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That was a thoroughly embarrassing audition.

I don't expect a callback.

I hate not being able to dance like a dancer anymore.

Ah, well. Moving on.

(In other news, I am the worst daughter ever, For the first time I can recall I did not talk to my mother on her birthday. Oops. I did call her - only four days late. Oops.)
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My acquaintance, Amanda Jacobs, has been working for years on a musical version of Pride and Prejudice*. I've seen it workshopped at the Eastman School of Music and a full production at the Ohio Light Opera (at my alma mater, the College of Wooster).

And now she and her partner have got it into the finals of the NYMF - the New York Musical Theatre Festival:

They're raising money and the show will be presented sometime that week, off-Broadway.

So happy for her!

For more information you can go to their website.

w00t to the power of w00t!

*This show does not include or involve any Zombies.
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I'm gonna navel-gaze for a bit and catch up on a few things. It's been a helluva week and it's only getting better.

I'm basically all but done at work. I set my out-of-office reply and auto-forward on the email, I recorded a final outgoing message on my phone, set it to extended absence, and sent all the calls direct-to-voicemail. My key and ID are in the drawer and I brought home all the remaining personal items, including my calendar and the wrist rest from my keyboard (which was actually mine from Mt Auburn). So the only thing remaining is to come in for breakfast tomorrow and deal with any last emails that may come overnight or tomorrow morning. And I'm off to Rochester and then Buffalo for Masked Ball.

Still have to finish packing, but I've got the evening to do that.

First I'm going to gaze at my navel a little on the subject of my career so far and my options to come. I don't want to lock this, but it'll get a bit long, so here's a cut. )

So here's my question: If I'm going to try to take the next 3-4 months and really push for professional theatrical gigs, what's the best course? Agent? Online sites? Crap, I'm not very happy with the online voice and talent sites I'm finding. I've even got a pro account on one and I'm not sure it's worth it, though I admit I haven't really been getting as much utility out of it as I might do. I dunno. I think one could easily waste a lot of time and money on these kinds of accounts and get nowhere. Maybe Stagesource is the best option. I clearly need to sink some money into better headshots and maybe spend some serious time working on my in-home recording setup.

Which brings me to auditions for Fiddler. I will tell y'all, I rocked it. Again. Of all the ladies reading for the character I wanted, I know damn well I read the best. I got the best reactions from the committee - and the director, dangit. But guess what? TOO OLD. Despite the fact that on a stage I can still read very young (I mean, heck, I didn't look too out of place opposite Dan S in Mame, even though I was twice his age).

Casting hasn't happened yet, since there are more auditions tonight, but I did get a callback - for a role about 20 years older than I *actually* am. Not that I don't want to play the part,cause she's fun, but y'know, in 10 years? And btw, again, a pretty much non-singing role in a musical.

But. The director is one of the best in the area, and there's little question that if offered the role, I'll take it, and I'll do well at it, of course, in order to work for this director. Just.... Y'know, I just don't get it. When I was 20-22, all the roles I was age-appropriate for were given to women who were 15 years too old for the part. Now that I'm 15 years too old for the part...everyone casts women in their teens and twenties in those same roles.

What. The. Fuck. Is wrong with this picture?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, if I really want to be serious about this theatre stuff, I know, I have to just take what's offered and make it work and do a great job and keep getting cast. I would like to play a few key roles before it's completely ridiculous. But maybe I'm already ridiculous.
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I haven't had a whole lot of time to start reading Yuletide fics, but OMG you have to read this:

Avenue Jew: The Missing Scenes

It's fucking brilliant.
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Gakked from [ profile] heidi8:

"When you see this post, quote from 1776 in your journal:

Adams: Well, Mr. Jefferson, are you a patriot or a lover?

Jefferson: Lover.

or this:

Rutledge: Who's fortunes are made
From the triangle trade?
Gentlemen, I give you a toast:
Hail Boston!
Hail Charleston!
Who stinketh the most?
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You scored as Avenue Q. The memory you'll tell your grandkids about most is when you got to see puppets having sex on-stage! Outrageousness or vulgarity are your middle names! Internet really IS for porn!


Avenue Q






Les Miserables






What MUSICAL are you???
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