Apr. 16th, 2012

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It's been a productive three days but not as productive as I'd hoped....

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So, in a nutshell:

-2 loads of laundry
-1 banana bread
-6 reorganized bookcases (2 replaced, 4 rearranged and 1 that wasn't reorganized)
-1 cleaned toilet
-1 cleared out bathroom
-1 clean stove
-3 loads of dishes
-2 boxes for storage
-2 large bags for goodwill

Still to do:

-file lots of bills and papers
-break down cardboard boxes and set out for trash
-set out one folding bookcase for trash
-drop clothes for goodwill
-pick up random bits in the living room
-research/get collectible items up for online sale (etsy? ebay?)
-go through clothes, shoes, jewelry to downsize
-loads of repair jobs (clothes and shoes)
-rearrange old wrapping paper container into new wrapping paper container so that the old one can be used for bags, flat paper, tissue, etc.
-go to storage locker at undisclosed location and stow keeper boxes, possibly retrieve others for more in-depth examination.

At least these are smaller projects that don't take intensive DAYS worth of clean, rest, clean. Today was the worst, though, for the dust levels. About every ten minutes I had to sneeze.

I'm tired.

*House update: She is supposed to close on the 18th (Wednesday!) but they discovered that some years ago (don't even know when) one of the neighbors catty-corner to our backyard built a fence that protrudes about one foot onto our property line. When I talked to her last week they were trying to figure out if the people would remove it. Haven't checked with her since Thursday but will call her tomorrow.

**Funny story. I removed all the stuff from my bathtub but replaced my shampoos and conditioner and stuff so I could shower tonight. In the middle of my shower, I realized that I had grabbed two bottles of shampoo and no conditioner. So there I am hopping out and dashing across the hall to the hallway closet and rummaging in the basket on the shelf (top shelf, of course!) for a bottle of conditioner. Oy.


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