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I meet interesting people.

I find that what people are reading makes a *great* conversation starter. I see more people on the T reading GRRM nowadays, but I still see tonnes of people reading HP, and it's always an easy opening line.

Sometimes the universe steps in to make the weirdnesses work some pretty amazing magic, though.

- At the airport the weekend I flew to Pittsburgh, I couldn't find a seat at my gate where I could charge my phone. So I went a gate down, and someone sat across from me and pulled out reading "A Game of Thrones" and she was also wearing shoes that looked almost like ghillies. We started talking... [ profile] elements, turns out she went to college with you!

- This afternoon I missed my train and had to wait for the next. But once it came, I got on and I saw one woman reading "A Storm of Swords" and we only barely spoke. But then I heard some college kids talking about HP - well, fangirling Dan Radcliffe and talking about characters (Ginny, etc.), and I dug out an Ascendio card. At least one of them is a Communications major and is a huge HP fan and I apparently "Made her Year" because she did not know what HP conventions existed. And I recommended she talk to her advisor about getting credit for going - and also that she check out the CFP since a proposal that gets accepted would look good on her post-college resume.

- Last night, slightly different situation, but I was at a Weird-Ass Joe's in Acton (the only restaurant, apparently, on 27 in Acton), and I drove up and down looking for something a little less expensive. But by the time I decided Joe's was my only option, didn't have time to do anything but sit at the bar. Another woman came in around the same time and asked if the seat next to me was free, which it was. I then asked her (after ordering) if she would mind watching my stuff while I went back to the car, because I'd forgotten my script to read during dinner. Well, as a result, we struck up a conversation. She's a trademark and IP lawyer who lives in Lowell and she's a hockey fan.... We had a great conversation that made both our meals much more pleasant. But if I hadn't spent a few minutes looking for the (non-existent) Friendly's I wouldn't have met her.

Weird, random, awesome encounters.

Oh, and WHY does the NHLN lose its feed every hour on the hour? Cut out - no lie - 42 seconds before the end of the game! (We won anyway.)
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Interview this morning at 9:30.

Got up on time. Radio said that trains were running on schedule; buses a little slow but mostly fine.

Had an unscheduled delay but still managed to leave the house at 8:15.

Got to Waverley Square just in time for a bus. It was about as full as I've ever seen it at Waverley - which should have been my first clue.

At 9:00am, we were waiting at the light at Fresh Pond and Mt Auburn. I had no way to contact the interview site to tell them I was running late, but I tried anyway, guessing the woman's email. It failed. It took an hour to get to Harvard Square. In case you're keeping score, that meant it was 9:15.

Then 5-10 minute wait for the train. One stop to Central.

Arrived at Central at 9:20 AM and tried calling (the number doesn't connect) and a 2nd email address possibility (that also failed). Thirty-five minutes for the bus! It's now 9:54AM.

It took another 25 minutes to get to the interview site: 10:25AM, or an hour late. I let them know that if we needed to reschedule, I understood. The initial interviewer was still available to meet, so we met, but I'll have to go back at some point (we hope tomorrow) to talk to the person who counts - i.e., the PI this job would actually support.

So. 2 1/2 hours to get to the interview. Thirty-five minute interview. Stopped for a few minutes to change back to boots and check email, then back out to wait for the bus.

Any guesses?

11:35 - went out to wait
11:56 - Bus arrived
12:16 - Arrived back at Central Square.
12:50 - Train FINALLY arrived (disabled trains on the red line!)
12:54 - Arrived at Harvard Square
13:09 - Bus arrived
13:35 - Arrived Waverley Square
Stopped at Dunkin for a cup of hot chocolate to fortify me (temp and calories) for the walk home.
13:55 - HOME.

BTW, my boots aren't waterproof anymore. :(

Six HOURS. For a 35-minute interview.

Ye Gods, I hate the T.
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Stupid rain.

Like an idiot, I put my hat in my lap this morning, not by *bag*, because the brim was wet.

Yup. I stood up to get off the bus and forgot that my hat was not in my bag. Didn't notice it fall out of my lap. (My Nimbus ballcap, of course - not anything I can replace easily! WHY am I such a dumbass?)

