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Hey, all.

Back in 2003 I posted the lyrics to my House Filk songs.

Well, for Ascendio 2012, I actually produced them on an extended play CD! And that CD is now available on a brand-new StoreEnvy store:

(Because. Yeah. I was too busy running around running Registration and a million other things to actually promote the fact that we had a CD on sale.... So, um, I have over 200 left and I have no room for them in my house.)

I will also bring a bunch of them to Pennsic, where the sale price will still be $4 but no shipping fees will apply.... So if you want one lemme know and I'll make sure I have enough to go around.
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I don't think it's entirely coincidental that over the past few years, every time I have found myself at a potential crossroads, there happens to be an MIT media studies conference I've gone to at just about the same time.

- Futures of Entertainment was two weeks after I left Mount Auburn
- MiT5 was two weeks after I was back out of work from BIDMC (after working briefly in the Surgery department), and two months before I started working there again
- MiT6 was this weekend (and we know that things at work are...less than stable)

I have a bunch of reactions to this year's Media In Transition conference. )

My biggest, best thinky-thought this weekend )

I also have new ideas about methodologies to provide assistance to visually impaired readers (i.e., online users) and the transformative nature of vocal interpretations of fiction (i.e., fiction readings, which are themselves performances); the relationship of kennings to poetic mnemonic devices (and linguistic pattern-building); bards in a simultaneous role as performers, memoral agents, and editors; the history of reading aloud (and its relationship to dramatic performance vs. person-to-person file-sharing vs. transformative interpretation); sound and signal and the patterns of reception; collective memory and objectivity vs. immersive experience; and the effect of encapsulating specific stories within and without a fixed point in time as a device to create "safe" viewing distance; the status of queer (and queered) representations and interpretations and their future; and the selective process by which we choose what matters (and what lies outside the realm of the mainstream).

But those are posts for another time.

New Filk

Mar. 22nd, 2009 10:19 pm
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Joel came up with this and had about the first verse. We finished the rough cut during the Royal Reception, then various people offered some tweaks and I continued tweaking. [ profile] bakestondone and [ profile] dicea, this is especially for you two:

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I missed the second-to-last train out of South Station because I had to take the lift with both bags. But I caught the *very last* train and made it to Harvard Square. I'm glad I had already planned to take a cab from there because the buses had stopped running (I think, anyway).

Collapsed about 1:00 AM. Woke up about 9:30. Starting to catch up on emails and LJ, gah. (Monica where's that shortcut you mentioned? I have filters but - flail.)

Gulf Wars was fun. In some ways more fun than last time; in others not so much. Now I shall enumerate. )

I'm sure everyone who posts about GW will have a lot to say about Josie, packing dirty elephants and other toddler pronouncements, and I'm no exception. She really is the cutest cherub EVAR OMG, hours of entertainment and scary-smart. Possibly even smarter than I was (although my dad assures me this cannot be so). I will confine my Josie-tales here to one, because this post is getting long.

I wore boy-garb on Friday and my coif blew off in the yard while chasing the child. I didn't notice it until inside the cabin getting ready to go back out. After coming up empty inside, I borrowed Josie's coif (because yes, it FITS, my head is that small). (I did find the coif later - but that't not important.) I asked her whose coif I was wearing: "Brandubh." No, Josie's coif! I told her. Who's wearing Josie's coif? "Brandubh." What? Who am I? "Brandubh." I took off the coif. Who am I? "Gwendolyn." Coif on: "Brandubh." Coif off: "Gwen." About three times. Interestingly, there was no similar confusion over Erin in boy garb. She's still Erin.


So that's one of what I know will be many Josie-stories to come. For now, suffice to say: I feel an urge to watch "Finding Nemo" (her favourite movie currently) and also, I know that for the foreseeable future, I shall occasionally find myself signifying my desires per the following construction: "Diet Coke, okay!" or "Cereal, okay." (The proper inflection here, is to use "okay" as the operative substitute for "Please" and/or "Now" - half-demand, half-request.)

Yeah. She rules our world. I'm okay with that.
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I am way too busy for words, trying to keep my head above water, here.

But it's been a cool weekend. We went to the fandom party of awesome for a little while. I love [ profile] nqdonne and [ profile] lesyeuxverts00's apartment! It is the spiff.

