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Ever have a party and no one wants to come?

Sent out the notice about the department picnic last week, and the directions today (serving as a reminder). Now, I know - no weekend is gonna work for everyone. And it's slightly short notice (just short of 4 weeks), so many people already have plans. But out of the first 12+ responses, I've got only ONE person (and her husband and kids) who are coming. One. Out of 14 so far.

And me.

So. The department wants to do social things, except that they don't.

The tide will turn. I know there are people who will come but just haven't told me (please, let this be true). I know that this department in particular is REALLY BAD about rsvp-ing. For anything. So I think it's not as bad as it feels. But still, gotta say, what's running through my heart is: Why don't they like me? j/k, sorta.

And it's got to start somewhere. So even if it's just me and one family, we'll have a great time.

And if by next week I still have no other takers, well... Anyone want to have a picnic in Chestnut Hill on September 10th?
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Just when we thought Tim Gunn (of Project Runway) could not be any more perfect, he "gets better":

(I particularly need this stuff because right now it all sucks. The Penguins suck, the work situation sucks and potentially really, really sucks, and there's precious little else to distract me. Fuck y'all, fuckers. I'm watching Sherlock, so there.)

A dilemma

Dec. 1st, 2009 12:48 pm
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Well, I had a feeling this would happen.

Not only is the read-through for "Singin' in the Rain" on Monday, January 4th, there's a *rehearsal* on Saturday the 9th that includes blocking my character's biggest scene.

Which means I either choose to be a dutiful cast member and come straight back to Boston after New Year's and skip both the week in Rochester with Mom and AE 12th night (where I've committed to have office hours and check out people's socks), or I follow-through with my planned time away and reneg on promising the director that I'd be at the read-through and one of the few rehearsals that actually involves me.

It seems like a clear choice to me, only I don't want to do the right thing in this case because it's inconvenient.

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Remember a couple weeks ago when I posted asking for a do-over?

I'm not alone:

If you're maybe noticing that you're older than you used to be, and are feeling sad / angry / confused / worried / frustrated that you haven't accomplished as much as you/other people in your present or past / annoyingly critical voices inside your head think you should have, and if you're maybe feeling something like "I'm not a real grownup like everyone else," and if you're maybe also feeling sad / angry / confused / worried / frustrated that your body isn't working the way it used to, and you're maybe thinking, "if that's true then how am I going to DO all those accomplishments that I / other people / voices in my head think I ought or want to do?", and maybe you're also wondering how are you going to dig out from under the accumulation of habit and procrastination and self-doubt to some sense of satisfaction in your life again, then post this same sentence in your journal.


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