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Interview this morning at 9:30.

Got up on time. Radio said that trains were running on schedule; buses a little slow but mostly fine.

Had an unscheduled delay but still managed to leave the house at 8:15.

Got to Waverley Square just in time for a bus. It was about as full as I've ever seen it at Waverley - which should have been my first clue.

At 9:00am, we were waiting at the light at Fresh Pond and Mt Auburn. I had no way to contact the interview site to tell them I was running late, but I tried anyway, guessing the woman's email. It failed. It took an hour to get to Harvard Square. In case you're keeping score, that meant it was 9:15.

Then 5-10 minute wait for the train. One stop to Central.

Arrived at Central at 9:20 AM and tried calling (the number doesn't connect) and a 2nd email address possibility (that also failed). Thirty-five minutes for the bus! It's now 9:54AM.

It took another 25 minutes to get to the interview site: 10:25AM, or an hour late. I let them know that if we needed to reschedule, I understood. The initial interviewer was still available to meet, so we met, but I'll have to go back at some point (we hope tomorrow) to talk to the person who counts - i.e., the PI this job would actually support.

So. 2 1/2 hours to get to the interview. Thirty-five minute interview. Stopped for a few minutes to change back to boots and check email, then back out to wait for the bus.

Any guesses?

11:35 - went out to wait
11:56 - Bus arrived
12:16 - Arrived back at Central Square.
12:50 - Train FINALLY arrived (disabled trains on the red line!)
12:54 - Arrived at Harvard Square
13:09 - Bus arrived
13:35 - Arrived Waverley Square
Stopped at Dunkin for a cup of hot chocolate to fortify me (temp and calories) for the walk home.
13:55 - HOME.

BTW, my boots aren't waterproof anymore. :(

Six HOURS. For a 35-minute interview.

Ye Gods, I hate the T.
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This is not a Boston winter.

This is an Upstate New York winter.

I went out yesterday for a few reasons... I needed milk, I wanted some exercise, I had to go to the bank.. and even though it only took about 40 minutes to walk to the store and back, it was just a horrible mess out there.

I took some pictures this morning which are behind the cut )

But the snow has brought one good thing: My interview which was supposed to be today and got moved to Tuesday next week got moved back to Friday, so it will be this week after all! I've also got an interview tomorrow.... I hope one or the other comes through quickly

And there's some good news on the writing front (actually some really cool news). I knew that the science-fiction story I wrote for Defending the Future was accepted. We just found out who's writing the introduction...and that he's reading all the stories so that he can reference them in the introduction. Wicked cool. I'm not sure I can say who, but he's one of the best authors of science fiction featuring a female main character, so that should narrow it down considerably....

Anyway. The book is scheduled to launch at Balticon and I hope I can be there for it. Job willing, of course. I guess I really need to work on my story for BAF IV.

Meanwhile, I just watched Groundhog Day (1 1/2 times) and I think I'll put in Jack Frost to continue my Groundhog Day festival.

(Joel says I should create a blog reviewing movies and tv shows. I'm not sure I'd be able to come up with enough witty stuff to say to make it worth reading. Thoughts?)
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I'm watching Tim Gunn lose it on Project Runway ("animal wooly balls" vs "real balls" - yeah, if you don't know what I'm talking about you're probably better off).

I have dried out the sleeping bags, but the tent probably needs to at least be set out on the other side, probably better to actually set it up (oy). And I need water seal for the seams.

So the quick Pennsic Update )

I went to the grocery store today for milk (yay!) and more cheese (my open cheese got moldy while I was away) and will do a "real" full grocery shop tomorrow or over the weekend when the new flyer prices go into effect. (Need soda, yogurt, dinners.... but have a coupon!) I also got QUARTERS so I can do my laundry! I did a load of whites (with bleach) but needed more change to continue.

Have decided not to pursue Aflac. I've contacted them a total of 3 times now on separate occasions and apparently they can't be arsed to get back to me. Screw'em. The guy at the bank suggested I apply there. Hm.

I also need to go to Macy's to see about the perfume spritzer (yes, the saga continues!). Short version of story: It definitely leaked while at war, the temperatures were hot enough to sort of "bake" the ester and I have visible proof that the bottle leaks. A little pointed questioning of Joel resulted in his not only remembering that he bought it at Macy's, not Sephora as previously believed, *but* that his receipt was still in the bag in his bedroom. From 2 1/2 years ago!!!! Frightening, but not a bad thing in this case. So I am armed with the receipt now, too!

I must re-motivate to start looking for work again. I can't seem to get up the energy. I've been sleeping a lot.

And I must clean. Oy. Really, really need to clean. I currently fear that I accidentally returned the unused high-capacity black toner cartridge instead of a used one. Sigh.

I'm caught up on Project Runway, and I'm ready for tonight's new episode. I watched last week's Burn Notice but I think I missed one in there. But USA shows it all the time. I also watched last night's new The Choir but BBC America does not, apparently, repeat the old episodes as much as I would like, so I missed one there, too.

Way behind on White Collar and others. Meh.

I did get an order from Amazon that I ordered with gift certificates: A Little Princess (the good, BBC / Wonderworks TV version); Chronicles of Narnia (ditto, the BBC / Wonderworks one), Snoopy (replacing the CD stolen from my car about 4 years ago), Season 2 of The Closer, and The Addams Family - the musical. Turns out [ profile] etakyma bought the same soundtrack! Wish I'd known, but oh well.

But I am also loving Top Gear on BBC America. OMG, these boys are SOOO funny. And they are boys. They constantly play tricks on each other. It's like if Moony, Padfoot and Prongs grew up and had a car review show. Seriously. (Jeremy is Moony, Hammond is Pads and James May is Prongs, of course.)

And Alternity? Man, it's awesome. I love that even when there are issues behind the scenes, we work them through and we're committed to helping each other remove roadblocks and at least trying to keep it fun for everyone. We don't always succeed - because let's face it some characters just are harder to play in Alternity than others - but we sure as hell try. Meanwhile, I think the measures we take do improve the game, not just for those characters but for everyone, and offer new dimensions for the readers, too.

So y'all should read it. Really.

Oh, and I found out that somehow I missed the email about the October cabaret thing that Wellesley's doing - but I got to the organizers in time. And I even talked them into a solo! So that'll be cool and rehearsals start at the end of the month. I'm sure there are other auditions to look out for, too. Back to the grind.

And back to job search. Bleah. But there's simply no alternative. I have to get a job.
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I'm back and on the way to recovery from Infinitus. It was a long week, a long drive home, and I dunno, I'm still kinda living in a fog. So here's a random list:

- I really hate silverfish. I also really hate spiders in the bathtub when I'm set to shower. (Yes, [ profile] grouchyoldcoot, we jinxed it. There was one in there this morning.)