Also hung out with [ profile] flourish and her very cute, very nice young man. It was an accident of timing that the four of us arrived together and left together, but [ profile] etakyma and I had tickets to Spookapella V at TCAN.

It was a great concert, but more subdued than in past years. The last one was very Halloween-y, but this seemed like an older crowd and maybe because it was the day after Halloween, no one but the performers were in costume. Well, two of the acts, anyway.

The third act (the post-intermission half) was the professional group Ball in the House. Awesome. But TOTALLY DISTRACTING in that two of the members I SWEAR could have been cast as the Black brothers.

No, sincerely.


[ profile] hpalternity is still awesome and way too much fun. [ profile] azkatraz is going to be SO AMAZING and we are really zeroing in on a lot of the fun stuff that we'll be doing, but we still need a ball coordinator and some other positions and more stuff should be forthcoming about that soon.

I have rehearsal for which I need to leave (and I need to eat!) and then I'll be home later tonight for a phone call with Dad and an Azkatraz chairs' chat.
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...And where can I find more?

Spangenhelm - SCA peeps, you have to see this.

The Perfect Fifth - Music people (and SCA peeps) - this one is hilarious.

Some are translated and some aren't. Oh, lordy....

(A more proper update is forthcoming, but for now, just go and giggle.)


May. 14th, 2008 09:04 am
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Okay, so my tastes are really obscure.

I knew that. I didn't realize that my tastes were *that* misaligned. Or maybe it's my "Broadway" curse - my quotes are too obscure. Yeah, that's it.

So the answers:

1. I could become a frying pan or a brand new Chevrolet. - "I am a Can of Tuna" (Chenille Sisters)

2. So if you care to find me, look to the western skies. - "Defying Gravity" (Wicked, Stephen Schwartz)

3. My intuition told me you'd come on the scene - "Embraceable You" (George & Ira Gershwin)

4. Come saddle my horses and call out my men! - "Bonnets of Bonnie Dundee" (Scots. Trad.)

5. That's it! That's right! I've found myself a partner who knows my style. - "Pretty Music" (Parade, Jason Robert Brown)

6. Near a soldier, an ex-marine with a tattooed dagger and an eagle trembling.... - "The Big Parade" (10,000 Maniacs)

7. Let loose from the noose that's kept me hangin' about - "Back in Black" (AC/DC)

8. Destiny beckons; I never reckoned second best. - "This is the Moment" (Jekyll and Hyde, Frank Wildhorn & Leslie Bricusse)

9. Wide as a mile--the Shieldwall - "Scarlet" (or "Banners of Scarlet") (me)

10. Do not fear! We'll be here! Courageous are we. - I have to point out that as soon as I *sang* this and went on to the next line, [ profile] etakyma got it. "Rescue Aid Society" (The Rescuers, Richard and Robert Sherman)


May. 13th, 2008 03:20 pm
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Because I feel like it. No looking them up! (I didn't.)

Guess the songs*:

1. I could become a frying pan or a brand new Chevrolet. - guessed by [ profile] etakyma

2. So if you care to find me, look to the western skies. - guessed by [ profile] sylke (and [ profile] etakyma, but she didn't post because she's sitting right here) and by many others (the most guessed so far!)

3. My intuition told me you'd come on the scene. - guessed by [ profile] etakyma

4. Come saddle my horses and call out my men!

5. That's it! That's right! I've found myself a partner who knows my style.

6. Near a soldier, an ex-marine with a tattooed dagger and an eagle trembling....

7. Let loose from the noose that's kept me hangin' about-- - guessed by [ profile] roguebitch

8. Destiny beckons; I never reckoned second best.... - guessed by [ profile] etakyma

9. Wide as a mile--the Shieldwall.... - guessed by [ profile] sylke

10. Do not fear! We'll be here! Courageous are we.

*I really highly doubt any one person will get *all* of these, especially since there's a...broad range of songs represented here. And some are really obscure. But hey, why not?

Can you guess that I have a fondness for internal rhyme?
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Gakked from [ profile] sylke:

I love counterpoint, but I love it even more when melodic similarities are blended like this. Simply masterful.
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Hey, flisters!

I have a challenge, and I thought maybe one of you could help.

Does anyone out there have either a CD or .mp3's of "Mystery of Edwin Drood?"

