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Oct. 29th, 2011 11:10 am
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The first installment of "All Things Considered"'s kids' book club was yesterday:

The Graveyard Book.

Although as usual, either no one asked or they didn't ask Gaiman to answer the important questions. Like "WHAT IS SILAS? WHERE DOES HE GO?"

But that's okay. And then I found this:

Mouse Circus

Which I'm sure anyone who reads his blog regularly (yes, [livejournal.com profile] etakyma, I'm looking at you) knows already. So I'm behind the curve. Sue me. Wicked cool.

Okay. Updates. Oy. So much has happened in the last month. Mockingbird is over. Bell, Book, and Candle will be over tonight. Of course it's supposed to snow and we're supposed to strike.... We'll see how that goes. My neck got all twingey again last night and it hurts to turn my head to the left again. ARGH.

In the next week, I have a class on Tuesday morning, I'm leaving early on Wednesday for an appointment, I have an orientation session all day Thursday, and then on Friday I'm heading to Rochester for the weekend because after that, rehearsals for Big start in earnest and I won't have time until January. Somewhere in there I have to get my passenger-side front tire looked at because I had to fill it with air about a week ago. No road trip with a bum tire, thank you!

The reason I'm going to Rochester is not a particularly happy one. It's time to kick Mom's move to assisted living into high gear. )

So, it's been a bit...hectic. Fraught. Tense. Those things. But it's okay.

I'm not going to audition for any more theatre through the winter - at least not until we have a better sense of timing - so that I am free to travel back and forth to Rochester on weekends and ferry stuff away one car-load at a time. The good news is that there should be no reason Mom can't go to the house over the winter as well, to move some of her items that she wants, or if I came in on a Friday we could go on Saturday and spend the day going through several boxes, then bring what we're keeping back to her new place. The bad thing is that it'll be more expensive than we'd hoped because it's more on the order of assisted living than just living someplace on one level. But insurance will pick up some, the sale of the house will bring in some funds (not a lot), and my earning shot up with the new job *just* in time to be able to help.

And as I put it to her, it's happening while she's still able to be fully in control (or at least mostly in control) of what's happening. She can make the decisions, she can still enjoy high activity and in fact may be more healthy as a result. It's just hard to face the reality of leaving her house after 37 years.

Then again, the maple tree's gone. So really? Not all that much point to staying anymore. :)
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...And I just had to do a complete system restore. Back to factory-new.


So much for installing Sonar on this computer!

I might be able to contact Cakewalk (maker of Sonar) and find another product to use with my microphone. Dangit.

But it's better than the computer being stuck without anything that makes it--well, a computer.

Am reinstalling printers and wallpapers and Chrome and....
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Ever have a party and no one wants to come?

Sent out the notice about the department picnic last week, and the directions today (serving as a reminder). Now, I know - no weekend is gonna work for everyone. And it's slightly short notice (just short of 4 weeks), so many people already have plans. But out of the first 12+ responses, I've got only ONE person (and her husband and kids) who are coming. One. Out of 14 so far.

And me.

So. The department wants to do social things, except that they don't.

The tide will turn. I know there are people who will come but just haven't told me (please, let this be true). I know that this department in particular is REALLY BAD about rsvp-ing. For anything. So I think it's not as bad as it feels. But still, gotta say, what's running through my heart is: Why don't they like me? j/k, sorta.

And it's got to start somewhere. So even if it's just me and one family, we'll have a great time.

And if by next week I still have no other takers, well... Anyone want to have a picnic in Chestnut Hill on September 10th?
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That was a thoroughly embarrassing audition.

I don't expect a callback.

I hate not being able to dance like a dancer anymore.

Ah, well. Moving on.

(In other news, I am the worst daughter ever, For the first time I can recall I did not talk to my mother on her birthday. Oops. I did call her - only four days late. Oops.)
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I swear. My house eats things. Crap crap crap.

If I were TWO Amazon Gift Certificates for $25 each.... where would I be?