- Watching 'Rizzoli and Isles' - the establishing shots of Boston include the CLS building! (Also Charles Malik Whitfield is in this episode.) (I haven't watched this before so it's on trial.)

- I won one of the copies of [ profile] naominovik's new book! It was waiting when I got home.

- I'm sort of living in my bedroom because that's where the A/C unit is.

- I caved. I joined Facebook. I'm going to hate this. Fuck. [ profile] etakyma is not allowed to go away again.

- Fiddler got nominated for 13 DASH awards. None of them my personal nomination, but best musical ensemble - that's cool.

- Alternity continues to be awesome.

- I finished Nameless. I enjoyed it.

- I've been on a very strange sleep / wake schedule since getting back Thursday. I think I'm finally on an even keel. Well, I woke up at 8 AM and it's 10 and I haven't napped yet. So I'll go to bed in a while and hopefully this will trend, instead of waking, napping for an hour or two every few hours, and getting in about 16 hours of sleep during the course of the day but at very odd intervals (like, 2:30-7 PM and 9-11:30 AM. ACK.)

- OMG I have so much BOOZE. Gang, everyone knew I was driving home so they gave me all their alcohol. And their food. So much food! So much alcohol! Unemployed me is grateful but the booze is more than I'll probably drink in two years. So it'll come to Pennsic with me. I hope the pre-mixed V/T doesn't go completely utterly flat and nasty (it's in the fridge to help guard against that). So... yeah. thanks. But wow, LOTS of booze.

- I still love the movie "Far from Heaven" - it was on last night and it's still beautiful. Sad, and difficult and terrible, but gorgeous.

- I'm still unemployed. I wonder how long it will take for the new extended benefits to get paid? I did motivate myself to apply for a job today, so that's a positive sign.

- Must work on lines! Must make more chemises. Must MOTIVATE.

- I need to finish unpacking and do laundry. Bleah.

- I made it to the grocery store! More milk. Bananas, cheese, bread. I have more than junk food, yay!

- I have a small rant, but I will refrain for now. It's really nothing important.

- Oh, and I forgot: I now have a light sabre on my phone. It's not the best app, but my phone is now complete. :)

Yeah. I'm really going to regret signing on to Facebook. I can tell. I hate it already.
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I can't quite believe I'm considering this, but....

Does anyone think it's ridiculous to actually consider working as an Aflac insurance agent? It's commission, but it's not like I'd have to sell 1,000,000 widgets and it's certainly not like I'd be standing in a Home Depot trying to get individual marks to remodel their kitchens.


- Money potential is great (commission structure allows residuals on all signed contracts)
- Not like healthcare, academia, or construction in that one doesn't need any special degree / knowledge to advance
- flexible schedule / hours, so I could totally arrange my schedule for auditions / rehearsals
- Variable days, not stuck at a desk, lots of field work
- plays to many strengths: presentations, talking to people, site visits, running open enrollments, etc.
- growth potential
- don't have to do it forever
- non-profit-like service (i.e., it's a socially responsible product)
- Offices are in Waltham, easy commute


- I'm not very mainstream, dunno if I'll connect well to potential clients?
- commission structure
- will I get "addicted" to taking the calls, getting the clients?
- Will I go nuts at the scripts / sales mentality?
- Can I get emotionally invested in this enough to do it well?
- Some travel (mostly in region) and hassle of getting into town? Going to companies?

(though as the guy I interviewed with today said: You'll know if you don't like it. But don't quit before you get started.) I've also got their sample associate contract, which I'm trying to read carefully but my eyes are crossing....

I dunno.

On the other hand - if I'm going to be stuck in a job that I don't really care about passionately, it might as well be something I can make a lot of money doing, right?
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It's been a weekend of really good food.

First, we had the Wellesley Players' Annual meeting on Saturday night. Always a good group of people. Some community theatre groups really aren't very social outside of shows, but this one really does function more as a large support network, as much as it is a group of people with a common interest in theatrical production.

The "entertainment" was fun - in that it was mainly a singalong. Yeah. Get about 50 musical theatre geeks together with a professional piano player and a tonne of music books. Stir. Very silly.

And there was one young lady for whom this was her first contact with us - how adorable is it that she came to Fiddler, loved it, decided, "I must get involved with this group" - saw the party notice on the website, asked if she could come, signed up to sing, hung out... I mean, seriously? That's just awesome.

Then Sunday a bunch of Players also went to a production of Annie Get Your Gun starring the young woman who'd played Tzeitel in our Fiddler. She was amazing - head and shoulders the best thing in the show (though their Frank had a great voice and was absolutely gorgeous, he was a weak actor). And afterward we went to dinner (technically I invited myself and A) at a restaurant down the street. We were all SO HUNGRY by the time we got to dinner that we were eating the berries out of our sangria glasses, praying for the bread to come, etc. But the food was excellent - I had mushroom ravioli - if a smidge more than we were planning (or had cash) to spend.

And then I had a fabulous dinner last night with [ profile] byronhaverford at Market in Boston. I actually ate tuna! It was seared and rolled in a cracked rice cracker crust and it was really rather yummy. Then I had the lamb chops (mainly because someone in our party Sunday had had lamb and it put me in the mood), C had the bass, and we each hogged our desserts - his was a carmelized banana cake and mine was an absolutely DIVINE passionfruit souffle. Stuffed. And nearly 10:00 by the time we were done - gotta love fine dining!

An even more pleasant surprise to find that apparently, old job never shut off my T-pass, so when I went to add value to what I thought was a Charlie card with about $10 on it, I instead found that I had a Monthly Pass expiring on 5/31/10 (which is what it always says, then resets on the next month). I had been told they would drop the recharge once I went off payroll. Apparently someone has goofed - but I'm happy as it got me into town and back for "free" basically. (And yeah, if I'd known THAT, I'd've totally gone in to town that way the day I wound up paying $30 in parking!!!)

Of course that means I'm not 100% certain where the other Charlie Card is....

Meanwhile, shared my resume with a consulting / recruiting professional and she suggested changing to a "results-based" resume (yeah, the arrogance of that kills me), and [ profile] beatricedwinter says I should craft multiple resumes focused on job area (i.e., one for conference planning; one for arts administration, etc.).

What are y'all's resume strategies? It's not a bad thing to redo the resume, mind, especially since re-uploading them generates activity / new interest on job boards.

And in totally other news: OMG, I have diverted a DISASTER of double-booking.

