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...And I just had to do a complete system restore. Back to factory-new.


So much for installing Sonar on this computer!

I might be able to contact Cakewalk (maker of Sonar) and find another product to use with my microphone. Dangit.

But it's better than the computer being stuck without anything that makes it--well, a computer.

Am reinstalling printers and wallpapers and Chrome and....
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I swear. My house eats things. Crap crap crap.

If I were TWO Amazon Gift Certificates for $25 each.... where would I be?

I had them. I almost used them a few weeks ago and then held off. I had them on my table.

Now they are gone.

They are not in the pile of unfiled (but paid) bills. They are not in the folder of pending bills and tax info. They are not on the table. They are not on the desk. They are not on the bookshelf. They are not on the butler's table with my dad's mail and tax stuff.

They are not replaceable.

FUCK. My house. Sometimes I hate being messy.

ETA: They can cancel the old ones and reissue new ones! Their FAQ lies - at least about the Amazon ones. Probably not for store gift cards and stuff.
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I just received a notice of termination from the Census. Their reason? Lack of work.

Hello? You never SCHEDULED me to work, you fuckwits! How am I supposed to report for work if you never TELL me when you want me to come in?

I mean. Okay. The job was shit. But it would have been a little tiny bit of income. It might have helped extend my unemployment benefits a couple weeks here and there. And plus? I've never been "terminated" from a job in my life. Bastards.

On the bright side, my landlord just brought up the A/C unit!! So I will have a cooled-off bedroom by bedtime! W00T.

Woe is me

Jan. 13th, 2009 10:20 am
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Still not feeling 100% over the cold. Now I have cold sores on my upper lip - YAY.

I have been having tendonitis in my Achilles' tendons - the left one was worse last week but now it's almost exclusively hurting on the right. Walking =/= fun.

Slipped on black ice on my walk this morning, too. Right down on my dignity. My left wrist stung from the impact and I think my cushion is a little bruised, but otherwise no damage.

However, when I got to my destination this morning and began to pull out the bagel I'd purchased, I realized that my school ring was *not on my finger*.

I never take it off (except y'know, to put on hand cream. Which I didn't last night). So then I immediately start trying to remember: did I notice it on when I was brushing my hair this morning? I showered last night but I still had the ring on then. I was also really super cold last night, though, so it's *possible* it slipped off in my sleep and is in my bed. Did it come off when I took off my gloves on the bus? Did I see it on my hand there while I was reading emails on my handheld? Can't remember.

It's gonna bug me 'til I get home and can search. I even went back to Panera to ask if they chanced to find it, even though I'm sure I didn't notice it come off in the store. I've checked my pockets, inside my gloves, in my backpack. I tried calling the bus garage but got no answer. Not that I hold out much hope: The ring is solid gold and in this economy? Anyone riding the T who finds it is keeping it, I'm sure. Despite my name being engraved on the inside, because people suck. It's been on my hand for nearly 20 years. Gods, I hope it's at home.


(Ironically I had just been thinking last night how it's nearly two years since I lost the first AE ring and had to replace it. Yes, theoretically this can be replaced too, but it cost a bundle 20 years ago and that was when gold was fairly reasonable. Now? Yikes. I don't even know if the school still has a record of who made it. I was the only person in my class who ordered one.)


Nov. 7th, 2007 10:23 pm
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Well, I got myself a ticket tonight on the way to rehearsal.

Yeah, it was dumb. It was dumber than dumb. I went through a yellow light...not realizing that I passed a cop to do it. Hey, it was dark. And I thought he was far enough ahead to have already gone through the same intersection. Whoops.

How much? $100. Shit.

Well, I'm going to send in the request for a court date, if nothing else to see if I can get them to reduce the fine.

But it's nice to know that the car gods still know I exist. Dammit.

Okay. Shower, finish packing. Take out the trash. Hm. Maybe that before shower.


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