There's a local group here putting the show on, and I wanted to refamiliarize myself with the book and score before auditions at the end of January. I haven't heard much from the score since college. My former roommate had a copy, but this was in the days before easy dubbing. Turns out, it's out of print, and it's a very rare CD. The Boston Public Library doesn't have it and the entire Minuteman network has one copy, which already had 3 holds on it.

So I don't feel a bit guilty about getting it online if it's available or getting a rip of it from someone who already has it.

Any love?

In other news, I cracked my head (hard) last night when cleaning. It hurts to move my eyebrows. I still giggle when I think about it, but there I was, dancing around my bedroom yesterday, holding my head, laughing my ass off (because that's what I do when I hurt myself in a stupid, but non-life-threatening fashion), chanting, "Ow, Ow, Ow, that FUCKING HURT."

Washing my hair this evening was fun. :^D

Anyhoo. Merry Christmas!
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Okay, y'all, 'fess up:

If you've posted music downloads or playlists lately, especially for classic rock or fannish music, please point me to them.

If you have posted with downloads of "Pushing Daisies," or "Reaper," or any of the other new shows this season (that I haven't had a chance to see), please point me.

Flist at skip=390 and not finding what I'm looking for....


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Gah. Still job-hunting. Sucks. Filing unemployment but haven't seen a check yet. Still haven't received my ()#*#$*)#*) tax refund, either. (WTF?)

So feeling more anxious, but keeping at it.

Golden Compass movie! I'm quite pleased with the daemon generated on the site:

Alexius )

Kind of a lame attempt at pseudo-Latin, but okay.

Hosting an SCA laurel in for a conference with Henry Jenkins this weekend. Should be fun! But I've been cleaning a bit in preparation, since I have to have a place for the dear lady to sleep.

And my harp is back! Whoo-hoo. Good as new. Yay. Only eight months since I sent it for repairs. Heh. Getting back into playing, trying to make it regular this time. Guitar's coming along, too - I have chords for 2 of my songs, and almost all the chords for a third (there's a spot where I'd like a chord change and can't figure out the right one), and can *almost* play them convincingly. Who'd'a thought?

Been working on the screenplay adaptation from my fave book. Sang at the State House yesterday, which was okay, but could have gone better - and could have involved me a little more, oh well. I had this brilliant idea to make up business cards, but between the card stock and the printer completely wasn't able to get anything to print that looked good and didn't smudge, so I've ordered some from VistaPrint. These are for singing, though, not job-hunting.

That's about it. Still alive. Still jobless.
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[ profile] etakyma, as some of you may know, can be very opinionated about things.

Often they're things that make me shrug. Like commercials on TV. Or Christmas Carols. Sorry. "Holiday Songs." For several years now, at this time of year, every time there's a reference to or a version of "The Little Drummer Boy" in our midst, she regales me with how much she and her mother both hate this song.

Well, honey. NPR did a piece this morning on Holiday Songs:

And they lead off with how many people absolutely detest... you guessed it... The Little Drummer Boy.

Congratulations, lj user="etakyma">. Seems you're really not alone on this one.
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And you all over there should go see her in concert if you can:

Hi everyone:

Well, I'm only a week away from my first two-month UK tour... things are understandably hectic, but it's an exciting prospect. I'll be performing in the UK for September and October, with short visits to both Hungary and Spain. See for a full listing of UK/European concert dates. Also, many thanks to all of you who came out to my CD release party at Hugh's Room in July... this tour will complete my 38,000km "Road to Santiago" journey -- what a year it's been!

For those of you in Toronto or Waterloo, ON, Canada... I have three shows coming up this weekend -- details below. Ben Deschamps and I will be dragging out some brand new instruments (particularly a gorgeous mountain dulcimer) and doing "unplugged" versions of my original songs plus some new material. Hope you can make it; it should be great fun.

I'll bring back lots of pictures from the road... wish me luck! :)

Go, Heather! And Go See Heather! She's fantastic.
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Hi, all.

Well, a number of people asked me about the four house filks I wrote in honour of Nimbus - 2003. I am an unrepentant elitist filk snob, so I hold true to my conviction that I will not enter these in any filk competitions or submit them to any filk site, nor will I post them to discussion lists or such.

