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My entry in the blog is up:

BAF Blog

If you comment you could win a .pdf of my story from the first BAF anthology.
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So, I'm the Cat-in-the-Hat in Seussical, right? But it's an interesting mix. The Cat, Horton (as-yet uncast), Gertrude (the one I thought they'd cast), Mayzie (the one I thought they'd cast), the General (again, predicted the casting), the Mayor (ditto), Sour Kangaroo, Mayor's Wife, Yertle (and I assume the Grinch will be either the General or Yertle) - are all adults. There are also 4-5 adult ensemble members / dancers. The Wickershams, the Bird Girls, JoJo (of course), and the rest of the jungle animals, fish, and so on, are kids. I don't think they cast every child who auditioned - but they must have come close. And some of them are really too young to be doing this. So that'll be interesting to see how it develops.

Also, it was a dance rehearsal, not a read-through, which no one told us until we got there. Luckily I had stuff with me and now we know Sundays are dance. But it means that Tuesday, which was supposed to be rehearsal for the other show, will now be the I have to inform them tonight that I have a new conflict tomorrow. Crazy. The reason it was dance was that the director was out of town. Which accounts for the rocky start, but I hope he'll provide some clarity and y'know, a real rehearsal schedule, and some confidence.

(Why is this a trend for me? I get the parts I want...but only in productions that are sub-optimal. Well, it's a little too early to say the show is sub-optimal, as the choreographer is determined to do well and not 'dumb down' the choreography, but you know what I mean.)

I'm still excited to play the part and I still think there's potential for a good time. But I did wake up wondering if I should have kept that other audition and worried about the choice if I'd had to make it. Live and learn, I guess.

Anyway. My father is invading in an hour or so. He was original going to come in Wednesday-ish but called yesterday morning to say, "Well, I'll be there tomorrow." ACK. But I've been cleaning since yesterday and while the house is nowhere near spotless, the bathroom's clean, the floors are more-or-less picked up, he's got a fresh towel, and the kitchen is less of a disaster with most of the recycling out or ready to go out, and a bunch of things that I hadn't taken downstairs back in the storage cage there. Not all of it. But some of it.

Of course, I had to move my car out of the driveway for him to be able to park his van (and so we can use my car for day-tripping), which means I also had to take the giant wheeled bin *out* of the car, so it is now cluttering my kitchen. But when he arrives we can transfer the tent to the tub and then put the box of games on top of it, so yay. Progress. I'm glad I'd gone through the tables in the living room a short while ago as that made everything much easier. The kitchen table, however, is still full of overflow that won't fit in the cupboards (fiber bars, chips, snacks, etc.) - but meh. That's where it lives.

Anyway. With my bedroom door closed the place looks pretty acceptable. Now I just have to figure out what we're going to do during the day tomorrow (Wednesday I want to go on a whale watch if we can, and I've found the one I'd prefer to go on.). Any suggestions? :Goes to look on Eventful and other sites....

Oh! Bad-Ass Faeries has a new website and a blog (on LJ, actually): Check it out!

Some stuff

Sep. 4th, 2010 07:53 pm
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Okay, so....

First off, I have purchased a knock-off brand of toning trainers for only $30 (instead of $80-100 for name brands). I have tried on virtually every trainer on the market that offers this technology, that doesn't have a mesh fabric (because going into autumn, I don't want a trainer that's going to soak through). I even got a blister from tightening shoelaces. But hey, $30 and new trainers and (one hopes) they will do what they're supposed to do as I walk.

Also, Bad-Ass Faeries now has a website, so watch for more information about that soon.

Also, FictionAlley needs money. We're looking into grant opportunities but we could use donations to tide us over (and if we don't get a grant soon), so go to FA and donate or at least use our Google Ads and links when you shop on Amazon and so on, so we'll get kickbacks.

Next, I finally received "Brotherhood of the Wolf" from Netflix. It wasn't in their library when I first requested it three years ago; they finally added it and I watched it this afternoon. Really rather good, though not particularly pithy. It's French (subtitled) and watching subtitled movies is always tricky owing to the lack of multitasking. My French is way rusty, so without the subtitles I'd catch about every third word. It's also notable because it features Marc Dacascos, better known as the Iron Chef America Chairman, in a super-hawt role. I kinda want this movie, though I'm not anxious to add it to the collection. Someday. It's not even that expensive - just not a necessary acquisition at this time.

I also recently watched "In the Bedroom" - Wow. That's a powerful film. Deceptively simple. Tom Wilkinson is in everything, man. And he's always fabulous.

Still nothing on the job front. I just need to keep applying.

And last but totally not least, [ profile] etakyma and I went up to Manchester last week to have dinner with [ profile] bekkio. We went up early to check out the Currier Museum of Art, which is quite a respectable little collection. They had three changing exhibits, the best of which was a kinetic sculptor named George Sherwood ( Wicked cool. And a retrospective on photographer Jerome Liebling, also impressive, but not as "woah" as the sculpture. It was a fun day.