I've called the MBTA twice already - they still haven't found it. I'm supposed to keep calling to see if they can track it down. I called last at 10:15; I'll call between 11 and 11:30 to see if they find it. Thing is, I could tell them within 20 minutes when I was on the bus but there are still about 5 buses running the route at that hour.

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First off, there's a guy I sometimes see on the bus or train, and for a few months, he's been reading GRRM's "Song of Ice and Fire" - specifically, the third book. I saw him Monday for the first time in a while, and he was suddenly (at least, from my perspective) about halfway through the 4th volume. Ordinarily, he's wearing headphones, I'm wearing headphones, he never sits, never makes eye contact, so it's very hard to spontaneously strike up a conversation, but this particular day, he wasn't. And I happened to look up as he was putting his book away to get off the bus, so I observed that it looked like he was ripping through it much more quickly than the 3rd book. I think he was a little freaked, but honestly, am I the only person who notices other people's progress through their books?

I guess I don't win at public transportation protocol. Well, only a couple more weeks and then I shall menace innocent readers no more!

Anyway. One of the nicer benefits from BI are discount movie tickets for employees. There's a particular ticket that costs $7.50 and can be used for any showing, even new movies, which is about a $3 savings per ticket over the evening general admission price at our preferred theatre in Framingham. So I've been picking up tickets, and I have to say that as a result, [ profile] etakyma and I have gone to new-release movies a lot more often than in past years.

Well, with my layoff coming up, we both thought it would be prudent to stock up on a few tickets in case there are films we want to see coming out in the next couple months. So I went to Fandango this morning to cruise the list of upcoming movies. One thing I should say straight off is that generally speaking our criteria for seeing a movie on the big screen is that it has to be something for which you *need* the theatre - either because you really want to see it in cinemascope or you know that you want the fab sound quality, or something of that nature - or else it has to be something that you just HAVE to see and can't wait for it to come out on DVD. Bear that in mind; it helps explain why there are some potentially good films here that will automatically go on the Netflick queue.

And here, for your discussion, is an annotated list which got really long and is therefore behind the cut )

And it keeps going for another bunch of pages. However, we're now into March and with luck I'll be gainfully employed again, so even though movies will probably cost $15 each by then, we'll be able to afford them.

Although, just for the sake of saying it, I have to point out two more that I'll be watching for in the spring:

Season of the Witch (Two 14th-century knights (Nicolas Cage, Ron Perlman) escort an accused sorceress to a remote abbey.) Hee! I'm sure it's supposed to be a drama / thriller but it just makes me grin because it's the 14th century!
CLASH OF THE TITANS!!!! You guys! They're remaking CLASH OF THE TITANS! Hahahahahah! How do you improve on the cheesiest cheesefest of stop-motion creature features!? CLASH OF THE TITANS, yo!

Okay. But here's the important part. Out of all those movies, there are (tots it up) three that we will want to see when they come out, and another 3-6 that we may-or-may-not see, but only two that are out before the end of the year. I'm worried about the tickets no longer being honoured if I hold on to them too long. By spring/summer, I certainly hope to be back in a more-income-than-outgo situation.

Still, that means at most 6 tickets, really, which is not too bad.

And man, not a new thought at all, but damn, there is some CRAPTASTIC movie-making out there! Wow.
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As mentioned, I called my doctor and he prescribed a z-pack for me, which I planned to pick up at CVS on the way home and then *walk* the rest of the way to the grocery store for other supplies, and then home.

But when I got to Park Street, well, it looked like someone had been trying to barbecue on the Red Line. There was a thin haze of smoke everywhere on the lower platform. We started asking, "Why is there smoke?" to which the answer was a fire in Downtown Crossing. All the trains were stopped while the BFD cleared things out.

The smoke got steadily worse, so I went back upstairs to peruse the bus routes to seek alternate transportation. Then the BFD showed up at Park Street and evacuated everyone in the station to the Commons. I was studying the map, again, trying to figure out how to reach a bus that would take me to Watertown or Harvard, when I saw a shuttle. YAY!