Back at Christmas, [ profile] grouchyoldcoot gave me a gift certificate for tickets to see a touring company in the Pittsburgh CLO summer season. We had to pick the date and fill out the response card, and mail it in. Tickets were supposed to be mailed in April.

We looked at the schedule, selected our performance (Curtains) and date (June 26th), and sent it in.

And forgot about it. And I didn't update my calendar.

Last night, halfway through dinner, something triggered my memory banks. And I said, "OH, CRAP!! June 26th! A. We were supposed to get the tickets in April and it's May; B. THAT'S THE WEEKEND OF OUR REGISTRATION STUFFING PARTY!!!!" Ack. I simply cannot bail on that!

So, on the way home, I called Joel, who confirmed he had not received the tickets. This morning, I started calling around to confirm the tickets and hopefully get them changed.


Well. First phone call only tells me that the ticket request was passed on. She transfers me to someone who tells me that they were processed and mailed and "There are no refunds or exchanges" - well, phooey on them, I think. But we might as well get the tickets and if nothing else, he can go with someone in town. Which would suck, but still. And I'm not convinced there's nothing that can be done, either. Because it's not like I want to exchange shows, I just want to change the date. But, she tells me I can call a different number to request a reprint. This phone call (after convincing the girl that yes, zip codes do start with 0 in some places!), confirmed that my tickets did exist, but I could talk to someone else to request a reprint. That someone was Luke, who, when I requested a change of date, said, "Sure!" and told me the available dates.

The show runs Tuesday - Saturday of that week. And I'll be in that part of the country the weekend before for Bardic Roundhouse in the MK. So. What do I do?

"We'll take Tuesday, thanks!"

Yeah, I am a master. Of course, this assumes that I will still not be working and have no demands on my time - but y'know, that's okay. I will take a job over "Curtains" if necessary, but as I do have the time at the moment, it's an elegant solution.

So it looks like I'll be in Pittsburgh on Monday, June 21st. Anyone want to get together?

Meanwhile, I am now back on the diet - balancing that with the fact that I have massive leftovers from Saturday's party (one of the advantages of being on the clean-up crew).

How much?!

Apr. 15th, 2010 11:21 pm
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So I went downtown today to fill out paperwork and test and interview with yet another staffing agency - one can never be enrolled with too many. But I didn't want to take the T because dude, my back is still not up to walking or standing as long as it would take to go via public transit.

However, I should have done it anyway.

I drove around and around and around hoping to find a lucky parking spot. All the garages had their "full day" rate signs up and I balked: $23 or $26??? For like, an hour? How much is just an HOUR?

But finally, it was after the time I was supposed to be there, I'd gone around the block(s) about 4 times in different directions, got stuck on one-ways taking me *away* from the target, u-turned to get back without running into more one-ways, and called to let them know I was just looking for parking.... and as I came around the corner, the garage in the same building as the place was taking down the all-day parking sign and putting up its hourly sign: $6 for the first half-hour. Great!

I pulled in and gave the car to the valets (yeah, but the rate was still $12 for the hour), and made it to the appointment.

Where they ran me through MS Office testing, typing test, and then I had to wait a good 10 minutes for a room to open up. (During this time, btw, I realized that this agency's "gimmick" for team-building is that when someone successfully places an employee, the agent rings a bell - and the other hiring agents applaud. All I could think was "How...Pavlovian.")

Anyway, so I'm already over the hour-mark and then we get into the interview. And I probably talked too much, but she wanted me to "take her through" my positions, which is understandable, because my work history is a little wonky. And then she asked if I could meet with a couple other agents in the various arms of their organization (e.g. "creative" vs. "administrative") - and I looked at my phone (which doubles as my watch). EEK. I was 3 minutes shy of two hours on the car.

So I said, "Actually, if you don't mind, if I go right now, I'll make it within two hours" and she was very understanding and I rushed to the garage... Where I realized that between one and two hours, the price JUMPED from $12... to $28.

Thirty bucks to park!!! $15 an HOUR. I almost should have stayed, because the *next* hour was only $34 - at which point, who cares?

But YIKES. Okay, the T would have taken 2 hours of travel, and I certainly would have had to be really careful walking, but YIKES. In retrospect, I should have just gone in at the day rate!!!

I hope it pays off.

Meanwhile, I'm doing the exercise that the chiropractor prescribed. My father had also recommended a particular brand of adhesive "hot" patch, which happens to be relatively inexpensive (especially compared to the thermacare patches), so I tried that during the brush-up tonight.

OMG. No. First off, I'm glad a. they're cheap and b. I got two, because the first one folded onto itself and got all stuck to itself and had to be sacrificed. The second one still got stuck to itself, but in a more wrinkled than folded way, and I was still able to stick it on, albeit kind of at a weird angle. Second, the "heat" it generates is from capzaisin, so it's more of a "spicy" heat than an actual warmth...and it burned more like a chemical burn than a radiating heat. I wound up ripping it off on the way home, because when I was sitting in the car, and couldn't get away from it, it felt like it was flaying my back.

So, yeah. Not doing that again, but at least it was only a couple bucks' worth of experimentation, and certainly not another $30 mistake!


So. Get the back back in shape. Then the next order of business is to get ME back in shape - walking and more. Zoicks, I'm gaining weight like whoa.

And lastly, unfortunately, a quick check of my odometer from last year confirms that I will not qualify for the "low mileage" discount with my insurance company. Which is a pain, because apparently I have to suffer another year of surcharge due to the accident in '07, because while the anniversary date of the accident is coming up in a couple weeks, the surcharge wasn't actually applied until January '08. Sigh. So my rates don't drop for another 8 months.

I can haz new life now?

Okay, a few good things so I'm not all about the bitchy.

Alternity continues to rock hard.

I should be able to sweet-talk my family photographer into new headshots when I go to Rochester, which I'll be doing on the way to Crown (along with a haircut at my old hairdresser's). This means I'll have really good professional headshots again, that aren't 20 years out of date, in time for the big StageSource auditions (in early June). Now I need to choose a monologue and song, always an agonizing process, but something that I just have to DO and then not worry about. Whatever - as long as it's memorable, and I do it well, that's the point.

Only two more performances and then I can really focus on the summer shows.

I finished the first draft of my sci-fi story, though I haven't read it over to begin editing it. I fear it is more lame and simplified than I intended when I was outlining, but it's also short, so I have a little room to expand if necessary.

BAF3 is gonna be awesome - it's set to launch at Balticon, where I probably won't be, but that's okay. The book will launch and maybe a few of 1 and 2 will sell, too.

Oh - I almost forgot! There's a new episode of SpellCast out! Actually, it's not new, because I recorded it in December, but it's finally out!
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So, I called up the chiropractor this morning. This chiropractor is the brother-in-law of one of the ladies in the show.