I had them. I almost used them a few weeks ago and then held off. I had them on my table.

Now they are gone.

They are not in the pile of unfiled (but paid) bills. They are not in the folder of pending bills and tax info. They are not on the table. They are not on the desk. They are not on the bookshelf. They are not on the butler's table with my dad's mail and tax stuff.

They are not replaceable.

FUCK. My house. Sometimes I hate being messy.

ETA: They can cancel the old ones and reissue new ones! Their FAQ lies - at least about the Amazon ones. Probably not for store gift cards and stuff.
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This is the first year I've been on Facebook for my birthday. So many people "wrote" on my "wall" - I feel a little lame about it. Is there some kind of rule that says you have to wish everyone on FB a happy birthday? Do I now "owe" all those people birthday greetings?

I'm not good at that. That's a tremendous amount of pressure! There's a reason I don't send Christmas cards or give presents at the office (when I have one). It's not that I don't appreciate it, but I'm bad at reciprocating. And furthermore, I'm just not sure how to deal with that kind of attention.

It's quite a contrast to the year when I was in a new job, so no one knew it was my birthday, I had a rehearsal that night and no one there knew it was my birthday, and I got stopped on the way home for speeding. I didn't say anything to the cop, either, but he can't have failed to see from my license that it was, in fact, my birthday. In fact, I think that's the only reason he made it a warning instead of a ticket. As he handed my my license and registration and the paperwork back, he said, "Happy Birthday" - and as I drove away, that's when I started getting misty. It was 11:30 PM on my birthday and he was the first person all day to acknowledge it.

Not that I make a habit of feeling sorry for myself on birthdays. My family really just doesn't make a big deal out of them. From the time I was about 13, my idea of a birthday celebration was to go out with family friends and maybe have cheesecake for dessert. I didn't have big parties, because among other things, in Rochester in February, you've got a high probability that everyone you invite will be sick, or the weather will be so bad you have to cancel. And nowadays I'm nearly always in a rehearsal on my birthday (at least the last 4 years!), so making plans is just not big on the list.

OTOH, I'm still having a little trouble with this birthday just passed. I know I'd have less of an issue if my job situation were not what it is. But even without that... I never thought I'd be my age and still so far behind on everything. I found out the other day that at least two people in the show, whom I thought were older (not by much, but a little bit!) than I am, are actually younger - one by a year and one by four years. Yikes. It makes me feel rather pessimistic.

I have received one very odd present... One of my birthday twins sent a DVD because, as he put it, even though he's also out of work and shouldn't be spending the money, this was "a gem" that I would "appreciate." It's called The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra. Apparently it's a spoof of B movies. Er. Okay....

Meanwhile, I have to take action tomorrow with the temp agency because my W-2 was supposedly mailed on 1/21 and I still haven't received it. I also want to follow-up on the jobs I interviewed for - I think a week is a good length of time to wait without making contact - and gently push to see if I can make sure they know I'm still very interested. I'm also planning to call Unemployment on Wednesday and see if I can file a claim for the temp stint. Even if it's only a few buck a week, it's something.

I've been working at the theatre (and will continue to do so next week) building sets. Yesterday we had to clean the place because they're renting it tonight - so we had to put all the set-building stuff onstage behind the traveler curtain and completely clean / reset the house for the event, clean the bathrooms, etc. And it turns out that the older gentleman who does most of their set-building and maintenance used to work for Universal! We got into a long discussion about the parks and the rides. He was there for 10 years - though I don't know if anyone he knew there still works there. I'd still like to work there, dangit. I wish there were a tailor-made job for me.... Maybe it's time to check in on that again, too.

In other news, the computer is still hanging in there (knock wood), although the case is now really pulling apart at the seam. There's a strip of plastic that's supposed to sit between the top of the case and the DVD-ROM drive that is now free-floating. The DVD still works, but it rattles while the disc is turning. But I'm glad it still works because I've got 4 more episodes of Doctor Who (series 5) still to watch (and they don't work in the DVD player in the TV)....