Worst shuttle driver EVER. I don't know whether he actually knew how to get to the various stations on the route, but he also didn't particularly care about letting people *OFF* at the other stops, much less picking other people up. He didn't stop at Charles at all. He turned the wrong way into Kendall so that a bunch of people tried to get on thinking we were heading Inbound, when we were going Outbound. Then when the guy from the T told him to go around so he could pick up going the other direction, he missed the turn and apparently decided not to go back. He did let people off at Central, but stopped beyond where the people were waiting to get on, and wouldn't let anyone on. WTF?

Everyone got off at Harvard (because apparently trains were running between there and Alewife), and I got onto the bus platform just in time for a bus. Got off at the CVS as planned, but by that time it was pushing 7:30 PM and I had already decided that I'd pick up grocery-ish items at CVS or not, depending on what they had, and go straight home.

I made it home at 8:00. Twenty minutes to walk from the CVS home. YAY, good workout.

Have taken the first bolus of the z-pack. Bought more Mucinex (one with the nasal decongestant and one with the cough suppressant for overnight - they were BOGO), and cough syrup, more cough drops, and dental floss. Also chocolate, Munchie Mix, Starbursts (yes, [ profile] etakyma, the strawberry and cherry are mostly for you), and Rolos.

Hey, I never said I was buying *healthy* groceries.

Dinner was the rest of the Brie and crackers. Which is good, because the Brie was well on its way to getting a little overripe.

Oh - and I'm now a "Guard" in Wellesley's EMACT show. This will be fun--and a great introduction to doing a show at the festival!
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Well, it seemed like it was an interesting day for everyone today.

We heard this morning that someone discovered a dead body in a lab at the NRB. Male, in proximity to a hazardous chemical, but there were signs that it was either auto asphyxiation or foul play.

No more details. I may check the Globe website later.

Last night I went to the Publick House (by T for the first time, it was easy!) and met [ profile] iterum, his LJ friend [ profile] bluerosesgirl and her sweetie, Greg. I had a chewy stout and we had these amazing fried artichokes with a fabulous dip, and then I ordered pumpkin ravioli and they were TO DIE FOR. Bliss on a plate.

I got home at 8:45 and watched the rerun of Supernatural, including the totally squeeful promo for the episode in two weeks. (Took preliminary action collection while it was airing, but of course I need to go back with the download so I can stop/start/reverse.)

This afternoon, however? I left work a little before 4:30. Waited for a bus. The first one to come along was a 65, so I took it to Kenmore. Got on a train. Packed train. Conductor: "Attention, passengers, we're standing by. There's a disabled train ahead. We'll be the first train to move once they've cleared the track."

Wait. Train fills up more. Wait. Decide that I can get home by an alternate route if I take the 57 bus to Watertown and then a 70 or 70A along route 20. Longer walk home, but maybe home before 7 PM. So I duck off the train, go back up to the street. Wait for 57. Get on 57. About a block later, I think, "Dummy. The 57 connects to the 47. You can take that to Central like normal." So I get out at BU. Wait for 47. Go to Central, thence to Harvard, thence to 73 and home like usual. I got on the 47 at 5:06. I got home at 6:06. But man, it felt like a lot longer with all those transfers.

Meh. Home. Dinner was uninspired. I just made cookies and didn't leave them in long enough; they were more like slightly gooey, warm cookie dough. Somehow I didn't mind.

Tomorrow I shall go to Trader Joe's, get the few fresh groceries I need for my private turkey dinner, with the fixings the way I like them. There will be fic, too, or at least, writing, and I will likely post something.

Whee. Now: Babylon 5. Man, I have missed having this show.

BTW: regarding all the SPN wank? Don't really know what's going on. Don't really care. Been there, done that with Harry Potter. I'm not taking sides; I'm just going to sail through with my own little t00by love for my show. My mantra: "They're all nice folks." If you're batshit insane, dangerously psycho, or feel the need to make your drama mine, please, move along. If you want to discuss SPN, fandom in general, or meta about the dynamics of large, online groups, I can work with that.

Incidentally, [ profile] dodger_winslow posted about the limitations of LJ when it comes to holding actual discussions about issues that might be controversial. So, I will say this much: I'm brave enough to host controversial *discussion* here, provided it remains civil. Meanwhile, my experience is that the best way to discourage wank is to ignore it.


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