However, so many people asked about them that I've bent my position on posting them *anywhere*. I'm posting them here.

If any of you want the tunes to these (since most of you only heard two, and because two are original tunes and two are SCA filks), all you have to do is mail me a blank cassette tape with a self-addressed, postage-paid return envelope, and I'll be happy to record them for you.

So, without further ado: the filks.

A Hufflepuff Song:

Has a lot that’s tough.
They think we’re all duffers,
They say we’re all dumb.
But hard work and kindness
Don’t hurt anyone
So we’re Hufflepuff,
And that’s quite enough.

Made of strong, stern stuff,
We value persistence,
We stand by our own.
Our egos don’t easily
Get overgrown,
Cause we’re Hufflepuff
And we’re tough enough.

We’re Hufflepuff
Go ahead and scoff
You don’t even see us,
You don’t realise
Tis honey, not vinegar
That catches flies,
And we’re Hufflepuff,
And we’re sweet enough.

Is no place to slough
We’re not here for glory,
We don’t need to shine.
We do our jobs proudly
And think that that’s fine
For in Hufflepuff
We work hard enough.

We’re Hufflepuff,
And we could be gruff,
But loyalty works--
And you might be surprised
By how much we accomplish
With patience, not pride,
For in Hufflepuff
Modesty’s enough.

Does not think it rough
To work in the background,
To help from below,
To sow seeds with favours,
To reap what we grow,
Cause we’re Hufflepuff,
And we’re shrewd enough.

We’re Hufflepuff,
And we’ve had enough!
You ask what’s the point in
A house of our kind?
Well, we run the world
From beneath, and behind,
Cause we’re Hufflepuff!
And we’ve got the stuff!

A Ravenclaw Song:

Oh, Muggles think that the owl is wise
For he flies both swift and true,
But wiser still is the raven bold
For there’s nothing she can’t do.

A peaceful bird is the turtle dove:
For hope and love she stands,
But the raven has true peace of mind,
For she serves no master’s plans.

The raven black with claws of coal;
The eagle bronze and bright:
Wisdom, wit and truth the goal;
Knowledge gives us flight.

A bird of prey like the kestrel
Picks off the weak and slow.
But patiently the raven waits
And her meals appear below.

The robin preens his feathers bright
And sings a song for all.
But ravens spare their voices
And none ignore their call.

The raven black with claws of steel;
The eagle swift and free:
Wisdom, wit and truth our weal,
Knowledge is our key.

The heron stands long hours in mud
And the stork he scans the foam,
But ravens feast on land or sea
And make any place their home.

The goose may be contented
To be fatted for the kill,
But ravens ever shall be free
To serve where’er they will.

The raven black with claws of pitch;
The eagle wizard-wise,
Owes fealty only to the witch
Who saw in us her prize.

The cuckoo preys on the innocent
And to echo is the parrot’s fate,
But ravens are the gods of birds
And they perch on Odin’s gate.

And for raven intellect
And for eagles sharp of mind,
Rowena, warrior, witch, and friend
Made a house for ravenkind.

The raven black with claws like knives,
The eagle brown of wing;
Wit and wisdom all our lives:
Truth is everything.

Now some might think that Ravenclaw
Has no trait to recommend,
But ravens know our wit’s a wealth
That serves us ‘til the end.

For ravens are both brave and keen
And not easily seduced:
Thus reason solves more ills than brawn -
And ravens rule the roost!

The raven black with claws of coal,
The eagle fierce and proud:
Wisdom, wit, and truth the goal
That lifts us from the crowd.

A Gryffindor Song:
(to the tune "The Peasant Knight" by Mistress Rosalind Jehan of Paradox Keep)

A young boy born to a lady and lord
Of noble birth and high,
But no drop of wizard blood between the two,
Still finds his place in a magic world
Where dragons fill the sky,
And he learns the truth behind all he can do.

“Oh I have the heart of a warrior
And although I’m Muggle-born
The Sorting Hat this day I’ve worn,
And it saw my might,
And thus it hight me Gryffindor.”

A girl no older than eight years
Sees dreams of futures told
And her mother knows she’ll be a witch like her.
She’s strong of heart and true of mind,
Both virtuous and bold,
And she learns with delight of the school awaiting her.

