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Hey, SPN peeps!

Y'all probably know this already because I am the worst LJ blogger on the planet and I don't keep up with, well, anything, anymore.

But for those who are not familiar, Mark Oshiro of Mark Reads Harry Potter, several years ago branched out into his own network of fan-related things:

Mark Does Stuff (Tumblr)
Mark Reads
Mark Watches

And he is about to start Watching Supernatural - TODAY. (He is also in the middle of Season 4 of The West Wing and it's delightful to see.)

If you are not familiar with his methods, he picks series (written or visual) and reads one chapter / watches one episode at a time, and then blogs his reviews, reactions, and experiences. The BIGGEST rule of following Mark is: DO NOT SPOIL. His whole process is a meta-examination of the experience of experiencing a book or tv series for the first time, with NO outside information.

Y'all should check him out and support! His first SPN review should be up by the end of the day today.
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I don't think it's entirely coincidental that over the past few years, every time I have found myself at a potential crossroads, there happens to be an MIT media studies conference I've gone to at just about the same time.

- Futures of Entertainment was two weeks after I left Mount Auburn
- MiT5 was two weeks after I was back out of work from BIDMC (after working briefly in the Surgery department), and two months before I started working there again
- MiT6 was this weekend (and we know that things at work are...less than stable)

I have a bunch of reactions to this year's Media In Transition conference. )

My biggest, best thinky-thought this weekend )

I also have new ideas about methodologies to provide assistance to visually impaired readers (i.e., online users) and the transformative nature of vocal interpretations of fiction (i.e., fiction readings, which are themselves performances); the relationship of kennings to poetic mnemonic devices (and linguistic pattern-building); bards in a simultaneous role as performers, memoral agents, and editors; the history of reading aloud (and its relationship to dramatic performance vs. person-to-person file-sharing vs. transformative interpretation); sound and signal and the patterns of reception; collective memory and objectivity vs. immersive experience; and the effect of encapsulating specific stories within and without a fixed point in time as a device to create "safe" viewing distance; the status of queer (and queered) representations and interpretations and their future; and the selective process by which we choose what matters (and what lies outside the realm of the mainstream).

But those are posts for another time.
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Why not be on a panel?

Ficwriter1966 is trying to coordinate the panels in this post.

Topics include Sam Winchester's changing character and a panel on what John knew and when.

If you're going, talk to her about talking!
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They've announced the winners on and I was selected as a finalist!

I don't win the $ (which is fine), and I won't get my essay published in the book, but I get a copy, and my essay will be posted on the site sometime between now and the book release.


And the best part is, all the meta!

Congrats to [ profile] charis_kalos and the other winners and all the other finalists!
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There is more to SPN fandom than LJ. Remember more often.



x-posting to [ profile] wee_chesters.
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Well, it seemed like it was an interesting day for everyone today.

We heard this morning that someone discovered a dead body in a lab at the NRB. Male, in proximity to a hazardous chemical, but there were signs that it was either auto asphyxiation or foul play.

No more details. I may check the Globe website later.

Last night I went to the Publick House (by T for the first time, it was easy!) and met [ profile] iterum, his LJ friend [ profile] bluerosesgirl and her sweetie, Greg. I had a chewy stout and we had these amazing fried artichokes with a fabulous dip, and then I ordered pumpkin ravioli and they were TO DIE FOR. Bliss on a plate.

I got home at 8:45 and watched the rerun of Supernatural, including the totally squeeful promo for the episode in two weeks. (Took preliminary action collection while it was airing, but of course I need to go back with the download so I can stop/start/reverse.)

This afternoon, however? I left work a little before 4:30. Waited for a bus. The first one to come along was a 65, so I took it to Kenmore. Got on a train. Packed train. Conductor: "Attention, passengers, we're standing by. There's a disabled train ahead. We'll be the first train to move once they've cleared the track."

Wait. Train fills up more. Wait. Decide that I can get home by an alternate route if I take the 57 bus to Watertown and then a 70 or 70A along route 20. Longer walk home, but maybe home before 7 PM. So I duck off the train, go back up to the street. Wait for 57. Get on 57. About a block later, I think, "Dummy. The 57 connects to the 47. You can take that to Central like normal." So I get out at BU. Wait for 47. Go to Central, thence to Harvard, thence to 73 and home like usual. I got on the 47 at 5:06. I got home at 6:06. But man, it felt like a lot longer with all those transfers.

Meh. Home. Dinner was uninspired. I just made cookies and didn't leave them in long enough; they were more like slightly gooey, warm cookie dough. Somehow I didn't mind.

Tomorrow I shall go to Trader Joe's, get the few fresh groceries I need for my private turkey dinner, with the fixings the way I like them. There will be fic, too, or at least, writing, and I will likely post something.

