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[ profile] etakyma and I are holding a Registration pre-stuffing party in advance of Ascendio!

Our location has changed since the one we held for Infinitus but it's still accessible by T:

Candlewood Suites
130 Middlesex Turnpike
Burlington, MA 01803

By T: Take the 350 Bus from Alewife Station to the Burlington Mall Road and Meadow Road stop.

June 30 and July 1 (Saturday and Sunday).

We will also let people know the room number via Facebook and Twitter once we have checked in.

Even if (or especially if!) you can't come to Ascendio, but you're in the Boston area, c'mon down and say hello! We miss you!
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Just the briefest of notes:

Ascendio's price goes up in about 26 hours! It's $200 now, but as of Tuesday, November 29, the price will increase to $225.

Get three+ days of programming, wrock, slash, cosplay, the Welcome Feast, the Leaving Brunch, the fashion show, a Ball, and all the amazing memories of a bonafide HPEF conference for a bargain price!

(On an unrelated note: yeah, I really need to check the email account associated with LJ and the SCA more often.... I've had life, lately, but still. Not a good excuse.)
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Oh, hai, LJ! I remember that I have a thing here. I can post on it. I can read up on what my friends are doing.

Yeah. I haven't done, like, any of that since returning to what I like to call real life.

Job is going fine. Still feel like I'm swimming in an ocean of things I don't understand, but it will start to make sense; I see the edges getting more and more defined each day. Of course, my Wii no longer knows who I am. I went 42 days without using it. It yelled at me. Metaphorically. (And yet I did lose weight, because my schedule really has been that grueling.)

Show (Nunsense) went okay. Would have gone better had I not caught the flu at Balticon, thus losing my VOICE three days before opening night. Yeah. But it's okay. I wish I could say this is the first time in my life I've had to deal with such a thing. Luckily, long experience has taught me how to pull a credible performance out of my butt even when I have very little instrument to work with. The notes were all there, but all my air was simply going into sound production. And the middle of my range, right at the break, was just really friggin' scratchy sounding all weekend. But it worked; it's over; I did manage to find the sound somewhere.

So I've been recovering from that and trying to force my computer to cooperate long enough to record all the necessary vocals for Lena's LeakyCon project ("The Warlock's Hairy Heart.") - gods, I need a new computer. That is next on my list, I swear.

What else? Oh - most important: PENNSIC IS A GO! I may need to cut things a little shorter than usual, so that I can be home and back at work *on* the 15th, but yes, I am going to Pennsic. Yay!

I think that's about all for the time being. Watching the Bruins (since the Penguins must win next year instead) and Game of Thrones and playing HP Alternity. What's up with you lovely folks?
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This has been a rather intense week. And no, I'm not cutting it. So there.

A short while ago, I offered to record a bunch of audio narration files for a pervasive game that [ profile] flourish and a friend of hers were working on, called Civilite. The narratives took several locations around the MIT campus and transformed them into 19th-C. Parisian locations. It was so cool-sounding that I asked if I could play in the play-test.

And I did.

But it came on perhaps the busiest week I've had since I've been back after Christmas. Arisia was last weekend - convenient, in one sense, as it was just up the street from MIT, but also resulting in much walking and many late nights. Then this week, I had rehearsals every night, including two for the Weston gala performance last night, plus the gala itself, and plus there was voting this week (which did, like, no good, of course), and a few other miscellaneous errands (groceries, etc.).

On the upside, I did a LOT of walking this week, so it was good for me to get out and be active.

On the downside, it sapped a lot of energy.

I didn't suck at the game, but it was hard to not have easy access to the campus at all hours, as some of the other players did. I at least managed my planned double-cross expertly, though it's interesting that the character's post-game story included some negative consequences, though the character still survived and managed to escape to a less illustrious existence. That's not so surprising, though, considering some of the goals of the research study component of the play-test. Ethical choices and pressures, indeed. I am not really all that burdened with those. ;^D

I also did really well all week with the dieting - mostly because I was out and didn't spend money on any food while I was out, and didn't have time for anything more than micromeals before going out again - and then of course, this weekend. Blown. Spent a lot of money going out with the cast of the gala, too, but well, that was social, at least. Must get back out of the habit of drinking, as it more than doubles the bill. Diet Coke is just fine without that shot of Jack in. I don't need a margarita, either. (Although I *WAS* good Friday and had a salad instead of dessert, but Saturday we had cheesecake and brownies and I split chicken fingers with another cast member. Today? Leftover cake, sigh. Cheese and crackers for dinner. then a piece of cheescake for dessert. Must resist the tray of goodies leftover from the show!)

(There's a fun story about Victoria's Secret in here, too. I tried to find a better undergarment for my dress, being nearly backless. And Amy and I took one look at VS's "solution" and proceeded to construct one... for about $2.25 in materials and five minutes' sewing, instead of the $50 it would have cost for a bra and this little halter thing! Yeah.)