Trouble is, brother-in-law has no availability because he's going out of town. But they refer me to another chiropractor, and yes, they have a cancellation this morning, so can I be there in roughly 40 minutes from oh, right now?

Sure. I can do that.

Well, this chiropractor is *also* a neurologist, which is cool. He starts off by checking things like my ability to track with my eyes, my balance and reflexes (uh, I don't really have reflexes, btw, never have), and a bunch of sensory perception tests (am I touching with one point or two?), then range of motion. Oh, and did I know I have a little scoliosis?

Why, no. I did not know that. (Apparently Mom did - but they always told her it was too mild to do anything about. Gee, thanks, Mom. Helpful information for health history forms....)

Anyway. He does a bunch of exams and says, "Well, you may be having problems with your lumbar, but your real problem is the S-I joint on the right."

Yeah. Like the pain I've been interpreting as a. sciatica; b. hip dysplasia; c. I dunno wtf but my hip friggin' feels dislocated - for oh, twelve years? The pain that everyone else I've ever seen has told me it's because of the lumbar problems? Other way around.

And then he used electrical stims on the area (which is always the most wicked cool feeling in the world - it's uncomfortable but in a good way, like a really good stretch), and then ultrasonic stim (which I've never had before). Which also cracked me up because he had to leave the room twice to get all his equipment together (so, in other words, he's normal). And then he cracked the subluxation.

At which point he said, "Wow. That was big. Are you okay?"

Yeah, it was fairly major. He gave me an exercise to start doing when I feel I can get up and down from the floor (which is not quite yet) - six times a day, but not in a row. Six different times. Makes sense. Funny thing is, it was one of the exercises I had in my regular rotation, before the yoga and the action that threw the back out in the first place.

And I'm still hurting. Because by the time I got home the lumbar pain was back with a vengeance.

Tell ya, I can't win. I have a follow-up on Saturday. I'm going to try to stretch out these follow-ups, because dude, co-pays are not cheap. But I like him - he's a riot. (ETA: Sister-in-law apparently emailed 1st chiropractor directly and he said "No I could see her tomorrow at 4", so if I'm really still in horrible shape tomorrow I will call again - but I hope that it won't be necessary.)

Go read [ profile] etakyma's journal for an account of the LOLTASTIC show we watched last night. Well, she watched all of it. She pinged me about halfway through it to share, and then I switched and we IM'd through the rest of it. OMG Polar Bear.

And the Penguins are LOSING. Down by two after the 2nd period. Nargh. Boys, you can't do this at this point. This is not playoff-worthy play. I'm not pleased. (ETA: Dangit. Lost by one, grrr. Next game is Friday, so they can catch'em.)

On the worksearch front, two items: 1. Going downtown tomorrow to interview / sign on with another placement firm. This one has both admin and professional jobs, so maybe it will turn something up, at least on a temporary basis if nothing else. 2. I have signed up to attend a 6-week long phone-in seminar, offered by Women For Hire. It promises some of the same tips and techniques as the career coach, only for a fraction (and I mean like, 2%) of the cost. Of course, I know going in this is because they fully expect it to be 1,000 people all listening, so it will be unlikely to have any kind of personal support, but hey, if in 6 weeks I can acquire 5 useful tips, it's worth it. The only worry is that once I paid my money, the invitation I received didn't tell me anything substantive about how to actually connect to the call. I'll go ahead and assume / hope that this means they will be in contact at a later date, closer to the beginning of the seminar, with the procedure. I hope it's something I can call in from the cell, as there will be at least one week when I'll be out of town and won't necessarily have net access.


Apr. 8th, 2010 05:48 pm
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I was going to make this a longer post, but now I think bullets will do:

- The contract job site selected a different candidate. This isn't a horrible thing, as I really wasn't excited about putting 40 miles on the car every day (especially with a 17MPG average right now)

- I did, however walk through the Stoughton Jordan's Furniture and the Stoughton IKEA. But other than lunch (It's not IKEA without Swedish Meatballs!) I didn't buy anything. Yay, me.

- I always fantasy furniture shop at Jordan's. It's fun! This time I found a cool flip-top writing desk and I believe Narcissa Malfoy's bedroom furniture. I took pictures of the bedroom, but may go find them on the website later.

- Instead of my little self-devised "workout" this morning, I decided to finally get out the Yoga DVD I bought months ago. What a workout!

- Yoga on a rug that really needs to be vacuumed, however, is not so fun.

- Having done that, though, I really needed to start getting my books and all back in tubs to get them downstairs. And that's when

- I threw my lower back out. Ow. I was testing the weight. I swear. I lifted with my legs. I did. I gauged the weight, put it down, and I was straightening up. And POP.


So, no brush-up for me tonight. I'm icing / heating, trying to take it easy, only moving when I have to....

But, yeah. I'm a dumbass. I'll take the netbook to bed, as the laptop is too heavy to lift right now. At least I can kinda hobble around the apartment. When it first happened I could barely walk to the bathroom for Tylenol.


ETA: And now there's something wrong with the power supply to the netbook. Not sure if it's the brick or something else. Sigh. Grabbed the regular computer - and yeah, it actually hurt to carry it to the bedroom, but it's here now.

I'm moving a little more easily, but still hurts. Tiger Balm is my friend.
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So, I had an interview this morning for a 5-month contract job. It's AA work, but in HR, which is a new field. Duties include posting jobs, calling applicants to screen them, scheduling interviews, supporting job fairs, etc.

It's 20 miles straight down 128 - actually, it's the exit before 93 and Rte 1 split from 95. So lots of wear-and-tear on the car. More gas.

But. Five months - which would get me through summer. I will need to call unemployment to figure out if that will disqualify me to reopen the claim if I don't have anything to move into afterward (and yes, I'd completely keep looking while I'm working, there's no way this is a temp-to-perm position).

Meh, it'd be a job. So tomorrow I have to go to the Stoughton office of the contracting agency to fill out paperwork and get drug-tested.

Meanwhile, because I was on the southside, I called my mechanic and went to Ashland to have him look at the car frame. As I suspected, there's nothing wrong. Just where the bumper's paint is scraped. And that can get fixed whenever the other insurance company gets around to assessing it.

From there, I drove back up to Framingham to go to Sprint. My phone has been reluctant to charge. As in, I have to shake it and try multiple times to plug it in. I figured, most likely, that the contacts were getting grimy and needed to be cleaned. But they needed my phone for 90 minutes because there was a line.

Moral: I should have brought my netbook!

