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I meet interesting people.

I find that what people are reading makes a *great* conversation starter. I see more people on the T reading GRRM nowadays, but I still see tonnes of people reading HP, and it's always an easy opening line.

Sometimes the universe steps in to make the weirdnesses work some pretty amazing magic, though.

- At the airport the weekend I flew to Pittsburgh, I couldn't find a seat at my gate where I could charge my phone. So I went a gate down, and someone sat across from me and pulled out reading "A Game of Thrones" and she was also wearing shoes that looked almost like ghillies. We started talking... [ profile] elements, turns out she went to college with you!

- This afternoon I missed my train and had to wait for the next. But once it came, I got on and I saw one woman reading "A Storm of Swords" and we only barely spoke. But then I heard some college kids talking about HP - well, fangirling Dan Radcliffe and talking about characters (Ginny, etc.), and I dug out an Ascendio card. At least one of them is a Communications major and is a huge HP fan and I apparently "Made her Year" because she did not know what HP conventions existed. And I recommended she talk to her advisor about getting credit for going - and also that she check out the CFP since a proposal that gets accepted would look good on her post-college resume.

- Last night, slightly different situation, but I was at a Weird-Ass Joe's in Acton (the only restaurant, apparently, on 27 in Acton), and I drove up and down looking for something a little less expensive. But by the time I decided Joe's was my only option, didn't have time to do anything but sit at the bar. Another woman came in around the same time and asked if the seat next to me was free, which it was. I then asked her (after ordering) if she would mind watching my stuff while I went back to the car, because I'd forgotten my script to read during dinner. Well, as a result, we struck up a conversation. She's a trademark and IP lawyer who lives in Lowell and she's a hockey fan.... We had a great conversation that made both our meals much more pleasant. But if I hadn't spent a few minutes looking for the (non-existent) Friendly's I wouldn't have met her.

Weird, random, awesome encounters.

Oh, and WHY does the NHLN lose its feed every hour on the hour? Cut out - no lie - 42 seconds before the end of the game! (We won anyway.)
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Just when we thought Tim Gunn (of Project Runway) could not be any more perfect, he "gets better":

(I particularly need this stuff because right now it all sucks. The Penguins suck, the work situation sucks and potentially really, really sucks, and there's precious little else to distract me. Fuck y'all, fuckers. I'm watching Sherlock, so there.)

My week

May. 12th, 2010 08:05 pm
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So, last week there was this water main bustification in Boston, and we were on a "boil water" order for a while. They lifted it the morning I left for Rochester (so I got to wash my dishes before hitting the road), but my dentist appointment had already been postponed.

I hit the road, spent a couple days with Mom, went down to Pittsburgh for Crown, and came back home (via Rochester again) yesterday.

The highlights:
- Haircut! (quite a few compliments at Crown, too)
- New Headshots! This is good because I had an audition last night (grump: no callback) and one tomorrow, and I'll need 45 of the suckers for the June auditions
- Watched "Harper's Island" with Mom
- Acquired a bag of old garb, some of which can still be used, most of which either needs modification (ahem, I'm fat) or will just be part of the costume closet for theatrical use
- Continually squicked / worried about Mom and the way she lives. Not sure I can do anything to improve her situation.
- Left "The Last Detective" with her (she was finishing them up when I got there on Monday), which she enjoyed / devoured.
- Crown was COLD, RAINY, MUDDY - in other words, an AE Crown. Good practice for War Practice (note to self, remember arm-warmers and cold weather gear)
- I have a new misspelling of my name on the magnet! It's always hilarious when they get his name right (the complicated one) and mine wrong (the easy one)
- Watched Game 5 with the family
- Puked a LOT on Saturday night (yuck!)
- Went to dinner with [ profile] erink and her partner, and also went to see Iron Man 2 with them. Did not get to play with the iPad because [ profile] grouchyoldcoot bogarted it.
- Took Mom out for dinner for Mother's Day. Then she topped off my gas tank (which didn't quite even it up, but I'm not complaining)

Came back to Boston, got ready for the audition. Dutifully left in time to find the place, only to wait until after my appointment time with no one around. Phone dead! Went home, turned on computer. Immediately noted that I was IN THE WRONG PLACE - but the right place was only 5 blocks away. Jumped back in the car - tearing my pantyhose - and screamed over there. No problem. Only had about a 10 minute wait (enough time to shuck the torn hose!), but really didn't do well on my songs - especially the second one. The first one was okay, but I was tired from the long drive and I guess my voice wasn't sitting right. I could not get my heart rate or breathing back after the first song, so the emotional shift for the second was off. No callback. Not surprised, but MEH.

Cloudy and cold today. Also cramps, yuck. And NOTHING on the job front. Dentist appointment. Gum recession - yay. Don't need to do anything yet, but will.


And the Penguins are losing. What the fuck, boys?

Can there be Alternity? If I have to be wearing my crankypants, I'd like to at least be able to escape to where my characters are having a crappy time for much more life-threatening reasons.
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So, I called up the chiropractor this morning. This chiropractor is the brother-in-law of one of the ladies in the show.