I had to make a mad dash to rehearsal tonight. For the second time since we started! Oy. I swear I read the schedule, but all I saw for tonight was "Russians and Bottle dancers." I didn't see the "Work Scenes 1-6 with principals" that was written *ABOVE* "Russians and Bottle Dancers". Oops. Luckily I screamed out there and made it in about 20 minutes. Narg.

But I got some interesting news today, too. Two of my SPN stories have been nominated for "No Rest for the Wicked" awards. I'm not sure what that is, but there are some cool folks nominated in various categories, like [ profile] musesfool and [ profile] copperbadge so I guess I'm in good company. The fics are Sometimes a Day Goes By for angst and The Children's Hour for best gen. And that's really interesting, because a. they're both older stories, and b. I don't even think TCH is my best gen fic. I don't know if there's a word limit, though, and most of my better stuff is longer.

I also don't know what I'm supposed to do, other than respond to "accept" the nomination. I'm a little new at this, getting recognized for writing, that is. It doesn't happen often.

Alternity continues to be awesome, if a little slowish. I know that events will pick up soon, though, so keep reading it, if you are! (And if you are, let us know? What do you think of how we're doing? We'll keep going, but a little feedback does help on occasion....)

Job search is nowhere. It's hard to stay motivated. I have callbacks for "The Final Battle" to prep this week (due the 30th!) and I dunno. Other stuff.

I guess that's pretty much the state of the Gwen right now.
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I'm tired. I'm a little drunk and a whole lot more blechy in my stomach, because we've been drinking (fine) but I tried to eat sweets on top of alcohol (not fine. When will I learn?).

Heidi insisted I take the dessert home to my hotel. I'm just concentrating on getting the hell back to my room.

I walk in the entrance of the hotel and who is there but Richard Hatch and his entourage. He says, "Hey, what did you bring me?" and I said, "Espresso creme brulee. Want it?"

We then proceed to converse about the fact that I'm really not going to eat it, I don't have a fridge in the room, and seriously if he wants it, dude, I'll happily give it to him. He says to keep it for later when I want it. "I don't have a fridge in the room."

"You have an ice bucket, right?"

"Ooh. Good point. You are smart (SMRT!)"

We then proceed to talk about college programs (Minnesota for him, Ohio for me) until his limo arrives and they all leave.

Comic-Con, man. Weird.
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Well, we managed to do it, with the gracious loan of Melissa's recording pack and a LOT of help from the awesome A/V support gods at the Park Plaza. (Although we'd have probably done a lot better had I asked about recording it *last night* instead of pulling in to Park Street on the T, and realized that since Aaron had no computer, we had nothing to record with. I left my laptop because I had so much other stuff to carry. Oops! Ah, well, it worked out.)

It was very sparsely attended, but we figured that would be the case. ;^D

And I only made about 1700 mistakes while reading, but hey. Considering I didn't realize until MIDNIGHT LAST NIGHT that I was actually going to be reading the fic again -- and that we weren't listening to the old podcast version and talking about it -- I think I did okay.

SEVENTEEN voices in that fic. Including EIGHT WEASLEYS.

Madre de Dios.

But I have handed out a number of shirts (some to people who aren't going to Azkatraz but promised to wear them...) and a bunch of keychains and buttons.

I'm at work currently and will head back to the hotel at the end of the day. Unfortunately the Crocs that I bought in Orlando, supposed to be (used to be!) soooo comfortable... well, they're rubbing blisters. Ouchy.
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I don't think it's entirely coincidental that over the past few years, every time I have found myself at a potential crossroads, there happens to be an MIT media studies conference I've gone to at just about the same time.

- Futures of Entertainment was two weeks after I left Mount Auburn
- MiT5 was two weeks after I was back out of work from BIDMC (after working briefly in the Surgery department), and two months before I started working there again
- MiT6 was this weekend (and we know that things at work are...less than stable)

I have a bunch of reactions to this year's Media In Transition conference. )

My biggest, best thinky-thought this weekend )

I also have new ideas about methodologies to provide assistance to visually impaired readers (i.e., online users) and the transformative nature of vocal interpretations of fiction (i.e., fiction readings, which are themselves performances); the relationship of kennings to poetic mnemonic devices (and linguistic pattern-building); bards in a simultaneous role as performers, memoral agents, and editors; the history of reading aloud (and its relationship to dramatic performance vs. person-to-person file-sharing vs. transformative interpretation); sound and signal and the patterns of reception; collective memory and objectivity vs. immersive experience; and the effect of encapsulating specific stories within and without a fixed point in time as a device to create "safe" viewing distance; the status of queer (and queered) representations and interpretations and their future; and the selective process by which we choose what matters (and what lies outside the realm of the mainstream).

But those are posts for another time.


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