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And as usual, I missed Talk Like a Pirate Day. So have some Captain Jack. Not that Jack, the other Jack.

On the bright side, the party after Coronation could legit be described as 'epic,' I think. It was good to go home for a while. Need more of that to come. (I think I also accomplished all my missions, or at least set them in motion. Bwahahahaha. Not bad for a few hours' work and 2 or 3 conversations. Of course, now I have a couple new missions....)

I have now looked online at SO MANY eyeglass frames I think my eyes are about to roll back in my head. Problem solved!

Naturally, the frames that I immediately went "Wow. Someone made those just for me" are about the most expensive option*.... and I may not actually like them in person, on my face. But now I'm faced with that horrible exercise where I pretty much have to go look at them before anything else, right? Because if I don't then I simply judge everything by what I *think* is the most perfect thing. But if I do decide that I love them, then everything else is just going to pale by comparison. Argh.

I hate having expensive taste. Especially when this month's check was short - a lot - because of time off for Pennsic and being out sick at the end of the August.

(Oh, yeah, did I post about that? My neck and back went haywire on the weekend of Hurricane Irene. So incredibly totally NOT fun. I wound up in the Emergency room with the hurricane bearing down on us...and then found myself being sent home with no way to fill the prescriptions I'd been given! Thank goodness my landlord is a nice guy. I'm just sayin.)

*They may not actually be THE most expensive, because this store prices their glasses with lenses, whereas most other stores just tell you how expensive the frames are alone, so the lens price will add to the overall. Still. So some of the frames on my list that are within $100 of this price may well wind up being more once it gets totted all up.
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