I left the phone and went to amuse myself for a while until they had a chance to check the phone. I checked out the new Michael's (new location), went to Starbucks and had a coffee while I read a chapter of my book and copied out a line or two from my script (part of my memorization process). Then I jogged over to Container Store just to window shop. No travel sale yet. I was tempted by some clearance wrapping paper, but in the end I left it.

Back to Sprint - and of course, they had no trouble with the phone. They did give me a new charging cord (yay, free accessories!), and to be fair, when I plugged it into the car charger: no trouble. Started charging right away. They did mention cleaning the contacts, so if that really was the problem, then maybe it's fixed. (Crosses fingers)

Back home. My tights arrived, yay! (Needed different colour tights for "Singin'", and only had one pair that colour.)

Reported to Unemployment. Called another staffing agency that had emailed me in the meantime.

Exhausted now.
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I'm so behind on everything....

But the show opened last night (yay!) and I experienced a second occurrence that I really hope does not turn into a tradition. I was rear-ended in traffic. Luckily, it was incredibly minor (at least on my end). It was one of those bumper-to-bumper situations where traffic ahead of me started, but the car *directly* in front of me didn't go right away. But the person *behind* me thought we were going, so she tapped her accelerator. So, 5 MPH, maybe? Her BMW was much more messed up than my SUV bumper - I mean, I don't even know if there's anything (other than paint) to fix. Though that said, if there is anything, I will get it fixed because hello, I don't want rust. She was really, really upset at the time (which was way disproportionate to the accident, so lucky for me I was completely calm), and she called me this morning (at 8:15, UGH!) to find out if I'm okay and apologize for falling apart, and to make sure that I had all her information.

I figure - hey, I've been at fault in accidents before, ones with much more extensive (though never injurious) damage, and I was fortunate that at least once, when I was really upset about it, the other driver was calm, collected, and not wanting to rip me a new one for fucking up his car. Even when I was hit on the way to "Steppin' Out," the worst part wasn't the trunk damage (which wasn't dramatic, but was enough to stop the trunk from opening easily for the rest of the life of the car), it was that I was on my way to the performance and I was worried I'd be late. And I think I was pretty calm with that woman, too. Point being, I've been there myself, and I know how it feels to want the last five seconds back.

Then I witnessed another almost-accident on the way home... at 1:30 AM... after going out drinking after the show (which was a whole 'nother story. We tried to go to the 99 and it was closed, so we all tried to go to TGI Friday's before they closed, got in JUST before last call, but just as they finally brought our drinks and food, a Framingham cop started going round to everyone saying, 'You've got 5 minutes before they close up.' And everyone got really pissed, because, dude, we'd JUST got our stuff. If we weren't going to have time to sit and enjoy, they shouldn't have served us at all). So I'm in Waltham and I turned up the side street to bypass all the lights on 20, and there's a monster truck two cars ahead and a little VW Passat behind him. The truck swings wide to the left, clearly about to turn right but with NO SIGNAL, and the Passat tries to slip in front of the truck...on the right. They came within an inch of hitting.

I hung back while the guys got out and checked their cars. There was a little discussion but no exchange of info - and no violence, which was good. Because honestly, could have gone that way, and if I'd had to be a witness, I'd've been obligated to say they were both boneheads.


So, this coming week marks four months of unemployment. It's the longest I have *ever* gone without working. Even during my previous worksearches, I was temping and getting money coming in within a few weeks of my layoff. But with this worksearch, I dunno, it's hard to find temp jobs that are "worth" doing compared to collecting unemployment. But on the other hand, there's a strain to being out of the workforce for so long, losing touch, losing routine, etc. I haven't been nearly as productive as I aspired to be - though since the weather has improved (well, not early this week!), I've been walking more and really focusing on trying to get back in shape.

(Speaking of which, Champion now has a low-cost version of the ultra-high-tech Sketchers that improve your butt while you walk, which is itself a US version of MBT shoes, which have been around in the UK for a few years already. Anyway, Champion sells through Payless, and the shoes are $30 instead of $100. I knew it was just a matter of time.)

But back to the "no work" thing. Well, I did get a call yesterday about a possible contract position. It's an AA, but they're specifically looking for someone with project management experience (which is interesting), and the pay is fairly good, though it's apparently somewhere west (I think she said Westwood? It wasn't Westboro, but I didn't hear the name of the town clearly). I said I'd at least be interested in talking to them. Why not?

And so many reports and blogs and newsletters are saying that contract work and other new models are becoming the norm, much more than direct hires. Which makes sense - it was trending that way even before the economy slipped - but it makes for a career of constant change. I don't mind that mindset when it's *theatre*, but I really prefer a little more stability in the rest of my life.

So, the dilemma facing me is whether I should go back to that career coach and say, "yeah, okay, my way is totally not working. Let's plunk down some cash and start networking" or whether I lower standards and go back to Admin work just to get back in the game.

Something else to do, especially now that I'm into the show and out of rehearsals, is refocus on the other projects - recording and such. And I have to finish "spring cleaning" which also now includes reorganizing the basement storage.

And there's still more theatre. I just bit the bullet and joined "StageSource" in order to put in for their auditions in June. (The deadline is in just over a week.) Which means I have until June to get my hair cut decently again, get a good headshot, and get ready to audition.

And I have to start really working on learning lines for "Medea" and "The Final Battle" - but that's been on the burner for a while.

Meanwhile, Target is having a HUGE DVD sale including lots of TV. So I got Burn Notice S2, How I Met Your Mother S4, and Weeds S5 for just over $50 (for all three). Which blows the entertainment budget for a good while (sigh), but I couldn't stop myself. Honest.

In other entertainment news, I've been working through my birthday present from Amy. It's a BBC series called "The Last Detective" with Peter Davison as the maligned "Dangerous Davies" - the "last detective" anyone would want working a case. Except he's really a good detective. He's just a very unlucky one.

And I'm two ep's behind on SPN, Chuck, probably a few others. I still haven't seen the White Collar season finale from a few weeks back (though I'm not worried about it), and I'm WAY behind on The Closer and others. But I did finish the first season of "Lost" via Netflix and it's okay. I'll probably move on to season 2 at some point.

And now I need fooooood.
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The first three performances are in the bag. It's come together to be a great show; I'm scoring points with the director (yay) and with a couple exceptions I really enjoy the cast. (And almost everyone is agreed on the exceptions.)

My cold cleared up (mostly) by opening night and completely by yesterday. And it's stopped raining!

On the downside, OMG I had insomnia on Saturday night. By 5 AM I gave UP on lying in bed not sleeping and decided to turn on the TV and hopefully go to sleep to a movie (which is a fallback for me when all else fails). Unfortunately, I chose a movie I like that I hadn't seen in a long, long time (The Sixth Sense) and got completely engrossed and didn't fall asleep the whole time.