Speaking of watching things, Netflix brought me Ponyo this weekend. Adorable! And so definitely Miyazaki. But that song at the end? ROTFL. And all I could think was that it is quintessentially Japanese, somehow. These are the same people who brought the world Sushi TV.

Yes, my life is Soooo Exciting, everyone!
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Saturday, my computer decided to spontaneously shut itself off. Twice.

I was up until 3 AM backing up all the files. (The second time it shut off was in the middle of copying files, in fact.) I let the thing rest Sunday and I've been researching computers... but before I hit the "buy" button, I came home and tried turning the computer back on.

So far, so far.

However, I have now officially acknowledged my computer's need to check in to the computer nursing home... though I am still hoping I can get it to limp along for a little while longer. At least I've done the research! But I really don't want to have to buy a new computer now if I can squeeze another couple months out of this puppy.

(And I still need more memory for the netbook. I tried running HP's automatic detector to tell me what to get, but I think because it's a refurbish, it can't tell me. Argh. But it still exists as a backup.

(Why is all my tech simultaneously going wonky?)

I really do want a better DNR guideline for a computer. (The DNR on the DVD player was easy.)
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This Christmas was a holiday of hand-me-down electronics. I got a GPS from Joel that had been his mother's, and then from my mother I brought back her old DVD player. It was the better of her two - I kept asking her if she'd rather we hook up that one to her bedroom TV and I'd take the lesser model - but she kept saying it made no sense.

Last night when I got home from Rochester and opened the back to unload, the DVD player slid straight out and fell on the pavement. On its face, of course. Which meant that the faceplate cracked in about five places.

At first I didn't even realize it was cracked. (Hey, it was dark outside.) But when I did realize it, I plugged it in anyway to check on it, and it turned on and the tray would open and close, but I wasn't ready to test it with a DVD because it didn't make sense to do that until I had it plugged in to a TV.

Well, this morning I got it hooked up to the TV and got it wired through the VCR... and the little "standby" light came on. But it won't stay powered up. When I click the remote power button, it comes on for a moment, displays "Sony DVD" and then shuts itself back off.


I feel really dumb for not making sure the thing was well secured (or for not opening the glass to get it out), or for just putting it on the back seat. It was 5-6 years old, but it was pristine, basically. And now it's toast.

It's old enough that I'm sure Sony wouldn't do anything about fixing it - and I'm sure it would cost just as much to replace the front as it would to just buy a new machine. Well. I've lived without a player back there this long so there's no rush to do that. It's just very disappointing to have broken the damn thing in the first place.

Unless anyone has suggestions for another way to fix it? I don't know what happened between last night and this morning that it suddenly won't run.


ETA: First off, the whole faceplate has basically come off now. And second - a little research online shows that it would cost a minimum of $120 to get it fixed ($137 to exchange it through Sony). And used identical models on Amazon start at $25.99 (plus shipping)... And of course there are about 14 newer models for under $75.

The point being that I won't be doing anything about it for the time being, but when I do feel like it there are cheaper alternatives to getting it fixed.
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I'm back and on the way to recovery from Infinitus. It was a long week, a long drive home, and I dunno, I'm still kinda living in a fog. So here's a random list:

- I really hate silverfish. I also really hate spiders in the bathtub when I'm set to shower. (Yes, [livejournal.com profile] grouchyoldcoot, we jinxed it. There was one in there this morning.)

- Watching 'Rizzoli and Isles' - the establishing shots of Boston include the CLS building! (Also Charles Malik Whitfield is in this episode.) (I haven't watched this before so it's on trial.)

- I won one of the copies of [livejournal.com profile] naominovik's new book! It was waiting when I got home.

- I'm sort of living in my bedroom because that's where the A/C unit is.

