my dignity. My left wrist stung from the impact and I think my cushion is a little bruised, but otherwise no damage.

However, when I got to my destination this morning and began to pull out the bagel I'd purchased, I realized that my school ring was *not on my finger*.

I never take it off (except y'know, to put on hand cream. Which I didn't last night). So then I immediately start trying to remember: did I notice it on when I was brushing my hair this morning? I showered last night but I still had the ring on then. I was also really super cold last night, though, so it's *possible* it slipped off in my sleep and is in my bed. Did it come off when I took off my gloves on the bus? Did I see it on my hand there while I was reading emails on my handheld? Can't remember.

It's gonna bug me 'til I get home and can search. I even went back to Panera to ask if they chanced to find it, even though I'm sure I didn't notice it come off in the store. I've checked my pockets, inside my gloves, in my backpack. I tried calling the bus garage but got no answer. Not that I hold out much hope: The ring is solid gold and in this economy? Anyone riding the T who finds it is keeping it, I'm sure. Despite my name being engraved on the inside, because people suck. It's been on my hand for nearly 20 years. Gods, I hope it's at home.


(Ironically I had just been thinking last night how it's nearly two years since I lost the first AE ring and had to replace it. Yes, theoretically this can be replaced too, but it cost a bundle 20 years ago and that was when gold was fairly reasonable. Now? Yikes. I don't even know if the school still has a record of who made it. I was the only person in my class who ordered one.)
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Hey, flisters!

I have a challenge, and I thought maybe one of you could help.

Does anyone out there have either a CD or .mp3's of "Mystery of Edwin Drood?"

There's a local group here putting the show on, and I wanted to refamiliarize myself with the book and score before auditions at the end of January. I haven't heard much from the score since college. My former roommate had a copy, but this was in the days before easy dubbing. Turns out, it's out of print, and it's a very rare CD. The Boston Public Library doesn't have it and the entire Minuteman network has one copy, which already had 3 holds on it.

So I don't feel a bit guilty about getting it online if it's available or getting a rip of it from someone who already has it.

Any love?

In other news, I cracked my head (hard) last night when cleaning. It hurts to move my eyebrows. I still giggle when I think about it, but there I was, dancing around my bedroom yesterday, holding my head, laughing my ass off (because that's what I do when I hurt myself in a stupid, but non-life-threatening fashion), chanting, "Ow, Ow, Ow, that FUCKING HURT."

Washing my hair this evening was fun. :^D

Anyhoo. Merry Christmas!


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