So at 7 when it was over, I tried the process again, only this time in the living room, in my chair, with my afghans, and an older movie, one I've seen much more often and don't need to "watch" to know what's on the screen (Labyrinth). I listened from the beginning through about the point where Sara was talking to the worm and then was out. I did wake up enough to hear the end of "As the World Falls Down" and a bit of the conversation with the trash lady, and a bit of the battle for the goblin city (since that part gets loud), but that was it. Next time I woke up the movie had ended and was back on the DVD menu. I tried to repeat the process with The Last Unicorn but was less successful. I heard every scene almost up until they got to King Haggard's castle, and woke again only about 20 minutes later, when they were tricking the skeleton (Rene Auberjenois!) into telling them how to find the Red Bull. By that time I had to get up, anyway, to make breakfast and wake up enough to go to the theatre for the Sunday matinee.

Sunday night, thankfully, I got to bed around 9. Not to repeat the night before, I turned on HBO since they were showing Apollo 13 (another film I know by heart), set the "Sleep" function on the TV, and don't remember it turning itself off. Woke up at 8:30, yay.

Meanwhile, my face is still very chapped from the makeup and makeup removal process. Ouch. No matter how mild the moisturizer I use, the shit burns like acid when I put it on. It's better than not using anything, but yeeps. Ouch.

I got my census, filled it out, took it and two bills to the post office, returned my OCLC library loan book to the library and picked up Massachusetts tax forms. I also signed up for information about working for the census. I figured out that I'm "earning" about $14/hour on Unemployment, so if they're paying nearly $20 that's better. The question is can I go back on Unemployment after the census work is over? Will I have to? Oy. I dunno.

Waltham had a LOT of flooding - in fact, nearly everywhere I had to go today I had to take detours to avoid flooded areas. Concord, too. Pain in the butt, especially at 3:30 when school traffic and the detours combined to slow everything down to a crawl. And man, are other drivers ever STUPID in the rain. I'm kinda glad I don't have to go out tomorrow unless I really want to. Give the ground some time to clear itself up.

Um. That's about it. Tomorrow I will get to the taxes and some Fleur business and oh, yes, laundry.

My days are so exciting.
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This week has been tech week for Fiddler.

Which would have been a lot easier had I not come down with a horrid cold Monday morning.

I am still impossibly stuffed up and snuffly, but at least I feel human again. My nose hurts like almighty whatever, though, from the copious tissue-abrasions.

The show is shaping up really, really well, however.

Meanwhile, a Netflix review: Lost in Austen. Cut for potential spoilers )

So, yeah. I'm not sure whether A would like it or hate it, since she hates Austen (which I find really interesting, because I also lose patience for the writing, but not the characters and I love film versions of the stories), but it's not *really* a faithful representation of Austen. It's more of a wink and a nod - it's kind to the material, but not slavishly reverent. Real fans of Austen should definitely check it out, but don't expect the same story you know!

In other news, I'm still unemployed. There are still few to no jobs I'm seeing that I'm interested in *and* qualified for. There are still too many jobs for which I'm grossly *over*qualified but that hold no interest for me. And while the weather was great this week, Monday was the *only* day I managed to get outside and walk, because the whole rest of this week, I've been so much with the headcold. This has to be the worst cold I've had in three years, easily. Gak.

Oh, and one little thing on the Infinitus front: SQUEE is coming. Serious, serious SQUEE. Wait for it....
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First off, curling has to be the strangest sport ever. On the other hand, I love that there are sports for regular guys - John Schuster of the US, for example, looks like a computer jockey rather than an Olympian. I kinda like that.

Anyway, moving on.

[ profile] grouchyoldcoot sent me a wicked cool birthday/Valentine's day present. And he was all apologetic that it wasn't a typically romantic present.

It's a wireless all-in-one printer, scanner, copier. YAYZ. I have been desperately needing a new printer! It's WAY better than roses or chocolates!

I had a little trouble hooking it up but I finally figured out that duh, I was using the wrong WEP for my network. Heh. Oops.

Anyway. It now wirelessly prints, but apparently one does have to connect the USB cable to scan documents. That's okay. The point is that it WORKS. Huzzah! I have placed it on the bookshelf next to the desk and now I need to decide if the other POS printer is worth keeping (probably not).

I still don't know just what happened to the HPEF all-in-one - I packaged it and labeled it to be shipped back after Portus, but it never arrived. Since that was really part of the package deal we got on the computer and the other stuff, it wasn't a huge financial loss, but it was a huge frustration. One of the downsides of having assets that have to travel all over the place.

Anyway. Others have blogged that Orlando was fun, very productive, and OMG, Hogwarts is going to be breathtaking! Lots of momentum, which I hope stays with us for some time to come.

Still unemployed. Still looking for the .1% of jobs out there that fit my criteria. But at least now I can print resumes!
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Okay, so I just spent 2 weeks in Pittsburgh and I drove back to Rochester last night.

Um. There's probably lots more to report about being in Pittsburgh, isn't there?


Went rock climbing twice, bloodied myself twice the second time, but managed only to embarrass myself slightly. Slipped and fell down Joel's back kitchen stairs on the middle Sunday and have a bruise across my right buttock that looks like someone hit me with a PERFECT wrap shot.

Joel's cat is sick actively dying. (Yes, only a week or two after his mother died, his cat sorta stopped eating. We tried all this week to tempt him with various kinds of cat and people food, but no dice. Joel took him to kitty hospital yesterday and per his latest post, Eek's remaining days are very limited. SUCKAGE! TOTALLY UNFAIR SUCKITUDE.) And of course, we all learned about Eric Bowling this week, too, which was really sad and unexpected and also unfair.

Hm. Well, we ate a lot of good food, and also things I cooked (note that those two are exclusive). Seriously, I cooked Christmas dinner and it was actually edible, though not amazingly awesome. There was pie. We visited friends and friends' family on Christmas Day eve (as opposed to Christmas Eve day) and had a great time. I got to snuggle Josie a little. We also admired Joel's neighbour's fabulous new mosaic in her fireplace. And first Saturday I was there, we not only moved Joel's fridge into his kitchen (thanks to my AWESOME knowledge on how to move appliances thanks to watching the movers do it with cardboard!), we also went out to play some games and watch a mind-bending film called Primer with some other of Joel's Pittsburgh friends.

We also got and put up Joel's Christmas tree and on Sunday we measured, cut, and successfully hung Joel's kitchen door. Big win!