Trouble is, brother-in-law has no availability because he's going out of town. But they refer me to another chiropractor, and yes, they have a cancellation this morning, so can I be there in roughly 40 minutes from oh, right now?

Sure. I can do that.

Well, this chiropractor is *also* a neurologist, which is cool. He starts off by checking things like my ability to track with my eyes, my balance and reflexes (uh, I don't really have reflexes, btw, never have), and a bunch of sensory perception tests (am I touching with one point or two?), then range of motion. Oh, and did I know I have a little scoliosis?

Why, no. I did not know that. (Apparently Mom did - but they always told her it was too mild to do anything about. Gee, thanks, Mom. Helpful information for health history forms....)

Anyway. He does a bunch of exams and says, "Well, you may be having problems with your lumbar, but your real problem is the S-I joint on the right."

Yeah. Like the pain I've been interpreting as a. sciatica; b. hip dysplasia; c. I dunno wtf but my hip friggin' feels dislocated - for oh, twelve years? The pain that everyone else I've ever seen has told me it's because of the lumbar problems? Other way around.

And then he used electrical stims on the area (which is always the most wicked cool feeling in the world - it's uncomfortable but in a good way, like a really good stretch), and then ultrasonic stim (which I've never had before). Which also cracked me up because he had to leave the room twice to get all his equipment together (so, in other words, he's normal). And then he cracked the subluxation.

At which point he said, "Wow. That was big. Are you okay?"

Yeah, it was fairly major. He gave me an exercise to start doing when I feel I can get up and down from the floor (which is not quite yet) - six times a day, but not in a row. Six different times. Makes sense. Funny thing is, it was one of the exercises I had in my regular rotation, before the yoga and the action that threw the back out in the first place.

And I'm still hurting. Because by the time I got home the lumbar pain was back with a vengeance.

Tell ya, I can't win. I have a follow-up on Saturday. I'm going to try to stretch out these follow-ups, because dude, co-pays are not cheap. But I like him - he's a riot. (ETA: Sister-in-law apparently emailed 1st chiropractor directly and he said "No I could see her tomorrow at 4", so if I'm really still in horrible shape tomorrow I will call again - but I hope that it won't be necessary.)

Go read [ profile] etakyma's journal for an account of the LOLTASTIC show we watched last night. Well, she watched all of it. She pinged me about halfway through it to share, and then I switched and we IM'd through the rest of it. OMG Polar Bear.

And the Penguins are LOSING. Down by two after the 2nd period. Nargh. Boys, you can't do this at this point. This is not playoff-worthy play. I'm not pleased. (ETA: Dangit. Lost by one, grrr. Next game is Friday, so they can catch'em.)

On the worksearch front, two items: 1. Going downtown tomorrow to interview / sign on with another placement firm. This one has both admin and professional jobs, so maybe it will turn something up, at least on a temporary basis if nothing else. 2. I have signed up to attend a 6-week long phone-in seminar, offered by Women For Hire. It promises some of the same tips and techniques as the career coach, only for a fraction (and I mean like, 2%) of the cost. Of course, I know going in this is because they fully expect it to be 1,000 people all listening, so it will be unlikely to have any kind of personal support, but hey, if in 6 weeks I can acquire 5 useful tips, it's worth it. The only worry is that once I paid my money, the invitation I received didn't tell me anything substantive about how to actually connect to the call. I'll go ahead and assume / hope that this means they will be in contact at a later date, closer to the beginning of the seminar, with the procedure. I hope it's something I can call in from the cell, as there will be at least one week when I'll be out of town and won't necessarily have net access.
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I'm in a spammy mood. So sue me.

I'm watching a program about supermassive black holes (which are really cool). But the music they're using? Is from "The Black Hole." Ha-ha, Science Channel. You are so funneh. (Okay, now it's "Vertigo".)

What is NOT funny is the Penguins' performance. ARGH.

(And that the office I have to go to tomorrow, that I thought was north of actually further south than I went today. Oy. I will need gas tomorrow!)

And one more thing before I stop spamming you today - two movies I watched:

Monster's Ball - okay, this has actually been on my Netflix list for over two years, and every time it gets near the top I push it down. It was sort of.... well, it wasn't as hard-hitting as I expected it to be. It was much quieter, somehow. Not a bad movie - but I dunno. Was it all it was cracked up to be? I might have to watch it again, but at least now I think I can drop in on it if it's on TV, without feeling like I need to watch straight through.

Gran Torino - by contrast, this is on my Netflix list but happened to be on TV, so I watched it. OMFG. What a movie! This is the kind of story that will be with one for days after seeing it. Wow. Amazing. (I haven't seen Million Dollar Baby, because frankly the subject matter is not interesting to me, and I haven't seen Letters from Iwo Jima because subtitles are difficult when I'm always doing things that don't let me stare at the screen. I have parts of seen Flags of our Fathers, but I think I fell asleep. Honestly, this is probably the best Clint Eastwood film I've seen since Unforgiven.) SEE THIS MOVIE. Holy shit. I think/hope my mother owns it because if so, all is right with the world and I can rest easy, but if not? It goes in the "to own" pile. Day-um.

Okay, back to doing nothing.


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