“Oh, I have the heart of a warrior.
And although I am half-born,
The Sorting Hat this day I’ve worn,
And it saw my might,
And thus it hight me Gryffindor.”

A wizard born of wizard kin,
Grows up with spells and brooms.
In his veins the blood of generations flows.
And every night his father
Helps his gifts of magic bloom,
As he waves his wand, his innermost soul knows

That he has the heart of a warrior
And because he’s wizard-born,
The Sorting Hat one coming morn
Will see his might
And it will hight him Gryffindor.

The boy arrived on an autumn eve,
With a short sword at his side,
Knowing not what challenge he would face that day,
But courage burned within his breast
And his fears of magic died
When he saw that castle looming leagues away.

“Oh I have the heart of a warrior.
And although I’m Muggle-born
The Sorting Hat this day I’ve worn
And it saw my might,
And thus it hight me Gryffindor.”

Her eyes as bright as firebrands,
The girl arrived one fall,
Leaving far behind the fate of peasant wife.
And always she’d remember
How that test determined all,
Gave her expectations for her newfound life.

“Oh, I have the heart of a warrior.
And although I am half-born
The Sorting Hat this night I’ve worn
And it saw my might,
And thus it hight me Gryffindor.”

“House of honour, House of strength,
House of Godric’s pride,
Be with me this day; and let me do you grace.
My parents met here in their time,
When here they did abide,
And in Gryffindor I pray I’ll take my place.

For I have the heart of a warrior,
And because I’m wizard-born,
The Sorting Hat this day I’ve worn,
And it saw my might,
And thus it hight me Gryffindor.”

Witch or wizard, serf or king,
‘Tis magic that we share
Neither skill of hand nor strength of arm can serve.
For bravery and honour bright,
No other can compare,
In our ranks are wizards famed for strength of nerve.

For they all have the heart of a warrior,
And no matter how they’re born
The Sorting Hat one day they’d worn,
And it saw their might,
And thus it hight them Gryffindor.

May you have the heart of a warrior,
And no matter how you’re born,
In this house we all are sworn
To strive for right
And serve the might of Gryffindor,
Yes no matter how you’re born
In dark of night or light of morn,
Be bold and bright,
And do what’s right for Gryffindor.

A Slytherin Song:
(to the tune "Worms of the Earth" by Sir Volodomir Kambionets, OL (Bob Esty))

(Well) We are the worms of the earth,
Against the lions of pride
All of our days we are told that our ways
Are too cunning, but we’re justified.
Those Gryffindors think they’re so noble and kind
But we find them naïve and plain wrong.
They’ve beat us before,
But we’ll win in the end,
And you’ll see we were right all along.

My father’s blood it was pure,
As was his father’s before him.
Of Salazar’s lineage we’re sure,
With such prowess they couldn’t ignore him.
So I learned thirty hexes before I was ten,
At Hogwarts the Sorting Hat knew me, for when
It was placed on my brow it spoke the name, and then
And in Slytherin house I found home. Where (Chorus)

As a student, of course, I excelled,
Be it Transfiguration or charms.
I learned every potion and spell,
Winning points for my house with no qualms.
And so what if my methods seem cut-throat or sly?
Just get out of my way if you’re not on my side,
Or else get a strong dose of Slytherin pride,
And you’ll learn what crossing me means. For (Chorus)

It’s not that we’re naturally mean:
We’ve respect for the hardworking type,
Or minds that are brilliant and keen,
And whose houses don’t grumble or gripe.
But just let us Slytherins win the House Cup
Or Inter-house Quidditch — it’s not all that tough,
And they stand up against us and shout “That’s enough!”
And those Gryffindors cry, “It’s not fair!” (No chorus)

But what they don’t know that we do,
Is that life never is about fairness,
The brave and the cunning are few,
But many the foolish and careless.
So you Gryffs who report we all cheat — it’s not true,
You just don’t like to think that we’re better than you,
And we know one day soon we shall all get our due,
And we’ll see who’s ahead of the game.

For we are the worms of the earth,
Against those lions of pride,
All of our days we are told that our ways
Are too cunning, but we’re justified.
Those Gryffindors think they’re so noble and kind,
But we find them naïve and plain wrong.
They’ve beat us before,
But we’ll just come back stronger,
And you’ll see we were right all along.

There you go. Enjoy!


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