We went to a bar around the corner to watch the Penguins game, and even though they lost we had a good time. Small world department: the two guys down the bar from us - twins! - have been to Pennsic! Yeah, it's not quite the coincidence in Pittsburgh that it would be if we'd been in Boston. But still. Funny.

We went to see Avatar and I liked it, though it was certainly flawed. The 3D was well done. I want to be a Na'vi, or failing that have my own USB port. I won't mind seeing it again if given the chance.

And of course, PREZZIES. I got a Bluetooth headset (which works pretty well!) and also a gift certificate to see a national tour during the summer, which reminds me I have to call them and select the show. We're going to shoot for Curtains on the last weekend of June.

So. That's Pittsburgh.

I've been reading a lot of Yuletide fics. Some good stuff this year, including ASOIAF (see icon!) and some Dead Poets' Society. A few Big Bang Theory, some other stuff. I've been getting comments on my two pinch hits - one of which was written in about 3 hours, so I'm glad that people have appreciated that at all.

Job-hunt-wise, I've got an interview on Monday and I had a good networking phone call today. Hunt-and-peck applications still suck, but I'll spend some time on that later.

And I went with my mother today to her hairdresser, who used to be *my* hairdresser, and told her to go crazy. So I've got some significant hair change - not colour, just cut. She curled it, too, which has made it weird to get used to, but the curl will be gone in a day.


We're watching Season Two West Wing. One of my favourite shows at its height. Can't really beat that!
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So, I'm in Pittsburgh, a week early because [ profile] grouchyoldcoot's mum passed away this weekend. We'd been planning to visit her and her husband for Christmas - now that's up in the air. I'm not even sure how long I'll wind up visiting - whether it will be through Christmas as planned, or longer, or what. I may or may not pass back through Rochester on the way home; this is also unknown at this time.

Of course, I had about 8 hours between when we decided I would come and when I left, so my hasty departure meant that a few things were not packed (nothing I can't replace), and a few things were not done (like running the garbage disposal to get rid of the eggshells), and a few things were done ahead of time (like leaving a note and rent check for January for the landlord) and a few things will have to sit until I get back (like my severance check, Dad's SS check, and any bills that come in). I should be able to pay the bills I've received out of what's in the checkbook, no problem, and a lot of my bills are autopay - cable, electric, phone, insurance - so that'll all take care of itself.

I didn't get to clean the house yet (that was a this-week project), and I haven't made room for the other sewing machine. Though I may be able to put it in the car if I do go back through Rochester.

I postponed the lunch I had planned with my friends at the vendor, the ones I worked with closely, and we'll reschedule in January.

Meanwhile, I called unemployment for the first time today to report no earnings. Man, I need to actually get back to looking for work!

One interesting thing was that on a lark, I brought the radar detector out with me, figuring that I could call the company if it still didn't work. But it worked! I don't know why it didn't all the times before when I tried to restore it, but this time, yay. And it's been working, yay. Of course, I didn't know that in the meantime NY passed a ban on them. Luckily, so far, I haven't been stopped (knock wood!). Of course, speeding is also illegal, so... in for a penny, in for a pound, I guess. But I don't need to be caught, in either case. My dad got a ticket in Georgia a couple weeks ago. Bastard got off with only a $75 fine. I've already had two tickets in NY, neither for actually speeding (they were both downgraded), but even without the points or anything, they were over $200 each. No, thank you! There's no need to speed that badly.

As [ profile] etakyma posted, we went back to HP: The Exhibition on Friday and took our sweet time walking through it. The names are WHACKED. I don't think very many of them were ever meant to be seen close-up, because they are really totally made up, Monty Python types of names (no, there's no throat-warbler-mangrove, but some come close). The frustration of the day was not being able to look at some of the costumes in 360 degrees - which we knew would be the case, the way things are setup - but I think we can look for screencaps of some of the angles we wanted to see. I should have brought a mirror, really. The silly moment of the day came right near the end. We were looking in detail at McG's and Sirius's costumes - they are two of the last things on display - and trying to make out the back of Sirius, to see if it has a riding slit up the back of the coat, or not. We each had mini-mag-lites, though the battery in mine needs to be changed. We were using A's light to try to get a better look at the construction. One of the docents asked what we were doing. We explained ("No, we're not taking photographs, we're not touching, we're just looking with a mini-flashlight"). Where all the other docents had been happy to let us do our thing, once they figured out that we weren't disturbing anything, this guy had a problem. With a 10-watt pocket torch. A few minutes later a security guy comes over and tells us that we can't use the light. Whatever - it was the *last* costume. We'd been in the exhibit for 3 hours already, dude. What on earth is the objection to a teeny flashlight that can't possibly cause fading?

Anyway. Lots of sketches, lots of names and titles and little details. I totally forgot to copy out Umbridge's questionnaire for the teachers, and the O.W.L. papers, but that's okay. There were so many little things on the Common Room notice board that you couldn't read. Man, I'd love to have some time to throw on protective gloves and actually manipulate some of the artifacts.

We each bought a program guide (more reminders than anything), and I replaced my Nimbus hat with an HP: The Exhibition cap, and I also got a wicked cool mug that is heat activated. With hot liquid inside it, a Marauders' Map shows up on the outside. Very nifty. Also noticed HP music boxes from SF Music Box Company, very expensive in the gift shop but very *not* expensive on the SF Music Box Co's website. Not for buying right now, though.

Sunday, while J's mother was busy dying (wah), went to the Wellesley holiday party. Interesting confirmation that my audition for Hodel was *not* pointless, but that there weren't enough other people auditioning within the same age range, so that they had to cast everything younger. Still, I know I'll have fun with the role and was assured by many that I'll be great. Whee.

Monday, when I got in to Mom's, we went out to her pastor's house. It's her pastor's 53rd birthday, but she cooked dinner for 15 people - because she loves to cook. Okay by me! We had salad, beef burgundy over noodles, butternut squash risotto, and two kinds of cake and two kinds of ice cream. Yum, yum, yum. Also, although these are 'church' people, they are the least churchy group I've ever known. Even when I lived in Rochester, I can say definitively that these folks do not shy away from the innuendo and the double entendre. Much blushing was done by nearly everyone as we all embarrassed ourselves and each other. Very fun. (The topics included how quickly one can get drunk on champagne, first experiences with marijuana, the effect of long nails on certain parts of anatomy, etc. You get the picture. Christians with dirty minds!)