Whee. Now: Babylon 5. Man, I have missed having this show.

BTW: regarding all the SPN wank? Don't really know what's going on. Don't really care. Been there, done that with Harry Potter. I'm not taking sides; I'm just going to sail through with my own little t00by love for my show. My mantra: "They're all nice folks." If you're batshit insane, dangerously psycho, or feel the need to make your drama mine, please, move along. If you want to discuss SPN, fandom in general, or meta about the dynamics of large, online groups, I can work with that.

Incidentally, [ profile] dodger_winslow posted about the limitations of LJ when it comes to holding actual discussions about issues that might be controversial. So, I will say this much: I'm brave enough to host controversial *discussion* here, provided it remains civil. Meanwhile, my experience is that the best way to discourage wank is to ignore it.
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Show is over. Apart from Thursday night (opening night), we were sold out each performance. Yay.

I had a costume failure each performance. Boo.

I got rear-ended on the way to the first performance, too! But not too seriously. It was raining, I was at a light, her brakes locked and she slammed me. Her car was FAR more damaged than mine. My trunk will open and close, though it sticks something fierce now. And she tore the shit out of my "Nimbus" sticker, but since I'll probably only be hanging on to the car for another 6 months or so? Not sure about replacing it / putting in a claim / getting anything fixed.

For the last performance, the props people inexplicably struck costumes that were meant to stay on the stage through intermission. Argh. This led to a moment where I lost my concentration and jumped ahead one line (dummy!) and then I got flustered and blundered into both the tripod (which was holding a device we shall not name) and Lois in quick succession in the dark. I also left my "dance bag" downstairs for the end of the show, but that's less critical.

However. Overall the show was very successful. I believe we made money. People liked it a lot. Yay.

Lo, I am a zombie, however. Thank heavens Thanksgiving is this week and I can a. sleep and b. clean.

Sunday morning I had breakfast with the lovely and awesome [ profile] kitsune13 over in Back Bay and we talked about HP, SPN, and theatre. And fangirled Henry Jenkins, cause Yo.

All this activity does not mean I neglected fic. Two pieces are off with the betas: "The Big 1-0" - Dean has a little trouble getting Sam a 10th birthday present - and "Five Times...Dean Didn't Get There in the Impala" - a fic that needed a one-sentence tweak to bring into canon compliance thanks to Thursday's SQUEETASTIC episode.

I've decided to participate in the fic exchange over at [ profile] spn_thur_nights, but I fear I left a rather vague entry. I really need to do a "Master List" post one of these days.

And I posted Monday Meta about Sam's speech in "Fresh Blood" because damn. It gave us great information to play with.

I've also decided I need to learn how to cap for a new mood theme. I really want to post a special mood theme for the [ profile] wee_chesters community. Any suggestions on how to start this process? Remember I'm a Luddite.

Oh, and I'll be using the hiatus to re-view all seven episodes and update the contact matrix for this season. Heh.

And there will be more fic coming. In addition to the two above, I've got on tap:

BUMP IN THE NIGHT - Dean and Sam learn that there are things to worry about besides ghosts, demons, and witches.

FIVE STATES, FIVE DAYS - "Remember that road trip I went on about eight or nine years ago? While you and Dad were finishing up that banshee thing in Florida?"


THE DATING GAME - Sam discovers that girls are unpredictable.

RESCUE ME - A party doesn't pan out as advertised, and Sam calls Dean to pick him up

EVERY, EVERY MINUTE - Sam tries out for the school play

TEAM SPORTS - Dean and Sam have very different reactions to their gym coaches' attempts to draft them.

UNTITLED - A short scene that arrived full-blown in my head the morning after I'd watched "Fresh Blood": Sam at 4 and Dean at 8, domesticity. At the moment it's just the dialogue I jotted down at 8 in the morning, but has potential to be a little more fleshed out.

There may be another SPN fic in there that I can't think of at the moment (the large folder is at home).

And a non-SPN fic, but I have to finish my short story for the second Bad-Ass Faeries Anthology. Danielle also sent me one to review for consideration.

Now I must eat breakfast lunch before going into three hours of meetings this afternoon. Oy.
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Dean Winchester - Physical Contact Matrix

I have been working on this for over two months. It's long, but contains scientific study of Dean and touching other people - how often, with whom, what kind of contact, and why.

Purpose of Study )

Why this study? )

Assumptions )

Methodology )

Exceptions and Limitations )

2x20: What Is and What Should Never Be )

Extrapolations )

Inter-Rater Reliability )

Season One )

Season Two )

Seasons One and Two Combined )

Conclusions: What does all this mean? )


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