I have some auditions coming up, have to prepare for those. And...I dunno. I guess that's it. Holiday weekends - pretty much the same for me as any other day. Only in some ways more boring.
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It's been a busy week with lots of time on the road.

Thursday - left Boston for Rochester.
Friday - left Rochester, met [ profile] beatricedwinter for lunch (AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIS!) and then proceeded to War Practice.

War Practice was WET. But it was also WARM, for a change. On Friday there was a lot of Scotch. On Saturday there was carbonated wheat beverage that failed to qualify as beer.

Sunday - broke camp and went to Pittsburgh. Fwump. [ profile] grouchyoldcoot made delivery food happen. Watched the rest of the 5th season of "Weeds." (I've decided that "Weeds" is sort of my televised, x-rated version of "Twilight" for those who read that - it's 100% crack, and thrives on the "OMG, I can't believe they're going there!" factor.)

Monday - drove back to Rochester. Had dinner with our friends Mike and Toby and their grandson, M, who has officially entered foster care with family friends of theirs who live locally, as opposed to fostering in New York City. Complicated story - short version is that their daughter had some trouble a few years back and is not available at present to raise her 18-month son. He, however, is a cutie, and while he's no J, he's tracking just fine for his age, developmentally. He spent about ten minutes standing on my driver's seat checking out every available gauge and button and feature of my car. Adorable.

Tuesday - drove back to Boston. More fwumping.

I am still exhausted, but I must gather trash today and also the mighty hunter must capture milk. And I have an audition this evening. So, gotta get that ready. Oh, and apply for a bunch of jobs.

Other news:

Ticket saga, part II: Monday morning, we got a call from the Pittsburgh CLO. The tickets were returned as "undeliverable" - even though the address and zip were correct. So the lady from the office is hand-addressing them and will try again. If they bounce again, I'll just have them hold them at the box office, which all things considered is probably the easiest option, anyway.

And my parents. Okay, so anyone who has met both of my parents can probably agree that two more different people do not exist. It still mystifies me how they ever got married in the first place, but whatever. But occasionally they do things that show a glimmer of that sameness. For example, I called my mother on Sunday after confirming Monday's dinner, to let her know the plan. We talked briefly and hung up. Thirty seconds later, she calls me back. "What?" I ask. "Nothing, except I realized I forgot to say I love you."

Now, lemme stop here for a second. I don't have a problem telling the people I love that I love them. But I also don't think it's necessary to do so at the end of EVERY CONVERSATION. This is a point of contention with my mother, especially, who seems to think that if she doesn't tell me I will forget that it is true, or think that her affection has shifted. And conversely, that if I don't say it, it means somehow I have stopped. Um. Well ... no.

Okay, so Mom calls me back for the express purpose of making sure I know that she loves me. Yeah, I got the memo the last time, but thanks, Mom. I love you, too.

At some point, I got a message from my father, informing me of his schedule for the next few days (Outer Banks chillin'). Again, fine - no problem, I'm not nearly as worried about knowing where he is as he is about making sure I know. He says in the message that there's no need to call him back - so I don't.

Monday evening, he calls (right after we got back from dinner, actually - and at the very beginning of "Chuck") and during the conversation, he says, "I realized that I forgot to say I love you last time we talked. And I thought I should clear that up."


My parents, they are so weird. I told my mother. She laughed.

And finally, check it out:

BAF 3 is on Amazon!!!


I'll be doing a reading / signing in Auburn, MA, on June 12, but unfortunately I will not be at Balticon this year. (Though if you are going to Balticon, there's a bunch of fun stuff planned for the launch party.)
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So, first up, Bad-Ass Faeries 1 and 2 are now back in print from Mundania Press! Available on Amazon and Mundania.

And second, we got a nod in the NY Times book review:

Pertinent Excerpt:
[Holly] Black’s [faerie tale] series and Neil Gaiman’s “Stardust,” from 1999, are considered to have kick-started the fairy trend in young adult fantasy; you can get a nice sampler of the style in Marietta Publishing’s two-volume anthology, “Bad-Ass Faeries.”

Heh. Mentioned in the same sentence as Holly and Mr Neil Gaiman, w00t.

(I note with some irony that the story the article addresses first is a "lesbian" retelling of Cinderella. La la la la.... But on that note, for the 3rd volume contribution, good conversation, some misunderstandings on both sides, and overall moving in a positive direction.)

We will also be at Arisia, for anyone going, selling and signing.
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Senior editor Danielle Ackley-McPhail and Marietta Publishing would like to announce that Bad-Ass Faeries 2: Just Plain Bad has been selected as a Finalist for the 2009 EPPIE Award in the Anthology - Complete Category.

This is the second time a Bad-Ass Faeries title has finaled this year, as the first volume, Bad-Ass Faeries, finaled for the 2007 Dream Realm Award in July.