Ah. J is now done for the time being so we are going to get dinner. YAY. Food.
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Yesterday I voted (after remembering that our polling place has changed!), then tried and failed to enroll in Unemployment. I got to the first place and learned that there were 39 applicants that morning and they weren't taking anyone else that day. I went to a second office to learn that they only accept new applications on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Since I was in the Burlington area, I went to Patterson's and found two new leotards, which I've been needing, and then went over to Off-Broadway shoes and didn't buy sneakers, and then got lunch (during which I was able to read over one short story), and did a little more unproductive Christmas shopping but I did buy two pairs of leggings (again, for dance at rehearsals) and a stocking stuffer.

Then I made it to the grocery store and home. By then it was after 4.

Today I went to my 9:00 headhunter appointment. I like the model they use, but I'm not sure I can invest their fees right now.

Their Model )

With the economy the way it is, with the really difficult niche I'm trying to fill, especially looking for a jump in my level... is this a worth-while gamble? I have the contract to consider and I've got a follow-up with them on Monday, by which time I have to have a decision.

Anyway, got done with that a little after 10. Changed in the building restroom and headed out to Natick. In the yuck, by the way. Went to Michael's, didn't really see anything earth-shattering. Browsed through Burlington Coat Factory. First thing that struck me was that there was no music in the store. It was silent. As much as I get annoyed at incessant musak, especially the Christmas music this time of year, it was really weird to shop in a huge store with no background noise. It was freakin' eerie.

Well, I wandered around plagued by "I don't know"-itis, decided that I really didn't have a clue what I wanted to get, and so left and headed to the mall.

more shopping )

Got home a little after 4 (again) and took Tylenol and proceeded to conk out for 2 hours!

Made dinner at 8. Getting headachy again, but it's almost the end of Top Chef and I can get to bed. I want to get up early to do Unemployment by phone while I get myself in gear on the crap I meant to do this week.

ETA: Top Chef Spoilers )
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I've been flirting with my job search for a few weeks, easing into looking, since, y'know, I have until the end of the year.

Except I don't.

I got a one-month's notice today - November 27, instead of end of December.

This sucks for a couple reasons, including that old "finding a job at the holidays" deal, one month less salary, and not least because if I'd been in 'til year-end, I might have been able to convince them to extend it by a week or two into January, to fully vest in the pension plan. As it is, my boss tells me he's going to have to "fight" for a decent severance package, let alone any kind of credit for time to vest in the retirement... which means I might lose the money I have been paying in. Argh. This happened at Mt Auburn, too - where I left about a month before I was eligible to keep the retirement benefits.

I'm so tired of having to look for work every year.

Mainly I have to remember that a. I knew this was coming, and this just moves up the timetable; b. every time before when this has happened, while it may be rough for a while, I've come out with a better job than I had before; c. this is an opportunity to work on other aspects of life - and not to get distracted nor discouraged.

I've been applying for jobs. You may have noticed me ping you on "linked in". I may cave and get a Facebook (though I may not).

I've got a list of things to take care of this month - dentist, some memberships, etc. - and I just knocked a list of stuff off my wish list - and I need to pay down the bills STAT, even if it means withdrawing a bit of savings to do it.

Man, I just HATE job-hunting. Why can't I just get discovered and land a string of leading roles, star in a movie or two, and oh, yeah, come up with an idea for a novel that will hold together for more than half a chapter?
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Gah. Still job-hunting. Sucks. Filing unemployment but haven't seen a check yet. Still haven't received my ()#*#$*)#*) tax refund, either. (WTF?)

So feeling more anxious, but keeping at it.

Golden Compass movie! I'm quite pleased with the daemon generated on the site:

Alexius )

Kind of a lame attempt at pseudo-Latin, but okay.

Hosting an SCA laurel in for a conference with Henry Jenkins this weekend. Should be fun! But I've been cleaning a bit in preparation, since I have to have a place for the dear lady to sleep.

And my harp is back! Whoo-hoo. Good as new. Yay. Only eight months since I sent it for repairs. Heh. Getting back into playing, trying to make it regular this time. Guitar's coming along, too - I have chords for 2 of my songs, and almost all the chords for a third (there's a spot where I'd like a chord change and can't figure out the right one), and can *almost* play them convincingly. Who'd'a thought?

Been working on the screenplay adaptation from my fave book. Sang at the State House yesterday, which was okay, but could have gone better - and could have involved me a little more, oh well. I had this brilliant idea to make up business cards, but between the card stock and the printer completely wasn't able to get anything to print that looked good and didn't smudge, so I've ordered some from VistaPrint. These are for singing, though, not job-hunting.

That's about it. Still alive. Still jobless.

Ho hum

Apr. 10th, 2007 10:09 pm
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Job hunting sucks. Bigtime. I'm trying to apply to at least 3-6 jobs per day, but it's difficult when I'm trying to be picky. If I haven't found anything by end-of-month then the standards drop and the jobs I'll accept become less career-track.

[ profile] etakyma is off on her vacation in California (her real vacation, not work-related, not HPEF-related) with her writers' group friends, and I'm looking for work.

So I'm home. I haven't been out of my apartment in two days.

OTOH, other than using electricity and eating, I'm not spending any resources. And I've been sewing like a mad person.

No, not garb. No, not the few mundane projects I've had in mind (and have fabric and patterns to do). No, not even new robes for Prophecy. Although.... No, not really. It's the Halloween costume I planned for two Halloweens ago.

It's actually going well. I was stalled for, oh, a year and a half because I wanted to make practical pockets instead of just a false flap like the costume pattern had. But I went for broke and put the pockets in today, and they sorta kinda work. Not perfect, but "Crose enough" as they say in Kaminari. I'm at the point where the body is done both in the outer fabric and the lining, and the sleeves are sewn into tubes, but need to be attached to the body. And the cuffs have to be attached. I have sleeve fear. Then the lining and shell need to go together. There's a little hand finishing to do (the pattern has godets and they need a little finessing by hand), and buttons, and....done. Should be about another 3 hours or so. Then I need to make the britches, which will actually be SCA-wearable.

What is this costume you ask? I'll give you a hint: Arr.

But I learned an important lesson. You know how when you fold fabric in half and clip across the fold, you open a hole in the fabric? If the snips are sharp enough, this goes for fingers, too. Nothing serious, mind - I was bleeding, but I didn't need stitches, Amy, or have to go to the emergency room - just a band-aid and some antibiotic. But I've officially bled for this garment, so that's a good sign.

However it's after 10 now and I'm not allowed to sew after 10 PM when there's no one else keeping me awake, on-task, etc. Particularly when there's no particular deadline.

If I were smart I'd make some new garb. Though if I'm out of work for another week without finding anything temp, I may well proceed to that. And/or the mundanes.

Snow expected Thursday. Joy.

Hm. Nothing else to report. Jub-hunting sucks. Did I mention how much it sucks?


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