- I caved. I joined Facebook. I'm going to hate this. Fuck. [livejournal.com profile] etakyma is not allowed to go away again.

- Fiddler got nominated for 13 DASH awards. None of them my personal nomination, but best musical ensemble - that's cool.

- Alternity continues to be awesome.

- I finished Nameless. I enjoyed it.

- I've been on a very strange sleep / wake schedule since getting back Thursday. I think I'm finally on an even keel. Well, I woke up at 8 AM and it's 10 and I haven't napped yet. So I'll go to bed in a while and hopefully this will trend, instead of waking, napping for an hour or two every few hours, and getting in about 16 hours of sleep during the course of the day but at very odd intervals (like, 2:30-7 PM and 9-11:30 AM. ACK.)

- OMG I have so much BOOZE. Gang, everyone knew I was driving home so they gave me all their alcohol. And their food. So much food! So much alcohol! Unemployed me is grateful but the booze is more than I'll probably drink in two years. So it'll come to Pennsic with me. I hope the pre-mixed V/T doesn't go completely utterly flat and nasty (it's in the fridge to help guard against that). So... yeah. thanks. But wow, LOTS of booze.

- I still love the movie "Far from Heaven" - it was on last night and it's still beautiful. Sad, and difficult and terrible, but gorgeous.

- I'm still unemployed. I wonder how long it will take for the new extended benefits to get paid? I did motivate myself to apply for a job today, so that's a positive sign.

- Must work on lines! Must make more chemises. Must MOTIVATE.

- I need to finish unpacking and do laundry. Bleah.

- I made it to the grocery store! More milk. Bananas, cheese, bread. I have more than junk food, yay!

- I have a small rant, but I will refrain for now. It's really nothing important.

- Oh, and I forgot: I now have a light sabre on my phone. It's not the best app, but my phone is now complete. :)

Yeah. I'm really going to regret signing on to Facebook. I can tell. I hate it already.
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I just received a notice of termination from the Census. Their reason? Lack of work.

Hello? You never SCHEDULED me to work, you fuckwits! How am I supposed to report for work if you never TELL me when you want me to come in?

I mean. Okay. The job was shit. But it would have been a little tiny bit of income. It might have helped extend my unemployment benefits a couple weeks here and there. And plus? I've never been "terminated" from a job in my life. Bastards.

On the bright side, my landlord just brought up the A/C unit!! So I will have a cooled-off bedroom by bedtime! W00T.
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I'm gonna navel-gaze for a bit and catch up on a few things. It's been a helluva week and it's only getting better.

I'm basically all but done at work. I set my out-of-office reply and auto-forward on the email, I recorded a final outgoing message on my phone, set it to extended absence, and sent all the calls direct-to-voicemail. My key and ID are in the drawer and I brought home all the remaining personal items, including my calendar and the wrist rest from my keyboard (which was actually mine from Mt Auburn). So the only thing remaining is to come in for breakfast tomorrow and deal with any last emails that may come overnight or tomorrow morning. And I'm off to Rochester and then Buffalo for Masked Ball.

Still have to finish packing, but I've got the evening to do that.

First I'm going to gaze at my navel a little on the subject of my career so far and my options to come. I don't want to lock this, but it'll get a bit long, so here's a cut. )

So here's my question: If I'm going to try to take the next 3-4 months and really push for professional theatrical gigs, what's the best course? Agent? Online sites? Crap, I'm not very happy with the online voice and talent sites I'm finding. I've even got a pro account on one and I'm not sure it's worth it, though I admit I haven't really been getting as much utility out of it as I might do. I dunno. I think one could easily waste a lot of time and money on these kinds of accounts and get nowhere. Maybe Stagesource is the best option. I clearly need to sink some money into better headshots and maybe spend some serious time working on my in-home recording setup.

Which brings me to auditions for Fiddler. I will tell y'all, I rocked it. Again. Of all the ladies reading for the character I wanted, I know damn well I read the best. I got the best reactions from the committee - and the director, dangit. But guess what? TOO OLD. Despite the fact that on a stage I can still read very young (I mean, heck, I didn't look too out of place opposite Dan S in Mame, even though I was twice his age).