Congratulations to the contributors for this well-deserved honor:

James Chambers
Bernie Mojzes
Trisha Wooldridge
Christy Tohara
C.S. Haviland
L. Jagi Lamplighter
Elaine Corvidae
Den C. Wilson
Skyla Dawn Cameron
Lorne Dixon
Steven Earl Yoder
CJ Henderson
Brian Koscienski
Chris Pisano
Danielle Ackley-McPhail
Lee C. Hillman
James Daniel Ross
Steven Mangold
Jason Franks
Phil Brucato
John Passarella
Jeff Lyman

The winners in all EPPIE Categories will be announced at EPICon, March 2009, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Congratulations to all those that finaled across all categories. (A full list of finalists is not yet available, but will be posted on the EPIC website shortly.)

Best regards,

Danielle Ackley-McPhail

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Fallen Angels gave BAF II 5 angels:

And she gave BAF (I) 5 angels and a recommended read:

No specific shout-out for me (which is totally fine!), but good things to say:

"Bad-Ass Faeries 2: Just Plain Bad fulfilled its promise…This is another one I could hardly put down! This is a must read for all you Faerie lovers out there!" - Reviewer CJ, Fallen Angel Reviews

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With my shiny bad-ass Ellen icon (not mine, you understand--[ profile] thirdhex made it. I'm just using it. Um...).

Anyway, it's a very nice review, though the reviewer uses the word "nice" too much. But he gives a little blurb about each story:

Read them All

If you're just interested in me (and who isn't? ;^P), here's what he had to say about mine:

"The Seelie Seven” by editor Lee C. Hillman is another derivative tale modeled after the Lee Marvin movie, The Dirty Dozen. The Sergeant-Major here is a tiny garden fae with the disposition of a pit bull, with a drafted squad of supernatural prisoners convicted of various crimes by the Seelie Court of the light fae. Their mission is to retrieve a magical icon stolen from the Queen by the Unseelie Court of the dark fae. Much like Lee Marvin and his squad of convict commandos, the sergeant-major and his team infiltrate the dark fae headquarters and strike. Battle is joined! Surprises, reversals, and brave action abound. And betrayals occur, the team members not being chosen for their virtue. A nice action tale with plenty of twists and turns.

Pretty cool! (Especially considering I wrote the bloody thing in about 48 hours. After watching the movie three times in a row....)
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Yeah, I was so busy over the weekend that...well, I forgot yesterday was Monday. I mean, with the coming home and all. And even though I was home last night...I was really whipped. So no Monday Meta for [ profile] wee_chesters, no update from the weekend.

I suck.


Saturday )

Sunday )

Monday I got up, packed, and D&D and Mom drove me to the airport (BTW, they have a new RAV4 and love it, so that's a notch in its belt on the car decision). I called [ profile] etakyma, who is the bestest non-spouse ever and she picked me up at Logan and then hung out with me yesterday until time to go to her rehearsal.

Then I watched Timeline, which wasn't nearly as bad as I'd been led to believe (but it was bad enough!), and then the first half of the new Andromeda Strain. Yes, it was a Michael Crichton night for me.

Andre Braugher is really looking old. Just sayin'.

BigBang - I have read through each parallel story on its own and made some modifications. I merged it back together and now I need to re-read it again. It went up 1,000 words, not down. But that's okay. One thing that's reassuring is that the "Modern" sections are only 5 pages shorter in total than the "Flashbacks" - so it's fairly even at least in terms of overall story length. I'm a little concerned that it's still light on casework, but this isn't so much about the file as the people. I'm also concerned with my John, but I think I can shut him down a tiny bit more and he'll be okay.

And the other thing? Yeah. Totally didn't do a Monday Meta. Sigh. And I had a topic, too! Now I can't remember it. Naturally.

Well. Today I started training our new Admin Coordinator! and called my doctor and convinced him to call in a Z-pack without making me come in and be seen. No, really. I can diagnose a sinus infection, doc. Just gimme the drugs.

So I'll pick that up on the way home, and I need to hit the grocery store or I won't have food.

Oh, and I got some pretty good news yesterday of a Supernatural nature, but I'm not able to talk about it yet. :^D

As far as all of you? Well, I hate to tell you, gang, but I'm probably at about skip=800. No lie. So, I'm terribly sorry, I'm declaring a moratorium on trying to catch up. I'll read LJ tonight with posts from the last day or so, but all the way back? Sorry. No. So if I missed anything major in the last 100 hours or so, I'm really sorry. Clue me. Except for Morgen and Erin's dad, because I know about that. :^(
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All the places I'll be at Balticon:

Saturday 5 pm Belmont 42 reasons why you should write for young adults

Sunday 10 Am Garden Why writing can't be taught and how to teach it

Sunday noon Derby Getting published

Sunday 6 pm Salon E How not to break into print

Sunday 7 pm Garden Bad-Ass Faeries 2 Launch

Then there's the launch party in Oxford, MA on Friday the 30th.

OMG, four panels, all on publishing. Yikes. I hope I don't embarrass myself.


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