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...And I just had to do a complete system restore. Back to factory-new.


So much for installing Sonar on this computer!

I might be able to contact Cakewalk (maker of Sonar) and find another product to use with my microphone. Dangit.

But it's better than the computer being stuck without anything that makes it--well, a computer.

Am reinstalling printers and wallpapers and Chrome and....
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Saturday, my computer decided to spontaneously shut itself off. Twice.

I was up until 3 AM backing up all the files. (The second time it shut off was in the middle of copying files, in fact.) I let the thing rest Sunday and I've been researching computers... but before I hit the "buy" button, I came home and tried turning the computer back on.

So far, so far.

However, I have now officially acknowledged my computer's need to check in to the computer nursing home... though I am still hoping I can get it to limp along for a little while longer. At least I've done the research! But I really don't want to have to buy a new computer now if I can squeeze another couple months out of this puppy.

(And I still need more memory for the netbook. I tried running HP's automatic detector to tell me what to get, but I think because it's a refurbish, it can't tell me. Argh. But it still exists as a backup.

(Why is all my tech simultaneously going wonky?)

I really do want a better DNR guideline for a computer. (The DNR on the DVD player was easy.)


Apr. 8th, 2010 05:48 pm
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I was going to make this a longer post, but now I think bullets will do:

- The contract job site selected a different candidate. This isn't a horrible thing, as I really wasn't excited about putting 40 miles on the car every day (especially with a 17MPG average right now)

- I did, however walk through the Stoughton Jordan's Furniture and the Stoughton IKEA. But other than lunch (It's not IKEA without Swedish Meatballs!) I didn't buy anything. Yay, me.

- I always fantasy furniture shop at Jordan's. It's fun! This time I found a cool flip-top writing desk and I believe Narcissa Malfoy's bedroom furniture. I took pictures of the bedroom, but may go find them on the website later.

- Instead of my little self-devised "workout" this morning, I decided to finally get out the Yoga DVD I bought months ago. What a workout!

- Yoga on a rug that really needs to be vacuumed, however, is not so fun.

- Having done that, though, I really needed to start getting my books and all back in tubs to get them downstairs. And that's when

- I threw my lower back out. Ow. I was testing the weight. I swear. I lifted with my legs. I did. I gauged the weight, put it down, and I was straightening up. And POP.


So, no brush-up for me tonight. I'm icing / heating, trying to take it easy, only moving when I have to....

But, yeah. I'm a dumbass. I'll take the netbook to bed, as the laptop is too heavy to lift right now. At least I can kinda hobble around the apartment. When it first happened I could barely walk to the bathroom for Tylenol.


ETA: And now there's something wrong with the power supply to the netbook. Not sure if it's the brick or something else. Sigh. Grabbed the regular computer - and yeah, it actually hurt to carry it to the bedroom, but it's here now.

I'm moving a little more easily, but still hurts. Tiger Balm is my friend.


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