Casting hasn't happened yet, since there are more auditions tonight, but I did get a callback - for a role about 20 years older than I *actually* am. Not that I don't want to play the part,cause she's fun, but y'know, in 10 years? And btw, again, a pretty much non-singing role in a musical.

But. The director is one of the best in the area, and there's little question that if offered the role, I'll take it, and I'll do well at it, of course, in order to work for this director. Just.... Y'know, I just don't get it. When I was 20-22, all the roles I was age-appropriate for were given to women who were 15 years too old for the part. Now that I'm 15 years too old for the part...everyone casts women in their teens and twenties in those same roles.

What. The. Fuck. Is wrong with this picture?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, if I really want to be serious about this theatre stuff, I know, I have to just take what's offered and make it work and do a great job and keep getting cast. I would like to play a few key roles before it's completely ridiculous. But maybe I'm already ridiculous.


Nov. 23rd, 2009 01:43 pm
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1. No hat. Sigh. I'll just get another one from CafePress at some point.

2. Looking at the shows I wanted to audition for.... WHAT?! Everyone has moved to April performances instead of March???? GAH.

Seriously. "Singin' in the Rain" is the first three weeks of April, fine. But the other companies with shows I'd like to go out for - Weston, Netwon, Longwood - they're all putting up their spring shows in mid-late April, too, instead of March. Argh.

Well, okay - Concord Players is doing 'Scarlet Pimpernel' in the last two weeks of April / first week of May. Doable. Difficult, but doable. (Schedules audition....)

And there's always the school of thought that says audition anyway - get a better part and drop, but that's somewhat unprofessional.

3. My dad just got a traffic ticket in Georgia. He says he came to a T-intersection and in one of those "oh, why not?" moments blew through it to try to get through before the car coming in the other direction...only to realize too late that said car was a cop. Yeah. (Sounds VERY similar to my ticket that I argued away when I blew through the yellow light by going *right past* a cop who was already stopped at the light....)

Oh, well, it happens. Well, it happens to anyone who drives as much as me or my dad. But no one wants to make a habit out of it!

4. I'm so bored at work....
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Stupid rain.

Like an idiot, I put my hat in my lap this morning, not by *bag*, because the brim was wet.

Yup. I stood up to get off the bus and forgot that my hat was not in my bag. Didn't notice it fall out of my lap. (My Nimbus ballcap, of course - not anything I can replace easily! WHY am I such a dumbass?)

I've called the MBTA twice already - they still haven't found it. I'm supposed to keep calling to see if they can track it down. I called last at 10:15; I'll call between 11 and 11:30 to see if they find it. Thing is, I could tell them within 20 minutes when I was on the bus but there are still about 5 buses running the route at that hour.

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I've been flirting with my job search for a few weeks, easing into looking, since, y'know, I have until the end of the year.

Except I don't.

I got a one-month's notice today - November 27, instead of end of December.

This sucks for a couple reasons, including that old "finding a job at the holidays" deal, one month less salary, and not least because if I'd been in 'til year-end, I might have been able to convince them to extend it by a week or two into January, to fully vest in the pension plan. As it is, my boss tells me he's going to have to "fight" for a decent severance package, let alone any kind of credit for time to vest in the retirement... which means I might lose the money I have been paying in. Argh. This happened at Mt Auburn, too - where I left about a month before I was eligible to keep the retirement benefits.

I'm so tired of having to look for work every year.

Mainly I have to remember that a. I knew this was coming, and this just moves up the timetable; b. every time before when this has happened, while it may be rough for a while, I've come out with a better job than I had before; c. this is an opportunity to work on other aspects of life - and not to get distracted nor discouraged.

I've been applying for jobs. You may have noticed me ping you on "linked in". I may cave and get a Facebook (though I may not).

