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I meet interesting people.

I find that what people are reading makes a *great* conversation starter. I see more people on the T reading GRRM nowadays, but I still see tonnes of people reading HP, and it's always an easy opening line.

Sometimes the universe steps in to make the weirdnesses work some pretty amazing magic, though.

- At the airport the weekend I flew to Pittsburgh, I couldn't find a seat at my gate where I could charge my phone. So I went a gate down, and someone sat across from me and pulled out reading "A Game of Thrones" and she was also wearing shoes that looked almost like ghillies. We started talking... [ profile] elements, turns out she went to college with you!

- This afternoon I missed my train and had to wait for the next. But once it came, I got on and I saw one woman reading "A Storm of Swords" and we only barely spoke. But then I heard some college kids talking about HP - well, fangirling Dan Radcliffe and talking about characters (Ginny, etc.), and I dug out an Ascendio card. At least one of them is a Communications major and is a huge HP fan and I apparently "Made her Year" because she did not know what HP conventions existed. And I recommended she talk to her advisor about getting credit for going - and also that she check out the CFP since a proposal that gets accepted would look good on her post-college resume.

- Last night, slightly different situation, but I was at a Weird-Ass Joe's in Acton (the only restaurant, apparently, on 27 in Acton), and I drove up and down looking for something a little less expensive. But by the time I decided Joe's was my only option, didn't have time to do anything but sit at the bar. Another woman came in around the same time and asked if the seat next to me was free, which it was. I then asked her (after ordering) if she would mind watching my stuff while I went back to the car, because I'd forgotten my script to read during dinner. Well, as a result, we struck up a conversation. She's a trademark and IP lawyer who lives in Lowell and she's a hockey fan.... We had a great conversation that made both our meals much more pleasant. But if I hadn't spent a few minutes looking for the (non-existent) Friendly's I wouldn't have met her.

Weird, random, awesome encounters.

Oh, and WHY does the NHLN lose its feed every hour on the hour? Cut out - no lie - 42 seconds before the end of the game! (We won anyway.)
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Just curious:

Who else out there might be interested enough in George RR Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" to start a discussion group?

I've been lurking for a bit on the existing fan sites: Tower of the Hand*, Westeros, and the Westeros message boards (powered by EZboard), and I found one LJ community recently.

It's strange how fundamentally *different* their fandom feels from my corner of HP. Kinda.... Well, they're more "grown-ups" (at least, supposedly), but their behaviour is decidedly *less* grown-up than I'm used to. They're not as polite with one another, for one thing. Okay, granted, *every* fandom has its snark, and lord knows I'm not naive enough to think that HP doesn't get nasty. (Wank fests? Ship wars? BNF deathmatches? WHO, US? Never.) But I dunno.... Maybe it's because it's more heavily male. Maybe it's because it's smaller. It just doesn't seem a very friendly fandom.

Funnily, someone started a thread there recently asking about people's ships...and one of the first responses was from a (male) user telling the original poster to "Please return forthwith to whatever Harry Potter "ship" you disembarked from." All I could think was, "You arrogant asshat." I mean, sure, a lot of fans can say that HP was their first fandom. A lot of them take shipping too seriously (it's not the be-all and end-all of the series, although I'll state that HP has a different focus and thus the "ships" are part of the resonance of the books). But for fuck's sake, is HP really worth that much derision?

So far, it's attitudes like this that have left me completely uncompelled to comment. But I would like to be able to discuss the books with people who are inclined to speculation (their boards seem more geared toward simple clarification, which I can totally buy. The books are massive and very difficult to keep track of). I crave meta-discussion and filled-in backstory. And I've noticed lately that many on my flist have been reading or are talking about ASOIAF on their journals.

So... anyone out there feel like carving out our own niche?

*This is one amazing site, but I wish it had some more meta conversation as well.


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