I've got a list of things to take care of this month - dentist, some memberships, etc. - and I just knocked a list of stuff off my wish list - and I need to pay down the bills STAT, even if it means withdrawing a bit of savings to do it.

Man, I just HATE job-hunting. Why can't I just get discovered and land a string of leading roles, star in a movie or two, and oh, yeah, come up with an idea for a novel that will hold together for more than half a chapter?
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Man, it's a sucky week.

And to top it off, the pendant that I lost coming home from Gulf Wars apparently is no longer in the St Justin catalog. Argh. Have written to them but don't have a lot of hope.




Jul. 23rd, 2008 06:54 pm
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Stupid Post Office changed its hours.

They used to be open until 7.

Now they close at 6.


I drove out there with boxes. They are now still in my car.

Not Amused.
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I'm actually going to plug the book first, because it's much more exciting and happy than the rest of my argh-filled bitching.

Right, so "Bad-Ass Faeries II: Just Plain Bad" is hitting Amazon and other fine purveyors at the end of this month.

The pre-ordering information is HERE:


For ALL YOU AREA PEEPS: I'll be at a launch party and book signing:

Friday, May 30th, 6:30 pm
Generations Gifts
277 Main Street
Oxford, MA

for more information on any of these programs please visit their website www.generations-gifts.com or call 508-987-3310

Oxford is just southwest of Worcester. And Generations is an herbal apothecary and gift shop. Should be fun. I know it's out of the way for Bostonians (especially those without cars) but it'd be great to see folks there.

And here is a Map with directions from my house!

So, Crown. Or more specifically, driving to and from.

I have had the most annoying rental car experience in the history of rental cars. Well, maybe not. But it's about to get worse. And now I shall cut to spare you details of just how much I hated this driving experience. )

So my $85 rental for the weekend? Will be about $200 by the time they add up all the charges.

And? There was a tiny crack I noticed in the windshield - obviously from road spray, but what do you think the odds are that because I didn't get the limited liability insurance, they'll find me "at fault" to replace the glass?


Rain aside, it should have been a fun drive, if a long one. As it was, it was 14+ hours, round trip, of just ONE THING AND ANOTHER.
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So, I got the link from iTunes last night, even though it was late, because I was at rehearsal when [livejournal.com profile] heidi8 called me about it, and I wound up having to call her at home (sorry!) because my Yahoo!Messenger kept crashing (grrr...). But she emailed me the iTunes link, and I downloaded it, and ran around and took my trash out while it was loading....

And it wouldn't play right. This is the same thing that happened when I broke down and bought "Roadkill" from iTunes because I couldn't get it any other way.

The picture freezes. The audio freezes, then picks up again after a delay of anywhere from 1-10 seconds. But here's the annoying thing: the audio *acts* as if it hasn't stopped playing. So it skips ahead. Then the pictures kind of skip around, too, so it's like a poorly timed, poorly scored slideshow instead of a video.

I even took time to update iTunes to the newest version, restarted the computer... same deal.

I managed to get *about* halfway through before midnight, at which point I had to give up.

If this happened with any downloaded .mp4 on my computer, I would blame my video and sound cards. But it only seems to happen when I download something *directly* from iTunes.

Anyone else ever have this problem?

This does NOT bode well for the rest of the season, people! I'm not going to be able to watch the episodes until "Stepping Out" is over - mid-November - and then if I get cast in something else over the winter/spring, which I really hope to be, I'll have the same problem again: rehearsals on Thursday nights.

I was just going to get the ep's from iTunes... but not if this is what's going to happen every time.


I'm going to see if I can load iTunes on the laptop and migrate stuff to it - maybe it *is* my computer, but at this point, all I really care about is being able to watch my show.

ETA: There is joy in Mudville... loading iTunes and d/ling the ep on the laptop worked just fine.

So I think it's probably the CPU speed on the other computer, really.

But at least I have a plan for the season....


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